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several States, besides doing much to describe the natural features of the land in which we live, have issued their early records, or the Documents of their Colonial History, in a manner worthy of great nations; and one State has, by authorizing each town to publish its history, given an additional impetus to our local history.

In this state of the public mind, we shall endeavor not to be inferior, and hope to excel.

December 1, 1860.

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General Department.

up the river, supposed to be the American frigate going out. This morning two frigates sailed round the island and returned this afternoon.

19. This morning a provincial privateer sloop NEWPORT IN THE HANDS OF

went out the east passage notwithstanding a THE BRITISH.

heavy firing from the men of war and forts. Landed this morning a few recruits that arrived

on the 17 from York. June 7, 1777. This Morning, Mr. Joseph Til- 21. Arrived a. Cartel from Providence. linghust,' Joseph Gardner, John Arnold, and 20. A Hessian soldier that was sentenced to Higgins Landers was committed to the Provost, be whipped drowned himself in a pond near the on suspicion. Likewise, P. Rogers, of New beach. He was taken up and dismembered as London, who has lately served them as pilot, public example. was committed.

24. Tuesday. Advertisements was put up 8. Last night, four men came on the island. throughout the town stating the price of provi

9. Mr. Sherman Clarke was committed to the sions. Provost for speaking in favor of America. Last 25. A duel was fought between a Hessian offinight a cartel sloop arrived from Providence. cer and a ship officer. Mr. Wm. Carter and one This afternoon, Mr. Gyles Barney was committed Averel committed to the Provost suspected of to the Provost.

going off the island. Arrived a prize schooner 10. Last night 100 provincials landed at com- from Boston taken by the Unicorn with a few mon fence point, and drove back the Regulars, hogsheads of rum on board. killed 4 men, and wounded another. Reported 27. They frightened a woman into fits by runthat some soldiers deserted to the provincials. ning a dog through in the house.

11. This day sailed the Unicorn on a cruise. 29. Seven negro men deserted from Stoning

12. Arrived two frigates; the Cypress from ton and came on the island. This evening two a cruise, and the Rose from York, with a flag on prisoners belonging to the prizes went off the her foremast.

island by the Chatham. 13. Last night a man was beat by the Hes- 30. A schooner's boat was taken at Seconnet sians. It is now dangerous to walk the streets passage, laden with rum, salt, &c. after dark. Proclamations are put up through- June 30. Reported that 22 English soldiers out the town, laying great restraints on the fish- were killed and 11 carried off prisoners by the ermen; they have hauled up their boats. provincials.

14. This morning a frigate passed the harbor, July 2. This evening arrived a Flag from Proand went up the river; the King-fisher of York. vidence with a number of women on board, be

15. The inhabitants continue to receive insults longing to the town. Reported that there has from the Hessians quartered in town.

lately been an action in the Jerseys, to the disad16. Arrived a prize schooner laden with 1200 vantage of the King's troops. barrels of flour, &c., taken by the Unicorn from July 4. Friday. A continual firing of cannon Baltimore. This evening a number of cannon was heard up the river supposed to be in honor was fired up the river from the ships for a false of the Declaration of Independence. Reported aların.

that 8 men was killed on board the Galley Wednesday 17. Arrived a frigate with several from a Fort at Bristol. transports from New York, with about 400 July 5. A woman, Mrs. Squires was commitsoldiers, the grenadiers and Light infantry of the ted to the Provost for wishing the provincials to 22 regiment and a few Hessian recruits. Sailed come to the island, but released the same day. this afternoon a transport for England.

This afternoon the Unicorn from a cruise, with June 18. Last night a cannonading was heard Itwo Prizes, a small Privateer with 4 cannon and





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28 men commanded by one Palmer, taken off troops. A cartell sloop with prisoners, Capt. Nantucket Shoals, the other a Sloop from St. John Freebody and others. Martin's, bound to Connecticut, ballasted with 19. Arrived the Privateer from Newyork salt.

that carried the Express of the General being 6. A Sloop arrived of L. Island with small taken. The accounts of Gen. Clinton are withpox on board. Reported that Gen. Washington out foundation. Two fishermen, Mr. John has taken 7,000 of the enemy, with all their bag- Gears and Irish were committed to the Provost. gage.

Monday, July 22. This morning arrived the 7. Last night came on the Island two Quaker sloop Swan with Major General Pigot from New preachers who held a meeting this day. This York, to supercede General Prescott, now a primorning sailed the Unicorn on a cruise, the same soner, likewise a Hessian General. At 10 o'clock night a number of negroes went off the Island. they landed at the Long wharf, saluted by the

8. This morning Messrs. Joseph Tillinghust cannon of the ships and forts and escorted by the and Joseph Gardner was set at liberty. This officers of the army to the house of -occupied afternoon a Cartel sloop and schooner arrived by General Clinton. At 1 o'clock this afternoon from Boston and Dartmouth, with prisoners. commodore Sir Peter Parker hoisted his flag on

9. This afternoon Capt. Job Easton was com- board the Chatham, being promoted to a rear mitted to the Provost.

admiral of the Blue, in consequence of which 10. This day Capt. Job Easten and John there was a grand entertainment on board the Arnold was set at liberty.

Chatham; saluted by all the men of war in the 11. Thursday. Last night came on the west river. side of the island, supposed to be about 10 men 23. Jonathan Laton and Frank Boston came of the Provincials, marched up to Mr. John on the Island. Irving's house, without the least opposition, car- 24. Mr. Robert Lillibridge was committed to ried off Major Gen. Prescott, his aide-de-camp the Provost, suspected of being concerned in & Mr. Barrington, the sentry and what others is Privateer. Mr. John Miller released the second not known. Immediately on intelligence that time. This evening the Unicorn returned from the Gen. was carried off, the drums beat to arms à crvise with a prize sloop from Dartmouth the Dragoons scoured the shore, but the bird bound to laden with lumber and tobacco. was flown. The town appears in the utmost Reported that Gen. Howe with his army has confusion at the loss of the Gen., confusion ap- landed at New London. Reported that the pears in every face, even the greatest friends to Lieutenant of the Frigate and a midshipJiberty are obligated to show some marks of sor- man that were gunning on the 27th on the island row at the loss of such an accomplished general; of Prudence were made prisoners by the Probut the sun appears very bright through the vincials. clouds that hangs on the brow. Mr. John Miller 28. The Engineers were employed in measurcarried to the Provost this afternoon, for too ing the ground on the west and south part of the publicly expressing his joy at our relief

town. 12. This day sailed a sloop with an express 29. Sailed this afternoon 4 light Transports for New York, likewise sailed a schooner as a for England and mounting 20 guns. flag for Providence, on board was Major Barry. 30. Arrived a Tender from New York, she

13. Returned this afternoon. Reported that brings accounts that the fleet is not yet sailed. Ticonderoga is taken by the King's troops. 31. This morning at 10 o'clock sailed a Flagg

14. Last night an alarm at Portsmouth. for Providence having on board 130 women and

15. This morning a cartell arrived from New children belonging to the town, their trunks London with prisoners. The sole command of were all searched and some things taken from the town is invested in Major Barry, formerly them, such as tea, pins, linen and men's clothes town Major. He abuses the inhabitants, friends by the Provost Marshal and Hessian town serto Liberty in a most shocking manner, not suf- geant. fering them to talk in the streets, struck Mr. Friday, Aug. 1. Capt. Charles Moore released. Fairchild for not taking off his hat to a gentle- This afternoon a Cartel sloop arrived from Conman, as he styled himself. This afternoon Capt. necticut with a number of prisoners taken on Charles Moore was put under arrest by the said their passage to Long Island. Sailed this evenBarry.

ing the Unicorn on a cruise. July 17. This morning Capts. Kenna, Clarke, 3. At 4 o'clock this morning we were alarmed Higgins and Sandess were released from the at the firing of cannon which proved to be on Provost. At 5 o'clock this afternoon arrived a the Narraganset shore, at the Renown of 50 sloop from Newyork, she brings account of Gen. guns, which obliged her to remove her station. Clinton's arrival at York, about 8 days past with | At 5 o'clock the same morning, a party of Pro


vincials landed on Dutch Island and carried [off] dangerously hurt. This morning the Engineers 30 sheep and thence proceeded to Connecticut were employed in laying out a fort at the wind where they took a Hessian Guard with one of mills at the north end of the town. the inhabitants and carried them off. At 3 August 20. Sailed the Diamond, Flora and the o'clock arrived 2 letters of mark sloop and Lark, frigates on a cruise. schooner by the Unicorn of Seconnet. These 6. Last night a boat went on the Main with men all escaped in the boat said to be command- eight men. ed by one Toman. The same ship chased a 9. This day Capt. Bankes of the Renown of 50 Privateer ashore and burned her. Mr. Latham guns was buried with the honors of war. Thurston committed to the Provost, said to be 10. Reported that 30 soldiers were made priconcerned in the Lady Washington Privateer. soners last night by the Provincials.

4. Mr. Billings Coggeshall committed to the 11. This morning the Engineers were employProvost, said to be concerned in the same Priva- ed in laying out a fort on Howland's Neck, teer.

Portsmouth. 5. Last night about 1300 of the Light Infantry 16. The inhabitants of Portsmouth are ordered and Grenadiers and a detachment of the 20th to work on the forts 150. Yesterday 15th arRegiment commanded by Col. landed at rived a small prize schooner laden with lumber Boston neck at Narraganset with intention to and onions taken by the Unicorn. get stock, but being warmly opposed by the 17. Last evening two llessian officers belongProvincials, was obliged to retreat without ef- ing to the Landgrave regiment drew their swords fecting any thing except taking 4 prisoners, one

This morning a party of 100 men of whom an old man was treated very ill by the of the E. regiment marched from Portsmouth to Hessians. This morning a Cartell arrived from town to review the Landgrave regiment on —-. Boston with prisoners; on their passage, they 20. Last night a man left the island for the saw a large Fleet of ships, supposed to be Gen. Main. Yesterday a fort was laid out between Howe with troops bound to Boston.

the north

and the 3 wind mills. This 0. Arrived the Cerberus Frigate from a cruise. morning a cannonading was heard in Providence, 9. Arrived two Letters of Marque, ship from supposed to be on account of a defeat.

By a Halifax, with dry goods and Provisions, by man that deserted from the Main last night, (we whom we have account of Commodore Manly are informed) that Gen. Burgoyne is defeated being taken by the Rainbow of 60 guns. That and made prisoner, and Gen. Arnold was killed. the Flora Frigate retook the Fox frigate and car- 25. This day à party of Hessian troops ried into llalifax.

marched from Portsmouth to this town, and 12. This morning arrived here the Flora with embarked for Long Island for wood. two prizes, a brig and a ship, the ship bound to 26. The town school house was taken down France with a number of on board. In the for the use of the bake houses. afternoon arrivel three Frigates, the Juno, the 27. This morning 3 vessels attempted to get Ambuscade, and

out of the Seconnet passage being pursued by the August 14. This afternoon the frigate that ar- Kingfisher of 16 guns. The Ship ashore on the rived yesterday fired a salute, she being on a rocks. They the cargo and burnt the cruise when the Admiral hoisted his tlag. ship the Brig and Sloop got off.

16 This day arrived a Cartel from Bedford 28. A number of small vessels sailed for New with prisoners.

york, convoyed by a Frigate. 17. Last night a man came from the main to 29. Sailed this morning, the Long Island fleet, this Island; he reports that Admiral Howe has consisting of 26 sail to fetch wood, among which arrived at Boston and burned the town; he was was the Grand Duke of Russia Transport carried immediately committed to the Provost. This 16 guns, convoyed by a schooner of 8 guns, afternoon a Cartel sloop arrived from Bedford. Last night a Flag arrived from Boston Neck A fort is building at Easton's beach this morning. with women.

18. This day Capt. Rainy of the 54th regiment September 1. This day a Flag arrived from was buried.

Providence with women. 21. Friday, was buried the mate of the Earl 2. Last night 3 men belonging to the of Derby transport, he was drowned on the 20. Regiment attempted

but being discoArrived a number of small vessels from New vered by the Guard who firing upon them killed York convoyed by a frigate; they inform that one, the other two were taken prisoners. Gen. Burgoyne was within 6 miles of Albany 4. Last night 4 Men came from Cape Cod, city.

who inform us that great preparations are mak22. Lieutenant Knowles, the transport's agent ing for attacking the Island. This morning a fell froin his horse a mile from the town and is Cannonading was heard, which proved to be a



Frigate that lay at Providence. Reported that CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE HISTORY OF they carried off 11 sailors and left 3 dead.

THE PILGRIM FATHERS, FROM THE 5. Last night, 2 soldiers belonging to the 22

RECORDS AT LEYDEN. Reg. deserted, a reward of 100 dollars was offered

No. III. to any person who will take them or shoot them. The same night a tent belonging to the King- The name of William Brewster occurs several fisher, Man of war was taken off by the Provin- times beside, on the occasions of the marriages. cials with 3 sailors.

It is connected with the earliest entry to be 7. This morning a Flag sailed for Providence found relating to the Pilgrims in these records, with women. Sailed this evening, two ships after the application for denization, and, we beladen with dry goods in of Gen. Howe. lieve, with the earliest date yet produced of their

8. Arrived a number of vessels from New actual residence in Leyden. It is a minute of york, convoyed by a Frigate bringing no ac- the death of one of his children, on the 20th of counts of Gen. Ilowe.

June, 1609.

He then resided, it appears, oil å 20. A Guard of a Sergeant and 6 men are or- narrow street or alley called the Steucksteeg, in dered to attend the Market from 9 to 10 o'clock the vicinity of the spot which was the scene of in the morning to regulate the sale of fresh meat. the great gunpowder explosion in 1807, when a

26. Arrived a ship called the Montgomery large portion of the city was laid in ruins. Ho taken off Boston Bay.

subsequently removed to the Choorsteeg, as would 29. Came in this afternoon, a sloop laden with appear from the title page of Cartwright's Comwood. The men run away with her. They in- mentaries on the Proverbs of Solomon, printed by form that Gen. Washington was defeated by him în 1617. The Choorsteeg (vicus choralis) is Gen Howe, with the loss of 7,000 men and all an alley extending from the Broadway to the his artillery. A Flag sailed for Providence with choir of St. Peter's Church. These streets are

obscure but eligibly situated. Oct. 2. This morning all the furniture and He is also mentioned as a partner in the printwearing apparel was seized by order of Gen. ing business of a man by the name of William Pigot. This afternoon a Privateer arrived here, Brewer, who was a person of some considerataken by the Unicorn, belonging to Cape Ann. tion and wealth, and also a member of Robin

3. This evening a number of small vessels ar- son's congregation._Brewer is styled in the recrived here from New york, convoyed by the ords Edelman, an Honorable. He was admitted Greyhound a Frigate. They inform that Gen. a member of the University; and thus when the Pobertson with 2000 men lad arrived.

proceedings were instituted against him and 4. Arrived this morning a small Schooner, Brewster for printing prohibited books, the Unitaken by the Schooner Lady Parker, with Flour. versity which possessed exclusive jurisdiction, She belonged in Philadelphia. Reported that civil and criminal, over its members, took cogPhiladelphia is taken by Gen. Howe.

nizance of the complaint as against him. He This morning the Chatham, Admiral Par- owned a house near Robinson's in the Kloksteeg, ker came down the river with the Guard Ship and it was in the garret of that house that the and anchored near Goat Island.

printing materials were found and seized. Two 5. A Flag sailed for Providence with women. years after the death of Robinson, namely, in This afternoon arrived the Syren Frigate from 1627, he sold out his property and effects in convoying vessels off the coast. Reports run Leyden and returned to England. He and very high of Philadelphia's being taken, that Brewster were engaged in printing books for Gen. Washington has tied with the loss of 7000 the English dissenters. Ile appears to have furmen, that Gen. Howe has gone in pursuit of him, nished the capital and Brewster to have been leaving a garrison in Philadelphia.

the active man in the firm. It is on the occa6. Handbills circulated concerning the Taking. sion of proceedings brought against them on

7. Last night there was an alarm; the Light- complaint of Sir Dudley Carleton, the English horse rode through the town several times. The minister at the Hague, of printing books prohiprovincials are hourly expected to attack the bited in England, that we find the mention of Island.

Brewster in the records. 16. This afternoon sailed for Providence a Exception has been en against this action Flag, the other that sailed on the 5 supposed to of the Dutch authorities as a persecution of the be detained, on board was Major Barry. Pilgrims by them, but we think very unjustly.

17. Arrived a prize schooner belonging to It will be seen by the first document which we James

They inform that Lord Howe's now present from the Leyden records, that there fleet had sailed from Chesapeake Bay.

was à law of the country prohibiting such print(To be continued.)

ing, and that Brewer plead that the printing hail

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