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Smith, Mary Louisa

The Forge.. .16 586, 684 *Smith, Thomas Assheton, Reminiscences of the late, F. J. Child..6 632 *Smith's, Goldwin, Cowper, W. D. Howells... *Smoke (I. S. Turgeneff; William F. West, trans.), W. D. How

.46 425

.30 243

.22 637

ells. *Smoking and Drinking (James Parton) Smollett, Some Inedited Memorials of, W. Sargent. *Snap Judgment in Musical Criticisnis, W. F. Apthorp.. Snodgrass, J. E.

.3 693 .38 377

17 743 13 200 .9 188 17 364

A Pioneer Editor. Snow, E. A. C. Akers Snow, T. W. Higginson. Snow, T. B. Aldrich. *Snow-Bound (John G. Whittier)..17 383 Snow-Man, The, C. J. Sprague........13 574 Snow-Walkers, The, J. Burroughs..17 302 So as by Fire, W. O. Stoddard....48 646 Social Aspects of the German Ro

mantic School, H. H. Boyeson.36 49 Social Experiment at New Har

mony, The. A Chapter of

Autobiography, R. D. Owen...32 224 *Socialism (Roswell D. Hitchcock).43 547 Socialism in Germany, W. Brown..44 521 Socialistic and other Assassinations,

.46 466

48 801

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23 221

Soldier-Poetry, Some, J. Weiss. .10 1 Soldiers, Our, H. K. Furness.. .13 364 Soldier's Ancestry, A, J. T. Fields. .8 159 Soldiers' Rally, The, E. J. Cutter..11 134 "Solid Operations in Virginia;" or,

'Tis eighty years since, E. E. Hale. 9 781 Solitary Bee, The, E. M. Thomas..54 557 Solitude and Society, R. W. Emer

.1 225


*Solitudes of Nature and of Man,
The (W. R. Alger).
Solomon, C. F. Woolson..
Some Account of a Visionary, M.

J. H. Haynie...

.35 504

.16 381

Socialists in a German University, W. Brown.. *Social Life in Greece from Homer to Menander (J. P. Mahaffy), T. S. Perry.. *Social Life of the Chinese (Justus Doolittle), T. W. Higginson.. 17 779 *Social Science, Journal of, No. VI..34 500 *Social Statics (Herbert Spencer), J. P. Quincy.. Social Washington, H. L. Nelson...52 818 *Society and Solitude (Emerson), T. W. Higginson... *Society the Redeemed form of Man, and the Earnest of God's Omnipotence in Human Nature (Henry James) *Society to Encourage Studies at Home, Fourth Year of, The, H. E. Scudder. Sociology, A Study in, M. A. Hardaker *Sociology, The Study of (Herbert Spencer), T. S. Perry... .....33 238

.26 119

.43 822

.40 254

50 214

.19 640 .32 413

.5 192

.50 177

.29 84

.22 36

Some Account of the Early Life of an Old Bachelor, A. M. Diaz..13 560 Some Account of Thomas Tucker, R. T. Cooke.. Some Arcadian Shepherds, W. D. Howells... Some Coral Islands and Islanders, J. D. Hague. Some English Workingmen, J. McCarthy *Some Heroes of Travel; or, Chapters from the History of Geographical Discovery and Enterprise (W. H. Adams), H. E. Scudder Some Impressions of London Social Life, E. S. Nadal.. Some Memories of Charles Dickens, J. T. Fields...

26 458

47 125

.31 462

26 235

Some Notes on Shakespeare, F. A.
Some Objections to the Sea, C. D.
Some of the Haunts of Burns, N.

.6 385

Some of the Wonders of Modern

Surgery, W. T. Helmuth.. .21 373 Some of Us. A Southwestern

.6 288

.32 482

Sketch, E. A. Edwards... .44 725 Some Railroad Accidents, Of, C. F. Adams, Jr..... 36 571, 736 Some Results from my Spiritual Studies, R. D. Owen... Somerville, Mary, M. Mitchell. *Somerville, Mary, Personal Recollections, from early Life to Old Age, of (Martha Somerville), H. W. Preston.......... .33 494

.34 719

.5 568

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*Songs and Satires (Roche), G. E.

.59 412
*Songs at the Start (Louise Imo-
gen Guiney), G. P. Lathrop...54 123
*Songs from the Southern Seas and
other Poems (John Boyle

O'Reilly), W. D. Howells.....33 106 .1 402 *Songs of Fair Weather (Maurice Thompson), H. E. Scudder...52 841 *Songs of Many Seasons (Holmes), W. D. Howells. .35 105 *Songs of Seven (Jean Ingelow).....17 122 *The Same, illustrated, H. E. Scudder *Songs of our Youth, by the author of John Halifax, Gentleman, W. F. Apthorp.. *Songs of the Pyrenees (Arr. by M. H. Sturgis and W. P. Blake).40 128 *Songs of the Russian People, The

.49 132

.37 251

(W. R. Ralston), T. Š. Perry.32 371 Songs of the Sea, W. Mitchell... *Songs of the Sierras (Joaquin

.2 152

Miller), W. D. Howells.......28 770
*Songs of the Sunlands (Joaquin
Miller), W. D. Howells.
Songs of the Troubadours, The, H.
W. Preston...

.33 107

*Songs of Two Worlds..
Songs that are not Sung, The, J.
B. O'Reilly..
*Sonia (Henry Gréville), T. S.


Some Testimony in the Case, R. H.

Something about Bridges, H. T.
Something about History, H.
Something about Pictures, H. T.


Something Left Undone, H. W.
Something Passes, E. M. Thomas..52
Some Truths about the Civil Ser-
vice, H. L. Nelson..
Some Unappreciated Characters, By
an Old Fogy, C. C. Hazewell..19 593
Some War Scenes Revisited, T. W.

.51 231

.42 1

*Some Women's Hearts (Louise Chandler Moulton), G.`P. Lathrop....

.56 602

.12 740

.6 298

.12 637


.34 230

Song: "Dear Love, let this my
song," etc., Words by G. P.
Lathrop; Music by George L.

.36 151


Song: "I wore your roses yester-
day," C. Thaxter.
Song: "O new found earth! O won-
drous birth!" E. E. Brown....42 596
Song: Stay, stay at home, my
heart, and rest," H. W. Long-
Song: "The clover blossoms kiss
her feet," O. Laighton...
Song: "The very stars will rise and

.41 235

.25 687

.40 476

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.38 451 ..34 743

*Songs and Ballads, New (Nora
Perry), G. E. Woodberry ..59 416
Songs and Eccentricities of Birds,
W. Flagg...
*Songs and Lyrics (Ellen Mackay
Hutchinson), G. P. Lathrop...49 553

.44 349

52 703

.42 302

*Sonnet, Book of the (Leigh Hunt
and S. Adams Lee), W. D.
Sonnet: "Day follows day; years
perish; still mine eyes," P.
H. Hayne..
Sonnet : "Enamored architect of

airy rhyme," T. B. Aldrich....38 310
Sonnet: "Ere yet in Virgil I could
scan or spell," L. C. Bull...
Sonnet: "I stood and leaned upon

.62 273

a balustrade," F. Sewall......3€ 522 Sonnet: "O Moon, white spirit of

.20 744

.1 500

a star long dead," F. M. Brown.47 537 Sonnet : 66 Rather, my people, let thy youths parade," G. H. Boker Sonnet : "The brave old poets sing of nobler themes," P. H. Hayne.... Sonnet: "The maple puts her corals on in May," J. R. Lowell....1 120 Sonnet: "The starry flower, the flower-like stars that fade," F. G. Tuckerman.. Sonnet To F. A., J. R. Lowell. : Sonnet, with a version of Euripides' Alcestis, W. C. Lawton.......59 649

.19 510

.37 650

.9 731 .35 560

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Sounet, written after a Violent
Thunder-Storm in the Country,
P. H. Hayne....
Sonnets: I. At Stratford on Avon.
II. Three Flowers, T. B. Al-

..6 481

.37 91

Sonnets: I. Rachel Ristori. II.
Sleep, T. B. Aldrich..
Sonnets from over Sea: I. English
Border. II. On being asked
for an Autograph in Venice,
J. R. Lowell.
*Sonnets from the Portuguese, G.
E. Woodberry . .
*Sons of Godwin, The (W. Leighton,
Jr.), G. P. Lathrop..
*Sordello, Strafford, Christmas-Eve
and Easter-Day (Robert Brown-
ing), J. Weiss..
Sorrow, C. Thaxter.

So runs the World away (Mrs. Steele) .26 128 Soul of the Far East, The, P. Lowell. 60 405, 515, 614, 836

*Sounds from Secret Chambers

.53 387

.10 502

(Laura C. Redden).... .33 235 Sources of Early Israelitish History, The, P. H. Wickstead.. *Sources of Standard English, The (T. L. Kington Oliphant). .33 750 South, Resources of the, E. H. Derby. South Breaker, The, H. E. Prescott ..9 557, 687 South Carolina, An Ex-Southerner in, N. S. Shaler. South Carolina in 1860, A Visit to, E. G. Mason.. South Carolina, The Political Con

.26 53

.53 241

.41 1

dition of, B. O. Townsend.....39 177 South Carolina, The Result in, B. 0. Townsend.. South Carolina Morals, B. O. Townsend South Carolina Society, B. O. Townsend .39 670 South Devil, The, C. F. Woolson..45 173 Southern Colleges and Schools, C. F. Smith..

.39 467

.54 542 56 738 Southern Cross, The, A. D. T. Whitney

.9 337

..36 297

.36 37

..59 126

.39 498

Southern Home Politics, A. Webster, Jr....

*Southern Planter, A, II. E. Scudder..

.13 639 .19 582

.36 464

.61 835 .30 114

.32 740

.17 778

*South Sea Bubbles.

*South Sea Idyls (Charles Warren Stoddard).

*South since the War, The (Sidney



Southwestern Kansas seen with

Eastern Eyes, M. H. Leonard.56 101 *Souvenirs d'Enfance et de Jeunesse

(Ernest Renan), H. James....52 274 *Souvenirs de Jeunesse (Francisque

Sarcey), J. G. Rosengarten....56 134 *Souvenirs d'une Mission Musicale en Grèce et en Orient (L.-A. Bourgault-Ducoudray), W. F.

.46 410


..50 272

*Souvenirs Littéraires (Maxime du Camp), T. Child. *Souvenirs of my Time (Jessie Benton Frémont), H. E. Scudder.60 129 *Souvenirs personnels d'Émeutes et de Revolutions (Amadée Achard), T. S. Perry.. Sovereigns and Sons, C. C. Hazewell.11 145 *Spain, By the Baron Ch. Davillier.36 748 Spain, A Cook's Tourist in....54 33, 191 Spain, A Ride in, C. D. Warner....50 608 Spain, The Rehabilitation of, C. C. Hazewell..

..30 118

.9 351

*Spain and the Spaniards (Edinondo de Amicis; Wilhelmina W. Cady, trans.), C. G. Leland. 48 833 G. E. Woodberry.57 277 *Spain in Profile (J. A. Harrison), T. S. Perry.. Spaniard and the Heretic, The, F. Parkman

.44 650

.12 537

.15 406

.52 257

Spaniards' Graves at the Isles of Shoals, The, C. Thaxter. Spanish Coast, Around the, C. D. Warner *Spanish Conquest in America, and its Relation to the History of Slavery and to the Government of Colonies, The (Helps)......1 377 *Spanish Gypsy, The (George Eliot), W. D. Howells ..

.22 380

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