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11. That a republican government, and the territory of each State, (except in the instance of a voluntary junction of government and territory), ought to be guaranteed by the United States to each State.

12. That provision ought to be made for the continuance of Congress, and their authorities and privileges, until a given day, after the reform of the Articles of Union shall be adopted, and for the completion of all their engagements.

13. That provision ought to be made for the amendment of the Articles of Union, whensoever it shall seem necessary; and that the assent of the national legislature ought not to be required thereto.

14. That the legislative, executive, and judiciary powers within the several States ought to be bound

by oath to support the Articles of Union.

15. That the amendments, which shall be offered to the Confederation by the Convention, ought, at a proper time or times, after the approbation of Congress, to be submitted to an assembly or assemblies of representatives, recommended by the several legislatures, to be expressly chosen by the people to consider and decide thereon.


MAY 30.

1. That a union of the States merely federal will not accomplishi the objects proposed by the Articles of Confederation, namely, common defence, security of liberty, and general welfare.

2. That no treaty or treaties among the whole or part of the States, as individual sovereignties, would be sufficient.

3. That a national government ought to be established, consisting of a supreme legislative, executive, and judiciary.


E. 212-376 ; B. 47-96 ; Curtis, ii. 116-190 ; Lalor, i.

639, 548. 1, June 13—(Je 19-20) amendment, so as to establish government

of the “United States,” agreed to, E. 212-214 ; B. 47-53.

Resolution becomes 1, July 26.

2, June 13—(Je 20-21) E. 214-223.

Amendment, to strike out "national," agreed to.

To declare legislation vested in Congress, disagreed to, E. 220; B. 52-53.

Resolution as amended, agreed to, (2, July 26), E. 223; B.

53-54. 3, June 13—(Je 21) amendment, that election of first branch be

as State legislatures direct, disagreed to, E. 223-224.

To be elected by the people, agreed to, E. 224.
That term be two years, agreed to, E. 224-226.

(JC 22) compensation to be fixed by national legislature, disagreed to, E. 227.

Amendment, to strike out, "payment from the national treasury," disagreed to, E. 228.

That compensation be fixed, agreed to.
That members be twenty-five years of age, agreed to,
E. 228-229.
To strike out ineligibility, disagreed to, E. 229.

(Je 23) to strike out ineligibility to State offices, agreed to, E. 230.

Amendment, to confine ineligibility to such national offices as had been established or had had their emoluments increased during their term, disagreed to, E. 230-233.

Amendment, to confine ineligibility to one year after expiration of term, disagreed to, E. 233.

(Jy 26) to require qualification of property and citizenship, agreed to, E. 370-372.

Resolution becomes 3, July 26.

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