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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1894, by


In the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington.

All Rights reserved.

In his speeches—and we may add-his stories, the great Lincoln “still lives,” with an influence for good among men.

Whatever may attach to his mere biography, that reveals a life of struggle and disadvantage in early years—unparalleled in fact in this respect—the truth is the MAN LINCOLN is not in the “ early cabin home,” but in “words that never die "-in the compiled utterances of this volume, that reveal and perpetuate the soul life of him who spoke so often, so fully and truly, of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and of a government that is of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

In this form these stories and speeches, whose radiance lightens all pathways, are dedicated to the world, in the firm faith that in the fulness of time, the knowledge of the truth shall make all people free.

J. B. MCCLURE. CHICAGO, June 1, 1896.

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An Honest Boy; Young Lincoln "Pulls Fodder"

Two Days for a Damaged Book....
An Incident of Lincoln's Early Hardships and Nar-

row Escape from Death....
A Pig Story; Lincoln's Kindness to the Brute Crea-

tion.... A Hard Tussle with Seven Negroes; Life on a Mis

sissippi Flat-boat...
A Remarkable Story; "Honest Abe" as Postmaster.
A Humorous Speech; Lincoln in the Black Hawk

War ....
A Joke on Lincoln's Big Feet....
Baby Footprints...
“Clarey's Grove Boys”; A Wrestling Match..
Elected to the Legislature...
Gen. Linder's Early Recollections; Amusing Stories.
How Lincoln Earned his First Dollar.....
How Lincoln Helped to Build a Boat: and How

he Loaded the Live Stock..... How Lincoln Resented an Insult..


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How Lincoln Piloted a Flat-boat Over a Mill Dam.
How Lincoln Became a Captain. ..
How Lincoln Treated His Early Friend, Dennis

Hanks, in Washington. .

Incidents Illustrating Lincoln's Honesty.

Judge Ewing's Story..

Judge Moses' Early Recollections of Lincoln....

Little Lincoln Firing at Big Game Through the

Cracks of His Cabin Home. ...

Lincoln and his Gentle Annie; A Touching Inci-

dent ...

Lincoln Splits Several Hundred Rails for a pair of

Pants; How he Looked, as Described by a Com-

panion. ...

Lincoln's Story of a Girl in New Salem..

Lincoln's Mechanical Ingenuity.

Lincoln's Marriage; Interesting Letters..

Lincoln's Mother; How He Loved Her..

Mrs. Brown's Story of Young Abe; How a Man

Slept with a President of the United States..

Reminiscences; The Turning Point...

Splitting Rails and Studying Mathematics; Simmons,

Lincoln & Company...

Senator Cullom's Interesting Reminiscences of Lin-


“The Long Nine."
What Some Men Say About Lincoln; His First

Meeting with Richard Yates..
When and Where Lincoln Obtained the Name of

"Honest Abe.”.
Young Lincoln's Kindness of Heart. He Carries

Home and Nurses a Drunkard..







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