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Siege of Cincinnati, The, T. B. Read. *Siege of London, The, The Pension Beaurepas, and The Point of View (Henry James, Jr.), H. E. Scudder.

Sibyl the Savage, L. W. Champney.58
Sibylline Bartering, E. R. Sill.
Sicilian Hospitality, L. Monti.
Sicily, A Journey in, C. C. Block...6 209
Side-Glances at Harvard Class-Day,

.46 163

M. A. Dodge.

12 242

.40 111

Sidney and Raleigh, E. P. Whipple.22 304 *Sidonie [Froment Jeune et Risler Aine] (Alphonse Daudet), T. S. Perry. *Siege of Babylon, The, W. D. Howells Siege of Boston, The, H. E. Scudder.

24 385

37 466

43 172


.57 229

.11 229

Siena, H. James, Jr.. Siena, Life in Old, E. D. R. Bianciardi .

.51 706 .33 664

51 782

.30 497

.41 137

.34 236

*Sigmund Bresteson (Kristofer Janson), T. S. Perry.. *Signal Boys, The; or, Captain Sam's Company (G. C. Eggleston), W. D. Howells. *Signal Officer, Report of the Chief, J. Trowbridge. *Signing the Contract and What it Cost (Martha Finley), H. W. Preston. *Signor Monaldini's Niece (M. A. Tincker), H. W. Preston... .43 504 Signs and Show-Cases in New York, C. D. Shanly.. Silence, J. C. R. Dorr. Silence, A Plea for, H. T. Tucker

.43 757


26 698 Silent Friend, Letter to a, W. Silsbee. 16 221 Silent Guest, A, L. C. Moulton....60 374 Silent Melody, The, O. W. Holmes.42 335 Silent Tide, The, G. P. Lathrop....36 616 Silk Industry in America, The, S.

.46 614

.25 526 .54 308

T. Barrows. Sill, Edward Rowland (Andrew Hedbrooke, pseud.) The Fool's Prayer..

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*Sill, Edward Rowland, Poems by, H. E. Scudder..

*Silliman, Benjamin, Life of (George P. Fisher), W. D. Howells.....

Silsbee, Jane, pseud. (See Jackson, Helen Maria) Silsbee, William

.43 443

Silver Buttons, E. H. Fenn.. *Silver Country, The; or, The Great Southwest (Alexander

.61 419

.16 221 .11 460

Letter to a Silent Friend.. Silurian Beach, The, L. Agassiz.. Silver Bridge, The, E. A. Allen....40 295 *Silver Bridge and other Poems, The (Ackers), G. E. Woodberry...

18 126

59 413 .42 437

D. Anderson), T. S. Perry....42 584 Silver Danger, The, J. L. Laughlin.53 677 Silver Question Geologically Considered, The, N. S. Shaler.. *Sime's History of Germany. *Simple Amour (Louis Ulbach), T. S. Perry... Simples and Simplers, W. Flagg..29 743 *Simpleton, A (Charles Reade). *Simplicity of Christ's Teachings set forth in Sermons, The (C.

43 548

.32 501

T. Brooks), C. E. Norton......5 250 Sincere Demagogy, J. B. Harrison.44 488 Singer, The, J. G. Whittier...... .28 220

.41 621

34 512


366 | *Slavery, The Laws of Race as con


Singer, The, T. B. Read.
*Singer's, Otto, Cantata, The Land-
ing of the Pilgrim Fathers, W.
F. Apthorp.
Singing-Birds and their Songs, The,
W. Flagg
Singing-School Romance, The, H.

H. Weld ....
Singing Wire, The, G. P. Lathrop..32
Singular Case of Jeshurun Barker,
The, K. W. Hamilton....
*Sir Rohan's Ghost, J. R. Lowell.
Sister Beatrice, E. C. Steadman...39 69
Sister Mary's Story, H. M. Jackson.44 576
Sisters, The, J. G. Whittier.. .27 68
*Sisters, The, Inisfail, and other
Poems (Aubrey de Vere)..
Situation, The, W. D. Howells....30 127
*Six Dramas (Calderon; Edward

.9 519

Fitzgerald, trans.), T. S. Perry.39 734 *Six Little Rebels (Kate Tannatt Woods), H. E. Scudder.. .45 128 Six Months at Astrakhan, E. Noble.55 792 *Six Months at the White House

.18 644

with Abraham Lincoln (F. B. Carpenter) *Six Months in Ascension (Mrs. Gill)..

.43 683

*Six Months in the Federal States

(Edward Dicey), J. P. Quincy.12 395 *Six Months under the Red Cross

.38 252

.2 285

18 740


(George H. Boyland), W. D. Howells...

56 13

.5 252

.32 748 *Six Songs (F. L. Ritter, composer).39 386 *Six to One, H. W. Preston. .42 697 *Sixty Years' Gleanings from Life's Harvest (John Brown). Skater, The.

.3 770 .2 788

Skater Belle, Our, J. W. de Forest..3 491 Skeleton, An Uncloseted, L. P. Hale

.60 433

.39 114

and E. L. Bynner. Skeleton in Armor, The (Longfellow). *Sketches Abroad with Pen and Pencil (F. O. C. Darley).....23 132 *Sketches and Studies in Southern

Europe (John Addington Sy-
monds), L. Dyer.
*Sketches, New and Old (Mark
Twain), W. D. Howells..
Skipper Ben, L. Larcom.
Skipper Ireson's Ride, J. G. Whit-
*Skizzen aus dem Tagebuche eines
Jägers (Iwan Turgénjew), T.
S. Perry

Skull in the Gold Drift, The, E. C.

*Slave Power, The; its Character,
Career, and Probable Designs

.46 279

.36 749 .16 84

.1 223

nected with, C. E. Norton.....7 252 *Slavery and Secession in America

..35 200

.9 627

(Thomas Ellison), J. P. Quincy.11 265 Slavery in its Principles, Development, and Expedients, E. P. Whipple.. Sleep, KL. Bates. Sleep, L. I. Guiney. Sleeper, The, B. Taylor. Sleeping City, A, E. H. Clement...46 651 Sleeping Sentinel, The. . .11 84 Sleep's Threshold, E. Fawcett. .48 240 Small Arabs of New York, The, C.

.44 451 58 791 .16 711


23 279

D. Shanly.
Smalley, Eugene Virgil

The Strong Government Idea. .45 273
Republican Candidates for the

.45 549


The Democratic
The Political Attitude of the
The Republicans and their Candi-
Progress of the Presidential Can-


Business Issues of the Presiden-
tial Canvass..

A Look Ahead.

The Political Situation.
The Political Field.

*Small House at Allington, The
(Anthony Trollope).

Small Sins of Congress, The, J.

.45 662

45 817

.46 258

.46 396

.46 555

47 103

49 393 .53 124

.14 254

.24 517

.17 384

.2 124 .47 29 .1 383

.8 377

*(Smiles, Samuel) Lives of Boulton and Watt..

of the Remarkable Occurrences in the Life and Travels of, W. D. Howells. .35 748 Smith, Gerrit. A Biography (0. B. Frothingham), F. B. San

41 671

Smith, Goldwin
England and America..

.14 749

An Englishman in Normandy....18 64

.10 383

*The Life of George Stephenson, Railway Engineer. Smith, T. B. Aldrich. *(Smith, Alexander) City Poems. *Edwin of Deira.. *Smith, Captain John (1579-1631), sometime Governor of Virginia, and Admiral of New England (Charles Dudley Warner), H. E. Scudder... Smith, Charles Forster Southern Colleges and Schools...54 542 Southern Colleges and Schools...56 738 *Smith, Colonel James, An Account

.49 422

26 507

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