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Public Documents -continued.
prorogued by Commission on the 7th tropolis, and table of Meteorology, 279;
August, Speech of the Lords Commis- revised returns of Census of 1861,
sioners, 152].

280 ; Colonial Census, 1860-1, 283 ;
PARLIAMENT. - New members returned to University Honours-Oxford, 285;

Parliament during the year, 420. Cambridge, 288.
Peabody, Mr. George.- His munificent QUEEN AND ROYAL FAMILY.—The Prince

gift of 150,0001. to the metropolis, 40. of Wales' tour in the East, 105; mar.
PORTUGAL--Dom Luis I. proclaimed King riage of H.R.H. the Princess Alice and

of Portugal ; his speech to the Cham- Prince Louis of Hesse, 134; removal
bers, [203].

of the remains of H.R. H. the Prince
PROMOTIONS AND APPOINTMENTS. - Civil Consort to the mausoleum of Progmore,

Service, 425 ; Ecclesiastical Prefer- 201 ; A MEMOIR of H.R. H. the PKINCE
ments, 434 ; Collegiate and Scholastic CONSORT, 482.
Appointments, 437.

Racing Meetings. -Epsom, 102; Ascot,
PRUSSIA.—Opening of the Session of the

Prussian Chambers, Royal speech, Railway Accidents.- Various accidents-
(205); question of the Constitution of on the Portadown, Dungannon, and
Hesse Cassel, [207]; dissolution of the Armagh Line ; on the North-West-
Chambers, change of Ministry, [207] ; ern, near Wolverton ; on the Scot-
the military Budget, [208] ; meeting tish, North-Eastern,Brechin branch; on
of the new Chambers, speech of the the Maryport and Whitebaven ; on the
President of the Council of Ministers, South-Eastern, near Gravesend, 59;
[209] ; reply of the King to an address near the Lydney Station of the South-
from the Chamber of Deputies, [210] ; Wales Railway, 67; at the Maxton
change in the Cabinet, adverse vote of Station of the North British Railway,
the Chambers on the military Budget, 82; on the London, Chatham, and
[211]; collisions between the two Dover Line, near Ospringe, and in the
Houses, dissolution of the Chambers, Chatham-bill Tunnel, 92 ; dreadful ac-
Royal message, [213].

cident on tbe Midland Railway at
Prince CONSORT, THE, A MEMOIR OF, 482. Market Harborough, 169 ; on the Elin-
Publio DOCUMENTS :Treaties. Treaty burgh and Glasgow Railway, near


between Her Majesty and the United Winchburg (15 persons killed), 177 ;
States of America for the Suppression numerous railway accidents during the
of the African Slave Trade, 207 ; summer and autumi, 179; fall of a
Convention between Her Majesty and railway viaduct at Hammersmith (six
the Emperor of the French relative to men killed), 185 ; fatal explosion of a
Joint-Stock Companies, 214; Conven- locomotive of tbe Great Western Rail-
tion between Her Majesty and the King
of Denmark for the Mutual Surrender Shakspeare. --Sale of documents, with
of Criminals, 215; Treaty of Com- his signature, 45.
merce between Her Majesty and the SHERIFFS of England and Wales, and
King of the Belgians 217.

Ireland, for the year, 1862, 292.
State Papers. --Correspondence re. Shipwrecks and Disasters at Sea.-
specting the Civil Warin North America “ Wreck Return” of the Board of Trade
relative to the closing of Charleston for 1861, 3 ; loss of H.M.'s ship Con-
Harbour, 223 ; relative to the Declara- queror, 101 guns, 17 ; storms and
tion of Paris as to privateering, 235 ; wrecks, in January ; the Angelo Kan-
despatch relative to the Proclamation garoo s., Crisis, Columbus, 18; sin-
of Emancipation, 233 ; correspondence gular recovery of a derelict sbip, the
relative to Mediation, 234 ; with Mr. Sulina, 22; storms and wrecks in
Mason respecting the recognition of the February, 32; in March, 61; wreck
Confederate States, 237.

of the Ocean Monarch, of upwards of
Table of Statutes, 25 and 26 Vict. ; 60 mercbantmen, laden with grain, of
243; Finance Account for the year 1862 the Spartan s., the Sultan, George Mar.
259 ; prices of Stock, 277 ; average shall, and numerous others in the Black
prices of British Corn, Hay, Straw, Sea, 61 ; of the Waterford steamer
Clover, and Butchers' Meat 278 ; sum- Mars (50 lives lost), 68 ; of tbe James
mary of Births, Deaths, and Marriages, Gibb, Valleyfield, Johanna Wagner,
in England and Wales and in the Me. James Pilkington, Lima s., Cleopatra

way, 185.



8., Flying Mist, Campbell, 132 : de-
struction of valuable ships by fire, the
Indian Empire, Southern Cross, Lord
Royston, Hindoo; destruction by fire
of the steamship Golden Gate (upwards
of 200 lives lost), 154 ; sinking of the
iron ship Ganges in the Thames, 168 ;
during a storm in October, the Robert
and Margaret, Addison Potter, St.
Louis, Bencoolen, Hambourg, Hum-
boldt, 182 ; of the Colombo, East In-
dian mail steamer, 188; foundering of
the steamer Lifeguard during a storm

in December, 202.
STATE PAPERS.— Treaties. Treaty be-

tween her Majesty and the United
States of America for the suppression
of the African slave trade, 207 ; con-
vention between Her Majesty and the
Emperor of the French relative to joint-
stock companies, 214 ; convention be-
tween Her Majesty and the King of
Denmurk for the mutual surrender of
criminals, 215; treaty of commerce
between Her Majesty and the King of
the Belgians, 217.

State Papers.-Correspondence re-
specting the civil war in North America :
relative to the closing of Charleston
Harbour, 223; relative to the Declara-
tion of Paris as to privateering, 225;
despatch relative to the Proclamation
of Emancipation, 233 ; correspondence
relative to Mediation, 234 ; with Mr.
Mason respecting recognition of the

Confederate States, 237.
STATUTES, Table of, 25 & 26 Vict., 243.
STOCKS, PRICES OF, in each month in

1862, highest and lowest, 277.
TREATIES. - Treaty between Her Majesty

and the United States of America for
the suppression of the African slave
trade, 207 ; convention between Her
Majesty and the Emperor of the French
relative to joint-stock companies, 214 ;
convention between Her Majesty and
the King of Denmark for the mutual
surrender of criminals, 215; treaty
of commerce between Her Majesty and

the King of the Belgians, 217.

trials. — The City murder, trial of
Samuel Gardner for the murder of his
wife, 440 ; the Glasgow murder-trial
of Jessie McLachlan for the murder of
Jessie McPherson, 445 ; Catherine Wil-
son, the poisoner, the trial, conviction,
and execution, 453.

Civil cases.—The Roupell Forgeries
- Roupell and Others v. Waite ; trial

Trials and Law Cases-continued.

and conviction of William Roupell,
462 ; the Windham case — Inquiry
into the sanity of Mr. William Frede-
rick Windbam, of Felbrigg Hall, 472.

Trials and Law Cases-Criminal
cases.-Singular Bank.note forgery,
5 ; trial of Rebecca Law, for murder
of her husband and child, at Cla-
vering, 8; of William Charlton, for
the murder of Jane Emmerson, at
Durran-hill, 24; of the Robinsons and
Earl for the murder of a water-watcher
at Brocklewath, 27 ; the Threepwood
conspiracy, trial of John Dodd and
others for conspiracy against Mr. Be
wicke, 29 ; of John Gould for the murder
of his child at Windsor, 31 ; shocking
cruelty to a child, 32 ; of John Hall, for
the murder of Stephen Moulder, a game-
keeper at Ditchley, 33; of Henry
Quail and others for the murder of
John Wincott, at Marylebone, 34 ; of
Patrick Devereux for stabbing a lodging-
house keeper in the Ratcliff Highway,
dreadful scene in court, 37; great
jewel robbery in Cornhill, 38; of
Ishmael Jones for the murder of his
wife at Llanfair, 42; the Bilston
Savings Bank frauds, trial of the Rev.
H. S. Fletcher, 43 ; trade outrages at
Sheffield, 45; the Anglesea marder,
trial of Richard Rowland for the
murder of Richard Williams, 50; of
Richard Thorley for the murder of
Elizabeth Morrow at Derby, 51 ; nu-
merous trials for murder of sweet-
hearts at Launceston, Brighton, King-
ston, and Heddon, 52, 53; the Chi.
chester murder-trial of Cleary, a sol-
dier, for the murder of

54; the Everley murder, trial of John
Stocker for the murder of Ann Hill,
56 ; execution of Mary Reid for the
murder of Ann Hannab at Dumfries.
75 ; tbe Manchester tragedy, trial of
W. R. Taylor and his wife for the
murder of Mr. Mellon, death of their
three children, 93; the Ludgate-hill
tragedy, trial of Mrs. Vyse for the
murder of her two children, 96 ; trial
of Charles Tallbrook, for assaulting and
cutting his grandmother, superstition
in the nineteenth century, 113; of G.
J. Gilbert for the murder of Miss Hall
at Fordingbridge, 147 ; of John Flood
for the murder of John O'Dea, another
soldier at Brighton, 159 ; of John
Doidge for the murder of Roger Drew,
at Launceston, 161 ; of George Gardner
for the murder of Sarah Kirby at


Trials and Law Cases-continued. United States - continued.

Studley, 162 ; trial of Walter Moore [225]; dreadful defeat of the Federals at
for the murder of his wife at Colne, Fredericksburgh, [225] ; Mr. Jefferson
his strange suicide after conviction, Davies elected President of the Confede.
163; of Burke and others for the rate States ; his inaugural address,
murder of a policeman at Ashton- [226] ; Tax Bill passed by the Federal
under-Lyne, 168; of Robert Cooper gress ; issue of paper money. (228);
for the murder of Anne Jane Barham General Hunter's Order, abolishing
at Isleworth, 184 ; of a party of poach- slavery declared null, [229]; call for
ers for the murder of a gamekeeper at 60,000 fresh troops ; ferocity with
Roydon Hall, 194 ; of Ferdinando which the war was carried on, [230];
Petrina for terrible murders at sea, compensation to States that should
198 ; of Thomas Edwards for the mur. abolish slavery; views of President
der of Isabella Tonge at Liverpool, Lincoln as to the objects of the struggle,
200; of Robert Morgan for the murder 231 ; his plan for eniigration of the
of Christopher Wickham at Bristol, blacks, [233]; message of President

Davies to the Confederate Congress,
Civil cases—The Smethurst Case, [233]; ; proposal by France for media-
probate of will of Miss Bankes, 73; tion ; despatches of M. Drouyn de
the Delapré Abbey Estate, the Bouverie Lbuys and Earl Russell on the subject,
family, 149.

[235] ; address of the State Governors
The “Garotte" Terrorism."-Numerous to President Lincoln, [238]; symptoms

savage assaults and robberies in the of a change of feeling in the North,
metropolis during the summer and au- [238] ; President Lincoln's message to
tumn, trial and severe sentences on Congress, [239]
some of the ruffians, 190.

Treaty between Her Majesty and the
UNITED STATES.- Continuance of the United States of America for the Sup-

civil war ; difficulty of obtaining ia. pression of the African Slave Trade,
formation from the Confederate States ; 207.
position of the armies at the com- State Papers. -Correspondence re-
mencement or the year, [219] ; Federal specting the civil war in North Ame-
successes in the West, [220]; capture rica:-relative to the closing of Charles.
of New Orleans by the Federals ; bat- ton Harbour, 223 ; relative to the
: tle of Pittsburgh Landing, [220]; skil. Declaration of Paris as to Privateering,
'ful retreat of General Beauregard from 225; despatch relative to the Pro-
Corinth, [221]; exploits of the Con- clamation of Emancipation, 233; cor-
federate iron-clad Virginia in Hamp- respondence relative to Mediation, 234;
ton Roads, [221]; the army of the with Mr. Mason respecting recognition
Potomac ; description of the theatre of of the Confederate States, 237.
war; the campaign in Virginia ; ad. Telegram announcing the release of
dress of General McClellan to his Messrs. Mason and Slidell, 6; the
army; transfers his force to York Pe- affair of the Nashville and the Tusca.
ninsula, [223] ; successes of the Con- rora, at Southampton, 6.
federates at White Oaks and on the UNIVERSITY HONOURS.–Oxford, 285 ;
Chickahominy; the Federals retire to Cambridge, 288.
Harrison's Landing, [223]; irruption Weather, the. –Of the winter quarter,
of “Stonewall” Jackson from the 62 ; of the spring quarter, 129; of
Shenandoah Valley ; McDowell recalled the summer quarter, 173; of the
to the defence of Washington, [224] ; autumn quarter, 204 ; storms and
disastrous condition of General McClel- wrecks in January, 18; in February,
lan's army, which is withdrawn by 32 ; in March, 61; violent thunder-
sea, [224] ; advance of General Pope ; storms in May, 91 ; destructive storm
he is driven to a disastrous retreat ; in Wiltshire, in September, 170; great
invasion of Maryland by the Confede- storms by land and sea in October,
rates ; after desperate fighting they 182 ; great storm in December-wreck
are compelled to recross the Potomac, of the steamer Lifeguard, 202.

Woodfall and Kinder, Printers, Angel Court, Skinner Street, London.

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