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Regret, C. Thaxter.

Regular and Volunteer Officers, T.
W. Higginson..
Rehabilitation of Spain, The, C. C.
*Reichspostreiter in Ludwigsburg,
Novelle auf geschichtlichen
Hintergrunde, Der (Robert
Reid, Zella

Over a Diamond Necklace.
Reign of King Cotton, The, C. F.
Adams, Jr...

.7 451

.10 644

*Rejected Stone, The (M. D. Conway), J. Weiss.. *Rejoinder to Mrs. Stowe's Reply to the Address of the Women of England, F. P. Cobbe......11 525 Relation of Art to Nature, On the, J. E. Cabot... ..13 183, 313 Relation of Fairies to Religion, E. R. Pennell..

.54 457

Relations of Labor and Capital,
The, E. B. Bigelow...
Released, A. D. T. Whitney.
Relief of Lucknow, The, R. T. S.
*Religieuses Bouddhistes depuis
Sakya-Mouni jusqu'à
Jours, Les, T. S. Perry...
*Religion, Three Essays on (John


.33 375

.34 235

Stuart Mill), H. Ŵ. Preston...35 743 *Religion and Science (Joseph Le Conte), Z. F. Peirce.. *Religion and the State (Alvah Hovey), T. S. Perry... *Religion de l'Avenir, La (Hartmann), T. S. Perry *Religious Aspect of Philosophy,

.34 239

.38 753

The (Josiah Royce) W. James.55 840 *Religious Sentiment, The (D. G.

.38 245

.20 108

.35 742

.22 129

Brinton), T. S. Perry... Religious Side of the Italian Question, The, G. Mazzini.. *Remains of Lost Empires (P. V. N. Myers), T. S. Perry. Remarkable Case of Physical Phenomena, A, H. A. Willis. Reminiscence of Benton, A, W. C. Todd... *Reminiscences, chiefly of Oriel College and the Oxford Movement (Thomas Mozley), H. E. Scudder... *Reminiscences of a Journalist (Charles T. Congdon), G. E. Woodberry.. .47 565 *Reminiscences of an Idler, The

26 362

50 409

(II. Wikoff), G. E. Woodberry.47 566 Reminiscences of Christ's Hospital,

J. M. Hillyar.

.53 251

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.26 413

.14 348

9 351

1 384

.31 179

42 475 .18 32

.1 483


.49 134

Reminiscences of James T. Fields, J. Fiske *Reminiscences of Rufus Choate (E. G. Parker), C. Browne......5 370 *Reminiscences of Scottish Life

..8 205

and Character (Dean Ramsay).7 638 Reminiscences of Stephen A. Douglas, J. Howard, Jr... *Reminiscences of the late Thomas Assheton Smith (Sir J. E. Eardley-Wilmot), F. J. Child..6 632 Reminiscences of Thomas Couture, E. W. Longfellow. Reminiscences of Washington, B. P. Poore...... .45 53, 289, 537, 806 46 67, 369, 531, 664, 799 47 234, 538, 658 .34 550

.52 233

.45 387

Remonstrance, C. Thaxter. Rémusat, Madame de, The Memoirs of, T. S. Perry. *Renaissance, La. Scènes Historiques (Le Comte de Gobineau), T. S. Perry. *Renaissance, The, Studies in the History of (Walter H. Pater), W. D. Howells.. *Renaissance, Studies of the, N. H. Dole

*Renaissance in France, The (Léon Palustre), W. H. Bishop. *Renaissance in Italy, The (J. A. Symonds), W. H. Bishop.. *Renaissance in Italy: Italian Literature (J. A. Symonds), G. E. Woodberry..

.43 271

.32 496

.55 132

.47 866

.44 260

.51 699

*Renaissance of Art in France, The
(Mrs. Mark Pattison)..
*Renaissance of Art in Italy, The

.44 616

(Leader Scott), T. B. Aldrich.53 134 *Renan, Ernest, The Reminiscences of, H. James

(Renan, Ernest) De l'Origine du
*Renan's Marcus Aurelius, H. W.

Rencontre, T'. B. Aldrich.
*Reply to the "Statement of the
Trustees" of the Dudley Ob-
servatory (B. A. Gould, Jr.),
J. R. Lowell.
Reply to the Address of the Women

.4 650

of England, A, H. B. Stowe...11 120 Repplier, Agnes Children, Past and Present.. .57 508 On the Benefits of Superstition..58 177 What Children Read.. .59 23 Curiosities of Criticism. .59 315 The Decay of Sentiment. Some Aspects of Pessimism. The Cavalier.

Esoteric Economy.

.52 274

.13 647

49 704 .38 597

.60 67 ....60 756

61 595 62 529


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Resemblances between the Buddhist
and the Roman Catholic Reli-
gions, L. M. Child.
Residue, K. P. Osgood.
Resignation, A. K. H. Boyd.
Resolve, The, H. G. Cone..
*Resources of California, The (John

S. Hittell), T. W. Higginson. .17 522 Resources of the South, E. H. Derby.10 502 *Responsibility in Mental Disease

(Henry Maudsley), W. James.34 364 Responsible Government under the Constitution, W. Wilson... Rest and Motion, D. A. Wasson. Restless, The, H. Rich. Restored Picture, The, J. T. Trowbridge.

Result in South Carolina, The, B.
O. Townsend..

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.21 414 *(Reymond, William) Etudes sur la Littérature du Second Empire Français, depuis le Coup d'État du deux Décembre.. *Reynard the Fox, after the German Version of Goethe (T. J. Arnold)

.26 660

.35 144 .11 434

.55 184

Revelation, J. G. Whittier. Revere Catastrophe, The, C. Adams, Jr..

.57 542 .7 525

.19 401

.24 86

.41 1

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.29 113 .57 540


.37 92


Reverie, C. Thaxter .

.37 288 .25 432

.61 398

.61 498

.15 576

Reviving Virginia, J. Parton. Revolution, American, Beginnings of the, J. Fiske.. Revolution, American, First Crisis of the, J. Fiske. Revolution, Diplomacy of the, G. W. Greene. Revolution, Finances of the, G. W. Greene .14 591 *Revolutionary Times (E. Abbott).38 243 *Revolution Française, Histoire de la.. *Revolutions in English History (Robert Vaughan).

.1 254

.5 759

.9 526

*Reynard the Fox, a Burlesque Poem,
from the Low-German original
of the Fifteenth Century......15 380
Reynolds, Grindall

English Naval Power and English

The French Struggle for Naval
and Colonial Power.


.5 126

.12 94

.12 626

Rhotruda, F. G. Tuckerman. Rhyme of Sir Christopher, The, H. W. Longfellow....

*Rhyme of the Border War, The (Thomas Brower Peacock), G. P. Lathrop. Rhyme of the Master's Mate, The, T. W. Higginson... Rhyme slayeth Shame, W. Mor


Rhymes_in_Many Moods: April, E. E. Ford; Avril, L. H. Fre

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.14 51

A Fortnight with the Sanitary...15 233 Saints who have had Bodies.... .16 385 The Late Insurrection in Jamaica.17 480 Borneo and Rajah Brooke. 18 667 Abyssinia and King Theodore...21 701 *Reynolds, Sir Joshua, Life and Times of (C. R. Leslie and T. Taylor) 17 525 Rhapsody of Clouds, A, E. R. Sill..57 254 *Rhetoric, The Elements of (De

.42 651

Mille), T. S. Perry. *Rhetoric, The Principles of, and their Application (A. S. Hill), T. S. Perry. Rhoda, R. Harper.. *Rhode Island, A Short History of (G. W. Greene), W. D. Howells...

.42 652 .18 521

.40 378 .8 72

.32 332

.47 431

16 371

.25 144


chette; Daisy's Fortune-Telling, E. M. Bacon; Presentiment, H. N. Trego; Loves, J. C. Marsh; Fleeting Youth, S. Baxter; Good Morrow and Good Night, J. Boit; Betrothal, E. Fawcett; Archery, S. E. Wallace; Two Views of It, C. P. Cranch; Be Like the Sun, C. A. Mason.. Rice, Elizabeth Dwight A Quiet Life..

Rich, Hiram

Wind the Clock.
In the Sea.
The Restless.

An Idler's Idyl.

A Summer Mood..

A Miller's Madrigal. Jerry an' Me.... Morgan Stanwood. Still Tenanted. Land and Sea. Leaves on the Tide. Richard Edney and the Governor's Family (Sylvester Judd), H. E. Scudder.

Richards, Frank

A Workingman's Word on Over-

Richards, Mrs. Laura Elizabeth The Nixie Maiden. Richardson, Mrs. Abby Sage (See, also, Sage, Abby) Doña Quixote..

Richardson, Albert Dean

Free Missouri... Our Four Servants. John.

Richmond, Our Visit to, J. R.


Richmond, Overtures from, F. Child

.43 715

.28 160

.17 80 .17 344

.19 401 .21 739 .25 711

.46 414

.27 757

.28 246

.30 206

.33 712 .34 567 .34 740

.36 406

.60 22

.21 363, 492 .23 251 ...24 740


Richardson, Hobart Wood Differential and Integral Calculus.3 704 Richardson, Henry Hobson, Architect, H. Van Brunt... *Richardson, Rousseau, and Goethe

..58 685

(Erich Schmidt), T. S. Perry..39 248 *Richardson's American Literature,

.29 366

G. E. Woodberry. .59 847 *Richard Vandermarck (Mrs. Sydney S. Harris).. Richelieu, The Statesmanship of, A. D. White.. Riches, A. Fields.. Richmond, Incidents of the Capture of, G. F. Shepley.... .46 18 Richmond, Late Scenes in, C. C. Coffin.

.15 744

.43 497

.49 460


.9 611 .14 530

.14 372


*Richmond during the War.. .20 762 *Richter's Titan, Translation of

(Charles T. Brooks), J. Weiss 11 136 Rideing, William Henry

*Law and Lawyers in Literature.51 545 Ride in Spain, A, C. D. Warner.... .50 608 Ride to Camp, The, G. H. Boker...14 404 Ride with a Mad Horse in a Freight

Car, A, W. H. H. Murray........23 503 *Riedesel's, Madame, Letters and Journals (W. L. Stone, trans.), F. Parkman. *Riedesel, Major-General, Memoirs and Letters and Journals of (Max von Ellking; W. L. Stone, trans.).

.25 248

Rifle, How to Choose a, H. W. S.

Rifle, The Use of the, H. W. S. Cleveland.

.11 134

.21 127

.10 635

.9 300

Rifle-Clubs, H. W. S. Cleveland...10 303 Rifled Guns, W. J. Stillman.

.4 444 .25 455

Right and Left, B. G. Wilder. Righteousness of Money-Making, The, E. Atkinson.. 34 686 Rim, The, H. E. Prescott. 13 605, 701 14 63

*Rime of the Ancient Mariner, The
(Coleridge), illustrated by
Gustave Doré.
*Rimmer, William, Sculptor,
Painter, and Physician, The
Art Life of (Truman H. Bart-
lett), H. E. Scudder.
Ring, The, J. B. T'abb..
*Ring and the Book, The (Robert

Browning), M. D. Conway....23 256
Ring Fetter, The; a New England
Tragedy, R. Terry.
Ripley, Ezra, D. D., R. W. Emer-

.4 154


52 522

Ripley, George

*The American Conflict (Greeley).14 133 Rip Van Winkle, A Good-by to, G. A. Pierce.

.52 695

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