Quarterly Journal of Dental Science, Volume 2

Front Cover
Walton & Maberly, 1859 - Dentistry
Includes the Proceedings of the meetings of the College of dentists of England.

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Page 374 - January one thousand eight hundred and fifty-nine, no person shall be entitled to recover any Charge in any court of law for any medical or surgical advice, attendance, or for the performance of any operation, or for any medicine which he shall have both prescribed and supplied, unless he shall prove upon the trial that he is registered under this Act.
Page 214 - Let him who is without sin amongst you cast the first stone," implying that each sex owes the same fidelity. It reached, she adds, no further than this. "Christianity, which women accepted as a deliverance with so much enthusiasm, and died for as martyrs, has not fulfilled their hopes." Even as regards the moral equality of the sexes in marriage, the position...
Page 380 - The general council shall cause to be published under their direction a book containing a list of medicines and compounds, and the manner of preparing them, together with the true weights and measures by which they are to be prepared and mixed, and containing such other matter and things relating thereto as the general council shall think fit, to be called
Page 371 - Council to represent the same to Her Majesty's most Honourable Privy Council, and the said Privy Council may thereupon issue an Injunction to such Body so acting, directing them to desist from such Practice ; and in the event of their not complying therewith, then to order that such Body shall cease to have the Power of conferring any Right to be registered under this Act so long as they shall continue such Practice.
Page 373 - ... that the persons therein specified are registered according to the provisions of this Act ; and the absence of the name of any person from such copy shall be evidence, until the contrary be made to appear, that such person is not registered according to the provisions of this Act...
Page 366 - Re-appointment, and any Member may at any Time resign his Appointment by Letter addressed to the President of the said Council, and upon the Death or Resignation of any Member of the said Council, some other Person shall be constituted a Member of the said Council in his Place in manner herein-before provided ; but it shall be lawful for the Council during such Vacancy to exercise the Powers herein-after mentioned.
Page 374 - legally qualified medical practitioner" or "duly qualified medical practitioner," or any words importing a person recognized by law as a medical practitioner or member of the medical profession, when used in any Act of Parliament, shall be construed to mean a person registered under this Act.
Page 370 - Qualifications ; and any Member or Members of the General Council, or any Person or Persons deputed for this Purpose by such Council, or by any Branch Council, may attend and be present at any such Examinations.
Page 365 - The King and Queen's College of Physicians in Ireland : The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland : The Apothecaries...
Page 425 - THE process at present adopted for determining the comparative degree of hardness of bodies consists in rubbing one body against another, and that which indents or scratches the other is admitted to be the harder of the two bodies experimented upon. Thus, for example, Diamond, Iron, Topaz, Copper, Quartz, Tin, Steel, Lead.

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