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truth and beauty, that reveal themselves to the trained critics, and which we, following their hints, must find and feel, not learn by rote.

The article Lima Labor in the first Appendix, which makes accessible by fac-similes of Tennyson's MSS. the early forms of the Songs of The Princess, is due to the kindness of Dr. Theodore H. Rand, the fortunate owner of the manuscripts. With no less kindness, Dr. Rand has allowed the reproduction in fac-simile of Tennyson's letter of thanks to him.

The annotator at best is the domestic drudge of literature; his virtues are the humble virtues of the beast of burden ; his reward, their reward. As he dismisses the work that has grown dear to him by the very toil it has cost him, he can only turn to himself and say, with better men,

"The uses of labour are surely done;

There remaineth a rest for the people of God;
And I have had trouble enough, for one."


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