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imposing city sprang up. The archi- time to pay them the international tectural designs of the new buildings compliment of sending to their ports were much more beautiful and digni- one of the most perfectly equipped fied than those of the structures de- and powerful fleets of battleships stroyed.

ever dispatched upon

upon a peaceful Speak softly, but carry a big errand. stick.” This aphorism, said to be a In addition, too, there had been quotation from President Roosevelt, rumors that Japan was inclined to could well have come from him, for it resent our new domination of the aptly illustrates the character and Pacific, and this, perhaps, had its inpolicy of the man. Just how much fluence in determining the extraorof this spirit was responsible for the dinary maneuver. Whatever may spectacular voyage of 16 battleships have been the diplomatic reasons, the of the United States navy around the fact remains that on December 16, South American continent, to San 1907, in the presence of President Francisco, and thence home by the Roosevelt and thousands of spectaway of the Isthmus of Suez, it is im

tors this magnificent array of battlepossible to say. There may have been

ships broke anchorage and started diplomatic reasons for this remark

on its long voyage. The ships were able display of America's power at

under command of Rear Admiral sea, for there had been indications of

Robley D. Evans, or

“ Fighting restlessness in some of the South

Bob,' as he was affectionately called. American republics regarding the

The fleet consisted of the Connecticut, policy of the United States, and an

Captain H. Osterhaus commanding; inclination on their part to reject the

the Kansas, Captain C. E. Vreeland; quasi-protectorate established over

the Vermont, Captain W. P. Potter; them by the operations of the Monroe Doctrine. This feeling had been

the Louisiana, Captain Richard Wain

wright; the Georgia, Captain H. Mcin the process of incubation for a number of years in the larger repub

Crea; the New Jersey, Captain lics of South America, such as Brazil,

W. H. H. Sutherland; the Rhode and Argentina, resulting in such Island, Captain J. V. Murdock; the purely Latin-American theories of in

Virginia, Captain S. Schroeder; the ternational relations as the Drago Minnesota, Captain J. Hubbard; the Doctrine. Of course it is impossible Ohio, Captain C. W. Bartlett; the to say whether this movement on the Missouri, Captain G. A. Merriam; the part of the republics rendered it Maine, Captain G. B. Harber; the necessary for the administration to Alabama, Captain T. E. DeW. Veeder; give a signal evidence of the power the Illinois, Captain J. M. Bowyer, of the United States, and at the same the Kearsarge, Captain H. Hutchins;

[graphic][subsumed][merged small]

and the Kentucky, Captain W. C. Japan, and Chinese ports, reaching Cowles.

the Suez Canal January 3, 1909. There were four divisions of the After passing through the Canal, a fleet: the first, under command of month was spent visiting MediterraRear-Admiral Evans; the second, nean ports, during which time the under Rear-Admiral William H. fleet was honored by the crowned Emory; the third under Rear-Admi

heads of Greece and Italy; the king ral Charles M. Thomas; and the and queen of Greece dining on board fourth under command of Rear-Ad- one of the battleships, and Rearmiral Charles S. Sperry. The fleet

Admiral Sperry being entertained at was manned by some 14,000 men, and

Rome by the king of Italy. On Febthe value of the ships and stores was

ruary 6 the ships left Gibraltar on estimated to be approximately $100,

their homeward voyage across the 000,000. The first point touched in Atlantic, arriving at Hampton Roads,

, its itinerary was Port au Spain, Trin- February 22, 1909.

, idad, December 29, 1907. Leaving

In this voyage, perhaps the most there, the ships proceeded to Rio Ja

remarkable ever made by a fleet of neiro, Brazil, arriving January 12, battleships, 45,000 miles were trav


, 1908. Here they were royally enter

eled, the time occupied being a year tained by the citizens of the Brazilian

and two months, or 433 days. Of capital, and left on the 22d for the

these 190 were spent in cruising, and

243 in various ports. The fleet visStraits of Magellan, arriving at

ited every continent on the globe, and Punta Arenas, Chile, February 1. At

sailed across every important sea. this point the ships commenced their

During the journey around South northward journey to the Pacific

America the health of Admiral Evans Coast of the United States, touching became very precarious, and although at Valparaiso, Chile, and Callao, he maintained command of his fleet, Peru, finally arriving at Magdalena he did so during a period of great Bay, Mexico, where a month was

physical distress. On the arrival at spent in target practice. The first

Magdalena Bay, he relinquished the part of the voyage was ended by the

command, being succeeded by Rear arrival of the fleet at San Francisco, Admiral Thomas, who, in turn, a few May 6, the ships having been at sea

days later, was relieved by Rear Adover two months. On July 7, pur- miral Sperry, under whose command suant to orders from Washington, the the fleet continued its circumnavigafleet began the long voyage by the tion of the globe. way of Europe back to its starting The tremendous industrial expanpoint. On this journey it visited sion that set in soon after the close Hawaii, Australia, the Philippines, of the war with Spain, began as early as 1904, to bear the logical fruits of reached the columns of the public such an era of prosperity. Many press. The revelations were so exrumors gained circulation that there traordinary that an investigation were men in the saddle at the finan- became imperative, which under the cial center of the nation, New York skillful direction of

of Charles E. City, who were apparently riding to Hughes, was extended to all coma fall. These had failed to recognize panies doing life insurance business. the fact that deeds tending to throw The report of the Armstrong Comdiscredit on the methods of business mittee of the New York legislature in vogue at that place would rapidly (February, 1906), which had underplunge the whole country into eco- taken this highly desirable piece of nomic chaos. One of these accusa- house-cleaning, revealed a condition tions was to the effect that certain of affairs almost beyond belief. It “high financiers" were gaining con- was shown that many of the great trol of banks and insurance com- companies were in the hands of offipanies in order to use their surplus cials who were guilty of every abuse in furthering speculative enterprises from negligence to actual embezzleof a decidedly questionable nature. ment; that vast sums of money were The proof of this fact was brought spent in bribing legislators, and still to the public attention in a sud- more vast ones paid to officials who den and almost accidental manner, did nothing more than sign the rethrough the exposures developed by ceipts; that schemes of promotion a noisome family quarrel in the

financed by the companies Equitable Life Insurance Company. through the influence of insurance This company had experienced a officials who hoped to profit by the long and very successful career un- same. These and many other irreguder its founder and president, H. H. larities were brought to light, and as Hyde, whose share in the property a consequence criminal action was had passed upon his death to his son, brought against five of the officials, James H. Hyde, the presidency fall- which with suicides, deaths, exiles, ing to J. W. Alexander. Mr. Hyde, and resignations, effected a more or it seemed, had but the slightest con- less cleansing of the insurance houseception of his responsibilities and hold. Legislation for the purpose of had abused his power over the re- preventing a recurrence of such consources of the company in a manner ditions has been passed by New York that menaced its integrity and threat- (1906) and the majority of the other ened the savings of thousands of States, that of Texas being so drastic people. As the result a feud was in- that 14 companies left the State imaugurated between the president of mediately upon its passage. A bill the company and himself that soon for Federal regulation was proposed



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