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Plumly, Benjamin Rush

Plea for the Fijians, A; or, Can nothing be said in favor of roasting one's equals ? Lieber.


Pleasure of the King, The, H. J. Carleton..

.45 277

.6 740

.26 698

.21 385

Hannah Dawston's Child.

*Pleasant Talk about Fruits, Flow

ers, and Farming (Henry Ward Beecher)..

.3 342

.50 475

.43 310 .45 362

.34 241

.59 532 .5 468


.2 374

.55 705

Pocket-Celebration of the Fourth, The, J. R. Lowell.. *Poe, Edgar Allan [American Men of Letters] (George E. Woodberry), H. È. Scudder. *Poe, Edgar Allan, Life of (William F. Gill), G. P. Lathrop....40 373 Poe, Edgar Allan, The Poetical Works of. *Poe, Edgar A., The Poetical Works

.2 900


.4 522

Poe's Legendary Years, G. E. Woodberry.

.54 814
.31 297

Poem, A, H. R. Hudson.
*Poems (T. B. Aldrich), W. D.
*Poems (Edwin Arnold), G. P. La-

.18 250

.47 428 43 410

*Poems (Matthew Arnold). *Poems (Author of John Halifax)..5 688 *Poems (William Cullen Bryant)..39 113 *Poems (William Allen Butler)...29 502 *Poems (Annie E. Clark).. *Poems (Sydney Dobell). *Poems (Julia C. R. Dorr). *Poems (Bret Harte), W. D. Howells.

.18 255

.5 381

.29 627

..27 392

.33 234

.27 656

*Poems (Charles Fenno Hoffman), W. D. Howells... *Poems (L. H. Hooper).

*Poems (H. R. Hudson), W. D. Howells

.34 105

.23 136 .3 772

*Poems (Lucy Larcom). *Poems (Owen Meredith).

*Poems (Louise Chandler Moulton),

W. D. Howells.

.41 630

*Poems (Rose Terry), J. R. Lowell..7 382 *Poems (Rossetti), W. D. Howells.26 115 *Poems (Celia Thaxter), W. D.


Pleasure-Pain, W. D. Howells.
*Pléiades, Les (Comte de Gobineau),
T. S. Perry...

34 372

Pleiades of Connecticut, The, F.
..15 187
*Plough_and_the Dollar, The; or

the Englishry of a Century
Hence (F. Barham Zincke),
H. E. Scudder..

.53 276
5 70


Plummer, Mary W.

The Divine Right of Kings......49 703 Plunge into Summer, A, S. Baxter.55 309 #Plutarch's Lives (A. H. Clough, ed.), C. E. Norton.. .5 110 *Plutarch's Morals (William W. Goodwin)...

.27 267

.29 367; 34 745 Poems (Frederick G. Tuckerman). .13 777 *Poems (Jones Very), O. B. Froth

ingham. .52 123 *Poems (Sarah Helen Whitman)..43 408 *Poems (Anne Whitney).. 4774 *Poems, Antique and Modern (Charles Leonard Moore), H. E. Scudder. .52 845 *Poems by Two Friends, J. R. Lowell.5 510 Poem served to Order, A, Þ. B. K.

June 26, 1873, O. W. Holmes..32 296 *Poems in Company with Children (S. M. B. Piatt), W. D. Howells.. *Poems in Sunshine and Firelight (John James Piatt)... *Poems of House and Home (J. J.

.41 631

.17 653

.43 654

Piatt). *Poems of Many Years and Many Places (William Gibson), G. P. Lathrop.....

.47 859


49 550

*Poems of Mrs. Spofford, Owen Innsly, and Miss Hutchinson, G. P. Lathrop.. *Poems of Nature (Whittier; E. Kingsley, illustr.), H. E. Scudder. *Poems of Places (H. W. Longfellow, ed.), W. D. Howells..39 375 *Poems of Virgil, The (Allen and

.56 710

Greenough), W. Everett..... .34 511 Poet, A, L. F. Tooker.

.51 474

Poet and his Master, The, and other Poems (R. W. Gilder). .43 409 Poet and his Songs, The, H. W. Longfellow Poet at the Breakfast-Table, The,

.45 805

O. W. Holmes...29 90, 224, 338, 485, 606, 731 30 98, 225, 352, 426, 513, 720 *Poet at the Breakfast-Table, The

(Holmes), W. D. Howells....30 745 *Poetical Lot, A, W. D. Howells...24 382 *Poetical Works of Leigh Hunt, The.1 124 *Poetical Works of Edgar Allan Poe, The.. ..2 900; 4 522 Poetic Element in the Medieval Drama, The, V. D. Scudder...56 407 *Poetic Interpretation of Nature, On (J. C. Shairp). *Poetic Localities of Cambridge (W. J. Stillman, ed.), G. P. Lathrop..

41 552

.36 762

*Poetic Studies (Elizabeth Stuart Phelps), W. D. Howells.. .36 108 Poet Keats, The, M. F. Curtis. .2 531 *Poet-Laureate Idyls and other Poems (Adams), G. E. Woodberry..

.59 412 .28 115

.62 835

Poet of Sierra Flat, B. Harte... Poet, on his Birthday, To a, A. Fields15 315 *Poetry, Comedy, and Duty (Everett), G. E. Woodberry... Poetry for Children. Prince Dorus, and Uncollected Poems (Charles and Mary Lamb), H. E. Scudder. *Poetry, Lyrical, Narrative, and Satirical, of the Civil War (Richard Grant White, ed.)...17 774 *Poetry of the Rossettis and others:

42 516

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Father Ryan's Poems; The Maid of Northumberland; Carlotta; The Legend of St. Olaf's Kirk; The Ode of Life; Old and New; Echoes from the Orient; Hesperus and other Poems; Three Friends' Fancies; Poems by Sir Samuel Ferguson; Ultima Thule; The Iron Gate and other Poems, G. P. Lathrop...46 698 *Poetry, Recent: Pearls of the Faith; Idylls of Norway and other Poems; Monte Rosa; The Hill of Stones, and other Poems, G. P. Lathrop. .51 420 *Poetry, Recent: The Bay of Seven Islands, and other Poems; Songs of Fair Weather; He and She, or a Poet's Portfolio; Poems, Antique and Modern, H. E. Scudder......52 839 *Poems, Recent: The Cup and the Falcon; Airs from Arcady and Elsewhere; The Life and Poems of Theodore Winthrop ; The New Arcadia and other Poems; Songs at the Start, G. P. Lathrop... *Poetry, Recent: Berries of the Brier; With Reed and Lyre; Poet-Laureate Idyls and other Poems; Songs and Satires; In Primrose Time; The Silver Bridge and other Poems; The Cruise of the Mystery and other Poems; The Old Garden and other Poems; New Songs and Ballads; Liber Amoris; Ariel and Caliban; In Bohemia, G. E. Woodberry.. .59 409 *Poetry, Recent English: Jocoseria; On Viol and Flute, G. P. Lathrop. Poetry, Some New Books of: Mrs. Piatt's That New World, and other Poems; Flower and Thorn; Twenty Poems; The Echo Club and other Literary Diversions; Lowell's Poetical Works, W. D. Howells.... Poets and Birds: a Criticism, H. C. W. Stanton.. *Poets and Poetry of Europe (Longfellow), W. D. Howells. *Poet's Bazaar, A (Hans Christian

.54 117

.51 840

.39 87

.52 329

.27 142

49 780

Andersen), H. H. Boyesen....28 512 Poet's Birds, The, P. Robinson. *Poet's Birds, The (P. Robinson), H. C. W. Stanton.. .54 398 Poet's Friends, The, W. D. Howells. .5 185

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