Coleccion de leyes, decretos y órdenes publicadas en el Perú desde el año de 1821 hasta 31 de diciembre de 1859 reimpr. por orden de materias por J. Oviedo, Volume 7

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Page 297 - ... both the contracting parties , even to places belonging to an enemy, excepting only those places which are at that time ' besieged or blockaded: and to avoid all doubt in this • particular, it is declared, that those places only are besieged or blockaded , which are actually attacked by a force capable of preventing the entry of the neutral.
Page 320 - And whereas it frequently happens that Vessels sail for a port or place belonging to an enemy without knowing that the same is...
Page 295 - ... to trade with the same liberty and security from the places, ports, and havens of those who are enemies of both or either party, without any opposition or disturbance whatsoever, not only directly from the places of the enemy before mentioned to neutral places, but also from one place belonging to an enemy to another place belonging to an enemy, whether they be under the jurisdiction of one power or under several.
Page 226 - Tendreislo entendido, y dispondréis lo necesario á su cumplimiento, mandándolo imprimir, publicar y circular. Dado en la sala del Congreso en Lima, á8 de Noviembre de 1823.— 4.° y 2.° Manuel Salazar y Baquíjano, Presidente.
Page 293 - ... and they may take possession thereof, either by themselves or others acting for them, and dispose of the same at their will, paying such dues only as the inhabitants of the country, wherein the said goods are, shall be subject to pay in like cases.
Page 319 - All other merchandises and things, not comprehended in the articles of contraband explicitly enumerated and classified as above, shall be held and considered as free, and subjects of free and lawful commerce, so that they may be carried and transported in the freest manner, by the citizens of both the contracting parties, even to places belonging to an enemy, excepting only those places which are, at that time, besieged or blockaded...
Page 320 - Nor shall any vessel of either of the parties, that may have entered into such port or place before the same was actually besieged, blockaded, or invested by the other, be restrained from quitting such place with her cargo: nor, if found therein after the reduction and surrender, shall such vessel or her cargo be liable to confiscation, but they shall be restored to the owners thereof.
Page 224 - Para estrechar más los vínculos que deben unir en lo venidero a ambos Estados, y allanar cualquiera dificultad que pueda presentarse e interrumpir de algún modo su buena correspondencia y armonía, se formará una Asamblea compuesta de dos Plenipotenciarios por cada parte, en los términos y con las mismas formalidades que, en conformidad de los usos establecidos, deben observarse para el nombramiento de los Ministros de igual clase cerca de los Gobiernos de las naciones extranjeras.
Page 224 - Panamá u otro punto elegible a pluralidad, una asamblea de plenipotenciarios de cada estado "que nos sirviese de consejo en los grandes conflictos, de punto de contacto en los peligros comunes, de fiel intérprete en los tratados públicos cuando ocurran dificultades, y de conciliador, en fin, de nuestras diferencias".
Page 300 - ... on board the same : which certificates shall be made out by the officers of the place whence the ship sailed, in the accustomed form ; without...

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