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And Kentucky School Journal:

A Magazine for Teachers and Friends of Popular Education.


Being eclectic it occupies a field without a competitor. It will contain the choicest selections and abstracts from the ablest writers of the past century, as well as current articles, on education, school systems, methods of teaching and government, school architecture, art, science and literature. Its editorial page will contain notes and comments on all live issues, educational intelligence, personal references, and a series of articles on methods of teaching.

It will be just such a paper as should be read by every teacher in the country.

One copy one year........


..$1 00 Six copies, one year......


Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, latest edition. We have made arrangements with the publishers of this popular dictionary by which we can afford to furnish to each subscriber to THE ECLECTIC TEACHER a copy of this work for $9 00, being one fourth less than the retail price. Subscribe at once and get this most valuable premium.


We desire to place THE ECLECTIC TEACHER in the hands of ten thousand teachers before the close of the centennial year. In order to do so we want an active agent for each county, west of the Alleghanies, whom a large cash commission will be given. Write for terms.


Considering the kind as well as the amount of matter contained in each issue, the price of subscription is below any journal of its class.


Every true and faithful teacher should work himself as a charter subscriber to this valuable journal. Nothing short of thousands of subscribers will save the proprietors from heavy loss. We have faith enough in the fraternity to expect immediate encouragement.


THE ECLECTIC TEACHER will be a superior medium for advertising the publishers of books, maps, etc.; the manufacturers of school furniture, appartus and other school supplies; musical instruments; and the publishers of magazines and newspapers. Rates below those of its class and circulation.

Send all money by draft or registered letter.

Address, Eclectic Teacher Co,, Carlisle, Ky.




Eclectic Teacher and and Southwestern Journal of Education.


THE ECLECTIC TEACHER closes its first volume with the present number. It was with much doubt and hesitation that the work of publishing a teachers' journal for the southwest was undertaken twelve months ago. But the words of cheer and encouragement that have been received from the appearance of the first issue until the present seem to indicate that the journal is not simply an appendage, but an important factor in the school work of the great southwest. Before the year had half expired the encouragement and support received from distant states demanded a name co-extensive with the large and growing subscriptions. In compliance with that demand, No. 7 appeared as the ECLECTIC TEACHER AND SOUTHWESTERN JOURNAL OF EDUCATION. Did space permit, or circumstances demand, we could give hundreds of letters from leading educators in each of the southwestern states, from South Carolina to Texas, assuring us of general appreciation and abundant success. As our title purports, it is our intention to be chiefly eclectic; that is, to select from the wide range of school literature that which, coming from the ablest writers of the age, is of immediate and practical value to the teacher and school officer. Original articles of intrinsic merit have been frequently offered and accepted.

We call attention to the Table of Contents as a fair exponent of the year's work. There is not a live teacher in the southwest who cannot afford to pay one dollar for such a collection of experiences, suggestions, methods and results, all bearing directly upon his work. It is with much satisfaction that we perceive that the teachers of the southwest appreciate our efforts and are rapidly availing themselves of the advantages offered.

Our subscription has increased almost daily. Our twelfth number will be read by scores of teachers in each state of the Union. Not only have teachers found value received in our pages, but several State Superintendents have made the ECLECTIC their Official Organ.

With these pleasing reflections, and with flattering prospects, we turn to the


After a year's experience in the work, we feel justified in offering to our patrons a school journal second to none in this country. Being the only journal south of the Ohio and west of the Atlantic seaboard, it is of especial importance to every teacher in the southwestern states. Being controlled and edited wholly by teachers who are now, and for years have been, practical workers in the schoolroom, each teacher may feel assured of professional sympathy and practical assistance. The ECLECTIC TEACHER is the cheapest journal published. The coming year we will give over five hundred pages of the best school literature for one dollar. The teacher who cannot afford to subscribe cannot afford to teach.

We want an active agent in each county and town, not simply to represent our interests, but to push our interests. We pay a liberal cash commission to all who work for us. We appeal to the county superintendents of the southwest for earnest and active co-operation.

[blocks in formation]

Northeastern Teachers' Association.............. 68 Science of Mind, &c.................................. .............................................. 159


Third Session Opens Jan. 23, 77.




BOARD—with furnished room, $2 50 to $3 per week. (Carlisle is situated on the Maysville and Lexington Railroad, 33 miles northeast of Lexington.


District schools are now closing for the year in all parts of the State. Every live teacher has an honest ambition to do better teaching the next year than he has done the last year. Teachers can only improve their schools by improving themselves.

The Kentucky Normal School is so conducted in the arrangement of its sessions, courses of study and methods of teaching as to meet the needs of this class of students.

We cannot tell you how much you will be improved by one or two sessions of earnest, well-directed work. Results achieved in a few weeks are astonishing to the student, as well as to his teachers and friends.

The special mission of this institution is to train teachers for their work in the school-room. It GIVES TEACHERS THE BEST AND ONLY OPPORTUNITY OFFERED IN THE STATE FOR LEARNING HOW TO TEACH. DIPLOMAS ARE EQUIVALENT TO STATE CERTIFICATES.

Will Kentucky teachers support their home institution, or will they seek foreign tuition from those who fail to understand or supply their wants? Any student not satisfied with the work of the school after a test of ten weeks, can have his tuition refunded.


We, the undersigned, students of the Kentucky Normal School, take great pleasure in publishing, viz.: 1. That the work of the school in both the Teachers' and Business Departments is eminently practical. 2. The training in the professional course is invaluable to the teacher of any grade of school whatever,

3. Economy is an important feature, and the Principal spares no pains to secure good and wholesome board and well furnished rooms at the lowest rates possible.

4. Students would be peculiarly and greatly benefited by spending even a single session in this institution; and, therefore,

5. We recommend the school to all persons, and especially to those of limited means, who wish to prepare for the profession of teaching, or to obtain a practical business education.

The above appeared over the signatures of more than twenty students, representing many counties.

CARLISLE, KY., December 10, 1874.

The teachers of this county are doing better work than ever before. Their success is almost wholly due to the influence of the Normal School (many of them having attended the Normal one or more sessions.) I consider it money well expended to pay ten to twenty dollars more per month in order to get the services of a teacher who has been educated or trained for his work in a Normal School. I. M. CHISM, School Commissioner.

Catalogues mailed FREE, on applicatlon. Address,


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