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Bush, in possession of the family)...... 113 The State-house, Springfield, Ill., 1860.. 203

Seeing Slavery at its Best...

117 Wide Awakes. ...,


Negro Cabins on a Kentucky Plantation... 119 Fac-simile of Lincoln's Letter to Grace
General James Shields. (From a photo- Bedell...


graph taken in 1861).

121 Buchanan's Cabinet..


Martin Van Buren..

123 The Chapman House, Charleston, Ill. (From

Globe Tavern. (From a photograph)...... 124 a photograph taken by the author in Oc-

Henry Clay......


tober, 1890). .


John Quincy Adams. (From a painting by Jefferson Davis,


G. P. A. Healy, in the Corcoran Gallery, Railroad Station, Springfield.



129 John Pope...


Lewis Cass....

131 | David Hunter..


Oliver Wendell Holmes.

138 Raising the Flag over Independence Hall.. 228

Mr. Lincoln's Home. (From a photograph Andrew G. Curtin....


taken by the author in 1890)....

140 | Edwin V. Sumner...


Franklin Pierce.....

141 | Inauguration of President Lincoln..


John G. Whittier.

143 Salmon P. Chase..


John Brown.....

144 Montgomery Blair....


Representatives' Chamber..

146 Henry Wilson..


Norman B. Judd....

149 Gideon Welles..


John Charles Fremont.

152 Robert E. Lee.


Roger B. Taney.

154 John A. Andrew...


James Buchanan.

155 Administering the Oath to Citizen Soldiers. 253

Horace Greeley.....

159 Reverdy Johnson..


Abraham Lincoln's Inkstand..

164 | Thomas H. Hicks..


Leonard Swett...

165 Marshall House...


Harper's Ferry.

174 Douglas Monument..


William Cullen Bryant.

176 George B. McClellan..


Elihu B. Washburne...

177 Last Meeting between General Scott, the

Democratic Convention, 1860..

185 Cabinet, and President....

Benjamin F. Butler.....

187 | Ulysses S. Grant..

Seceders' Convention, St. Andrew's Hall. 188 | A Contraband Coming into ('...!

Richard Oglesby...

189 Henry W. Halleck...,

David Davis..

191 Edwin M. Stanton..


Edward Bates.

193 | Francis Vinton..

Republican Wigwam, Chicago, 1860. 194 General Wadsworth..

Thurlow Weed....

195 Hampton Roads..


William H. Seward..

197 William A. Buckingham, War Governor of

Hannibal Hamlin...

198 Connecticut...


Mrs. Lincoln, 1861. (From a photograph Edwin D. Morgan, War Governor of New

in possession of the author)...

199 York...


William D. Kelley ..

200 | William Dennison, War Governor of Ohio.. 329

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War Meeting in Washington....

336 President Lincoln and Cabinet Receiving the Charles F. Browne (“Artemus Ward")... 343 Cannon Captured by Sheridan..

465 President Lincoln at McClellan's Head- Passage of the Amendment to the Constituquarters.... 347 tion Prohibiting Slavery..

474 Ambrose E. Burnside.. 352 Alexander H. Stephens...

479 Charles Sumner.... 357 R. M. T. Hunter

481 Henry J. Raymond.. 360 General Grant's Headquarters..

492 Joseph Hooker...

364 Key of the Richmond Slave Prison. (In posBenjamin F. Wade. 368 session of the author)....

498 Owen Lovejoy. 371 Military Railroad, City Point..

499 John Brough. 384 Parke Station ....

502 Edward Everett.. 387 President Lincoln in Richmond..

507 Gettysburg Monument. 389 Confederate Presidential Mansion ..

510 Thaddeus Stevens....

393 House in which Abraham Lincoln · Died.... 516 General Grant Receiving His Commission.. 397 John Wilkes Booth. (From a photograph Sunday Afternoon... 407 taken in 1864)......

519 Andrew Johnson.

414 Mrs. Surratt's House. (From a photograph Clement L. Vallandigham. 417 taken in 1865)....

522 William P. Fessenden

419 Diagram of the Box Occupied by President Zachariah Chandler 422 Lincoln..

524 Reuben E. Fenton..

433 Ford's Theatre, as Draped After the PresiHoratio Seymour..

440 dent's Death. (From a photograph taken George H. Pendleton 443 at the time)..

525 Philip Sheridan ...

447 Monument to Abraham Lincoln, Oak Ri David R. Locke (“Petroleum V. Nasby').. 451 Cemetery, Springfield, Ill. (From a photoSoldiers Voting..

459 graph taken by the author in 1890). .... 529 Oliver P. Morton...

462 | Statue by St. Gaudens, Lincoln Park, Chicago 533





VAR back in the centuries the river Witham, which winds through

the lowlands of eastern England, was known as the Lindis. The town which the Romans built on the bank of the stream received the name of Lindum. When the Normans made themselves masters of England they built a castle on the top of the hill that overlooks the town and changed the name to Lincoln. (') In the course of years it became the name of a family. Possibly there were several families

bearing the name in Norfolk and Lincoln counties. We know

that one such family had its home in Hingham, and that Samuel Lincoln was an infant on that day when the Pilgrims, in December, 1620, established a government of the people in America. We also know that there was an older brother, Thomas; but it is not certain that we shall ever learn much about their parents. It seems probable that they were obliged to work hard to obtain a living for themselves and their children. We may conclude that their home was a cottage thatched with straw. We may think of the brothers as playing in the streets, or going into the green fields and gathering daisies, listening to the larks and nightingales. They could look across the meadows and see the tall spire of Norwich Cathedral, and in the hush and stillness hear the great bell sending forth its music.

Quite likely they heard their parents say that King James had died, and that his son, Charles I., was King. Then the talk was about

troublesome times. The King maintained that he was ordained

by God to rule the nation, and that it was the duty of the people to obey. The bishop preached that the King could do no wrong.


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Charles wanted money, and levied taxes without consulting Parliament. The Puritans who would not pay, together with those who would not accept the ritual prepared by the bishop, were arrested -so many that the jail and the Guildhall in Norwich were filled. When the officers undertook to collect the tax in Lincoln the people pelted them with

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