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History, Something About, H. T.

.25 44

History, The Study of; a lecture delivered before Cornell University, G. Smith... *History and Description of New England, General and Local, A (A. J. Coolidge and J. B. Mansfield), J. R. Lowell... .33 232 *History and General Description of New France (Charlevoix; J. G. Shea, trans.), F. Parkman..20 125

.4 645

29 499


.33 751

*Histoire du Romantisme (Théophile
Gautier), T. S. Perry..
Historical Account of Bouquet's Ex-
pedition against the Ohio In-
dians in 1764, W. D. Howells.23 389
*Historical Account of the Expedi-

tion against Sandusky under
Col. William Crawford in 1782,
An (C. W. Butterfield), W.
D. Howells..

*Historical Account of the Old
State House of Pennsylvania,
now known as the Hall of In-
dependence, An (Frank M.
Etting), H. E. Scudder..
*Historical Essays (Edward A.

Freeman), T. S. Perry.......32 242 *Historical Methods; Narrative and

.39 244

Critical History of America,
Vol. II.; Colonial New York;
Philip Schuyler and his Family;
A Larger History of the United
States of America, H. E. Scud-
Historical Portraits Lately Exhib-

.57 553

ited in Paris, W. J. Hoppin...35 257
*Historical Research respecting the
Opinions of the Founders of
the Republic on Negroes as
Slaves, as Citizens, and as Sol-
diers, An (George Livermore),
C. E. Norton...

Historical Sketch of Sacerdotal
Celibacy in the Christian
Church, An (Henry C. Lea),
H. James..
*Historical Studies of Church-

*History and Philosophy of Mar-

.24 640

.42 29

.12 789

*History of American Currency
(W. G. Sumner), A. S. Bolles.34 238
*History of Art, The (Wilhelm
Lübke; Clarence Cook, ed.),
W. H. Bishop..
*History of Charles the Bold, The
(John Foster Kirk).
History of Children's Books, The,
C. M. Hewins....
*History of Civilization in England,
Vol. II. (H. T. Buckle), E. P.
*History of English Literature (H.
Taine; H. Van Laun, trans.),
W. D. Howells...
*History of European Morals (W.
E. H. Lecky), W. D. How-

.61 112

.8 254

.29 241

24 639

.6 503

.29 241

ells. *History of Flemish Literature (Delepierre) 20 378 *History of Florida (George R. Fairbanks). *History of Music (Frederic Louis Ritter), W. F. Apthorp. ....35 635 *History of New England (John Gordon Palfrey), W. D. Howells... .30 621; 31 743 *History of New York City (William L. Stone), E. L. Burlingame... *History of our Country from its Discovery by Columbus to the Celebration of the Centennial Anniversary of its Declaration of Independence, etc., The (Abby Sage Richardson), W. D. Howells.

.31 102

.36 244

.23 519 *History of Painting, Ancient,
Early Christian, and Medieval,
A, Vol. I. (A. Woltmann and
K. Woermann ; S. Colvin, ed.),
W. H. Bishop..
*History of Paraguay, The (Wash-
burn), R. Keeler..
*History of Sculpture (Wilhelm
Lübke), W. J. Stillman. .32 118

.47 112

.27 398

.12 263

.46 854

Building in the Middle Ages (Charles Eliot Norton).. Historical View of the American Revolution, An (G. Washington Greene), G. E. Ellis......16 127 *Historic Fields and Mansions of

Middlesex (S. A. Drake). .34 237 *Historic Mansions and Buildings of Philadelphia, The (T. Westcott), H. E. Scudder.. Historic Notes on Life and Letters in Massachusetts, R. W. Emer

.42 651

son ...

*Historic Progress and American
Democracy (Motley), W. D.
*Histories on the Coöperative Plan,
Recent: The Memorial History
of Hartford County, Connecti-
cut; Narrative and Critical
History of America, Vol. IV.,
W. E. Foster and H. E. Scud-

History, R. H. Stoddard.

52 529

.59 271 ...42 467

.6 298


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History of the Anti-Slavery Meas-
ures of the Thirty-Seventh and
Thirty-Eighth Congress (Hen-
ry Wilson), E. P. Whipple....14
History of the Army of the Cum-


.18 647

.37 381

berland (Van Horne), H. Stone.38 360 History of the Atlantic Telegraph (Henry M. Field). *History of the Civil War in America (Comte de Paris; Louis F. Tasistro, trans.; Henry Coppée, ed.) *History of the Conflict between Religion and Science (John William Draper). *History of the First Parish in Danvers, 1672-1872 (Charles B. Rice), H. W. Preston.. *History of the Gypsies, A (Walter Simpson) *History of the Inductive Sciences from the Earliest to the Present Time (Whewell), T. Hill...2 122 *History of the Intellectual De

.33 501

.35 503

.18 254

.16 123

velopment of Europe, A (J. W. Draper), D. A. Wasson...13 642 History of the Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States of America (Abel Stevens).. *History of the Navy during the the Rebellion, The (C. B. Boynton) *History of the People of the United States, A, Vol. II. (McMaster), H. E. Scudder...56 419 History of the Republic of the

.22 377

United States of America, as
traced in the writings of Alex-
ander Hamilton and his Con-
temporaries (J. C. Hamilton),
E. Quincy....

*History of the Romans under the

Empire (Charles Merivale), C.
C. Hazewell. . .

History of the Sewing Machine, J.

.13 768

*History of the Supernatural, The (William Howitt)

History of the Two Pillars, W. L. Fawcett.

.1 507

.19 527

.12 399

.33 85

*History of the United Netherlands, Vols. I., II. (Motley), E. P. Whipple. ..7 377 Vols. III., IV., W. D. Howells.21 632 *History of the United States, Vol. IX. (George Bancroft), G. S. Hillard.

*History of the United States, A Larger (Higginson), H. E. Scudder..

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*Hodge, Charles, D. D., LL. D., Professor in the Theological Seminary, Princeton, N. J., The Life of (A. A. Hodge), G. E. Woodberry.. *Hodgson, Rev. Francis, B. D., Scholar, Poet, and Divine, Memoir of (James T. Hodgson). (*Hodson, George H.) Twelve Years of a Soldier's Life in India, C. E. Norton.... Hofwyl, My Student-Life at, R. D. Owen....

.18 765 Holland, Josiah Gilbert My Children

.57 559

8 236

Farming Life in New England. Daniel Gray...

.47 560

.15 550

.3 265

.35 108

Holbein and the Dance of Death, R. G. White. *Holden with the Cords (W. L. M. Jay) *Holiday Books: Darley's Compositions in Outline from Hawthorne's Scarlet Letter; Venice (Yriarte); Tyrol and the Skirt of the Alps; In Berkshire with the Wild Flowers; The Bodleys Afoot; Insect Lives; Six Little Rebels; Room for One More; The Princess IdleWays; Belle and the Boys; The Boy's Froissart; What Mr. Darwin saw in his Voyage round the World in the Ship Beagle; Magellan, W. D. Howells and H. E. Scudder. .45 124 *Holidays in Eastern France (M.

Betham-Edwards), T. S. Perry.44 653 Holland, Henry Ware *Froude's Carlyle. *William Rufus. Heredity

.44 407

.5 124

50 127

.50 401 52 447

.2 317

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.4 194

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My Hunt after "The Captain ..10 738 "Choose you this Day whom ye


.11 288

will serve The Human Wheel, its Spokes and Felloes...

11 567 12


Doings of the Sunbeam.
The Great Instrument.

12 637

.13 106

The Minister Plenipotentiary.
The Last Charge
Our Classmate

.13 244

.13 329

Our Progressive Independence..13 497
.13 762

14 98

14 115

In Memory of J. W. R. W..
Bryant's Seventieth Birthday.
God Save the Flag..
Our Oldest Friend.
Our First Citizen.
Our Battle-Laureate

14 738 .15.115 15 340 15 462

15 589

.16 398

No Time like the Old Time.
A Farewell to Agassiz..
My Annual.

.16 584

17 395

The Guardian Angel. .19 1, 129, 257, 385, 513, 641

20 1, 129, 257, 385, 513, 641

.19 323 .20 543 .21 430 22 313

.23 115

All Here, 1829–1867.
Chanson without Music.
Once More.

Bill and Joe.

Cinders from the Ashes..

Bonaparte, August 15, 1769

25 86

25 349

Humboldt, September 14, 1769.24 637 Nearing the Snow-Line.. Even-Song. Dorothy Q., a Family Portrait...27 120 *Life of Major John André (Sargent) .28 121 The Poet at the Breakfast-Table.29 90, 224, 338, 485, 606, 731

30 98, 225, 352, 426, 513, 720 After the Fire. .31 96 The Fountain of Youth. .32 209 A Poem served to Order. .32 296 *Sex in Education (Clarke). An Old-Year Song.

.32 737 .33 101

A Ballad of the Boston Tea-Par-

Professor Jeffries Wyman.
The Americanized European.
Crime and Automatism.
Old Cambridge.

.33 219

.34 611 .35 75 .35 466

.36 237

.36 356

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