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Georgia Hero.-Pemberton and the Fugitives.-His Return to Vicksburg.-Recriminations as to the Disaster of the Big Black.-How Pemberton Was in the Wrong.— Johnston Orders the Evacuation of Vicksburg.-Pemberton's Determination to Hold It..... .... PAGE 47


The Defences of Vicksburg.-Pemberton's Force.-His Troops Reinspirited.-A Memorable Appeal.-Grant's Assault on the Works.-Confidence of the Yankees. Their Repulse and Losses.-Commencement of Siege Operations.-Confidence in Richmond.-Johnston's Secret Anticipation of the Fall of Vicksburg.-His Alleged Inability to Avert it.-Critical Condition of the Confederate Armies in Numbers.Secret Correspondence of Richmond Officials.—Mr. Seddon's Bait of Flattery.-Sufferings of the Garrison of Vicksburg.-Johnston's Attempt to Extricate them.--Proposed Diversion in the Trans-Mississippi.—Its Failure.-A Message from Pemberton. A Gleam of Hope.-An Important Despatch Miscarries.-The Garrison Unable to Fight Their Way Out.-But Their Condition not Extreme.-Pemberton's Surrender on the Fourth of July.-Surprise in Richmond-Mendacity of the Telegraph.—The Story of the Rats and Mules.-Pemberton's Statement as to his Supplies.-His Explanation as to the Day of Surrender.-The last Incident of Humiliation.-Behavior of the Vicksburg Population.-A Rival of "The Beast."-Appearance and Manners of the City under Yankee Rule.-Consequences of the Fall of Vicksburg.-THE YANKEE REOCCUPATION OF JACKSON.-Johnston's Second Evacuation.-The Enemy's Ravages in Mississippi.-How they Compared with Lee's Civilities in Pennsylvania.— THE FALL OF PORT HUDSON, &c.--Enemy's Capture of Yazoo City.-THE BATTLE > HELENA.--THE TRANS-MISSISSIPPI.-Repulse of the Confederates.-Abandonment f Little Rock.-The Trials and Sufferings of the Trans-Mississippi Department.Hindman's Memorable Rule.-Military Autocracy.-The Generous and Heroic Spirit of the Trans-Mississippi.. PAGE 65


Elasticity of the Spirit of the Confederacy.-What it Taught.-Decay of Confidence in President Davis's Administration.-His Affection for Pemberton.-A Season of Encouraging Events.-THE CAMPAIGN IN LOWER LOUISIANA.-Capture of Brashear City. The Affair of Donaldson.-THE SIEGE OF CHARLESTON.-Operations of the Enemy on Folly Island.-General Beauregard's Embarrassments.-Assault of the Enemy of Fort Wagner.-His Foothold on Morris Island.--Beauregard's Designs.Bombardment of Fort Wagner.-Second Repulse of the Enemy's Assault.-Gilmore's Insolent Demand.-His Attempt to Fire Charleston.--A Noble Reply from Beauregard.-Bombardment of Fort Sumter.-The Fort in Ruins.-Evacuation of Mcris Island by the Confederates.-The Yankee Congratulations.-Devilish Penalties for "the Secession City."-Dahlgren's Part of the Programme.-His Night Attack on Sumter.--His Failure.-Safety of Charleston.-Bitterness of Yankee Disappointment. --MORGAN'S EXPEDITION INTO INDIANA AND OHIO.-His Capture of Lebanon.-an Unnatural Encounter.-Murder of Captain Magennis.-The Incursiou Through indiana.-The Yankee Pursuit.-A Chaplain's Trick.-Operations in Ohio.--The Affair of Buffington Island.--Morgan's Attempt to Escape.-His Capture and imprisonment.-Results of his Expedition, Strategic and Material.-The Value of Military Adventure.... PAGE 87


Contrast between our Military Fortunes in the East and in the West.-Some Reasons for our Success in Virginia,-Her Hearty Co-operation with the Confederate Authorities. Her Contributions to the War.-General Bragg's Situation in Tennessee.-Confederate criticisms on General Rosecrans.—Opinion of the “Chattanooga Rebel."-An Extensive Movement Contemplated by Rosecrans.-Bragg's Retreat to Chattanooga.-The Yankees on a Double Line of Operations.-Buckner's Evacuation of Knoxville. THE SURRENDER OF CUMBERLAND GAP.-President Davis's Comment on the Surrender,-THE BATTLES OF CHICKAMAUGA.-Braggs' Evacuation of Chattanooga.-Topography of the Battle field.-Thomas's Column of Yankees in McLemore's Cove.-Disobedience of Orders by Lieutenant-general Hill of the Confederates.Bragg's Orders to Lieutenant-general Polk.-Two Opportunities Lost. Note: Bragg's Secret and Official Report of the Miscarriage of His Plans.-The First Day's Engagement on the Chickamauga.-Second Day.-General Polk's Fight on our Right.-Longstreet's Successful Attack on the Left.-The Grand Charge.-Rout of the Enemy.-Longstreet's Message to Bragg.-Forrest Up a Tree.-Bragg Declines to Pursue. His Hesitation and Error.-His Movement upon Chattanooga.-Boast of Rosecrans.-An Empty Victory for the Confederates.-Bragg's Awkward Pause.Discussions of the Campaign.-His Supposed Investment of Chattanooga.-Two Blunders of the Confederate Commander.-Chickamauga a Second Edition of Bull Run. Note: Observations of a General Officer of the Confederate States Army on he Campaign in the West.. .....PAGE 112


'olitical Movements in the Fall of 1863.-The "Peace Party" in the North.-The Yankee Fall Elections.-The War Democrats in the North.-The South's Worst Enemies.-Yankee Self-Glorification.-Farragut's Dinner-Party.-The Russian Banquet.-Russia and Yankeedom.-The Poles and the Confederates.-THE POLITICAL TROUBLES IN KENTUCKY.-Bramlette and Wickcliffe.-The Democratic Platform in Kentucky.-Political Ambidexterity.-Burnside's Despotic Orders.-The Kentucky "Board of Trade."-An Election by Bayonets.-The Fate of Kentucky Sealed.-OUR EUROPEAN RELATIONS.-Dismissal of the Foreign Consuls in the Confederacy.Seizure of the Confederate "Rams" in England.-The Confederate Privateers.Their Achievements.-British Interests in Privateering.-The Profits of So-called “Neutrality."-NAVAL AFFAIRS OF THE CONFEDERACY.--Embarrassments of Our Naval Enterprise.-The Naval Structures of the Confederates.-LEE'S FLANK MOVEMENT IN VIRGINIA.-Affair of Bristoe Station.-Failure of Lee's Plans.-Meade's Escape to Centreville.-Imboden's Operations in the Valley.--Capture of Charlestown. -OPERATIONS AT RAPPAHANNOCK BRIDGE.-Kelley's Ford.-Surprise and Capture of Hayes' and Hoke's Brigades.-Gallantry of Colonel Godwin.-Lee's Army on the Rapidan.-THE AFFAIR OF GERMANIA FORD.-Meade Foiled.-The "On-to-Richmond" Delayed........ ..PAGE 140


The Chattanooga Lines.-Grant's Command.-The Military Division of the Missis Pippi.-Scarcity of Supplies in Chattanooga.-Wheeler's Raid.-Grant's Plans.-He Opens the Communications of Chattanooga.-THE AFFAIR OF LOOKOUT Valley.— Belief of Chattanooga --THE BATTLE OF MISSIONARY RIDGE.-Bragg's Unfortunate

Detachment of Longstreet's Force.-His Evacuation of Lookout Mountain.- The Attack on Missionary Ridge.—Hardee's Gallant Resistance.-Rout and Panic of the Confederates.-President Davis's First Reproof of the Confederate Troops.-Bragg's Retreat to Dalton.-Cleburne's Gallant Affair.--LONGSTREET'S EXPEDITION AGAINST KNOXVILLE.-More of Bragg's Mismanagement.-Insufficiency of Longstreet's Force. -Difficulty in Obtaining Supplies.-His Investment of Knoxville.-An Incident of Personal Gallantry.-Daring of an English Volunteer.-Longstreet's Plans Disconcerted. The Assault on Fort Sanders.-Devotion of Longstreet's Veterans.-The Yankee "Wire-net."-The Fatal Ditch.--Longstreet's Masterly Retreat.-His Position in Northeastern Tennessee.-He Winters his Army there.--THE AFFAIR OF Sabine Pass, TeXAS.--THE TRANS-MISSISSIPPI.—Franklin's Expedition Defeated.— The Upper Portions of the Trans-Mississippi.-The Missouri "Guerillas."-Quantrell.--Romantic Incidents.-THE VIRGINIA-TENNESSEE FRONTIER.-Operations of General Sam Jones.-An Engagement near Warm Springs.-The Affair of Rogersville.-BATTLE OF DROOP MOUNTAIN.-The Enemy Baffled.-Averill's Great DecemDer Raid. The Pursuit.--THe North CarolINA SWAMPS.--The Negro Banditti in the Swamps.-Wild, Butler's "Jackal."-His Murder of Daniel Bright.-Confederate Women in Irons.-Cowardice and Ferocity of the Yankees..... PAGE 159


The President's Declaration to the Confederate Congress of 1868-64.-"Want of Capacity" in the Confederate Authorities.-Character of Jefferson Davis.-Official Shiftlessness at Richmond.--Early Prognostications of the War.-The "Statesmanship" of the Confederates.-Ludicrous Errors of Confederate Leaders.- What "King Cotton" might have done.-Gross Mismanagement of the Confederate Finances.-Mr. Memminger's Maladministration.-The Moral Evils of an Expanded Currency.-The Military Situation in December.-Secretary Seddon's Shameful Confession.-"Demagogism" in the Confederate War Department.-Seddon's Propositions.-Military "Substitutes."-An Act of Perfidy.-Bullying in Congress.-Spirit of the Confederate Soldiery.-LINCOLN's "PEACE PROCLAMATION."-Its Stupidity, Insolence, and Outrage. How the Confederates Replied to it.-A New Appeal Against "Reconstruction."-THE SLAVERY QUESTION IN THE WAR.-A French Opinion.-The Abolitionists Unmasked.-Decay of European Sympathy with Them.-Review of Lincoln's "Emancipation" Policy.-The Arming of the Blacks.-The Negro Colonization Schemes.-Experiments of New England "Civilization" in Louisiana.— Frightful Mortality of "Freedmen."-The Appalling Statistics of Emancipation.The Contraband Camps in the Mississippi Valley.-Pictures of Yankee Philanthropy. "Slavery" Tested by the War.-The Confederates the True Friends of the African Laborer. The System of Negro Servitude in the Confederacy.-The " War-to-theKnife" Party in the North.-HISTORY OF THE "RETALIATION" POLICY.-The Outrages of Yankee Warfare.-President Davis's Sentimentalism.-The Record of his Unpardonable and Unparalleled Weakness.-A Peep into Yankee Prisons.-The TortureHouses of the North.-Captain Morgan's Experience Among "the Convict-Drivers." -President Davis's Bluster.-His Two Faces.-Moral Effects of Submission to Yankee Outrage. The Rival Administrations in December 1868.-Richmond and Washington. Mr. Lincoln's Gaiety.-New Issues for the Confederacy........................ PAGE 180


The Importance of the Winter Campaigns of the War.-A Series of Remarkable vents. Encouragement of the Confederacy.-ROSSER'S RAID.-A Magnificen Prize.--PICKETT'S EXPEDITION AGAINST NEWBERN.-The Fight on Bachelor's Creek.

Destruction of the Yankee Gunboat "Underwriter."-The Bril..ant Exploit ɔf Con mauder Wood.-Results of the Expedition.-THE AFFAIR OF JOHN'S ISLAND.-General Wise's Fight. -THE BATTLE OF OCEAN POND.-History of the Yankee Expeditions into Florida. Lincoln's Designs upon Florida.-Their Utter Defeat.-Political Jugglery of Seymour's Expedition.-Price of "Three Electoral Votes."--SHERMAN'S EXPEDI TION THE SOUTH WEST. What it Grant's Extensive Designs. Th Strategic Triangle.-Grant's Proposed Removal Mississippi River.-Polk's Re

treat into Alabama.-Forrest's Heroic Enterprise.-His Defeat of Smith's and Grier son's Columns. Sherman's Retreat to Vicksburg. His Disgraceful Failure. The Yankee Campaign in the West Disconcerted.--The Lines in North Georgia.-Repulse of the Yankees..... PAGE 216


Auspicious Signs of the Spring of 1864.-Military Successes of the Confederates.Improvements in the Internal Polity of the Confederacy-Two Important Measures of Legislation.-Revolution of our Finances.—Enlargement of the Conscription.Theory of the New Military Law.-A Blot on the Political Record of the Confederacy.--Qualified Suspension of the Habeas Corpus.-An Infamous Edict, but a "Deadletter."-An Official Libel upon the Confederacy.-The Real Condition of Civil Liberty in the South.-The Conscription not properly a Measure of Force.-Impressments but a System of Patriotic Contribution.--Development of the Yankee Government into Despotism.-An Explanation of this.-The Essence of Despotism. in One Yankee Statute.-MILITARY RESOURCES OF THE CONFEDERACY.-Its Military System, the Best and Most Elastic in the World.-The War Conducted on A Volun tary Basis. Supplies.--Scarcity of Meat.-The Grain Product.-Two Centres of Sup plies.-A Dream of Yankee Hate.--Great Natural Resources of the North.-Summary of the Yankee Military Drafts.-Tonnage of the Yankee Navy.-The Yankee Wai Debt.--Economic Effects of the War.--Its Effects on European Industry.---Yanke Conquest of the South an Impossibility.--A Remarkable Incident of the War.DAHLGREN'S RAID AROUND RICHMOND.-Kilpatrick's and Custar's Parts of the Expe dition.-Dahlgren and his Negro Guide.-His "Braves" Whipped by the Richmond Clerks and Artisans.--Death of the Marauder.-Revelation of his Infamous Designs. --Copy and History of "the Dahlgren Papers."-A Characteristic Yankee Apotheosis. Ridiculous and Infamous Behavior of the Confederate Authorities.--A Brutal and Savage Threat.-President Davis in Melodrama........... .PAGE 284


The Current of Confederate Victories.-THE RED RIVER EXPEDITION.-Banks' Am bitious Designs.-Condition of the Confederates West of the Mississippi.-Banks Extensive Preparations.-A Gala Day at Vicksburg.-Yankee Capture of Fort De Russy.--Occupation of Alexandria.-Porter's Warfare and Pillage.-Banks' Continued Advance.-Shreveport, the Grand Objective Point.-Kirby Smith's Designs.General Green's Cavalry Fight.-BATTLE OF MANSFIELD.-Success of the Confederates. BATTLE OF PLEASANT HILL.-The Heroic and Devoted Charge of the Confeder ates.-The Scene on the Hill.-Banks Fatally Defeated.-Price's Capture of Yankee Trains.-Grand Results of Kirby Smith's Campaign.-Banks in Disgrace.-Yankee Tenure of Louisiana. -FORREST'S EXPEDITION INTO KENTUCKY.-His Gallant Assault on Fort Pillow.-The Yankee Story of "Massacre."-Capture of Union City.-Con federate Occupation of Paducah. -Chastisement of the Yankees on their own Theatre


of Outragos—CAPTURE OF PLYMOUTH, N. C.--General Hoke's Expedition.-Capture of “ Fort Wessel."-Exploit of the “ Albemarle."--The Assaults upon the Town.Fruits of its Capture.-The Yankees in North Carolina....

Page 259


Close of the Third Year of the War.-Sketch of the Subsequent Operations in Vir. ginia and Georgia.-GRANTS “ON-TO-RICHMOND.”—The Combination against the Confederate Capital.-The BattleS OF THE WILDERNESS.-A Thrilling Crisis.-Grant on the Verge of Rout.-His First Design Baffled.—THE BATTLES OF SPOTTSYLVANIA COURT-HOUSE.- Death of General Sedgwick.–TAE CARNAGE OF MAY THE 12TH.—Five Battles in Six Days.—Grant's Obstinacy.--"The Butcher."-Sheridan's Expedition. -Death of General “Jeb” Stuart.—Butler's Operations on the South Side of the

James.-" The Beast" at the Back-Door of Richmond.-He is Driven to Bermuda (Hundred by Beauregard.-Defeat of Sigel in the Valley.-Grant's Movement Down the Valley of the Rappahannock.-His Passage of the Pamunkey.-Re-organization of General Lee's Lines.-Grant's Favorite Tactics.-Yankee Exultation at his Approach to Richmond--Caricatures of the Confederacy.-A Hasty Apotheosis.—A True Theory of Grunt's “ Flank Movements.”-His Occupation of McClellan's Old Lines. The BATTLE OF THE CHICKAHOMINY OB COLD HARBOR.-A Confederate Victory in Ten Minntes.-What Had Become of Yankee Exultation.-Review of the Rival Routes to Richmond.-Grant Crosses the James River.-His Second Grand Combination Against Richmond.-Hunter's Capture of Staunton.—THE BATTLES OF PETERSRURG.--General Wise's Heroic Address.—Engagernent of 16th June.--Grand Assault of 191h June.--on “the Cockade City."-A Decisive defeat of the Yankees.-Engagement at Port Walthal Junction--Sheridan's Defeat Near Gordonsville. — Hunter's Repulse at Lynchburg.-Two Affairs on the Weldon Railroad.---Grant's Second Combination a Complete Failure.-Discouragement of the North. The Gold Barometer.—Secretary Chase's Declaration.-SHERMAN'S “On-to-ATLANTA."—His Flanking Movement. Engagement in Resaca Valley.--Johnston's Retreat.--Engagement at New Hope.Johnston's Telegram to Richmond. - Defeat of Sturgis's Expedition in Mississippi.-BATTLE or KENESAW MOUNTAIN.-Sherman's Successful Strategy.-The Confederates Fall Back to Atlanta.—THE BATTLES OF ATLANTA.-Hood's Gallant Defence.- .. The Military Situation in July, 1864.--Grant's Failure.-His Consumption of Troops. -Review of Yankee Atrocities in the Summer Campaign of 1864.-Sherman's Char acter. His Letter on “ Wild Beasts.”—His War on Factory Girls.-Sufferings of Confederate Women and Children. Ravages in Georgia.—Hunter's Vandalisın in Virginia.—“The Avengers of Fort Pillow.”—Sturgis and his Demons.—The Spirit of the Confederates.- Some Words on “ Peace Negotiations.”-A Piratical Proposition and an Infamous Bribe.-The Heroic Choice of the Confederates....PAGE 267



Bestimental Regrets concerning American History.-The European Opinion of • "State" Institutions.-Calhoun, the Great Political Scholar of America.-His Doc-trines.- Conservatism of “Nullification." -Its "Union" Sentiment.-Brilliant Vision of the South Carolina Statesman.-Webster, the Representative of the Imperfect and

Insolent “Education" of New England.—Yankee Libels in the shape of Party * Nomenclature.-Influence of State Institutions.--How they were Auxiliary to the

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