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Corporal Wm. Gerrett, in arm, at Guntown, Miss., June 10, 1864. Private Dan'l S. Cummings, in wrist, at siege of Spanish Fort, March 27, 1865. Private Wm. Marshall, in thigh, at Atlanta, Ga., (died of wounds).

COMPANY " D." At Vicksburg, Miss., May 19 and 22, 1863. Captain Edward J. Cook (died of wounds June 11, 1863). Sergt. Chas. C. Barnes (died of wounds June 1, 1863).

Privates Wm. B. Fry, J. Hutson, Andrew Olson, Henry C. Bywater, Chas. H. Francisco (died of wounds June 7, 1863), John Leggett, Mark Reble, (also wounded June 14, 1863), Henry M. Shannon, George Swindell, Levi Waterman. "Private Henry Arndt, wounded June 4, 1863, while in camp, by shot from the enemy. Private Alonzo D. Crocker, acci. dentally shot in hand, May 20, 1863, (died of wounds.) Private James Wallis, in battle at Cane River, La., April 22, 1864.

At Guntown, Miss., June 10, 1864. Captain John E. Beckley. Corporal John H. Doran. Privates Wm. Diamond, John Keepsel, Thos. Powers, Wm. Mullen.

COMPANY "E." Sergt. John Prowse, accidentally, in hand, by discharge of his own gun, Dec. 21, 1862. Corporal Thos. Cahill, in knee, at Lake Providence, La., Feb. 21, 1863.

At Vicksburg, Miss., May 19 and 22, 1863. Sergts. John W. Burnside; Frank M. Jewett, in thigh, by a piece of shell. Corporal James Stevenson, by shell. Privates Chas. Burton, in shoulder, by a ball; David Little, in hand; John Murphy, in hand; John Morse; George Kline, by explosion of a shell; Clark Everest, by a shell

. Private Albert Wheelon, May 23, 1863, in hand, by a ball. Cor. poral Amos Capron, Jan. 14, 1863, in shoulder. Sergt. Clark Rogers, in thigh, Aug. 6, 1864, near Atlanta, Ga.

COMPANY "F." At Vicksburg, Miss. Privates Peter Munis, in leg; Nicholas Myer, in side ; Robt. Feely, in hand; Cyrus Wheelock, in hip; Wm. J. Dailey, in hand; G. W. French, in shoulder; H. Kerr ; Joseph Cutforth, in foot and ancle,

(died of wounds); Henry Hess, Martin Tiffany. Private Peter Weitzel, in hand, April 12, 1864, at Blair's Plantation, La. Corporal Allen Giles, arm broken, March 16, 1864, at Fort De Russey.

At Guntown, Miss., June 10, 1864. Capt. Wm. H. Stewart, in thighs. 1st Lieut. M. F. Ellsworth, in hand. Private Patrick McNeeny, in leg. Private Con. Lutzen, in foot, at Spanish Fort, Ala.


At Vicksburg, Miss. Sergts. Charles W. Ives, in hips, severely, by minnie ball; Jeremiah Wilcox, in hand, slightly, by minnie ball; Daniel B. Cornell, in face, severely, by minnie ball; Dwight S. Gookins, in hand, slightly, by minnie ball. Corporals Henry L. Potter, in face, slightly, by minnie ball; Richard O. Gunn, in hand, severely, by minnie ball. Privates Peter Byron, in thigh, severely, by minnie ball; Jacob Seibert, in hand, slightly, by minnie ball; Benson R. Arbunckle, in back, slightly, by minnie ball; Robert Hannah, in ancle and thigh, slightly, by minnie ball; Albert Blood, in head, slightly, by buck shot; Eli Brainard, severely, in both shoulders, arm, neck and hand, by five minnie balls; Carrol J. Pray, in shoulder, severely, by minnie ball, (died of wounds.)

At Guntown, Miss., June 10, 1864. Privates Michael Hogan, in thigh, severely, (leg amputated, died of wounds); John Morrison, through body, severely, by minnie ball.

At Spanish Fort, Ala. Privates Jacob Seibert, in left arm, severely, by piece of shell, (arm amputated); George A. Oaks, in neck, slightly, by minnie ball; Peter Wiese, in leg, slightly, by piece of shell. Corporal Robt. Hannah, in breast and arm, near Atlanta, Ga. Private Henry F. Childs, in left arm, severely, by minnie ball, at Memphis, Tenn., (arm amputated.)

COMPANY H." At Vicksburg, Miss. Capt. James H. Wetmore, in thigh, severely, by minnie balī. 1st Lieut. Wm. B. Walker, in back, by falling of limb of tree, shot off by shell. Sergt. Schuyler Marvin, thumb of right hand shot off. Corporals Moses Frazier, in shoulder, severely, by minnie ball; Richard Bailey. Privates John Q. Adams, in right foot, by minnie ball; George W. Bellknapp, in right arm, in elbow, severely; George Clark, in right arm, by shell; Hartwell S. Mead, in left breast, severely, by buck shot and shell; Van Buren Truesdell, in right thigh, severely, by minnie ball; James Walsh, in arm, severely, by minnie ball

. At Guntown, Miss., June 10, 1864. Privates Gideon C. Hammer, in arm, severely ; Jackson Hammer, in arm, slightly; Arthur A. Sheldon, right arm broken by minnie ball; James Welch, in right wrist, by minnie bali. Private Colen Hughes, wounded in right shoulder, near Big Black, May 17, 1863.

COMPANY "I." At Vicksburg, Miss. 2nd Lieut. Converse Pearce, in right arm. Sergt. Asa L. Weaver, left fore finger shot off. Privates Horace B. Allen, right fore finger shot off; James Kee, left fore finger shot off; Joseph C. Johnston, in left breast; Francis Corkins, right fore finger shot off; Edward P. Slater, right fore finger shot off; Patrick Crowley, in left side. George H. Burgess, June 26, 1863, in hand and wrist. Christopher Kalahan, June 20, 1863, through mouth and neck; H. P. Schuyler.

At Guntown, Miss., June, 10, 1864. 1st Lieut. Thomas H. Jackson, in right arm, severely, (died of wounds). Cor. poral Charles W. Carpenter, in right arm. Private Samuel S. Crabtree, right arm broken by a piece of shell.

At Spanish Fort, Ala. Sergt. Asa L. Weaver, in shoul. der, slightly. Corporal John W. Lockwood, in hand, slightly. Privates Patrick Crowley, in right arm, slightly; David Edward, in shoulder, slightly; Franklin E. Cox, in head, slightly.

COMPANY "K." At Vicksburg, Miss. Sergt. John Vanantwerp, second finger of right hand shot off. Corporals Henry Morgan, tip of fore finger shot off; Joseph P. Smith, shot in back while planting colors on a hill in advance of regiment. Privates Cordenio Brnice, in right shoulder, slightly; George (. Ellsworth, in left side, slightly, by a piece of shell ; Gideon B. Lewis, shot through right leg below the knee; Schuyler Wakefield, in left leg by musket shot, (leg amputated); Jas. Dymond, fore finger of left hand shot off; Charles E. Sher. man, fore finger of right hand shot off; Martin Butler, fore finger of right hand shot off; Wm. Hutchins, in right hand slightly; George Stockwell. James B. Scougall, May 24, 1863, left toe of left foot shot off by accident. Wm. Gibbs, severely wounded in knee, Aug. 12, 1864, near Atlanta, Ga. Stephen Rodawalt, in hand, slightly, at Spanish Fort, Ala.





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Colonel Thomas W. Humphrey, at Guntown, Miss., June 10, 1864.

COMPANY "A." Privates Frank Shoris, and James F. Smith, killed at Vicksburg, Miss., May 22, 1863; Samuel Snyder, killed at Fort De Russey by explosion of shell, March 16, 1864; Wm. F. Wallace, killed at siege of Spanish Fort, Ala., March 28, 1865 ; Michael P. O'Neil, killed in action at Guntown, Miss., June 10, 1864.

" B.' Sergt. Stephen A. Rollins, and Private Henry Williams, killed at Guntown, Miss., June 10), 1864. Private Job Westbury, killed at Vicksburg, Miss., May 22, 1863.

COMPANY "C." Capt. Jason B. Manzer, killed at Vicksburg, Miss., May 22, 1863.

Privates Levi Harp, killed at Vicksburg, Miss., May 19, 1863; Thomas J. Brown, killed by the enemy while on transport on the Red River Expedition, April 12, 1864; John De Groat, killed at Vicksburg, Miss., May 22, 1863; Lewis Deno, killed at Vicksburg, May 19, 1863; John M. Hunt, missing, and supposed killed at Vicksburg, May 22, 1863; Samuel H. Jackson, killed by explosion of caisson at Fort De Russey, Ark., March 17, 1864 ; Wm. Marshall, killed near Atlanta, Ga., July 23, 1864 ; Marion Pease, killed at Vicksburg, Miss., May 22, 1863; William


Whole No. enlist- Enlisted men dis-
No, to muster out. ed men trans- charged in ser-


Desertions. ferred.


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| Officers resigned and promoted. Prior to muster out of

Regiment, recruits left at Montgomery.

Prior to muster out, to In

valid Corps, etc.

For promotion to other


For disability.

For other causes.

Aggregate No. of officers and en

listed men ever in the Reg't.

Com. Officers.

Enlisted men.

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Field and Staff.
Company “A.”


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3 3

22 14 19 17 24 7 9

15 17 13 21 22 13

17 12

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51 49 47 33 47 42 54 43 42 41


2 3

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146 129 150 129 153 113 128 131 130 134



3 3 3

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19 20 24 15 12 24

4 5 5

22 24 27


15 17


4 4. 4

1 1

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29 449 115 151 162 47 1182 26 22 4 78 176 31 7 1343 * This aggregate includes merely those belonging to F. and S. at the organization of Regiment, and those subsequently appointed from civil life; all others are accounted for in the Companies as "promoted” or “transferred."

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