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Signs and Show-Cases in New York,
C. D. Shanly...

.25 526

Silence, J. C. R. Dorr.

.54 308

Silence, A Plea for, H. T. Tucker


26 698

Silent Friend, Letter to a, W. Sils-
16 221
Silent Guest, A, L. C. Moulton....60 374
Silent Melody, The, O. W. Holmes.42 335
Silent Tide, The, G. P. Lathrop....36 616
Silk Industry in America, The, S.
T. Barrows.

Sill, Edward Rowland (Andrew

Hedbrooke, pseud.)

The Fool's Prayer..

.46 614

Silsbee, Jane, pseud. (See Jack

son, Helen Maria)

Silsbee, William

Letter to a Silent Friend...

Silurian Beach, The, L. Agassiz.

.16 221

.11 460

Silver Bridge, The, E. A. Allen....40 295
*Silver Bridge and other Poems,

The (Ackers), G. E. Wood-

Silver Buttons, E. H. Fenn.

*Silver Country, The; or, The

Great Southwest (Alexander

.59 413

.42 437

D. Anderson), T. S. Perry....42 584 Silver Danger, The, J. L. Laughlin.53 677 Silver Question Geologically Considered, The, N. S. Shaler.... 41 621 *Sime's History of Germany. .34 512 *Simple Amour (Louis Ulbach), T.

S. Perry. .43 548 Simples and Simplers, W. Flagg..29 743 *Simpleton, A (Charles Reade)....32 501 *Simplicity of Christ's Teachings

set forth in Sermons, The (Č.

T. Brooks), C. E. Norton......5 250 Sincere Demagogy, J. B. Harrison.44 488 .43 443 Singer, The, J. G. Whittier.......28 220

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Singing Wire, The, G. P. Lathrop..32 Singular Case of Jeshurun Barker,


*Slavery, The Laws of Race as con

nected with, C. E. Norton.....7 252 *Slavery and Secession in America

(Thomas Ellison), J. P. Quincy.11 265 Slavery in its Principles, Development, and Expedients, E. P. Whipple.

.9 627

18 740

Sleep, K. L. Bates.

44 451


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.56 13

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The, K. W. Hamilton. *Sir Rohan's Ghost, J. R. Lowell. .5 252 Sister Beatrice, E. C. Steadman...39 69 Sister Mary's Story, H. M. Jackson.44 576 Sisters, The, J. G. Whittier.... .27 68 *Sisters, The, Inisfail, and other

Poems (Aubrey de Vere)......9 519 *Situation, The, W. D. Howells....30 127 *Six_ Dramas (Calderon; Edward

Fitzgerald, trans.), T. S. Perry.39 734 Six Little Rebels (Kate Tannatt Woods), H. E. Scudder.

.45 128 Six Months at Astrakhan, E. Noble.55 792 *Six Months at the White House

with Abraham Lincoln (F. B.

Sleep's Threshold, E. Fawcett.
Small Arabs of New York, The, C.
D. Shanly....

Smalley, Eugene Virgil

The Strong Government Idea....45 273 Republican Candidates for the Presidency...

The Democratic Nomination.

.45 549


.45 662

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.18 644

Progress of the Presidential Can

*Six Months in Ascension (Mrs.

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*Snap Judgment in Musical Criticisnis, W. F. Apthorp...

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*Solitudes of Nature and of Man, The (W. R. Alger)..

.19 640

Solomon, C. F. Woolson.
Some Account of a Visionary, M.

.32 413

.5 192

Snodgrass, J. E.

A Pioneer Editor.

17 743 .13 200 .9 188 .17 364 *Snow-Bound (John G. Whittier)..17 383 Snow-Man, The, C. J. Sprague. ....13 574 Snow-Walkers, The, J. Burroughs..17 302 So as by Fire, W. O. Stoddard. .48 646 Social Aspects of the German Ro

Snow, E. A. C. Akers
Snow, T. W. Higginson.
Snow, T. B. Aldrich.

mantic School, H. H. Boyeson.36 49 Social Experiment at New Har

mony, The. A Chapter of

Autobiography, R. D. Owen...32 224 *Socialism (Roswell D. Hitchcock).43 547 Socialism in Germany, W. Brown..44 521 Socialistic and other Assassinations,

J. H. Haynie..

Socialists in a German University,

W. Brown...

*Social Life in Greece from Homer

to Menander (J. P. Mahaffy), T. S. Perry.

*Social Life of the Chinese (Justus

46 466


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48 801

Some Impressions of London Social Life, E. S. Nadal..

.31 462

Some Memories of Charles Dickens,

.35 504

.26 235

Some Notes on Shakespeare, F. A.

.6 288

.32 482

.6 385

Doolittle), T. W. Higginson.. 17 779 *Social Science, Journal of, No. VI..34 500 *Social Statics (Herbert Spencer), J. P. Quincy. Social Washington, H. L. Nelson...52 818 *Society and Solitude (Emerson),

T. W. Higginson...

*Society the Redeemed form of Man, and the Earnest of God's Omnipotence in Human Nature (Henry James)

*Society to Encourage Studies at Home, Fourth Year of, The, H. E. Scudder.

Sociology, A Study in, M. A. Har


*Sociology, The Study of (Herbert Spencer), T. S. Perry.

.16 381

.26 119

.43 822

.40 254

50 214

.33 238


Some Objections to the Sea, C. D.

Some of the Haunts of Burns, N.

Some of the Wonders of Modern
Surgery, W. T. Helmuth..... .21 373
Some of Us. A Southwestern

Sketch, E. A. Edwards.. .44 725 Some Railroad Accidents, Of, C.

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