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DURING the past summer, while the 16th Army Corps lay in camp at Montgomery, Alabama, the author commenced writing a historical report of the Ninety-fifth Illinois Infantry, from its organization, with the view merely of having the same entered upon the regimental books, and become a part of the regimental records, for future reference and information.

The commissioned officers and enlisted men having urgently requested its publication, that each member of the command and others interested might be supplied with a copy, it has been deemed advisable to issue the history in the form of the present volume.

In submitting the work to the public, the author is aware that it contains nothing of particular interest to any, except the survivors of the regiment, the friends of its deceased members, and the people of the counties in which it was raised; and it is more especially for their benefit that the present publication appears.

It is believed, however, that works of this nature will prove of great assistance to the general historian, in writing up his record of the Rebellion. If each regiment present its history from the beginning, prepared accurately by one of its own members, the general writer may then be able to cull therefrom much of the material necessary to a complete and reliable history of the late war against the Union.

The author is indebted to Lieut. Amos J. Boyington, of Company “A," Corporal Robert Horan and Private Samuel Pepper, of Company “G,” for the use of their diaries kept on the Red River, Guntown and Arkansas expeditions, and also to other officers and enlisted men of the regiment, for valuable information from time to time imparted.

CHICAGO, ILL., Nov. 15, 1865.


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