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ture (Tyler). Diary of Samuel Sewall. Addresses and Speeches on Various Occasions from 1869 to 1879 (Winthrop).. .43 681 *Donald's School Days (Howard).43 685 *Brother Ben and the Bird Sum

.43 685

.43 405 .43 539


*The New Puritan: New England
Two Hundred Years ago (Pike)44 125
*Thirty-Fourth and Thirty-Fifth
Semi-Annual Report of the
Superintendent of Public
Schools in Boston....
*Life of Mrs. Eliza A. Seton.
*An American Dictionary of the
English Language (Noah Web-
ster; Goodrich and Porter,

Life of Alexander Hamilton (J.
C. Hamilton).

*The Life and Epoch of Alexan-
der Hamilton (Shea).
The Life and Letters of Frances,
Baroness Bunsen (A. J. C.
*Selections from the Correspond-
ence of the late Macvey Na-
pier, Esq...

Education of the Hand in the
Public Schools

*Holiday Books: Six Little
Rebels; Room for One More;
The Princess Idleways; Belle
and the Boys; The Boy's Frois-
sart; What Mr. Darwin saw
in his Voyage round the World
in the Ship Beagle; Magellan;
or, the First Voyage round the

.44 126 .44 266

.44 551

44 552

44 553

.44 554

.44 804

.44 810

.45 128 .45 301

Accidentally Overheard. *Literary and Philological Manu

als History of the English Language; A Manual of English Literature; Afternoons with the Poets. *Recent Novels: Probation; Hope Mills; or, Between Friend and Sweetheart; Irene the Missionary; Young Mrs. Jardine; Figs and Thistles Angèle's Fortune; Old

Friends and New.. *American Colonial History: Our Early Emigrant Ances

.45 385

.45 678


tors; The Life of Benedict Arnold; The Reader's Handbook of the American Revolution. *Professor Fisher's Discussions in History and Theology. *Henry Armitt Brown.. *Recent American Fiction: Odd or Even? Richard Ednay and the Governor's Family; Louisiana; A Hopeless Case; Mrs. Beauchamp Brown; Rudder Grange; Unto the Third and Fourth Generation; A Stranded Ship; A Foreign Marriage; Uncle Jack's Executors; From Madge to Margaret; Democracy; A Fool's Errand. Dr. Muhlenberg... *Dr. Heidenhoff's Process, and other Novels: Dr. Heidenhoff's Process; Mary Anerley; The Virginia Bohemians; Under the Palmetto in Peace and War; Myrtle Lawn; The Mystery of Allanwold; The Grandissimes; A Famous Victory; Christy Carew; Troublesome Daughters; The Wellfields; Beauty's Daughters; White Wings; The Duke's Children; The Octagon Club; Tit for Tat; George Bailey; Salvage. .46 824 *The Memorial History of Boston.46 858 *Some Political Novels: Bricks

.46 126

46 269 46 272

.46 412

.46 564

without Straw; A Year of Wreck; How I found it North aud South, together with Mary's Statement. .....47 119 *Books for Young People: The Boy's King Arthur; The Fairport Nine; The Worst Boy in Town; Jack and Jill; A Jolly Fellowship; New Bed-Time Stories; Japanese Fairy World; The Boy Travellers in the Far East; Some Heroes of Travel; Old Times in the Colonies....47 122 *Dexter's Congregationalism. ....47 277 *The Head of Medusa, and other Novels: The Head of Medusa; Washington Square; Ben-Hur; Mother Molly; The TrumpetMajor; Ego; My Marriage; Nestlenook; Princes' Favors; Endymion

*The New Edition of Gilchrist's
*Five American Novels: By the
Tiber; The Tsar's Window;
A Lazy Man's Work; A Fair

.47 707

.47 717


Barbarian; A Nameless Noble


.47 860

.49 126

.49 130

*The Portrait of a Lady, and Dr. Breen's Practice.. *Recent Illustrated Books: Greece and Rome, their Life and Art; The Heart of the White Mountains, their Legend and Scenery; Home Ballads; The Hudson; Lucile; Songs of Seven; Hannah Jane; Brushwood; The Chronicle of the Drum.. *Northern Travel: Schwatka's Search; The Land of the Midnight Sun; The Story of a Scandinavian Summer; The Land of the White Elephant..49 270 *The Light Literature of Travel: Japanese Episodes; A Pickwickian Pilgrimage; Country By-Ways. *Mr. Warner's Biographical Studies: Captain John Smith; Washington Irving.... *Caroline Fox's Memories. The Tauchnitz Library of English Literature in the Reign of Victoria, with a Glance at the Past (H. Morley)........49 564 *Recent American Fiction:

Anne; An Echo of Passion; In the Distance.. .50 111 Lodge's Sketch of Hamilton...50 125 *Harte's Sketches and Stories...50 264 *Mr. Wheeler's Handbooks: An

.49 419

..49 422 .49 557

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*Recent Works on English Lit-
erature: An Introduction to
the Study of English Litera-
ture and Literary Criticism;
A History of English Prose
Fiction, from Sir Thomas
Malory to George Eliot; De-
velopment of English Litera-
ture and Language.
*Recent Biographies: James
Fenimore Cooper; Ole Bull;
The Life and Letters of Fran-
cis Lieber.

51 540 .51 690

*President Monroe.
*Mr. Quincy's Reminiscences....51 692
*Recent American Fiction: Dust;

The Siege of London; The
Pension Beaurepas and The
Point of View; But Yet a
Authorship in America
*Virginia from English and
American Points of View:
English Colonies in America,

Virginia, Maryland and the
Carolinas; Virginia; A His-
tory of the People..
*American Fiction by Women:
The Led Horse Claim; For
the Major; Through One Ad-

*The Freedom of Faith. *Dobson's Fielding

*A New History of the United States (McMaster) *The Spanish Peninsula in Travel: In the Shadow of the Pyrenees from Basque-Land to Carcassonne; Spanish Vistas.....52 408 *Two Journalists: A Biography

of William Cullen Bryant, with Extracts from his Private Correspondence; The Autobiog raphy of Thurlow Weed......52 411 *The Voyage of the Jeannette (De Long)..

.51 416

.51 703 .51 808

.51 845

.52 118

.52 132 .52 135

.52 266

.52 557

*Mr. White on Shakespeare and Sheridan : Mr. William Shakespeare's Comedies, Histories, Tragedies and Poems; The Dramatic Works of Richard Brinsley Sheridan.. *The East and the West in Recent Fiction: A Woman's Reason; In the Carquinez Woods.52 704 *Mr. Longfellow and the Artists:

.52 566

The Complete Prose Works and Later Poems of Henry W. Longfellow; Twenty Poems from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow; Michael Angelo......52 826

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53 271 .53 277 .54 274

Mr. Crawford's To Leeward. *A Modern Prophet.. Recent Fiction: Miss Ludington's Sister; The Crime of Henry Vane; A Country Doctor; Phœbe; A Roman Singer.54 413 Childhood in Greek and Roman Literature .

*Recent American Fiction: Dr. Sevier; In War Time; Where the Battle was Fought; The Story of a Country Town; Ramona; An American Politician

*Mr. Parkman's Montcalm and Wolfe..

*Two Historic Americans: John Adams; Ralph Waldo Emer


55 415 55 418

*Miss Thomas's Poems. *Gosse's Edition of Gray's Works.55 566 Childhood in Early Christianity..55 617 *Woodberry's Poe. .55 705

*A Popular Manual of English Literature.

.55 13

.55 121

.55 265

..55 707

*Four Novels: Trajan; A Carpet Knight; Pilot Fortune; The Duchess Emilia.. Childhood in Medieval Art. *Two English Men of Letters : Memoirs (Mark Pattison); Autobiography of Henry Taylor..... .56 124 *Marius the Epicurean (Pater)..56 273 *Literary London : Literary Landmarks of London; Greater London. Childhood in English Literature and Art.. .56 369, 471 *McMaster's Second Volume....56 419 Recent American Fiction: The Rise of Silas Lapham; The Prophet of the Great Smoky Mountains; Aulnay Tower;

.56 277

A Marsh Island; Zoroaster...56 554 *The Congo Free State.... *Recent Illustrated Books: The

.56 565

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Elisha Mulford. *Historical Methods: Narrative and Critical History of America, Vol. II.; Colonial New York; Philip Schuyler and his Family; A Larger History of the United States of America.57 553 *Longfellow.... .57 702 *James, Crawford, and Howells: The Bostonians; A Tale of a Lonely Parish; Indian Sum


.57 850

..58 131

*Two American Novels: The Wind of Destiny; The Late Mrs. Null. *Recent Light Literature: The Midge; Old Salem... .58 267 *Bacon's Dictionary of Boston...58 559 *Stockton's Stories: First Series;

.59 130

The Casting Away of Mrs. Lecks and Mrs. Aleshine... *Recent Novels by Women: In the Clouds; East Angels ; Princess; A Step Aside......59 265 *Narrative and Critical History of America, Vol. IV.. Longfellow's Art. *Agnes Surriage (Bynner)......59 418 *Light Travel: Their Pilgrimage;

59 273

.59 398

Two Pilgrims' Progress; Chronicles of the Coach; A Tramp Trip.. ...59 698 Nursery Classics in School. .59 800 American Classics in School.....60 85 *Two American Mémoires: Years

of Experience; Souvenirs of my Time.. .60 126 *Anne Gilchrist (H. H. Gilchrist).60 275 *Four Novels: Saracinesca; The Story of a New York House; The Yoke of the Thorah ; Behind the Blue Ridge. 60 413 *Emerson's Genius (Cabot's Life of Emerson). *Recent American Fiction: Bonaventure; Queen Money; Looking Backward; Irish Wouders; Marzio's Crucifix...61 841

60 566

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