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The Latest Literature of Art:
Esthetics (Véron); The Life
of J. M. W. Turner (Hamer-
ton); Art in the House (Falke).44 160
On the Present Condition and

.19 228
.14 726
.6 116

.51 685

Prospects of Architecture.....57 374
The Statue of Leif Erikson. .57 813
Henry Hobson Richardson, Archi-
Vandegrift, Margaret, pseud. (See
Janvier, Margaret)
Vanderlyn, John, the Artist, Recol-
lections of, W. 1. Kip..
Vanishers, The, J. G. Whittier.
Vanity, A. De Vere.

Vanity Fair (W. M. Thackeray),
E. P. Whipple.
Vanity Fair, Vols. I.-V., H. M.
Van Rensselaer, Mrs. Mariana

The New York Art Season..
*Variation of Animals and Plants
under Domestication (Charles
Darwin), W. James...
Varioloid, Political Results from
the, R. D. Owen.

.18 425

Various Aspects of the Woman
Question, F. Sheldon....
*Varley, Nelson, W. F. Apthorp..31 506
Veal, Conceruing: a Discourse of

.45 843

Immaturity, A. K. H. Boyd....8 187 *Vedder's Drawings for Omar Khayyam's Rubáiyát, S. Baxter and J. B. Millet.. .55 111 *Vedder's, Elihu, Pictures, F. D. Millet Vedder's, Elihu, Pictures, W. H. Downes. 59 842 Vendue, On a Late, J. E. Babson..14 400 Venner, Arthur, pseud. (See Griswold, William McCrillis) Venetian Experience, A, E. H. Appleton

.55 617


Vengeance of Dominic de Gourgues,
The, F. Parkman.
Venice, C. P. Cranch.

39 498

Venice, H. W. Longfellow.
*Venice (Charles Yriarte), W. D.

.40 764
.5 733

.45 125
Venice, In, C. F. Woolson.
...49 488
Venice and St. Marks, C. E. Nor-

.19 674 *Viking Tales of the North (R. B.
Anderson and others, trans.)
W. H. Bishop.
*Vineta, the Phantom City (E.
Werner; Frances A. Shaw,
trans.), T. S. Perry.
Vineyard Saint, The, B. Taylor.
*Violet Light, Influence of, J. Fiske.29 638
Violet-Planting, E. A. C. Akers...11 675
*Violon de Faïence, Le (Champ-
fleury), W. H. Bishop......
.44 435 *Virgil, The Works of (J. A. Wil-
stach, trans.), G. E. Wood-

.41 202

.43 609

.33 509

.3 133

.15 639

.10 252

48 193

..22 122

..35 660

Venus of Milo, The, M. F. Curtis....

...14 530
.52 679
.39 294


*Verse, Four Books of: A Masque,
and other Poems; The White
Sail, and other Poems; Poems
by Edward Rowland Sill;
Lyrics and Sonnets, T. B. Ald-
rich and H. E. Scudder.
*Verses (Susan Coolidge), G. P.
*Verses (H. H.), T. W. Higgin-


.27 400 .33 368

*Verses (H. H.).

Verses for a Letter, S. O. Jewett..45 568
Verses: I. Left Out. II. Gray Hair

in Youth. III. Rose Color.

IV. In Trust, E. M. Thomas..59 468 *Vertu (Gustave Haller), T. S. Perry

.42 303

*Very's, Jones, Poems, O. B. Froth-

.52 123

.34 534

Vesey, Denmark, T. W. Higginson..7 728
Vesta, J. G. Whittier.
*Vestigia (George Fleming), G. P.

.53 707

.61 416

.47 429

Vestigia Quinque Retrorsum. An

Academic Poem, O. W. Holmes.44 238 *Vest Pocket Lexicon (Jenkins)...10 769 *Vest Pocket Series, G. P. Lathrop.40 630 Via Crucis, E. I. Stevenson. .59 492 *Vibert, H. James, Jr.. *Vicaire de Wakefield, Le (Gaus

.29 247

seron, trans.), W. H. Downes..57 565 Vicissitudes of Keats's Fame, On

.11 401

.21 174

the, J. Severn.. Victim, The, A. Tennyson. Victor and Jacqueline, C. Chesebro .6 168, 271

Verdi's Aïda, W. F. Apthorp. *Vernon Grove..

..36 374

*Veronese versus Millet, G. P. La-
*Verrerie dans l'antiquité, Histoire
de la (Deville), C. Cook......33 248

Victor Emmanuel's Political Work,
W. C. Langdon..
*Victorian Poets (Edmund Clarence

.41 361

Stedman), H. E. Scudder.....37 112 Victory, How to use, E. E. Hale...13 763 Victory of Patience, The, H. Jack

.53 572

*Virginia; a History of the Peo-
ple. American Commonwealths
(John Esten Cooke,) H. E.

51 846

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*Virginia Bohemians, The (John

Esten Cooke), H. E. Scudder. .46 827 *Virginia from English and Amer

ican Points of View: English Colonies in America, Virginia, Maryland, and the Carolinas; Virginia, a History of the People, H. E. Scudder....51 845 Virginian in New England Thirty

five Years ago, A, J. R. Lowell.26 162, 333, 482, 739 27 673 *Virginians in Texas (William M. Baker), H. W. Preston. ...43 752 Virginia's Wooing, O. T. Miller....61 362 Visible and Invisible in Libraries, The, A. M. Waterston. Vision, A, E. F. Terry.. Vision of Echard, The, J. G. Whittier

14 124

.16 525
.33 452

42 257

Vision of Echard, and other Poems,
The (J. G. Whittier), W. D.

.47 857

..42 776
Vision of Lost Souls, A, L. B. Moore.34 267
Vision of Nimrod, The (Charles De
Kay), G. P. Lathrop.
Vision of the Faithful, The, J. G.
Visionary, Some Account of

.28 40

a, M.

.5 192


.42 377

*Visions: a Study of False
(E. H. Clarke).
Visitants from a Higher Life,
Touching. A Chapter
Autobiography, R. D. Owen...35
Visit of the Wrens, P. H. Hayne..34 717
Visit to a Certain Old Gentleman,



A. Leaves from a Roman

Visit to the Autocrat's Landlady,
A, O. W. Holmes.

Visit to the Balearic Islands, A,
B. Taylor..........

Visit to the Edgeworths, A, E.

7 113

.2 738

.20 680
21 73


*Vita Nuova di Dante Allighieri
(C. Witte), T. S. Perry.
Vix, G. E. Waring.
*Vocabularies, A Volume of, illus-
trating the Condition and Man-
ners of our Forefathers, as well
as the History of the Forms of
Elementary Education, and of
the Languages spoken in this
Island, from the Tenth Century
to the Fifteenth (T. Wright)...2 126
Voice, The, F. Willson.
.18 307
*Voice, and how to use it, The (W.
H. Daniell), Z. F. Peirce..
*Voice in Singing, The (Emma Sei-

.33 115

16 356

..39 506

.21 732

Voice in the Pines, The, P. H.
Voices of Power, O. B. Frothing-

Note-Book, T. B. Aldrich.....37 541
Visit to Jerusalem, A, E. E. Hale..49 368
Visit to Martha's Vineyard, A, J.
B. Everett...

.4 281

Visit to South Carolina in 1860, A,
E. G. Mason.


Visit to Sybaris, My, E. E. Hale...20 243 Voyage of the Good Ship Union, O.


Visit to the Asylum for Aged and

Decayed Punsters, A, O. W.

.21 638

.31 53

.53 170

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*(Vose, George L.) Handbook of
Railroad Construction, for the

Use of American Engineers....1 378
Vox Populi, H. W. Longfellow. .27 572
*Voyage down the Amoor, A (P. M.
Collins), J. R. Lowell...
*Voyage of the Challenger, The.
The Atlantic (Sir C. Wyville
Thomson), T. S. Perry.

.5 757

.42 578

.9 398

*Voyage of the Jeannette, The (G.
W. De Long; Emma De
Long, ed.), H. E. Scudder....52 557
*Voyage of the Paper Canoe: A
Geographical Journey of Twen-
ty-Five Hundred Miles, from
Quebec to the Gulf of Mexico,
during the Years 1874 and
1875 (Nathaniel H. Bishop),
T'. S. Perry..

.42 582

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