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Educational Directory I


Teachers' Agencies

New HAVEN, Coxx.

BOSTON, 30 Bromfield Street. Sheffield Scientific School of Yale Uni- EASTERN TEACHER'S AGENCY, versity. Courses in Chemistry, Pure and Applied; in Civil Established 1890. Electrical, Mechanical, and Sanitary Engineering; in Botany, Zo

MISS E. F. FOSTER, Manager. ology, Mineralogy, and Geology ; in studies preparatory to Mining

TELEPHONE CONNECTION. and Metallurgy; in Biology, with special reference to preparation for a Medical Course; and in general Scientific Studies, with Eng. The

The TEACHERS' EXCHANGE of Boston, 120

, lish, French, Spanish, and German, Political Economy, History, etc.

Boylston St. For programme address

Recommends Teachers, Tutors and Private Schools. Cor. PROFESSOR RUSSELL H. CHITTENDEN, Director.

respondence invited. Telephone. Chicago Institute of Social Science Agrades with competent teachers


81 Chapel St., Albany, N. Y. - Provides schools of all SUMMER SCHOOL - June 29-August 7, 1908. Tuition $10.

. Assists teachers in ob" THE SOCIAL AGENCIES OF THE MODERN CITY."

taining positions. Send for circulars. Mention Atlantic Monthly. Lectures by specialists. Inspection of Activities. Write for schedule. Room 437, 174 Adams Street, Chicago, ni. THE AMERICAN EDUCATIONAL ASSOCIATION

l'arents and Students foreign

Write fully. Address School Information Department. Ist National Rank Bullding, CHICAGO


New York. History, Literature. Foreign travel. College Preparation. Twenty-fourth year. School party sails with chaperon in September. For circular address

Recommends teachers to colleges, schools, and families. Miss Alice H. Lace, Ph.D. (Heidelberg), 27 Luitpold Strasse, Berlin, Ger- Advises parents about schools. Wm. 0. Pratt, Mgr. many. American address, 383 Broadway, Winter HIN, Boston, Mass.


ADVERTISING RATES will find the Atlantic a profitable advertising

Single insertion, per inch . $6.30 medium on account of its large subscription

Three insertions, per inch 5.67 each circulation.

Six insertions, per inch

5.36 Twelve insertions, per inch 5.04

Without Charge About Schools

The Pratt Teachers' Agency FWHAXS

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Cor. Fifth Ave, and 33d St.

Gives the best service of Press Clippings on
any subject of interest from all papers and
periodicals published here and abroad. Our
readers gather for you more valuable material
than you could get ordinarily in a lifetime.

Our service is the neatest and most thoroughly done.

Scrap-books of clippings are most valuable for reference and your library.

Send your order on the subjects in which you are interested.

By ALONZO ROTHSCHILD. With eight portraits in

photogravure and half-tone. Large crown 8vo. $3.00, net Postpaid, $3.17.

Opinions of the Press “Refreshingly free from pedantry, agreeably and entertainingly written, and punctuated with anecdote."' – New York Tribune.

"A book that is well worth the attention of all students of the life and lifework of the great War President, on account of the originality of its viewpoint and the scholarly thoroughness wherewith it is presented ... Throughout the book bears traces of the conscientiousness, scope, and thoroughness of the author's reading." – New York Mail.

"Mr. Rothschild has eliminated from his book all matter which does not bear directly on the phase of Lincoln's character which he has in mind. Even the anecdotes show the great emancipator not as a clownish politician or back woods boor, as so many of the Lincoln anecdotes have a tendency to do, but as a great-hearted, far-seeing man, with the skill of a politician, the wisdom of a statesman, and a boundless patience and self-control.” Publii Opinion, New York. HOUGHTON MIFFLIN COMPANY, PUBLISHERS


$5.00 1,000 CLIPPINGS, $35.00
12.00 5,000

20.00 10,000


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for 1909 牙

FREE TOUR Organize Party of FIVE


Rev. GEORGE NASON, Wilmington, Delaxare Carroll Springs Summer School

PERCIE of Philosophy, Language, and Literature. Also Phys.


No. 1 ical Culture by the Austrian method ; Piano, Virgil Clavier method. Equestrianism and walking, outdoor life. For particulars

Donahue's Lake, Guysboro, NOVA SCOTIA

Enjoyable, beneficial, economical vacation for men and women. Wils address JESSIE WAITE WRIGHT, Ph.B., Forest Glen, Maryland.

wood life, fishing de luxe, abundant natural foods, inspiring scenery, warm days, cool nights, etc., etc. You 'l be glad you wrote for boole. l'ntil June 15th address

Mr. and Mrs. P. A. HART, Box 36, Arlington, New Jersey. New Hampshire



1800 feet

altitude. Outdoor sports. Good fishing. Boats, canoes, launches. A SELECT CAMP FOR MANLY BOYS Fresh milk and vegetables. Booklet.

H. H. Longstaff, 4th Lake, N. Y.
Asquam Lake, N. H.
Personal supervision. Outdoor life. Tutoring.

Clark's Cruises of "Arabic

» 16,000 the

tons For circulars address

Feb. 4, Orient ; Oct. 16, '09, Cruise round the World. EDWIN DEMERITTE,

Fall Tours '08, Round the World, Tours to Europe. 180 Beacon Street, Boston, Mass. F. C. CLARK, Times Building, NEW YORK


Rocky Point Inn. Finest place in mathem


Camping and Tramping with Pres. Roosevelt

By John Burroughs The many-sided Roosevelt is always an interesting subject, and

This book is fully has never been more so than to-day. Here is the latest word on one

illustrated from pho side of our President's personality, pronounced by the dean of Amer

tographs of the Presiican Nature writers. Mr. Burroughs tells the story of a trip with the

dent while hunting President to the Yellowstone Park. He says that the most interesting

and views of his home thing he saw was the President himself, and he gives a graphic and

at Oyster Bay. The entertaining account of him. The President as a naturalist is the

binding is appropriate author's chief theme throughout the book. Mr. Burroughs's account

and taking of walking and talking with him at Oyster Bay shows his qualities as a genuine lover of nature and an exceptionally acute and accurate

Sent postpaid $1.10 observer. His acquaintance with Mr. Roosevelt is of long standing,

by and he knows this outdoor side of him so well and sympathizes with

HOUGHTON MIFFLIN it so thoroughly that what he has to say of him is sure to be of the keenest interest to every lover of nature and every admirer of the


Copyright by
ILLUSTRATED $1.00 net, postpaid $1.10.

Pach Brothers,

4 Park Street, Boston

New York,

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Any one who is fond of a boat, be it a knockabout, cat, or sloop, and any one who is fond of the sea and a good time, will thoroughly enjoy this fresh, breezy, and amusing yarn, which describes the experiences of a clever woman afloat and ashore with her nautical husband.

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Salt-water yarns of the Maine coast, revealing the remarkable qualities of the natives, – pure-blooded, daring, superstitious, and passionate, - a breed of men such as New England will never see again, but of whom she will ever be proud.

Illustrated with pen-and-ink drawings by the author. $1.50.



New York

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“A vivid and picturesque romance presenting some striking character studies.... Rose MacLeod is a sweet, altogether human, wholly charming character, one who has suffered and been purified and humanized and rendered altogether lovable.... A novel of a rare quality. Not only is it the best thing that Alice Brown has achieved thus far, — and that is saying much, for she has done exceptionally good work in the past, — but it is a distinct addition to the fiction of the day that can be classed as literature." — Brooklyn Eagle. "Like a bright spring day for breeziness, charm and refreshment. Alice Brown's characters always impress the delighted reader as being less story people'than actual friends and neighbors, and the men and women in 'Rose MacLeod' breathe the very breath of life for all the romanticism and idealism that surrounds them.

. All the depicted people are alive with impelling conviction.... 'Rose MacLeod,' by turns droll, pathetic and impressive, is as full of quiet inspiration as of genuine, unstinted entertainment.... It's been long since so fine and enjoyable a book as this dawned upon the literary horizon."

- Chicago Record-Herald. Crown 8vo, $1.50


Paradise "A novel too original for close classification – thoroughly, tenderly human in tone and spirit." – Chicago Re cord-Herald. $1.50.

The Mannerings “ Deserves a wide reading, and we heartily and unreservedly recommend it to all readers who want a strong absorbing love-story and who care for genuine literature." Harper's Weekly. $1.50.

Margaret Warrener “As a story alone it absorbs the reader in its interest, and in literary quality it is admirable." – CẢuage İnter-Ocean. $1.50.

King's End "A romance of unusual quality and tone. ... There is delightful fres liness and rustic wildness about the story" Boston Herald. $1.50.

NOVELETTES The Court of Love "A book so bright, so mirthful, and laugh-producing as this one has a dis. tinct mission as a cloud-chaser and entitles it to a cordial greeting Philadelphia Record. $1.25. The Day of his Youth "A poetic fancy, written with distinct charm of style." - The Outlook. $1.00.


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Miss Brown's books can be secured at any bookstore, or of


85 Fifth Avenue, New York

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“In every way, Professor Palmer

Mrs. Palmer was born a half-cenhas written a remarkable biography

tury ago on a farm in southern New of a remarkable woman. None

York. She graduated from the Unicould have accomplished as much

versity of Michigan, taught for a as he in its writing. By sympathy,

year or two, and then became, at the by knowledge, and more than all

early age of twenty-six, President of else by personality and ability, he

Wellesley College. After a brilliant was perfectly equipped for a task

seven years, in which she shaped the that has obviously been to him both

policies of the college in the direca duty and a pleasure. In it he

tion they have afterwards followed shows to what extent culture and

with distinguished success, Mrs. innate talent may blend into one

Palmer married the author of this critical whole thé biographer and

book and resigned the presidency. the friend." - Transcript.

Thenceforth, her life was evenly “A volume which demands attentive

divided between domestic interests reading from cover to cover. ...

and public affairs. She was a memThe portrait Prof. Palmer has

ber of the Massachusetts State Board drawn, and drawn with evident truth

of Education, of numerous other fulness, is an invaluable addition

important boards and commisto the gallery of American

sions, and was for three female character.” Boston Herald. With portraits

years Dean of the and views. $1.50


Woman's Depart. net. Postpaid MIFFLIN COMPANY

ment, Univer$1.65. 4 PARK ST., BOSTON

sity of Chi

Please send to address below a copy of “The Life
of Alice Freeman Palmer," by Professor George H.

Palmer, for which I enclose check or money order for $1.65.





New York

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