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North Northumbrian Village, A,
G. R. Jackson...
Northwestern Mule and his Driver,
The, S. J. Barrows...
.35 550
North Wind in Autumn, A. Head..46 675
Norton, Charles Eliot

The Manchester Exhibition.
The Indian Revolt..

*The Life of Michael Angelo
Buonarotti (Harford).
.1 510
The Catacombs of Rome.1 513, 674, 813
2 48, 129; Note, 252
*Galleries and Cabinets of Art in

.3 648

Great Britain (Waagen)..... .1 765 The New Life of Dante. .3 62, 202, 330 *Memoir and Letters of the late Thomas Seddon.. *The Oxford Museum (Acland and Ruskin) *Plutarch's Lives (Clough, ed.)...5 110 *Twelve Years of a Soldier's Life

.4 767

in India (Hodson). .5 124 *Friends in Council, New Series. .5 125 *The Simplicity of Christ's Teachings set forth in Sermons (Brooks).

.5 375

*The West Indies and the Span-
ish Main (Trollope).
*The Public Life of Captain John
Brown (Redpath)...

.5 378

*Le Prime Quattro Edizioni della
Divina Commedia.
.5 622
Model Lodging-Houses in Boston.5 673,
5 754
.6 395

.6 633
.6 746

*Mademoiselle Mori. Pasquin and Pasquinades. Essays and Reviews. *Fr. Rogeri Bacon Opera. *Collection of Rare and Original Documents, and Relations Concerning the Discovery and Conquest of America (Squier). *The Laws of Race.

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.5 250

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.7 252
.7 508

*Il Politecnico...
Original Memorials of Mrs Piozzi.7 614
Il Comento Latino di Benvenuto
Rambaldi (Tamburini)

.7 629
.8 360
.8 551

The Advantages of Defeat.
Alexis de Tocqueville...
Journal of a Privateersman..8 353, 417
Arthur Hugh Clough.
*An Historical Research (Liver-

.9 462


.12 263

41 202

The Portfolio (Hamerton, ed)..37 762 Venice and St. Mark's. Florence, and St. Mary of the Flower.. .42 564, 657 The Greek Play at Harvard.... 48 106 (*Norton, Charles Eliot) Notes of Travel and Study in Italy, J. R. Lowell...

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.54 392

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*Novels, Four: Saracinesca; The Story of a New York House; The Yoke of the Thorah; Behind the Blue Ridge, H. E. Scudder *Novels, Recent: Probation; Hope Mills; Irene the Missionary; Young Mrs. Jardine; Figs and Thistles; Angèle's Fortune; Old Friends and New, H. E. Scudder *Novels, Recent American: As it may_Happen; The Virginians in Texas; The Bohemian ; Tritons; Philomène's Marriages; Cousin Polly's Gold Mine; Captain Nelson; Stories from an Old Dutch Town; Signing the Contract and What it Cost; An International Episode, H. W. Preston. *Novels, Reccnt: The Secret of the Andes; The Puritan and the Quaker; Falconberg; The First Violin; Airy Fairy Lilian; Kathleen Mavourneen, Theo, Pretty Polly Pemberton; Markof, the Russian Violinist; The Colonel's Opera Cloak, H. W. Preston Novels, Some Recent: Zachariah the Congressman; Her Ladyship; How She Won Him; The Heart of It; A Doubting Heart; Mademoiselle de Mersac; Hal, the Story of a Clodhopper; A Wayward Woman; Rodman the Keeper; Captain Fracasse; Confidence, 7. S. Perry.

.60 413

.45 678

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.43 751

.44 361

.46 121

*Novels, Some Recent: A Romance of the Nineteenth Century; A Gentleman of Leisure; Baby Rue; Friends: a Duet; A Nihilist Princess; Synnöve Solbakken, L. Henry and another. .48 560 *Novels, Two American: The Wind of Destiny; The Late Mrs. Null, H. E. Scudder.. *Novels by Women, Recent: In the Clouds; East Angels; Princess; A Step Aside, H. E. Scudder

.58 131

.59 265


November Pastoral, A, B. Taylor..26 626
Noyes, Charles Hume
The Prodigal..

.39 311

.1 381 .5 757

*(Noyes, James O.) Roumania, the Border Land of the Christian and the Turk ... *Nugamenta (G. E. Rice) Nun and Harp, The, H. P. Spofford.36 281 Nuremberg, C. B. Martin.. .30 304 Nursery Blarney-Stone, The, W. Mitchell. Nursery Classics in School, H. E. Scudder

.5 341

.59 800

O-Be-Joyful Creek and Poverty
Gulch, H. M. Jackson..
Objections to the Sea, Some, C. D.

Object of a University, The, E.
*Oblivion (M. G. McClelland), H.
E. Scudder..

*(Oblomoff) Scènes de la Vie Russe (Goutcharoff, Piotre Artamoff, trans.; Charles Deulin, ed.), T. S. Perry...

O'Brien, Fitz-James The Diamond Lens. The Wondersmith *Obsolescence of the Political Lawyer, A. G. Sedgwick... Obsolete Fine Gentleman, An, W. D. Howells..

*Oceana; or, England and her Colonies (Froude), G. E. Woodberry.....

.52 753

Novels of George Eliot, The, H.
James, Jr...

.18 479 .2 737 November, J. M. Thompson.. .34 658 November, C. L. Cleareland. .40 585 November April, S. Longfellow...2 177 November Chronicle, A, B. Torrey.62 589

.32 482

.58 747

.57 269

.42 297

.1 354 .4 463

.39 515

.36 98

.57 696

Ocean Steamer, The, C. P. Cranch.43 616
O'Connor, William Douglas
To Fanny.

*Octagon Club, The (E. M. H.), H.
E. Scudder.

27 161

.46 836

.38 430 .36 463

.4 294

.46 412

.8 296

.3 423

.38 740

.46 702

.35 730

Ode read at the Margaret Fuller

Ossoli Festival, C. P. Cranch..26 231 Ode recited at the Harvard Commemoration, July 21, 1865, J. R. Lowell..

.16 364

October, H. M. Jackson.
October Days, S. Baxter.
October to May, E. A. C. Akers.
*Odd, or Even? (A. D. T.Whitney),
H. E. Scudder.
Odd Adventure with Junius Brutus
Booth, My, J. F. Clarke....
Odds and Ends from the Old World,
G. Ruffini.

Ode for the Fourth of July, 1876,
An, J. R. Lowell...

*Ode of Life, The (Robert Morris), G. P. Lathrop.

Ode read at the Concord Centennial, J. R. Lowell.

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