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leaf Whittier (S. T. Pickard), H. E. Scudder....

*Life and Works of the Sisters Brontë (Haworth Edition), B. Perry.

*Life and Writings of Jared Sparks (H. B. Adams), J. B. McMaster...

Life Assurance, Some Prejudices about, J. W. Alexander. *Life of Michelangelo Buonarroti

87 134

73 559

86 14

(J. A. Symonds), W. R. Thayer. 71 406 *Life of Joshua R. Giddings, The

(G. W. Julian), A. B. Hart... 71 702 *Life of George Mason (K. M.

Rowland), J. F. Jameson..... 70 408 Life of Nancy, The, S. O. Jewett.. 75 175 *Life of Napoleon (W. M. Sloane),

J. H. Robinson.. *Life of Nelson, the Embodiment of the Sea Power of Great Britain (A. T. Mahan), A. S. Hardy.

*Life of John Wellborn Root, The

79 847

80 264

(H. Monroe), H. Van Brunt.. 79 259 *Life of the Spirit in the Modern English Poets, The (V. D. Scudder), S. Kirk....

76 130

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81 614

Botching Shakespeare

82 461

The Right Approach to English Literature..

84 75

78 123

*Life and Letters of Washington Allston, The (J. B. Flagg), G. T. Rider..

80 130

*Life with Trans-Siberian Sav

71 698

*Life and Letters of Phillips Brooks (A. V. G. Allen), H. E. Scudder..

L. Sibley

88 459

87 262

Lighton, William Rheem

*Life and Letters of Robert Browning (Mrs. S. Orr), G. E. Woodberry.

*Life and Letters of Charles Bulfinch, Architect (Ellen S. Bulfinch), H. Van Brunt..

*Life and Letters of Oliver Wendell Holmes (J. T. Morse, Jr.), H. E. Scudder...

Ned Stirling his Story..

81 812

Love and a Wooden Leg.

83 550

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