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Tutor of a Great Prince, The, W. Preston and L. Dodge... Tuttle, Herbert

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French Democracy.

.29 560

The Chauvinisme of the French. .30 478

Some Traits of Bismarck.

The New Eastern Question.

Academic Socialism.

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*Peter the Great.

The Despotism of Party. *Schuyler's American Diplomacy.58 414 Frederic the Great and Madame

de Pompadour...
The Emperor William.
Tuttle's History of Prussia, E.
*Twelve Years of a Soldier's Life
in India (W. S. R. Hodson),
C. E. Norton..
Twentieth Presidential Election,
The, C. C. Hazewell.
Twenty Dollars, W. Mitchell.
*Twenty Poems (R. K. Weeks), W.
D. Howells...

*Twenty Poems from H. W. Long-
fellow (Ernest W. Longfellow,
illus.), H. E. Scudder.
*Twenty Years Ago and Now (T.
S. Arthur)..
Twilight, C. Thaxter.
*Twilight Hours in the Adirondacks
Twilight of Greek and Roman

.25 758

Sculpture, The, W. S. Liscomb.54 163 Twin-Love, B. Taylor... *Twin Records of Creation, The (G. W. V. Le Vaux).

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*Twin Roses..

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Two, T. B. Aldrich.

Two and One, L. P. Hale.
Two Angels, The, J. G. Whittier...35 465
Two Anniversary After-Dinner

Poems, O. W. Holmes........56 263
Two Biographical Studies, H. C.

.49 554

Two Bites at a Cherry, T. B. Al-

Two Browns, The, S. O. Jewett..
*Two Chancellors (Klaczko), T. S.

.57 31 58 196

.38 366

*Two Circuits, The; a Story of 11linois Life (J. L. Crane), T. S. Perry


Two Emigrants, B. Heaton........52 486 *Two English Men of Letters : Memoirs of Mark Pattison; Autobiography of Henry Taylor, H. E. Scudder. Two European Schools of Design, W. J. Stillman.

.56 120

.34 79 .21 651

Two Families, K. F. Williams. Two Girls that tried Farming, E. Farman


Two Halves of a Life, R. Machray.. Two Harvests, H. M. Jackson. *Two Historic Americans: John Adams; Ralph Waldo Emerson, H. E. Scudder.

Two Homes, The, B. Taylor. *Two Journalists: A Biography of William Cullen Bryant, with Extracts from his Private Correspondence; The Autobiog raphy of Thurlow Weed, H. E. Scudder.

.35 202

Two Letters, The, L. P. Hale.
*Two Literary Studies: Balzac ;
Tennyson's In Memoriam, G.
P. Lathrop

56 806 .54 784

.55 415 ...33 26

.41 404

Two Elizabeths, The, J. G. Whittier.56 22

.52 411 .31 513

.53 850

Two Moods of Failure: I. The
Last Cup of Canary; II. The
Young Man Charles Stuart
Revieweth the Troops on Black-
heath, H. G. Cone... ...60 460
Two on a Tower, T. Hardy...49 577, 722
50 1, 145, 289, 433, 577, 721
Two or Three Troubles, C. A. Hop-


7 303, 471 Two Pictures, J. G. Whittier. 17 149 *Two Pilgrims' Progress from Fair Florence to the Eternal City of Rome (Pennell), H. E. Scudder.

59 700 .22 426 .1 311

Two Rabbis, The, J. G. Whittier. Two Rivers, R. W. Emerson. Two Rivers, The, H. W. Longfellow.41 286 Two Scenes from the Life of Blondel, J. R. Lowell. Twoscore and Ten, J. T. Trowbridge..

.12 576

.46 309

Two Serious Books, H. W. Preston.59 167
Two Sniffs, C. A. Hopkinson.
.3 429

Two Summers, E. A. C. Akers. .10 311
Two Tongues, The, W. Mitchell....6 667
Two Travellers, The, W. C. Bryant.35 129
Two Veils, S. M. B. Piatt..
.34 215
Two Views of It, C. P. Cranch.
Two Ways, C. F. Woolson..
Two Weeks' Sport on the Coulonge
River, G. W. Pierce..
*Two Women of Letters, H. E.

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.32 267

Two Years After, T. Fullerton.

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*Ultima Thule (Longfellow), G. P. Lathrop...

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.46 704

Umsted, Mrs. Lillie Devereux
A Lonely House.

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30 116

*Una and her Paupers. Unaware, M. Thompson.. .46 348 Unawares, A. W. Brotherton... .59 57 Uncharitableness, E. P. Watson....20 415 Unclassified Philosopher, An, F. D.


.55 466

Uncle Gabriel's Account of his Cam-
paigns, E. P. Campbell...
*Uncle Jack's Executors (Annette

.24 207

Lucille Noble), H. E. Scudder.46 419 Uncle Sam's Treatment of his Servants, J. Parton.... Uncle Silas (J. S. Le Fanu). *Uncle Tom's Cabin; or, Life Among the Lowly. New Edition, with Illustrations, and a Bibliography of the Work by George Bullen, of the British Museum. Together with an Introductory Account of the Work (H. B. Stowe). ...43 407 *Undergraduate, The, O. W. Holmes.5 382 Under Moon and Stars, J. T. Trow

.24 645 .16 121


Under the Cliff, R. Browning. "Under the Cloud and through the Sea," A. D. T. Whitney. Under the Great Elm. Poem read at Cambridge on the Hundredth Anniversary of Washington's taking Command of the American Army, 3d July, 1775, J. R. Lowell.

.37 140 .13 737

.8 352

.36 221
.54 326

Under the Maples, M. Treat..
Under the Midnight Sun, I. I. Hayes.24 752

25 102

*Under the Olive (Annie Fields), G. P. Lathrop. .47 427 *Under the Palmetto in Peace and War (Richard Meade Bache), H. E. Scudder..

46 828

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40 754 Unheard Music, E. W. Gosse......53 130 Union and Liberty, O. W. Holmes...8 756 *United Netherlands, History of the, Vols. I., II. (Motley), E. P. Whipple. *United States of America, A Larger History of the (Higginson), H. E. Scudder.

.7 377

.57 559

.38 361

*United States, A New History of the, H. E. Scudder.. ...52 266 *United States, A Popular History of the (Bryant and Gay), Vol. I., H. E. Scudder... *United States, Constitutional History of the (Dr. H. von Holst; John J. Lalor and Alfred B. Mason, trans.), C. Hale...... ..39 630 *United States, The Constitutional and Political History of the (H. von Holst), H. C. Lodge..49 277 *United States, Eighty Years' Progress of the.

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United States, Finances of the, E.
H. Derby.

United States, History of, Vol. IX.
(Bancroft), G. S. Hillard.... .18 765
*United States, History of the; Cen-
tenary Edition (Bancroft), G.
P. Lathrop.

.39 380

United States, Travel in the,

United States after the Revolution-
ary War, The, J. Fiske..
United States and Europe, The, C.
C. Hazewell...

.22 494


.19 477

*Upper Schools and Colleges, W.
R. Dimmock.

Ups and Downs of the Bonapartes
and Bourbons, J. Amory.
Up the Edisto, T. W. Higginson.
Up the Grand Canal of China, C.
.8 95 Up the Neva to Schüsselburg, E.
Up the St. John's River, T. W. Hig-
.12 436 Up the St. Mary's, T. W. Higgin-
.41 376

.6 641


.54 709

United States and the Barbary
States, The, F. Sheldon...
United States Armory, The, G. B.
United States Army, The Staff of
the, R. Williams.
*United States during the War, The
(A. Laugel), W. D. Howells...18 252
*United States Notes (John Jay
Knox), E. Stanwood.....
United States Sanitary Commission,
The, E. E. Hale..
*Universal Literature, Handbook of
(Anne C. L. Botta), H. M.
*Universe and the Coming Transits,
Universities, German, F. Bôcher.
University, The Object of a, E.
University Administration, W. T.

Up the Thames, N. Hawthorne.
Urania, J. D. Stockton...
Urbs Animæ, H. W. Preston and
L. P. Dodge..
Urvasi, H. B. Bostwick.
*Use and Origin of the Arrange-
ments of Leaves in Plants, The
(Chauncey Wright), J. Fiske. .30 125
Use of Numbers in Society, The, N.

.19 416

.11 518

.44 326

.58 747

.57 351

34 364
.7 257

.50 505

University Reform, An Address to
the Alumni of Harvard, at
their Triennial Festival, July
19, 1866, F. H. Hedge.
University Reform, Considerations
on, J. Fiske.

*Unknown River, The (Hamerton),
W. D. Howells..
Unlearned Professions, The, E. At-

.18 296

.19 451

.27 269

45 742
51 528

Unloved, R. H. Lathrop.
Unseen World, The, J. Fiske. .37 170, 266
*Unseen World, and other Essays,
The (J. Fiske).
Unsung, T. B. Aldrich.
*Unterwegs (Auerbach), T. S.
Untimely Thought, An, T. B. Al-

.45 566

.31 102

.37 749
.37 673

drich. *Unto the Third and Fourth Generation (Helen Campbell), H. E. Scudder.. *Unwarrantable Liberties of Performers, W. F. Apthorp.. *Up and Down the Irawaddi (J. W. Palmer), J. R. Lowell...

.46 417

.39 513


"Upon the Tree-Top," O. T. Mil-

*Upper Egypt: Its People and its
Products (C. B. Klunzinger),
T. S. Perry...

.4 383

...56 533

.42 582

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