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and Random [Brighton] of Two pence pr acre, having passed the General Assembly was read and Concurred."

An act directing the Treasurer of this State in Issuing extents against the Collectors of State Taxes, having passed the General Assembly was read & Concurred.1

TREASURY OFFICE Windsor 22d Oct. 1791. Then reed of John Kelly of the City of New York by the hands of Stephen Jacob & Mr. Abraham Bravoort nine hundred and three dollars in silver being in full of the Granting fees upon thirty thousand one hundred acres of Land Granted the said John Kelly by the Legislature of the State of Vermont situate in the County of Chittenden in the said State, this being a duplicate of which I have signed an original of the Same Tenor and date.

Dollars 903.

Witness Present



S. MATTOCKS Trear. True Copy Exam & sent the Secy of State by order of the Gov

Attest Jos. FAY Secy.

DEBENTURE OF COUNCIL at their Session Holden at Windsor Commencing on the 13 day of October 1791 & Ending the 3a day of November following including boath days.

Honble Peter Olcott Esq" Lt. Govt £16 16 8, Samuel Safford Esq. 9 4 0, Jacob Bayley 8 11 8, Thomas Porter 8 10 0, Ebenezer Walbridge 9 4 0, John Strong 9 4 0, Timothy Brownson 8 7 4, Jonathan Hunt 8 12 4, Luke Knoulton 6 7 4, Isaac Tichenor 6 1 4, Jonathan Arnold 9 0 S, Ebenezer Marvin 8 0 10, Joseph Fay Sec. 11 8 0, William Sweetser Sheriff 6 13 8.-[Total] £127 0 8.


[blocks in formation]

The Secretary of the Council omitted to note concurrence in several House bills near the close of the session; which bills, however, were returned to the House concurred. Among these omissions was an act privileging state officers and members of both houses from arrest on civil process, during any session and while going to or returning therefrom. Another was the act ratifying the amendments to the federal constitution, proposed by Congress Sept. 25 1789.

From the Assembly Journal, Nov. 3 1791:

Resolved, That the Treasurer be, and he is hereby directed, to pay his Excellency the Governor of this State, thirty Spanish milled dollars, for defraying the expences of election day.



THOMAS CHITTENDEN, Williston, Governor.
PETER OLCOTT, Norwich, Lieutenant Governor.



JOHN FASSETT, jr., Cambridge,


JONA. ARNOLD, St. Johnsbury,

JOSEPH FAY, Bennington, Secretary.
JONATHAN BELL, Rutland, Sheriff.


PAUL BRIGHAM took his seat as Councillor at this session, for the first time, although he had been elected to the office in joint assembly on the 25th of October 1791. He received twenty-seven elections from the people of this State at large-one in 1792 as Elector of President and Vice President; five elections as Councillor, 1792-1796; and twenty-one as Lieutenant Governor, 1797 until 1813, and 1815 until his declination in 1820. During the adjourned session. Feb. 14 to March 10 1797, he presided in the absence of Gov. Chittenden, and on the death of the governor, Aug. 24 1797, Mr. Brigham became acting governor. The following obituary is from the Vermont Republican and American Yeoman of July 12 1824. The editor is indebted to a young lady of Montpelier, a descendant of Gov. Brigham, for both the obituary and a portrait.

Died at Norwich, on the 15th of June, [1824,] the Hon. PAUL BRIGHAM, late Lieut. Governor of Vermont, after a long and distressing illness which he bore with exemplary fortitude and resolution. In his death it falls to our lot to record an instance of mortality which not only his intimate friends, who best knew his worth, but the publick also have a right to deplore.

He was born at Coventry, in the state of Connecticut, January 17th, 1746. He was married Oct. 31, 1767, to Miss Lydia Sawyer, with whom

1 Messrs. Bayley and Hunt did not take their seats.

he lived nearly fifty-seven years, and who survives, with four children, to mourn their irreparable loss.

In this mournful event we have occasion to weep for another of the departed worthies, by whom, with the blessing of heaven, our national independence was achieved. Previous to his acceptance of a commission of Captain in the Continental army, he had risen to that rank through every intermediate step from a corporal in the militia of his native state. It is a proof of his patriotism, that when he embarked in the war of the revolution, he had held the office of Captain long enough to be exempted by law from military duty. But he shrunk not in the hour of his country's danger. With many other champions of liberty, he entered the field to redeem the pledge of the signers of the declaration of independence, of their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.' June 16th, 1777, he joined his regiment under the command of Col. Chandler, in Gen. McDougall's brigade. He fought under General Washington, in the battles of Germantown and Monmouth, and was in the detachment at Meed [Mud] Island by whom fort Miflin was a long time bravely defended against the land and naval forces of the enemy. Having served his country three years, the time for which he had been engaged, he returned to the enjoyment of his domestic circle.


In the year 1781 he removed with his family to Norwich, Vt. He there lived and died, respected for his republican simplicity of manners and ardent patriotism, and for many useful labours in the different stations to which he was elevated by his fellow citizens. In the military, he was promoted through every grade to a Major General. He was successively High Sheriff, Judge of Probate, [assistant] and Chief Judge of the Court of Windsor county. In the year 1796 he was elevated to the second office in the gift of the people, under the administration_of his Excellency Thomas Chittenden, the first Governor of the State. He was retained by their suffrages twenty-four years, with the interruption of two years-1813 and 14. If any thing can evince the estimation in which he was holden, it is the uniform result of the election in his favour for such a length of time, during the political changes which the State experienced. In the year 1820, at the age of seventy-four, when his gray hairs were covered with honors, and it was no longer desirable to himself to retain the office, he, with his venerable associate Gov. Galusha, declined a re-election. He retired to the shades of private life, to witness in the evening of his days the happy effects of the laws which he had assisted in framing; and to reap the rewards of his faithful services in the esteem of a free and enlightened people.

It would be great injustice to his memory to forget his active zeal in support of the institutions of religion. He was a firm believer in the truths of the Christian revelation. The faith which he possessed at an early period, had a salutary influence upon his life, and yielded him support in the hour of death. He contemplated his approaching dissolution without dismay, and resigned himself to the will of God in the hope of a resurrection to eternal life.

His funeral was attended on the 17th, at which, after the customary religious services, his remains were accompanied to the grave with every demonstration of respect by a military escort and a large concourse of citizens from Norwich and the vicinity.

In addition to the offices above recited, Mr. Brigham was a representative of Norwich in the General Assembly in 1783, 1786, and 1791; and delegate in the Constitutional Conventions of 1793, 1814, and 1822.




STATE OF VERMONT, IN COUNCIL, Rutland, October 11th. 1792. At a General Election of the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Council and Treasurer, Present His Excellency Governor Chittenden, His Honor Lt Governor Olcott, and the following members of the Honble. Council viz. Timothy Brownson Thomas Porter Samuel Safford Ebenezer Walbridge John Strong Luke Knoulton Jonathan Arnold Ebenezer Marvin Paul Brigham. Joseph Fay, Sec. Jonathan Bell, Sheriff.

Resolved that a Committee of six be appointed to join a Committee of the Gen Assembly to receive, sort and Count the votes of the Freemen for Governor, Lt Governor, Twelve Councillors and Treasurer for the year Ensuing and to make report-Members chosen, Messrs. Arnold, Walbridge. Brigham, Safford, Porter, and Brownson.

The Committee of both Houses Reported the following persons to be duly Elected, which are as follows, vizt His Excellency Thomas Chittenden Esq. Governor, His honor Peter Olcott Esq. Lt. Gov. Honble. Samuel Mattocks Esq. Treasurer; Honble Samuel Safford Jonathan Hunt Paul Brigham Ebenezer Walbridge Jonathan Arnold Luke Knoulton John Strong John Fassett Timothy Brownson Jacob Bayley Ebenezer Marvin Thomas Porter Members of Council. Adjourned to 9 °Clock Tomorrow.1

FRIDAY 12th. October 1792.

Met according to adjournment. Present His Excellency Governor Chittenden, His honor Lt. Gov. Olcott, and the following Members of

It appears from the following document that the state officers and legislators were duly honored on this occasion by the militia: GENERAL ORDERS, given at Head Quarters, Rutland, 12th October 1792.

His Excellency the commander in chief returns his thanks to Major Clark, and the officers and troops under his command, for their polite attention shewn to him on his arrival in town yesterday; and expresses his approbation of their conduct through the different evolutions of the day. He observes (with satisfaction) the progress in point of discipline and order amongst the troops of this state; a strict adherence to which, joined with our encreasing numbers, cannot fail to render the state respectable, and afford the best security to our liberties.

By his excellency's command, JOSEPH FAY, Adjutant General. The election sermon was preached by Rev. Caleb Blood, of Shaftsbury.

the Honble. Council vizt. Timo. Brownson John Fassett Thomas Porter Samuel Safford John Strong Ebenezer Walbridge Luke Knoulton Jonathan Arnold Ebenezer Marvin Paul Brigham. Joseph Fay Sec. Jonathan Bell Sherriff.

Having no particular business to Transact the Council adjourned to 2 0.Clock P. M.

Met according to adjournment.

A bill from the House was rec'd appointing a Committee to join a Committee of Council for the purpose of Making the necessary arrangement of the necessary business to be Transacted during the present Session-Resolved that Mr. Marvin join said Committee.

The following requisition was rec'd from the Council of Censors now sitting in this place vizt

IN COUNCIL OF CENSORS Oct. 12, 1792. Resolved that Mr. Beriah Lommis be directed to wait on the Secretary of Council, and request the journals of that Honble. Body for the last Septenary for the Inspection of the Council of Censors.

A True Copy.

Attest RosL. HOPKINS Secy. Resolved that the Secretary of Council be and he is hereby directed to Diliver the journals of Council for the last Septenary agreeable to the above requisition.

Adjourned to 9 °Clock Tomorrow.

SATURDAY 13th. October 1792.

Met according to adjournment. Present His Excellency Governor Chittenden, His honor Lt Governor Olcott, and the following members of the Honble. Council vizt. Timothy Brownson John Fassett Thomas Porter Samuel Safford John Strong Ebenezer Walbridge Luke Knoulton Jonathan Arnold Ebenezer Marvia Paul Brigham. Joseph Fay Secy. Jonathan Bell Sherriff.

A Petition signed by Enos Wood Sheriff's Deputy within and for the County of Chittenden, praying for Compensation for his Time expences and sufferings of himself & two other men, who were taken prisoners while in the due execution of his office by a British Guard and Caried prisoners to St. Johns, having been read in General Assembly & a Committee appointed thereon to join a Committee of Council, Resolved that Mr. Strong join said Committee.'

Honble Timothy Brownson requested Leave of Absence to visit his son who is sick at Onion river. Ordered that he [have] leave accordingly.

A bill from the House was rec'd appointing Messrs. J. Robinson, Hunt, Stevens, Cogswell, Harvey, Whitney, & Harrington, to be a Committee to join a Committee from the Council to arrange the Militia of this State agreeably to the late act of Congress. Resolved that MessTM Walbridge & Brigham join said Committee for the purposes therein mentioned.

A bill from the House was rec'd appointing Mess Armes, D. Sheldon, Spencer, Marsh, Porter, Painter & Stannard, to be a Committee to join a Committee from the Council to take under consideration all petitions for Land Taxes, state facts & make report. Resolved that Mr. Safford join said Committee.

A bill from the House was rec'd appointing Messrs. E. Robinson, Stevens, Williams, J. Robinson & Mix, to be a Committee to join a Com

'See Appendix E.

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