The ship captain's medical guide, Issue 91

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Page 24 - Repeat these measures alternately, deliberately, and perseveringly, about fifteen times in a minute, until a spontaneous effort to respire is perceived, immediately upon which, cease to imitate the movements of breathing...
Page 24 - Should a warm bath be procurable, the body may be placed in it up to the neck, continuing to imitate the movements of breathing. Raise the body, in twenty seconds, in a sitting position, and dash cold water against the chest and face, and pass ammonia under the nose. The patient should not be kept in the warm bath longer than five or six minutes.
Page 73 - It contains fifteen per cent, of proper and palatable proof spirit to be approved by the inspector or by the proper officer of Customs and to be added before or immediately after the inspection thereof: and (c) It is packed in such bottles at such time and in such manner and is labelled in such manner as the Commissioners of Customs may direct.
Page 73 - Ports on the Eastern Coast of America North of the Thirty-fifth Degree of North Latitude, and to any Islands or Places in the Atlantic Ocean North of the same Limit, as the Board of Trade may from Time to Time exempt from this Enactment,) shall...
Page 73 - Customs may direct. (4) If the lime or lemon juice is deposited in a bonded warehouse, and has been approved as aforesaid by the inspector, the spirit, or the amount of spirit necessary to make up fifteen per...
Page 77 - ... (2) The applicant for that medical examination shall pay to the superintendent such fees as the Board of Trade direct, and those fees shall be paid into the mercantile marine fund. 204.
Page 77 - Act shall, on application by the owner or master of any ship, examine any seaman applying for employment in that ship, and give to the superintendent a report under his hand stating whether the seaman is in a fit state for duty at sea, and a copy of the report shall be given to the master or owner.
Page 24 - Standing at the patient's head, grasp the arms just above the elbows, and draw the arms gently and steadily upwards above the head, and keep them stretched upwards for two seconds.
Page 73 - ... has been labelled as aforesaid, it shall be deposited in the warehouse for delivery as ship's stores only, upon such terms and subject to such regulations of the Commissioners of Customs as are applicable to the delivery of ship's stores from the warehouse.

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