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*Indian Summer, H. E. Scudder.57 855 | *(Hub, Ignaz) Die deutsche ko-
*Modern Italian Poets, G. E.

mische und humoristische Dich-
tung seit Beginn des 16. Jahr-

hunderts bis auf unsere Zeit....1 255

.35 87

.21 502 28 266 .31 197 .31 297

.33 282

.38 567


*The Rise of Silas Lapham, H. E. Scudder. *Howells's, Mr., New Book, T. B. Aldrich...

.48 402

How Glooskap brought the Summer, F. L. Mace.

.56 661

How I Came to Study Spiritual

Phenomena, R. D. Owen. .34 578 How I crossed Africa from the'

.61 130

.56 554

Atlantic to the Indian Ocean
(Serpa Pinto; A. Elwes, trans.),
C. G. Leland..

*How I found it North and South;
together with Mary's State-
ment, H. E. Scudder.
How I got my Overcoat._(Circum-
stantially true), G. E. Waring,

.48 835

.47 121

.28 76

Howitt, William

Autumn Days (To M. F. F.)....37 426 Howland, Edward

The Abbé Galiani.

How Long? L. C. Moulton..
How Mr. Frye would have preached
it, E. E. Hale..
How my New Acquaintances spin,
B. G. Wilder.

.31 299 ..30 75

..18 129 How not to settle it, O. W. Holmes.39 257 How Rome is Governed, G. W.


.14 150

How Santa Claus came to Simpson's
Bar, B. Harte....

.29 349
How shall the American Savage be
Civilized? G. S. Wilson. ..50 596
*How She Won Him
; or, The.
Bride of Charming Valley (D.

A. Moore), T. S. Perry..............46 122
How the Old Horse won the Bet, O.
W. Holmes....

.38 44

How the Women went from Dover,
J. G. Whittier..

.51 805

*How the World was peopled (Ed

ward Fontaine), J. Fiske......29 769
How to change the North American
Climate, N. S. Shaler..

How to choose a Rifle, H. W. S.
*How to make a Living (George
Cary Eggleston), H. E. Scud-


.40 724

.10 635

Hubbard, Gardiner Greene
Our Post-Office..
Hudson, Hannah Reba
A Poem

36 627 .8 757 13 763


In Two Worlds..

*Hudson, Henry, Historical Inquiry
concerning (John Meredith

Read, Jr.), F. Parkman.......19 764 Hudson, Henry Norman

*Memoirs of the Life of William

Shakespeare (White) .16 637 *Hudson, The (Wallace Bruce; Alfred Fredericks), H. E. Scudder

Hugo, Victor, T. S. Perry.
.19 198 *(Hugo, Victor) Les Misérables,
Fantine, E. P. Whipple.
*Huguenot Emigration to America,
History of the (Charles W.


[blocks in formation]

49 132

.5 123 .36 167

.10 124

Baird), H. C. Lodge... ..55 843 *Human Hair, The (B. C. Perry)..17 255 *Human Tragedy, The (Alfred

37 746

How to Rough it, J. T. Fields.
How to Use Victory, E. E. Hale..
How we Grow in the Great North-
west, S. H. Gay..

.23 438
How we met John Brown, R. H.
Hoyt, A. M.

28 1

The Ghost of Little Jacques.....11 213


.11 567

Human Wheel, The, Its Spokes and
Felloes, O. W. Holmes.
*Humboldt, Alexander von, Life of
(K. Bruhns, ed.; J. & C. Las-
sell, trans.)
*Hume, David, English Men of
Letters (Thomas H. Huxley)..43 545

.32 495

44 558

.5 659

*Humor, Wit, and Satire of the
Seventeenth Century (John
Ashton, ed.), G. E. Woodberry.53 432
"Hundred Days, Our," After, O.
W. Holmes...
.61 127
Hundred Days, The, G. R. Russell. .1 641,

Humming-Bird, The, M. R. Wat


Hundred Days in Europe, Our, O.

W. Holmes. 59 343, 533, 638, 832
60 116, 213, 289, 462
*Hundred Days in Europe, Our
(Holmes) H. E. Scudder......60 851
Hungerford, Edward

The Rise of Arabian Learning...58 539
The Intellectual Mission of the

..58 817

[blocks in formation]

*Hunt, Smith and Robinson, Sale of
Pictures by, W. P. P. Long-
*Hunt Memorial Exhibition, The,
F. D. Millet...
*Hunt's and Inness's Recent Pic-
tures, G. P. Lathrop..

.36 375 *Hunt's Pictures, H. James, Jr... 29 246 F. D. Millet.. .37 629 *Hunt's Pictures, Exhibition of, G. P. Lathrop.. Hunt's, Mr., Teaching, F. D. Millet.46 189 Hunt for Smugglers, A, P. Mulford.31 202 Hunting a Pass: a Sketch of Trop

.39 251

ical Adventure, E. G. Squier...5 447 6 44

.33 629

.45 120

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

The (Roosevelt), H. C. Lodge.56 563

the Artist, The. Identity, T. B. Aldrich

*Idiomatic Key to the French Language (Etienne Lambert). Idiosyncrasies, H. R. Hudson. Idleness, J. L. Robertson. Idler's Idyl, An, H. Rich.. *Idolatry (Julian Hawthorne), H. James, Jr.. .34 488 Idyl of Battle Hollow, The (War of the Rebellion, 1864), B. Harte.

62 721

.39 529

.20 128

.49 336

.3 136

Icarus, B. Taylor... .6 457 Ice and Esquimaux, D. A. Wasson.14 728 15 39, 201, 437, 564 Iceberg of Torbay, The, L. L. Noble.. ..6 443 Iceland, Summer and Winter, W. H. Carpenter. .62 515 Ice Period in America, L. Agassiz..14 86 Ideal, C. F. Woolson.. .30 461 Idealism in New England, Some

Phases of, O. B. Frothingham..52 13 Ideal Property, J. D. Whelpley....22 167 Ideal Tendency, The, J. B. Brown..2 769 Idea of God, The, J. Fiske....56 642, 791 *Idée de Jean Têterol, L' (Victor

Cherbuliez), T. S. Perry.... .43 548 *Identification of the Artisan and

.25 125

.36 11

.....35 128

.31 197 .30 565 .25 711

.34 746

.29 496

.36 241

.45 840

*Idyl of Work, An (Lucy Larcom), W. D. Howells . *Idylls and Poems (Anna Maria Fay), G. P. Lathrop..



*Idylls of Norway and Other Poems (Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen), G. P. Lathrop. .51 421 If I should lose Thee, H. H. Boyesen.45 172 "If Massa put Guns into our Han's," F. H. Ludlow. *If, Yes, and Perhaps (E. E. Hale), W. D. Howells..

.15 504

If you
Love L. Clark..
*Ignorance of Musical Terminology
in the United States, W. F. Ap-
*Ike Partington; or, The Adven-
tures of a Human Boy and his
Friends (B. P. Shillaber), H.
E. Scudder..

*Iliad of Homer, Faithfully trans-
lated into Unrhymed English
Metre, The (F. W. Newman),
D. A. Wasson.

.22 634 .38 276

.36 634

Illinois in Spring-Time, C. M. Kirkland.

.43 124

.14 135

.2 475 .1 58

Illusions, R. W. Emerson *Illustrated Books: The Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow; A History of Painting, Ancient, Early Christian, and Medieval; Drifting; A Dream of Fair Women; Monuments de l'Art Antique, F. D. Millet and W. H. Bishop.47 109 *Illustrated Books, Recent: Greece

and Rome, their Life and Art; The Heart of the White Mountains, their Legend and Scenery; Home Ballads; The Hudson; Lucile; Songs of Seven; Hannah Jane; Brushwood; The Chronicle of the Drum, H. E. Scudder.. *Illustrated Books: The Lady of the Lake; Longfellow's Evangeline; The Artist's Year; Florence, G. E. Woodberry....50 846 *Illustrated Books: The Raven;

.49 130

The Princess; Elegy written in a Country Churchyard; The High Tide on the Coast of Lincolnshire; The Renaissance of Art in Italy, G. E. Woodberry and T. B. Aldrich... Illustrated Books, Recent: The Sermon on the Mount; Poems of Nature; Childe Harold's Pilgrimage; The Last Leaf, H. E. Scudder. *Illustrated Books: A Book of the Tile Club; Well-worn Roads of Spain, Holland, and Italy; Sonnets from the Portuguese, G. E. Woodberry.

.53 131

..56 707


*Illustrated Books: She Stoops to Conquer; The Blessed Damozel, G. E. Woodberry. .59 262 *Illustrated Cabinet Atlas and Descriptive Geography (Colton)...3 772 *Illustrated History of Ancient Literature, Oriental and Classical (John D. Quackenbos), T. S. Perry... *Illustrated Homes (E. C. Gardner), W. P. P. Longfellow.....36 760 *Illustration of Progress (Herbert

.43 266

Spencer), J. P. Quincy. *Illustrations, Some French: Le Monde Pittoresque et Monumental; Oliver Goldsmith's Le Vicaire de Wakefield, W. H. Downes....

Implora Pace," L. G. Noble. Impossibility of Chance, The, C. J. Sprague

*Illustrations of the Influence of the
Mind upon the Body in Health
and Disease (Daniel Hack
Illustrious Obscure, The, C. T.
*Imaginary Conversations, First
and Second Series Walter
Savage Landor)....
*Imaginary Conversations, Third
and Fourth Series (Walter
Savage Landor), H. E. Scud-
*Imaginary Conversations, Fifth
Series (Landor), H. E. Scud-
*Imaginary Dialogue on Decorative
Art, J. Trowbridge.
Immigration, E. Jarvis.

.41 693

.29 454

.35 407

*Immortel, L' (Daudet), S. Kirk..62 711 Immortelles, E. Fawcett. *Imogen and other Poems. Impartial Suffrage, An Appeal to

.29 752

Congress for, F. Douglass.....19 112 *Impeachment, The Art of, A. G.


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.13 775

.57 563

.59 123 Imprisoned, C. Thaxter.

.32 112

Impressionist at the Paris Exposition, An, W. H. Bishop. *Impressions and Reminiscences (George Sand), H. W. Pres

.3 53

.39 119

.40 115

.41 807

.29 385

.5 289

.22 315

.42 585


*Impressions et Souvenirs (George
Sand), T. S. Perry..
Impressions of London Social Life,
Some, E. S. Nadal..
*Impressions of London Social Life

(E. S. Nadal), G. P. Lathrop.36 751 *Impressions of Theophrastus Such. (George Eliot)...

.39 628

.32 628

.31 462

.44 619 32 51

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