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*Second Annual Exhibition of
the Free Industrial Drawing
Classes and the Boston Public
*Old Kensington (Miss Thack-

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.32 371 *New Copleys in the Athenæum.32 504 *Helen at the Loom..

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*Picturesque Normandy (Black


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*Preston Powers's Busts. *Artists and Arabs (Blackburn).33 239 *Blanc's Grammar of Painting and Engraving, translated by

Mrs. Doggett (with C. Cook)..33 244 In a Market-Wagon.. .33 297 *Boston Art Club Exhibition....33 376 Growth of the Novel......... 33 684 *An Art Tour to Northern Capitals of Europe.

.34 111

*Some Women's Hearts (Mrs. Moulton)..

...34 230 34 313

...34 365

The Novel and its Future. *Recent Art and Society, from the Autobiography and Memoirs of H. F. Chorley.. *Philosophy of English Literature (Bascom). .34 367 *Recent Pictures by La Farge...34 377 Fairhaven Bay. ..34 693

*A Winter in Russia (Gautier)..35 238 *Semiramis (Story). .35 250 *Cabanel's Margaret.

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*Architecture for General Stu

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*The Great Match and other
*Dottings Round the Circle (B.
R. Curtis)..

*Bryan Waller Procter: An Au-
*Turkistan (Schuyler).
*The American (James).
*A Modern Mephistopheles.
*First Love is Best (Gail Hamil-

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*Birds and Poets (Burroughs)...40 113 *Table-Talk (Alcott). 40 114 *Garth (Hawthorne). Waverley Oaks..

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*The Life of Edgar Allan Poe


Some Aspects of De Quincey.
*The Vest Pocket Series.
*That Lass o' Lowrie's (Mrs. Bur-

*Memoir and Letters of Charles
Sumner (E. L. Pierce).
Good Times.

*Prince Deukalion (Bayard Tay-

The Pines of Eden.
*Tanagra Figurines.
Coleridge as a Poet and Man.
Bluebird's Greeting.
*The Light_of Asia and other
Poems: The Light of Asia;
The Poetical Works of Bayard
Taylor; Friar Anselmo and
other Poems; Along the Way;
Midsummer Dreams; All Quiet
Along the Potomac, and other
Poems; Idylls and Poems;
Briefs by a Barrister; Alpine
Flowers and other Poems..
Philosophy and Apples..
*Recent Poetry: The Poems of
Richard Henry Stoddard;
Poems of Frank O. Ticknor;
Father Ryan's Poems; The
Maid of Northumberland; Car-
lotta; The Legend of St. Olaf's
Kirk; The Ode of Life; Old
and New; Echoes from the
Orient; Hesperus and other
Poems; Three Friends' Fancies;
Poems by Sir Samuel Fergu-
son; Ultima Thule; The Iron
Gate and other Poems..
*An Englishman's England.
*Mr. Tilton's Pictures..
*Tennyson's New Volume and
other Poetry: Ballads and

"Dear Love, let this

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other Poems; Under the Olive; Poems by Edwin Arnold; The Chapel and other Poems; Wild Roses of Cape Ann and other Poems; Verses by Susan Coolidge; Four O'clocks; Mary Magdalene; The Dramatic Works of Bayard Taylor; Lord Stirling's Stand and other Poems; The Rhyme of the Border War; Shakespeare's Dream and other Poems. *Whittier's King's Missive and other Recent Poetry: The King's Missive and other Poems; Studies in Song; The Vision of Nimrod; Poems by Robert K. Weeks; Thirty Years; Lays and Legends of Ancient Greece; Poems of Many Years and Many Places; The Statue in the Block and other Poems.. *New Poetry of the Rossettis and others Ballads and Sonnets; The Pageant and other Poems; Gaspara Stampa; Poems by Oscar Wilde; A Home Idyl and other Poems; The Legend of St. Olaf's Kirk; Leaves of Grass

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.49 119 In the silent, the silent November.49 213 An Echo of Passion. 49 17, 163, 346, 444 *The Poems of Mrs. Spofford,

Owen Innsly and Miss Hutchinson: Poems by Harriet Prescott Spofford; Love Poems and Sonnets; Songs and Lyrics. *Leland on the Gypsies... Introductory Note to The Ancestral Footstep..

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.50 823

*Selections from the Poetry of Robert Herrick.

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.53 496

Night in New York. *Recent American Fiction: Vestigia; The Bread-Winners; An Ambitious Woman; Beatrix Randolph; The Mate of the Daylight, and Friends Ashore. 53 707 *Recent Poetry: The Cup and the Falcon; Airs from Arcady and Elsewhere; The Life and Poems of Theodore Winthrop; The New Arcadia and other Poems; Songs at the Start....54 117 *An American Story-Writer. Combination Novels... *Ormsby's Don Quixote. George Meredith

54 131

Lathrop, Mrs. Rose Hawthorne Closing Chords: Death's Eloquence; Peace...


.51 408

.54 796

.56 265 .61 178

The Hawthorne Manuscript.
*Mr. Isaacs and other Novels:
Mr. Isaacs; Divorce; The Mod-
ern Hagar; Luser the Watch-
*Recent Poetry: Pearls of the
Faith; Idylls of Norway and
other Poems; Monte Rosa; The

Hill of Stones and other Poems.51 420 *Memorials of Rossetti.. .51 549 *Woodberry's History of WoodEngraving...

.51 697

*Recent English Poetry: Jocoseria; On Viol and Flute.....51 840 Newport..52 60, 211, 348, 474, 609, 763 53 79, 206 *Mark Twain's Life on the Missis


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.51 528 .58 317

The Shell and the World. *Latin on the Basis of a Latin Method, Manual of Instruction in (J. H. Allen and J. B. Greenough), T. S. Perry.....41 268 Laughlin, James Laurence

The Refunding Bill of 1881.

The French Panic.
*Political Science.

*American Economics: Political
Economy (F. A. Walker); The
Financial Policy of the United

States from 1789 to 1860.....52 128
The Silver Danger.

.53 677

The New Party..

.53 837

Political Economy and the Civil


.49 195

.49 415

.49 695 .50 418

.55 444

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Our Political Delusion.

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.56 311

Launch of the Valkyrie, The, W. W. Young. Laureate of Death, The, W. D. Howells.. Lauson Tragedy, The, J. W. De Forest... .25 444, 565 *Law and Lawyers in Literature (Irving Browne), W. H. Rideing Lawn Planting for Winter Effect, S. Parsons, Jr....

.51 545

.47 690 Law of Costs, The, D. A. Wasson..11 241 Law of Fashion, The, N. S. Shaler.61 386 *Law of Hotel Life, The (R. Vashon

Rogers, Jr.), J. T. Morse, Jr..44 805 *Law of Promissory Notes and Bills

of Exchange, A Treatise on the (Theophilus Parsons).....11 397 Law of Property in Intellectual Productions in Great Britain and the United States, A Treatise on the.

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