The Royal Military Calendar, Or Army Service and Commission Book: Containing the Services and Progress of Promotion of the Generals, Lieutenant-generals, Major-generals, Colonels, Lieutenant-colonels, and Majors of the Army, According to Seniority: with Details of the Principal Military Events of the Last Century, Volume 4

Front Cover
John Philippart
A.J. Valpy, sold by T. Egerton, 1820 - Great Britain

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Page 126 - I hope the people of England will be satisfied ! I hope my country will do me justice...
Page 220 - ... of the second and third charges. In allusion to the letter signed by the chief part of the officers, and in which the present proceedings originated, the prince regent has specially observed, that, exclusive of the doubt which may be entertained of their capability to form a judgment so much beyond the scope of their experience in the service, it was worthy of remark, that some who have affixed their names to that paper had never been with the regiment during the period in, question, and others...
Page 134 - J ask to be allowed to display the best energies of my character; to shed the last drop of my blood in support of your majesty's person, crown, and dignity ; for this is not a war for empire, glory, or dominions, but for existence.
Page 232 - It was not a dark night, and the Prussians were wandering about to plunder ; (and the scene in Ferdinand Count Fathom...
Page 133 - Majesty and the country, 1 seized the earliest opportunity to express my desire of undertaking the responsibility of a military command. I neither did, nor do, presume on supposed talents as entitling me to such an appointment: I am aware I do not possess the...
Page 249 - And whereas the Senate of the United States have approved of the said arrangement and recommended that it should be carried into effect, the same having also received the sanction of 'His Royal Highness, the Prince Regent, acting in the name and on the behalf of His...
Page 391 - O'Clock in the forenoon of the 26th his Cavalry and Light Troops were discovered advancing on both banks of the Chateauguay, by a Detachment covering a Working Party of Habitant employed in felling Timber for the purpose of constructing abbatis : — Lieuten'.
Page 127 - He thanked the Surgeons for their trouble. Captains Percy and Stanhope, two of his Aides-de-camp, then came into the room. He spoke kindly to both, and asked Percy, if all his Aides-de-camp were well? "After some interval he said, 'Stanhope - remember me to your sister.
Page 126 - He spoke to the surgeons on their examining his wound. but was in such pain he could say little.
Page 126 - I have made my will, and have remembered my servants; Colborne has my will and all my papers.

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