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*The River Path, illustrated, W. D. Howells..

*The Vision of Echard, and

other Poems, W. D. Howells.42 776 Whittier's Eightieth Birthday, On,

61 111

.41 136

F. L. Mace.
*Whittier's_King's Missive, and
other Recent Poetry: The
King's Missive, and other
Poems; Studies in Song; The
Vision of Nimrod; Poems by
Robert K. Weeks; Thirty
Years; Lays and Legends of
Ancient Greece; Poems of
Many Years and Many Places;
The Statues in the Block, and

.22 176

other Poems, G. P. Lathrop...47 855 Wilderness, The, J. T. Trowbridge.17 39 Whittingham, Richard *Wilde's, Oscar, Poems, G. P. Lathrop.

.49 122

.40 761

*Wild Flowers of America, The
(Isaac Sprague and George L.
Goodale), Part I., A. R. Curtis. 39 245
Part II.....
Wild Honey, M. Thompson.
Wild Roses, E. Fawcett..
*Wild Roses of Cape Ann, and
Other Poenis (Lucy Larcom),
G. P. Lathrop.

*Wild Tribes of the Soudan, The
(F. L. James), G. E. Wood-

Wilhelmina, C. F. Woolson.
Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship,
D. A. Wasson..
.16 273, 448

Wilkinson, John, pseud. (See
Hamilton, Kate Waterman)
Wilkinson, William Cleaver
Willard, Sidney

A Night in a Wherry..
*William Henry and his Friends
(A. M. Diaz).
*William Henry Letters, The (A.
M. Diaz)
*William Rufus, The Reign of, and
the Accession of Henry the
First (Edward A. Freeman),
H. W. Holland.
Williams, Alice
Williams, Francis

*Life and Correspondence of
Samuel Johnson..
Who are the Aryans? J. Fiske.
Who is Roebuck? W. J. Austin.
Who is the Thief? S. Brooks.
Who Lost Waterloo ? J. C. Ropes.47
Who paid for the Prima Donna ?
E. Quincy..

...33 619
.47 224
.12 388

Who pays Protective Duties? H.
C. Burchard..

Who was Caspar Hauser? G. N.

.1 706

.1 300

.41 607

7 62 .34 257

Who was she? B. Taylor.

Who won the pretty Widow? W.
W. Harney.
.29 535, 697
*Who Wrote It? (William A.
Wheeler; Charles G. Wheeler,
ed.), H. E. Scudder.
Why? A. B. Averill.
Why? M. K. Boutelle..
*Why and How (Conwell).
Why did the Governess faint? L.
P. Hale.
*Why General Sheridan should not

.3 543

.8 612

be hanged, A. G. Sedgwick.....29 128 Why has the North felt aggrieved with England? G. E. Ellis.. Why Henry Jones did not go to Canada, W. Mitchell. Why Semmes of the Alabama was not tried, J. A. Bolles... .....30 88, 148 Why their Creeds differed, E. S. Randolph

.24 261

10 30

.50 278 .29 709 .38 329 .27 143

Wichern, Dr., and his Pupils, L.
P. Brockett...

Why the Putkammer Castle was
destroyed, R. D. Owen.... .16 513
Why Thomas was discharged, G.

.11 708


*Wieniawski, W. F. Apthorp.......31 119
Wife by Wager, A, E. H. House..20 350
Wife, The; an Idyl of Bearcamp
Water, J. G. Whittier.
.21 1
Wife's Story, The, R. B. Harding. .14
Wild Apples, H. D. Thorcau..
Wilde, Cyril, R. F. Coleman..
Wild Endive, The, A. Fields..
Wilder, Burt Green


.10 513

.8 398

.8 625

How my New Acquaintances

.1 567

Time works Wonders.
Right and Left...
Equal yet Diverse.
Wilder, John

Out on the Reef..

.18 129

.25 321 .25 455 .26 30

Wicksteed, Philip Henry

The Sources of Early Israelitish
.53 387
Widow's Bandbox, The, H. B. Stowe.26 62

.51 99 .37 359

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Williams, Roger, As to (Dexter),
H. E. Scudder.
Williams-Wynn, Memorials
Charlotte, H. W. Preston..
Willie, P. Deming.
Willie Wharton, L. M. Child..
Willis, H. A.

A Remarkable Case of "Physical
Willis, Nathaniel Parker, E. F.

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....49 114
.34 51
...11 324

*(Willmott, Robert Aris) Summer
Time in the Country..

Will of Peter the Great, and the
Eastern Question, The, A. B.

Willow, C. E. Sullivant.
Willow, The, E. A. C. Akers.
Willow-Tree, A, E. Fawcett.

Wilson, Henry


.40 561

Windsor, A Day at, R. G. White...44 534 .38 629 Wind the Clock, H. Rich....... .17 80 Wingate, E. C. (Fearn Gray, pseud.) Kathern *Wings of Courage, The (Marie E. Field, ed.), W. D. Howells... *Winifred Bertram (Mrs. Charles) T. W. Higginson.. Winship, George Barker Autobiographical Sketches of a Strength-Seeker

41 137

17 384

.9 102

.2 899 Winslow, Mrs. Celeste Mary

Ah, Dawn, delay.
Winsor, Frederick

The Surgeon at the Field Hos-
Winsor, Justin

*The English Colonies in Amer-
ica (Lodge).

Willson, Forceythe

The Rhyme of the Master's Mate 16 519
To Hersa.

The Voice.

.17 311
.18 307
.18 746

Autumn Song.

Willson, Forceythe, J. J. Piatt....35 332
Will the Coming Man drink Wine ?
J. Parton..

.22 189

Edwin M. Stanton.

Jeremiah S. Black and Edwin M.

.22 129

*Wilson, Alexander, the American
Ornithologist, The Poems and
Literary Prose of (A. B.
Grosart, ed.), H. E. Scudder..42 123
Wilson, George S.

How shall the American Savage
be Civilized?.

.54 212

.42 34
.51 689
.16 191

.40 447

New Departure of the Republi-
can Party.

Wilson, John Grosvenor
The River Raldivvir.....
Wilson, Woodrow

.50 596

.25 234

Responsible Government under

the Constitution. Wiltbank, William White My Second Capture. *Winckelmann's History of Ancient Art (G. Henry Lodge, trans.), C. Akers.

.29 631

31 503

[blocks in formation]

The Shakespeare-Shapleigh En

*Winstowe (Mrs. Leith Adams), H.
W. Preston..
Winter, William


Love's Queen..

.57 542

Gautier; M. M. Ripley, traus.),
G. P. Lathrop.
.16 195 Winter Journey in Colorado, A, N.
S. Shaler.

*Illustrated Christmas Carol.
Withered Roses.

.26 463

.27 104

55 160 .55 79

Winter Days, H. D. Thoreau.. .38 694 Winter Epithalamium, C. F. Bates.33 341 Wintering on Etna, S. P. Langley.46 38 *Winter in Russia, A (Théophile

..46 183

.22 79

.48 415

57 317

Winter, C. L. Cleaveland.
Winter Adventure on the Prairie,
A, M. E. A. C. Brown.
Winter-Birds, The, W. Flagg.
Winter Birds about Boston, B.

37 710 .44 434

.59 617

.59 197 .41 346

41 493

.13 615

.22 475 .22 762

.44 533

.19 501

.3 319

.35 238

47 46 -Winter-Killed, H. E. Starbleak. ...51 652 Winter-Life in St. Petersburg, B. Taylor....

.16 34

*Winter Poems by Favorite Amer-
ican Poets, W. D. Howells.....27 269
*Winter Sunshine (John Burroughs),
H. E. Scudder.

Winter Woods, G. Cooper.
Winthrop, Governor John, in Old
England, G. E. Ellis..
*Winthrop, John, Life and Letters
of (Robert C. Winthrop),
E. Ellis...


.37 377

.25 711



.19 254

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