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Early agency of leading Divines, 155; Dr. Thornwell aids the Rebellion, 155; His

Fast-Day Discourse, Nov. 21, 1860, 157; He vindicates the Secession of South

Carolina, 158; Open resistance counselled, 159; Charge of Treason established,

160; Drs. Thornwell, Leland, Adger, and others, upon the stump, 161; Early aid

of Dr. Palmer, 163; Dr. Palmer and the mission of Senator Toombs, 163; Speci-

men of his Thanksgiving Discourse, 165; Resistance counselled-"the last

ditch," 167; War welcomed-the Union denounced, 167; Prophecy fulfilled un-

expectedly, 168; His Sermon steeped in sin, guilt, and crime, 169; He further

vindicates Secession, 170; Dr. Smyth strikes the same chord, 171; Judgment

and blessing, 172; Resistance universally instilled, 172; The Clergy of all De-

nominations aid the Rebellion, 178; Leading Clergymen in the Rebel army, 174;

Many Ministers go South and aid the Rebellion, 175; Other Rebel Clergymen at

the South, 176; Southern Churches organized in aid of the Rebellion, 177; Ad-

dresses of Southern Churches sustaining the Rebellion, 179; The Presbyterian

Church, 179; The Protestant Episcopal Church, 180: Christian Association, 181;

The Baptist Church, 182; Methodists, Baptists, Episcopalians, Presbyterians,

Lutherans, German Reformed, and other Churches, Ninety-six Ministers, 188;

Southern Religious press on the Rebellion, 184; At New Orleans, 184; At Co-

lumbia, S. C., 185; At Richmond, Va., 186; At Fayetteville, N. C., 187; Educa-

tion in aid of the Rebellion, 188; Great Southern University, 189; Disunion-

Fighting men to be educated, 189; Endowment, five or ten millions, 191; Pro-

fessorship on Patriotism, 191; Episcopal University of the South, 192; Rebel

Major-General Hill as an Educator, 193; His hatred of the North, 194; He

teaches Secession by algebra, 194; Specimen of algebraic problems, 195; Aid

of the Church indispensable to the Rebellion, 196; This aid acknowledged by

Rebel Statesmen, 197; A Statesman's view indorsed, 198; The Church led the

Politicians, 199; The proof conclusive, 200; Loyal Clergymen in the Border

States, 201; Loyalty of Northern Churches-their duty, 202; Duty of the South-

ern Church the same, 204.

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.Page 303-362

Slavery to be terminated, 305; Manner of its termination, 306; Action in certain

Border States, 308; Signs of its termination-the Loyal States, 310; Fugitive

Slave Law repealed, 811; Slaves freed by the War, 312; All traceable to the Re-

bellion, 313; Termination of Slavery in the Rebel States, 314; Slavery doomed,

though Disunion triumph, 316; Internal causes of its destruction, 317; Illustra-

tive incident-Colonel Dahlgren, 318; Facts and their Lesson, 319; War educa

ting Slaves for Freedom, 320; External causes of its destruction, 321; Environed

by enemies, 822; Cotton Dreams, 323; Slavery doomed and the Union main-

tained, 824; Reasons for this position, 326; Strength of the parties in Soldiers,

827; Negro Soldiers-their number unlimited, 329; White Soldiers sufficient,

830; National Resources and Credit, 331; The Result, 382; Governmental de.

termination confronted, 332; Opposition to Slavery fighting against God, 334;

The Government vindicated in destroying Slavery, 335; Its right of self-preser-

vation, 336; Destruction of Slavery a lawful means to this end, 338; Forbear-

ance of the Government with Slavery, 340; Emancipation Proclamation, 342;

Its final determination justified, 343; Sustained by the Laws of War, 344; Sus-

tained by examples of several Nations-Great Britain, France, 346; Spain, Co-

lombia, United States, 347; Illustrated by eases in the United States-Generals

Jesup, Taylor, Gaines, Presidents Van Buren, Tyler, and Congress, 347; An-

other case between Great Britain and the United States-decision of the Rus-

sian Emperor Alexander, 849; Opinions of eminent Statesmen-Jefferson, J. Q.

Adams, Hamilton, Jay, Madison, 350; Vindication complete against idle decla-

mation, 354; Sustained against the Rebel Congress, 354; Sustained by Southern

men, 356; The sum of Providential indications, 360.

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