Men of the time ... or Sketches of living notables

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Page 459 - Railways," gave much valuable evidence before a committee of the Commons upon Railways, and to his suggestions the humbler classes are mainly indebted for the convenience of parliamentary trains at a minimum rate of payment of one penny per mile. In 1845 Mr. Laing was nominated a member of the Railway Commission, presided over by Lord Dalhousie, and drew up the chief reports on the railway schemes of that period.
Page 242 - By HENRY C. CHAPMAN, MD, Professor of Institutes of Medicine and Medical Jurisprudence in the Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia, etc Price, $1.50 net.
Page 193 - He was called to the Bar by the Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn in 1837, and was for several years a member of the Home Circuit.
Page 321 - Liberals to power in 1880 he was appointed President of the Board of Trade, with a seat in the cabinet.
Page 472 - Euphrates, to which history and tradition point as the birthplace of the wisdom of the West. Most travellers, after a journey through the usually frequented parts of the East, have the same longing to cross the great river, and to explore those lands which are separated on the map from the confines of Syria by a vast blank stretching from Aleppo to the banks of the Tigris.
Page 276 - In the ensuing year Dr. Phillpotts followed up the controversy by the publication of " A Supplemental Letter to Charles Butler, Esq., on some parts of the Evidence given by the Irish Roman Catholic Bishops, particularly by Dr. Doyle, before the Committee of the Two Honsosof Parliament, in the Session of 1825 ; and also on Certain Passages in Dr. Doyle's Essay on the Catholic Claims.
Page 306 - Spanish women, who seldom quit their native country. Shortly after the opposition of the higher Northern Powers had put an end to the idea of a union | between the Emperor Napoleon III. and the Princess Carola Wasa of Sweden, he apprised the council of ministers of his intended marriage with the daughter of the Countess Montijos ; a measure which excited some disapproval among them, and even led to their temporary withdrawal from office . During the short time which intervened between the public...
Page 260 - Studies, by AUSTIN FLINT, MD, Professor of the Principles and Practice of Medicine and of Clinical Medicine in the Bellevue Hospital Medical College.
Page 120 - Burton.— The History of Scotland, from the Revolution to the Extinction of the last Jacobite Insurrection (1689—1748).
Page 285 - Fillmore's education was necessarily of the most imperfect kind ; and at an early age he was sent to Livingston county, at that time a wild region, to learn the clothier's trade ; and about four months later he was apprenticed to a wool-carder, in the town in which his father lived. During the four years that he worked at his trade, he availed himself of every opportunity of improving his mind, and supplying the defects of his early education. At the age of nineteen he...

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