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of Chancellorsville-Lee's Invasion of Maryland and Pennsylvania-General Meade succeeds General Hooker in Command-Battle of Gettysburg-The President's Dispatch-Dedication of the Gettysburg Cemetery-Speech of the President-Surrender of Vicksburg and Port Hudson-Mr. Lincoln's Letter to General GrantRosecrans' Campaign in Tennessee-General Grant defeats Bragg, and drives Longstreet from Tennessee The President's Thanksgiving Proclamations-Difficulty among Union Men'in Missouri-Mr. Lincoln's Opinion, ..


CHAPTER XXV. PRIVATE LIFE AT THE WHITE HOUSE. Mr. Lincoln at the White House-His Relations to the Members of the Cabinet-His

Health-His Love of Music-His Sympathy with the Soldiers-Anecdotes-His Charity for Human Weakness-His Severity towards Deliberate and Mercenary Crimes-Anecdotes-Mr. Lincoln's Religious Character-Death of his Son-Anecdotes illustrating his Religious Character--His Interest in the Christian Commis. sion-Anecdotes-Visit of Two Hundred Members of the Christian CommissionRemarks of Mr. Stuart, and the President's Reply--Mr. Lincoln's Interview with Rev. J. T. Duryea–His Interest in the Efforts of Religious Men-His Habits at the White House- Narrative of a Lady who urged him to establish Military Hospitals in the Northern States-Injurious effects of Excessive Labor, Anxiety, and Loss of Sleep-Visite of Representatives of various Churches and Public Bodies-His Melancholy-Anecdotes-His Character,

CHAPTER XXVI. SESSION OF CONGRESS, 1863-4.-SANITARY FAIRS. Tha President's Message-Proclamation of Amnesty Supplementary and Explanatory

Proclamation of March 24, 1864-Failure of the Bill establishing a Bureau of Freedmen's Affairs, and of the Constitutional Amendment Abolishing Slavery-Repeal of the Fugitive Slave Law-Debate in the House of Representatives on the Expulsion of Long and Harris-Case of General F. P. Blair-U.S. Grant appointed Lieutenantgeneral-Sanitary Fair at Baltimore-At Philadelphia-At the Patent-office in Washington-Visits and Speeches of the President-Order in reference to the Treatment of Colored Soldiers-Speech of the President on the Subject,



MR. LINCOLN. Presidential Election of 1864 State of the Country--Chass-Fremont-Convention at

Cleveland-J. C. Fremont nominated for President--flis Reasons for Accepting the Nomination-Withdrawal of his Nams-Meeting in New York in Honor of General Grant-Baltimore Convention-Platform--Mr. Lincoln nominated for President -His Speech accepting the Nomination-Letter to the Committee of the Convention-Case of Arguelles-Congressional Plan of Reconstruction-The President's Proclamation-Manifesto of Senators Wade and Davis-Peace Negotiations-Mr. Greeley's Letters--Mr. Lincoln's Replies--Mr. Greeley at Niagara Falls-Consultations with Clay and Holcombe-The President's Letter to H. J. Raymond-Demo. cratic Convention at Chicago The Platform McClellan and Pendleton Nominated -Vallandigham-Mr. Blair Retires from the Cabinet-Mr. Dennison appointed in his Place-Mr. Lincoln's Speech on the Adoption of a Free Constitution in Mary. land-Protest the Tennessee Test Oath-The President's Reply-Call for 500,000 Men-President Lincoln Re-elected–His Letter to Mrs. Bixby,..... 467 CHAPTER XXVIII. MILITARY EVENTS OF 1864.-RE-INAUGURATION OF

MR. LINCOLN. Military Operations of 1864-General Smith's Expedition from Memphis-Kilpatrick's

Raid-The Red River Expedition-Surrender of Fort Pillow-Battles of the Wil. derness General Butler at City Point-Siege of Petersburg-Sherman's Campaign in Georgia-Capture of Atlanta-Sherman's March for the Coast Capture of Savannah-General Thomas defeats Hood in Tennessee Sheridan defeats Early in the Shenandoah Valley-Rout of Price in Missouri-Changes in the Cabinet-Death of Chief-Justice Taney, and Appointment of Mr. Chase-Message of the President -Passage by Congress of the Amendment to the Constitution abolishing SlaveryCall for 300,000 Men-Peace Conference in Hampton Roads Mr. Lincoln's “Story” -Close of President Lincoln's First Term-His Re-Inauguration–His Inaugural Address-Resignation of Secretary Fessenden-Appointment of Mr. McCullochProclamation to Deserters—The Draft,


CHAPTER XXIX. MILITARY EVENTS OF 1865.-CLOSE OF THE WAR. Sherman's March-Occupation of Columbia-Evacuation of Charleston-Battles of

Averysboro and Bentonville-Occupation of Goldsboro—The President at City Point -Advance of the Army of the Potomac-Defeat of General Lee-Evacuation of Rich. mond-Its occupation by General Weitzel-Surrender of General Lee-The Pres. ident and the Kittens-The President visits Richmond His Interview with Judge Campbell-Negotiations of General Sherman-Surrender of General Johnston-End of the Rebellion-Joy of the People-Popularity of the President-His Speech at the White House, .



THE ASSASSINATION. Position of President Lincoln before the World-Plots for his Assassination-Letter of

Mr. Seward—The President's Interview with Speaker Colfar-His attendance at Ford's Theater-Enthusiasm of the People on his Arrival–J. Wilkes Booth-His Arrangements for the Assassination-Perpetration of the Deed-Escape of BoothDeath of the President-Attack upon Mr. Seward and his Son-Profound Grief of the Nation-Funeral Services at Washington-Departure of the Funeral Train for Springfield-Ceremonies at Baltimore-At Harrisburg—At Philadelphia-At New York-At Albany-At Buffalo-At Cleveland-At Columbus-At Chicago-Funeral Services at Springfield-Foreign Expressions of Sympathy with the Nation, and with Mr. Lincoln's Family-Mr. Johnson succeeds to the Presidency-Large Rewards offered for the apprehension of the Murderer-He is traced to his Hidingplace and Killed-Capture and Trial of his Associates-Closing Tribute to the Character and Administration of Abraham Lincoln, .


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