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*Galleries and Cabinets of Art in Great Britain (Dr. Waagen), C. E. Norton...


*Gems of the Gray Collection..
Genesis, E. D. Owen.
Genesis of Bird-Song, The, M.

.57 613

Genesis of Genius, The, G. Allen.....47 371
*Genesis of the New England
Churches, The (L. Bacon), H.
W. Preston..
.35 244
*(Genesez, Eugène) Histoire de la
Littérature Française, depuis
ses Origines jusqu'à la Révo-
.9 523
*Genial Showman, The (Hingston).26 511
..30 747 Genius, J. B. Brown...
.13 137

Genius of Dickens, The, E. P.

Genius of Doré, The; a Study in
Esthetics, J. J. Jarves...
Genius of Hawthorne, The, E. P.

.1 765

.6 106 ..33 141

Galleries of Art, On the Formation
of, J. J. Jarves..

Gambrel Roof, A, L. Larcom....
*Gannett, Ezra Stiles. A Memoir
(William C. Gannett), W. D.

.45 741


.35 620
Garden Statues, J. M. Thompson...38 717
Gardner, Mrs. Frances Louise
The Lost Gods...
*Gareth and Lynette
Garfield, James Abram
The Currency Conflict.
A Century of Congress.
Garfield, W. D. Howells..
Garibaldi, J. G. Whittier..
Garibaldi, Glimpses of, L. Parks, Jr.7 465
Garibaldi's Career, The Close of,

.37 219
.40 49
.48 707
24 431

62 758

W. R. Thayer.
Garibaldi's Early Years, W. R.
62 482
Garibaldi's Ideas, W. L. Alden.....56 109
Garnaut Hall, T. B. Aldrich.. .15 182
Garrison, Wendell Phillips

Free Produce among the Quakers.22 485
Garrison, William Lloyd, L. M.

.44 234

*Garrison, William Lloyd, and his
Times (Oliver Johnson), G. E.
*Garrison, William Lloyd, T. W.
*Garth (Julian Hawthorne), G. P.

Gastein, The Valley of, H. M.

.27 27

.2 178

Gaucho, The, W. F. Mayer.
Gautier, Théophile, J. B. Perkins..59 290
Gautier, Theophile; a Literary
Artist, E. Benson..
*Gautier, Théophile (Ernest Fey-
deau), T. S. Perry..
*Gautier, Théophile (E. Bergerat),
T. S. Perry.
Gay, Sydney Howard

How we grow in the Great North


.47 558

.57 120

*Gentle Life, The..
*Gentleman, The (George H. Cal-
vert), H. T. Tuckerman..
Gentleman of an Old School, A, J.
W. De Forest.
*Gentleman of Leisure, A (Edgar
*Gentleman's Magazine Library,
The, Vols. I. and II., G. E.
Gentlemen's Contribution to the
Ladies' Deposit, The, M. A.
.40 242 *Geographical Distribution of Ani-
mals (A. R. Wallace), J.


.21 664
21 664

.33 752

.39 116 .44 348

.23 438

.48 612

.19 546

.24 379

.22 359

Gentle Fire-Eater, The, C. Gordon..41 43 *Gentlefolks and Others (Julia

When did the Pilgrim Fathers land at Plymouth ?.. Gayley, Charles

To O. H. F.... .58 263 *Gazette des Beaux Arts.. .33 504, 506 *Geheime Treiben, Das (Hermann von Scharff-Scharffenstein), T. S. Perry. *Gemini. No Name Series, H. W. Preston.... .42 431 *Gems of the Dresden Gallery.....39 116

38 368

.16 250

.11 787

21 546

.48 561

.55 116

.12 128

.12 212

.50 340

.26 763

Geological Evidences of the Antiquity of Man, The (Charles Lyell), C. T. Jackson... Geological Middle Age, The, L. Geologiasiz. Agassiz.... Geologic Ramble on the Weald, A, . M. D. Conway.... .45 395 *Geology and Physical Geography of Brazil (C. F. Hartt), N. S. Shaler.... *Geology of the Stars (Winchell), J. Fiske.. *George Bailey (Oliver Oldboy), H. E. Scudder. George Bedillion, Knight, R. H. Davis. .19 155, 289 George Silverman's Explanation, C. Dickens. ..21 118, 145, 277 .30 750 George's Little Girl, M. E. W. Sherwood... Gere, Amanda R. Frederic Chopin...

.31 758

.46 837

43 619

.31 420

.48 111

.39 371

[blocks in formation]

.32 626

*German Literature, Short History

of (Hosmer), T. S. Perry . . .43 680 *German Novels, Two: Aus einer Kleinen Stadt; Brigitta, T. S. Perry..

.47 575

.32 459

.24 442

German Popular Legend of Dr. Faustus, The, T. A. L. Robinson.2 551 Germans in the West, The, J. J. Lalor. German Songs and a few other Matters, W. Mitchell. *German Thought, from the Seven Years' War to Goethe's Death, Six Lectures on the History of (Karl Hillebrand), T. S. Perry .47 421 German Universities, F. Bôcher. .7 257 *German Universities (James Morgan Hart), T. S. Perry . ..35 242 Germany, The Stage in, S. Baxter..42 177 Germany in New York, C. D. Shanly.19 555 Germs of National Sovereignty in

the United States, The, J. Fiske.58 648 *Gesammelte Philosophische Abhandlungen zur Philosophie des Unbewussten (E. V. Hartmann), T. S. Perry.. *Geschichte der Europäischen Staaten; Frankreichs (Hillebrand), T. S. Perry........ 40 634 Getting Home Again, J. T. Fields...7 196 Getting Married in Germany, J.

47 36

Trowbridge... Ghost, A, S. M. B. Piatt.

.29 629

Schayer Gettysburg, Campaign and Battle of, June and July, 1863, 0. 0. Howard.... *Gettysburg, The Battle of (Le Comte de Paris), J. C. Ropes. .58 852 Gettysburg, The Field of, J. T.

.38 48

.16 616 .40 187

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.35 240

.35 738

Point of View (Wilkes). .40 247 *The Parliament of Foules (Lounsbury, ed.).

Ten Years in Early English..
Gilman, Daniel Coit
*California University...
Gilmore, James Roberts

mund Kirke, pseud.) Our Visit to Richmond.. Our Last Day in Dixie.

.41 403 ..40 430

.34 124


.14 372 .14 715


John Jordan from the Head of


.16 434

The Chicago Conspiracy

.16 108

A Suppressed Chapter of History.59 435 Giotto's Tower, H. W. Longfellow..17 724 *(Girardin, Emile de) La Liberté...1 254 *Girardin, Madame de, avec des Lettres inédites de Lamartine, Chateaubriand, Mlle. Rachel, T. S. Perry. *(Girardin, Saint-Marc) Cours de Littérature Dramatique. Girdle of Friendship, The, O. W. Holmes.

.36 370

.9 524

.53 386

Girl Novelists of the Time, H. W.

.60 705

Girls that Tried Farming, Two, E.
Girolamo Detto il Fiorentino De-
sponds and Abuses the World,
W. W. Story.

Give, A. Fields...
Giving up the World, S. M. B.


.35 202

.39 554 .11 643

38 417 .13 224

19 211, 281

Glacial Period, L. Agassiz.
Glacial Phenomena in Maine, L.
Glacier, Internal Structure and Pro-
gression of the, L. Agassiz....12 751
Glacier, The Hassler, in the Straits

of Magellan, E. C. Agassiz....30 472
Glaciers, External Appearance of,
L. Agassiz...
Glaciers, The Formation of, L.
A gassiz

.13 56

.12 568 *Glaciers of the Alps, The (Tyndall).6 508 Gladioli, E. E. Ford.. .28 187 Glamour, W. O. Bates. 44 34 Glance Backward, A, S. F. Cooper..59 199 Glance Backward, A Second, S. F.


.13 723

.37 750

Glancus, E. M. Thomas. Glen Roy, in Scotland, The Parallel Roads of, L. Agassiz...... Glimpse at 1786, A, E. Stanwood..57 777 *Glimpse at the Art of Japan, A (James Jackson Jarves), T. S. Perry Glimpse of Contemporary Art in Europe, A, W.J. Hoppin..32 200, 257 Glimpse of Emerson's Boyhood, A, J. E. Cabot.... ....59 650 Glimpse of Genoa, A, W. D. Howells. ...19 359 Glimpses of Garibaldi, L. Parks, Jr...7 465 Glints in Auld Reekie, H. M. Jack..52 363 Glints of Nahant, C. F. Lummis...52 186 *Glocken des Strassburger Mün


sters, Die (Franz Liszt), W. F.

.60 474 .57 45

.36 377


Glorying in the Goad, M. A. Dodge.14 21 *Glossarial Index to the Printed

23 95

English Literature of the Thirteenth Century, A (H. Coleridge), J. R. Lowell. Glyndon Howard, pseud. (See Redden, Laura C.) Gnadenhütten, W. D. Howells... *(Goadby, Henry) A Text-Book of Vegetable and Animal Physiology, designed for the use of Schools, Seminaries, and Colleges in the United States..... .2 766 Goal of Spring, The, J. F. Col


.37 499

.31 560 *God and the Bible (Matthew Arnold), H. W. Preston.... Goddard, Delano Alexander Webster's Speeches.... Goddard, Mrs. Martha Le Baron

45 96

*A Century of Dishonor.. ......47 572

Godkin, Edwin Laurence

4 638

[blocks in formation]

1 745-754

.38 115

.29 756

.42 518

The President's Prophecy of Peace.2 111 *Godwin, William : his Friends and Contemporaries (Paul), H. E. Scudder *Goethe, W. (A. Mézières), T. S. Perry. *Goethe, Der Junge: Seine Briefe und Dichtungen von 1764-76 (Bernays), T. S. Perry... .39 121 *Goethe, Études sur les Poésies Lyriques de (Lichtenberger), T. S. Perry.. *Goethe: his Life and Works (George H. Calvert... *Goethe, Life and Times of (Herman Grimm; Sarah Holland Adams, trans.), L. Henry.....48 688 Goethe and Schiller, The Busts of, W. A. Butler. *Goethe and Schiller: Their Lives and their Works. Including a Commentary on Goethe's Faust (H. H. Boyesen), T. S. Perry.

.30 493

.1 395

.43 541

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