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*Poganuc People, and other Novels: Bourbon Lilies; Seola; Poganuc People; Genini; The Story of a Mine; A Year Worth Living; The Cadet Button; Justine's Lovers; Esther Pennefather.

.42 430

*Colonel Dunwoddie, and other Novels Six to One; Brief Honors; The China-Hunter's Club; Ágamenticus; Bluffton; The Crew of the Sam Weller ; Miriam's Heritage; Mag; Saxe Holm's Stories, Second Series; Drift from Two Shores; Less Black than we're Painted; Mine is Thine; Gabrielle; or, the House of Maurège; Margarethe, or Life Problems; Pillone; The Cossacks; Colonel Dunwoddie, Millionaire; Like unto Like...42 697 The Latest Songs of Chivalry. *The Return of the Native, and

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most an Englishman; Blush Roses; Molly Bawn; Old Slip Warehouse; Sibyl Spencer....43 167 *Mixed Essays (M. Arnold). 44 675 A Symposium of Sixty Years Ago.

*Recent American Novels: As it may Happen; The Virginians in Texas; The Bohemians; Tritons ; Philoméne's Marriages; Cousin Polly's Gold Mine; Captain Nelson; Stories from an Old Dutch Town ; Signing the Contract and What it Cost; An International Episode

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.43 751

*Recent Novels; The Secret of the Andes; The Puritan and the Quaker; Falconberg; The First Violin; Airy Fairy; Kathleen Mavourneen; Theo; Pretty Polly Pemberton; Markof, The Russian Violinist; The Colonel's Opera Cloak....44 361 *Old Creole Days, and other Novels Old Creole Days; Sarah de Berenger; A Man's a Man for a' that; Moondyne ; The Felmeres; Sealed Orders; Delicia; An Ernest Trifler...45 44 *Mr. Fiske's Essays..

45 270

45 450

45 702

A Woman of Genius.
*Madame Le Brun.
Storms of Autumn (Georgics of
Virgil, Book I., Verses 311-
*The Later Writings of Mr. Mal-
At Canterbury.
*Recent Memoirs of Cicero:
Ciceron et ses Amis; The Life
of Cicero; Cæsar.
*Some Memoirs of the Second Ein-
pire Conversations with dis-
tinguished Persons during the
Second Empire; Prosper Mer-
imée Lettres à M. Panizzi;
Memorials of Charlotte Wil-
liams - Wynn; Souvenirs of
Madame C. Jaubert; A Salou
in the Last Days of the Em-

*Renan's Marcus Aurelius
Among the Sabine Hills..
An Appenine Valley
An Early Humanist.
Oxford in Winter.
Matthew Arnold as a Poet.
The Gospel of Defeat...
Mistral's Nerto..

Vernon Lee.

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Mrs. Oliphant.

55 733

Miss Ingelow and Mrs. Walford.56 230 A Roman Gentleman under the


The Church of England Novel.
Two Serious Books..

57 741 .58 47 .58 783 59 167 .59 788


..60 577

.60 705 .61 641 .62 51


The Spell of the Russian Writers.60
A Lady of the Old School.

Girl Novelists of the Time.
Cicero in the Senate..

A Changing Order.

Preston, Harriet Waters, with
Louise Preston Dodge

A Bishop of the Fifth Century...62 150 The Tutor of a Great Prince.... .62 450 Urbs Animae. .62 742 *(Preston, Harriet Waters) Love in

.32 375

.31 762

the Nineteenth Century, W. D. Howells. *"Presumption in favor of Innocence," A. G. Sedgwick.. *Pretty Miss Bellew (Theo. Gift)..37 378 *Pretty Mrs. Gaston, and other Stories (John Esten Cooke). *Pretty Polly Pemberton (Frances Hodgson Burnett), H. W. Pres

.34 231


.44 367

Prichard, Sarah Johnson
A Bag of Meal.

.7 670 Mr. Axtell....10 148, 312, 432, 552, 721 11 58 .39 569

On Sand Island. Prima Donna, Who Paid for the, E. Quincy.. .1 300 *Prime Minister, The (Trollope), G. P. Lathrop .38 245 Primeval Ghost World, The, J. Fiske. *Primeval World of Hebrew Tradition, The (F. H. Hedge).....25 383 Primitive Communism, A. G. Sedg

.30 584

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.29 252

.34 116

wick *Primitive Culture (E. B. Tylor), J. Fiske.. *Primitive Culture (E. B. Tylor), T. S. Perry.. *Primitive Property (Emile de Labeleye; G. R. L. Marriott, trans.), A. G. Sedgwick. Prince Adeb, G. H. Boker. *Prince and the Pauper, The A Tale for Young People of all Ages (Mark Twain), E. H.


.42 339 .6 153

.48 843

*Prince Deukalion : A Lyrical Drama (Bayard Taylor), G. P. Lathrop... *Princes' Favors (Wilson J. Vance), H. E. Scudder.

.43 117

.47 714


*Princess (M. G. McClelland), H. E. Scudder.

.28 759

*Princess, The (Alfred Tennyson), Illustrated, G. E. Woodberry..53 133 *Princess Bob and her Friends, The, B. Harte.. Princess Casamassima, The, H. .56 289, 433, 577, 721 57 66, 145, 485, 645, 789, 326 58 58, 209, 349, 433 *Princess Idleways, The (Mrs. W. J. Hays), H. E. Scudder. *Princesse Oghérof, La (Henry Gréville), T. S. Perry. Principles of Criticism, E. R. Sill..56 665 *Principles of Mental Physiology (William B. Carpenter), W. James.

.45 129

.40 382

.34 495



.59 268

*Principles of Political Economy
(John Stuart Mill), D. A.
*Principles of Rhetoric, and their
Applications, The (Adam S.
Hill), T. S. Perry..
*Principles of Science, The (W.

.2 717

.57 253

.18 518

Stanley Jevons), W. James...35 500 Printing Press, The, C. P. Cranch.43 616 Prisoner of War, A, J. R. Ware Prisoners, W. R. Thayer. *Prison Life in the South (A. O. Abbott), W. D. Howells. *Prison Reformi Congress, Transactions of the Third National (E. C. Wines), F. B. Sanborn.....35 625 Prisons and Penitentiaries, C. D. Warner *Prisons and Reformatories at Home and Abroad, F. B. Sanborn.... Privateersman, Journal of a, C. E. Norton.

.45 412

32 374

.8 353, 417 How

Private Theatricals, W. D. ells

.13 250

.42 651

.36 513, 674

37 1, 182, 329, 437, 559 *Privations and Sufferings of United States Officers and Soldiers While Prisoners of War in the hands of the Rebel Authorities, Narrative of.. *Probation (Jessie Fothergill), H. E. Scudder ..

.14 777

.45 678

*Problem of Human Destiny, The (Orville Dewey).

..15 256

*Problems of Life and Mind (George
Henry Lewes), W. James...
Problems of the Scarlet Letter, J.
Procession of Flowers in Colorado,
The, H. M. Jackson....
Procession of the Flowers, The, T.
W. Higginson.

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