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Note. Titles of articles are set in Roman; names of contributors are appended in Italic; un-
der the names of authors, printed in full in heavy face type, are given lists of their contribu-
tions, arranged in order of appearance; an asterisk [*] prefixed to an article indicates that it is
in the form of a review or an editorial article. Names of authors of books reviewed are inclosed
in parentheses (), whether before or after the title of the book.

Abbot, Mrs. Frances Larcom

My Father's Shipwreck........28 144

Abbott, Austin

Busy Brains: A Chapter of Lit-

erary Anecdote...

20 570 Accomplices, T. B. Aldrich.

Achmed and his Mare, W. R.


*Achsah: A New England Life


Across Africa, C. D. Warner..
*Across America and Asia (Ra-

phael Pumpelly), J. Fiske.....25 382
*Across the Continent (Samuel

Abolition of the State, The (S.

Engländer), Z. F. Peirce.....32 753

Aborigines of California: An Indo-

Chinese Study, S. Powers.....33 313
About a Barrel of Lard, T. Norris..34 705
About Magnanimous-Incident Lit-
erature, S. L. Clemens..
About Spires, H. Van Brunt.
About Thieves, G. W. Hosmer.
About Warwick, N. Hawthorne..
Abraham Davenport, J. G. Whit-

*Abt, Franz, New Music by, W.

F. Apthorp....

.17 539

Abuse of Taxation, B. Adams..

Abyssinia and King Theodore, G.


21 701

A. C., The Experience of the, B.


Academic Socialism, H. Tuttle..

.41 615

.5 75

.5 409
.10 708

.3 289

.29 125
.4 521

.37 314

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Orion... Additional Accompaniments to Bach's and Händel's Scores, W. F. Apthorp... *Addresses and Speeches on Various Occasions from 1869 to 1879 (Robert C. Winthrop), H. E. Scudder.... Address of the Women of England,

43 681

A Reply to the, H. B. Stowe...11 120 Adee, Alvey Augustus

Philip's Death Cell in the Esco


.48 136

.47 281

■ Adirondack Stories (P. Deming), S. Kirk.. Adirondacks Verified, The, C. D. Warner ....41 63, 218, 343, 522, 636, 755 Adler, Felix

A Prophet of the People........37 674 *Adopted Heir, The (Miss Pardoe)..5 506 Advantages of Defeat, The, C. E.

.21 159

.42 321

Norton. .8 360 Advent Preacher, The, A. D. Greene.25 410 Adventurers and Adventuresses in

.25 312

New York, J. H. Brown... *Adventures in the Wilderness (W.

H. H. Murray), W. D. Howells.23 770 Adventures of a Lone Woman, J. G.

.15 385

Austin... *Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The (Mark Twain), W. D. Howells..37 621 *Eneids of Virgil, The (William Morris), H. W. Preston.... Eschylus, The Prometheus of, W.

..37 241

Č. Lawton.

62 207, 333

*Esthetics (Eugène Véron; W. H. Armstrong, trans.), H. Van


.44 161

.46 793

Esthetic Value of the Sense of
Smell, H. T. Finck.
Etna, Wintering on, S. P. Langley.46 38
Affinities, E. Fawcett...

.37 726


Afoot on Colorado Desert, S. Powers.26 707 *Africa. The History of Exploration and Adventure (C. H. Jones)...

.36 368

*After All, Not to Create only
(Walt Whitman).
After-Breakfast Talk, An, O.




..29 109

After Election, J. G. Whittier.
*Afterglow, W. D. Howells.
After-Life, C. P. Cranch.
*Aftermath (H. W. Longfellow),
W. D. Howells.

Afternoon in Holland, An, S. O.
*Afternoons with the Poets (C. D.
Deshler), H. E. Scudder
After-Suppers of the King, The, E.
T. Johnson..


.51 65

.23 50

.40 109 ...42 198


.32 622

34 741

62 596 After "Taps," H. B. Sargent ....11 566 After the Ball, N. Perry.... .4 28 *After the Ball and other Poems (Nora Perry).. After the Battle of the Wilderness. Letters from a Hospital. R. Rollins .37 575 After the Burial, J. R. Lowell....21 627 *After the Crucifixion (Gérôme),


C. P. Cranch.

.50 798

29 507
31 96

After the Fire, O. W. Holmes..
After the Tornado, P. H. Hayne...35 322
After-Thought, An, A. R. Annan..33 462
*Agamemnon, a Tragedy taken

from Eschylus (E. Fitzgerald,
trans.), T. S. Perry.
Agamenticus (E. P. Tenney), H.
W. Preston...
Agassiz, Alexander

.17 313

Mode of Catching Jelly-Fishes..16 736 Agassiz, Mrs. Elizabeth Cary An Amazonian Picnic.. A Dredging Excursion in the Gulf Stream. 24 507, 571 The Hassler Glacier, in the Straits of Magellan...

..30 472

A Cruise through the Gallapa

..31 579 .31 89

.45 357



gos. In the Straits of Magellan.. Agassiz, Louis

Methods of Study in Natural History..9 1, 214, 327, 446, 570, 754 10 87, 325, 571 America the Old World..... 11 373 The Silurian Beach.... .11 460 The Fern Forests of the Carboniferous Period.. Mountains and their Origin.. The Growth of Continents.. The Geological Middle Age. The Tertiary Age and its Characteristic Animals...

.39 736

.42 698


.11 615 .11 747

12 72

12 212

12 333

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