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boat and oars, said to have been left in the care of John | rence Sangston, Joshua Wilson, William F. Bayless, RichHenderson, Esq., and two spy-glasses in the possession of ard M'Coy, James Coudy, Martin Eakle, John C. Brining, the city register. Roop of A., John W. Gorsuch, Bernard Mills, William TurHoward Griffith, Josiah H. Gordon, W. R. Barnard, David ner-58. NAYS-Mr. William T. Lawson-1.

In the charges for "carpenters, bricklayers, materials," &c., is included a considerable sum, say about $1,250, for reconstruction of the bridge at Canton. Considerable quantities of bricks and lumber are also included, mostly used in the erection or repair of a "powder-house," of the locality of which your Committee are not informed. Wherever situated, if not retained in use, the second-hand materials may be of some value to the city.

The payments for "rations," "pay-rolls," "horse and hack hire," "hauling," "armories," "advertising," &c., amounting in the aggregate to $23,106 35, represent so much outlay, from which the city reaps no tangible return.

The amounts of $8,518 19 for "workmen on parks," and $2,000 for "indigent widows, sewing-women," &c., were withdrawn from the fund by special resolutions of the council and expended for the benevolent purposes designated. The charge for "interest," is a necessary result of the loan, authorized by the ordinance of April 20th, 1861. The remaining item is the "cash in bank" and this brings your committee to the third and last clause of the duties assigned them, viz: "to decide what disposition shall be made of the remaining funds now in the City Treasury." On this point your committee are unanimonsly of the opinion that the balance should be returned, pro rata, to the several banks from which the whole amount was borrowed, thus canceling so much of the city's indebtedness, and stopping the payment or accumulation of interest. In accordance with which statements and views, your committee respectfully recommend the adoption of the following resolutions:


First Branch.


Second Branch.

Resolved, By both Branches of the City Council of Balti timore, that the papers and vouchers relating to expenditures under Ordinance No. 22, approved April 20th, 1861, be restored to the custody of the City Register.

Resolved furthermore, That the Mayor be and is hereby authorized and requested to have collected, at the earliest possible moment, the arms and military materials belonging to the city, in the custody of the U.S. Marshal, or elsewhere, and, reserving such as, in his judgment, may be necessary for public use, to dispose of the balance, and place the proceeds in the City Treasury. Resolved, By the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, that the Register be and he is hereby authorized and directed to repay, pro rata, to the several banks, the balance remaining on hand from the sum borrowed of them, under authority of ordinance No. 22, approved April 20th, 1861, "to appropriate $500,000, or so much thereof as may be necessary for the defence of the city against any danger that may arise out of the present crisis."

These resolutions passed both branches.

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16, nays none, as follows:
Same day, the bill passed the Senate-yeas

end, Stephen J. Bradley, James F. Dashiell, II. H. Golds
YEAS-Messrs. John B. Brooke, Thomas J. M'Kaig, John
borough, Charles F. Goldsborough, Daniel C. Blackistone,
E. Smith, Coleman Yellott, John S. Watkins, Teagle Towns
Franklin Whitaker, Tilghman Nuttle, Anthony Kimmel,
Oscar Miles, Washington Duvall-16.

$500,000 MORE.


May 9-The House passed-yeas 56, nays none, a bill giving authority to the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, to issue certificates of debt to any amount not exceeding $500,000, in addition to the amount authorized to be issued by section 939 of the fourth article of the code of public laws.

May 10-It passed the Senate-yeas 16, nays



April 27-Mr. Wallis, from the Special Committee of the Baltimore city delegation, reported a bill to add to the fourth article of the code of public local laws the following sections, empowering the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore to raise and appropriate money for the defence of the said city;" which was passedyeas 58, nays none.

nays none, as on the previous bill.
Same day, it passed the Senate-yeas 16,



reported a bill, entitled "an act to relieve the May 4-Mr. Pitts, from Special Committee, Mayor and Board of Police of the city of Baltimore, and all persons who acted under the orders of the Mayor or of the Board of Police of Baltimore city, in their efforts to maintain peace and good order and prevent further strife, on and after the occurrences of the 19th April, 1861, in said city from prosecution in consequence of their acts of obedience to said order."


The Legislature of Maryland passed the bill, reported by Mr. Wallis from the Special Committee consisting of the Baltimore city delegation, "to ratify an ordinance of the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore appropriating $500,000 for the use of the city."

April 27, 1861, (the second day of the session,) this bill, under a suspension of the rules, passed the House of Delegates-yeas 58, nay 1, as follows:

which were adopted:
Pending the bill—
May 5-Mr. Pitts offered these amendments;

in this State, shall be entitled to charge or receive any com-
That no prosecuting attorney nor any officer in any court
pensation or cost in any prosecution which has been or may
be instituted against any person for whose relief the act is
That this act may be given as evidence under the general



And the bill passed-yeas 43, nays none, as follows:

Medders, Briscoe, Parran, Burgess, Ford, Denison, Renshaw, YEAS-MESSTs. Kilbourn, Sp'r, Durant, Morgan, Rasin, Chaplain, Long, Lawson, Maxwell, Wotten, Landing, Den nis of Wor., Routzahn, Johnson, Naill, Straughn, Golds borough, Warfield, Brune, Winans, Pitts, Harrison, Thomas, Wallis, Sangston, Morfit, Scott, Wilson of Har, Bayless, Coudy, Eakle, Brining, Stake, Barnard, Roop, Mills, Brown, -43.

YEAS-Messrs. E. G. Kilbourn, Speaker, Clarke J. Durant, George H. Morgan, Philip F. Rasin, Albert Medders, James T. Briscoe, Benjamin Parran, Bernard Compton, F. B. F. Burgess, Thos. C. Worthington, Robt. M. Denison, Leonard J. Quinlan, T. W. Renshaw, J. Laurence Jones, Alex. Chaplain, James U. Dennis, Edward Long, John R. Keene, Wm. Holland, John R. Brown, James W. Maxwell, E. P. Bryan, Richard Wooten, Ethan A. Jones, Wm. H. Legg, William L. Starkey, Curtis W. Jacobs, George W. Landing, Stephen P. Dennis, Andrew Kessler, jr., Thomas J. Claggett, John A. Johnson, William E. Salmon, Henry Straughn, G. W. Goldsborough, John C. Brune, Henry M. Warfield, Charles H. Pitts, William G. Harrison, J. Hanson Thomas, S. Teakle Wailis, T. Parkin Scott, Ross Winans, H. M. Morfit, Lau-mittee, reported a bill entitled an act to repeal June 20-Mr. MILLS, from the Military Com

the bill passed-yeas 17, nays 2, (Kimmel and May 8-Under the suspension of the rules, Stone.)

are in flagrant violation of the Constitution, the General Assembly of the State, in the name of her people, does hereby protest against the same, against the arbitrary restrictions and illegalities with which it is attended, calling upon all good citizens at the same time, in the most carnest and authoritative manner, to abstain from all violent and unlawful interference of every sort, with the troops in transit through our territory or quartered among us, and patiently and peacefully to leave to time and reason the ultimate and certain re-establishment and vindication of the right.

sections 41, 42, 43, 46, 47, 48, and 112, of article | being for purposes which, in the opinion of this Legislature, LXIII, of the Code of Public General Laws, and sections 741, 742, 745, of article IV, of the Code of Local Laws of this State, in relation to the uniformed and ununiformed militia and volunteer force in the several counties of this State, and in the city of Baltimore and the reclamation, custody, control, and redelivery of arms heretofore delivered to the officers and men under them; and to add to the said article LXV of the Code of Public General Laws a section providing for the prevention and suspension of proceedings upon bonds heretofore given under the laws of this State for the return of

5. That under existing circumstances it is inexpedient to call a Sovereign Convention of the State at this time, or to take any measures for the immediate organization for arm. ing of the militia.


6. That when the Legislature adjourn, it adjourn to meet - on the- day of next.

such arms; which was agreed to-yeas 40;

nays 12.

The nays were Messrs. Medders, Keene, McIntire, Routzahn, Naill, Wilson, M'Coy, Fiery, Stake, McCleary, Roop, Gorsuch-12.


ordered to be printed-yeas 50, nays 11
The report was accepted, and 10,000 copies

May 10-They were considered, and Mr.
McCleary moved these as a substitute:

Whereas, it is right and proper, that the Gen ral Assembly of Maryland should give such expression of opinion as will call forth the united voice of the whole people of Mary

June 22-The bill passed-yeas 12, nays land in the present emergency; and the border States, with




the exception of Maryland, have already, through their legislatures or conventions, defined their positions and course of action: Therefore be it

Resolved by the General Assembly of Maryland, The pres sent position of Maryland in the Union, is that of strict neutrality, and will remain unchanged so long as Washington continues the seat of Government: Provided, the United States affords ample protection to slaves and other property. Resolved, That when the seat of the United States Gov

country takes place, the people shall have the free right and choice of deciding which section they will be attached to, by a free expression and decision of the popular will at the ballot-box.

Which were rejected-yeas 13, nays 43, as follows:

YEAS-Messrs. Medders, Lawson, Keene, Miller, Jonathan Routzahn, Salmon, Naill, Joshua Wilson of Har'd, Bayless, McCoy, Stake, David W. McCleary, Gorsuch-13.

May 9-Mr. WALLIS, from the Committee on Federal Relations, reported these resolutions:ernment ceases to be at Washington, and a division of the Whereas, in the judgment of the General Assembly of Maryland, the war now waged by the Government of the United States upon the people of the Confederate States is unconstitutional in its origin, purposes and conduct; repugnant to civilization and sound policy; subversive of the free principles upon which the Federal Union was founded, and certain to result in the hopeless and bloody overthrow of our existing institutions; and whereas, the people of Maryland, while recognizing the obligations of their State, as a member of the Union, to submit in good faith to the exercise of all the legal and constitutional powers of the General Government, and join as one man in fighting its authorized battles, do reverence nevertheless, the great American principle of self-government and sympathize deeply with their Southern brethren in the noble and manly determination to uphold and defend the same; and whereas not merely on their own account, turn away from their own Boil the calamities of civil war, but for the blessed sake of humanity, and to arrest the wanton shedding of fraternal blood, in a miserable contest which can bring nothing with

it but sorrow, shame, and desolation, the people of Maryland are enlisted with their whole hearts, upon the side of reconciliation and peace; Now therefore, it is hereby

Resolved by the General Assembly of Maryland, That the State of Maryland owes it to her own self-respect and her respect for the Constitution, not less than to her deepest and most honorable sympathies, to register this, her solemn protest, against the war which the Federal Government has declared upon the Confederate States of the South, and our sister and neighbor Virginia, and to announce her resolute determination to have no part or lot, directly or indirectly, in its prosecution.

2. That the State of Maryland earnestly and anxiously desires the restoration of peace between the belligerent sections of the country; and the President, authorities and people of the Confederate States having over and over officially and unofficially, declared, that they seek only peace and self-defence and to be let alone, and that they are willing to throw down the sword, the instant the sword now drawn against them shall be sheathed, the Senators and Delegates of Maryland do fervently beseech and implore the President of the United States, to accept the olive branch which is thus held out to him, and in the name of God and of humanity, to cease this unholy and most wretched and unprofitable strife, at least until the assembling of the Congress at Washington shall have given time for the prevalence of cooler and better counsels.

3. That the State of Maryland desires the peaceful and immediate recognition of the independence of the Confederate States, and hereby gives her cordial consent thereunto as a member of the Union-entertaining the profound conviction that the willing return of the Southern people to their former federal relations is a thing beyond hope, and that the attempt to coerce them will only add slaughter and hate to impossibility.

That the present military occupation of Maryland,

NAYS-Messrs. Kilbourn, Sp'r., Morgan, Rasin, Briscoe, Compton, Ford, Jacobs, Landing, Denuis of Wor'r, Kessler, Claggett, Johnson, Sangston, Morfit, Scott, Coudy, Eakle, Brining, Denison, Quinlan, Renshaw, Chaplain, Holland, Bryan, Jones of P. G's, Legg, Starkey, Goldsborough, War field, Brune, Winans, Pitts, Harrison, Thomas, Wallis, Fiery, Griffith, Harding, Gordon, Barnard, Mills, Turner, Brown-43.

The blank in the resolutions reported, was then filled by "Frederick," and "Tuesday, the 4th day of June, at one o'clock, p. m."

And the resolutions were then adopted-yeas 45, nays 12, as follows:

YEAS-Messrs. Kilbourn, Speaker, Morgan, Rasin, Briscoe, Compton, Ford, Worthington, Denison, Quinlan, Renshaw, Jones of Talbot, Chaplain, Holland, Bryan, Wootten, Legg, Jones of Prince Georges, Starkey, Jacobs, Landing, Dennis of Worcester, Kessler, Johnson, Salmon, Goldsborough, Warfield, Brune, Winans, Pitts, Harrison, Thomas, Wallis, Sangston, Morfit, Scott, Coudy, Eakle, Brining, Griffith, Harding, Gordon, Barnard, Mills, Turner, Brown-45.

NAYS-Messrs. Medders, Lawson, Keene, Routzahn, Nail, Wilson of Harford, Bayless, McCoy, Fiery, Stake, McCleary, Gorsuch-12.


May 14-The committee recommended certain amendments; when these votes were taken : The first resolution was adopted-yeas 11, nays 3, as follows:

YEAS-Messrs. John B. Brooke, President, Wash. Duvall, Thos. Franklin, J. F. Gardiner, John J. Heckart, Andrew A. Lynch, Thomas J. McKaig, Teagle Townsend, John S. Watkins, Franklin Whitaker, Coleman Yellott-11.

NAYS-Messrs. H. H. Goldsborough, Anthony Kimmel, John G. Stone-3.

The second resolution was adopted-yeas 14, (being all the above-named.)

The fifth resolution received all the above votes, and the third and fourth passed—yeas 11, nays 3, as the first.


The amendment of the committee, substitut- | borough of Dorchester, Kimmel, Miles, Nuttle, Smith, Stone ing the following for the sixth:

That a committee be appointed to consist of four members of the Senate and four members of the House of Delegates, four of which committee, (to be selected of themselves.) shall as ea ly as possible, wait on the President of the United States at Washington, and the other four of said committee shall wait on the President of the Southern Confederacy, for the purpose of laying the foregoing resolutions before them, and that said committee be and is hereby especially instructed to obtain, if possible, a general cessation of hostilities, now impending, until the meeting of Congress in July next, in order that said body may, if possible, arrange for an adjustment of existing troubles by means of negotiation, rather than the sword.

Resolved, That said committee consist of Messrs. Brooke, Yellott, McKaig, and Lynch, of the Senate, and Messrs. and, of the House of Delegates.

Resolved, That said committee be requested to report, if practicable, to the General Assembly, on the 5th day of June next.

Passed-yeas 11, nays 3, as before; and the resolutions, as amended, were then adopted by the same vote.

May 14-The House filled the blanks with the names of Harding, Morgan, Compton, and Goldsborough, and passed the resolution-yeas 24, nays 18, as follows:

YEAS-Messrs. Kilbourn, (Speaker,) Morgan, Ford, Quinlan, Renshaw, Jones of Talbot, Chaplain, Jones of P. G., Starkey, Kessler, Straughn, Goldsborough, Warfield, Brune, Winans, Pitts, Harrison, Thomas, Wallis, Sangston, Scott, Griffith, Harding, Turner-24.

NAYS-Messrs. Welch, Worthington, Denison, Keene, Holland, Maxwell, Landing, Claggett, Routzahn, Johnson, Salmon, Morfit, Fiery, Barnard, McCleary, Roop, Mills, Brown-18.



so as to give the power of appointment of the
Mr. Goldsborough of Talbot moved to amend
commissioners provided for to the Governor,
rejected-yeas 6, nays 12.
one from each of the gubernatorial districts;


A motion to recommit was lost-yeas 10, nays

names of the commissioners, were made and Motions to adjourn, recommit, change the lost.

to give the people, on the 13th of June, the May 3-Mr. Goldsborough of Talbot moved election of three commissioners, one from each gubernatorial district, which was lost-yeas 8, nays 13, as follows:


Goldsborough of Dorchester, Kimmel, Nuttle, Smith, Stone
YEAS-Messrs. Bradley, Grahame, Goldsborough of Talbot,
Dashiell, Franklin, Gardiner, Heckart, Lynch, Miles, Town-
NAYS-Messrs. Brooke, President; Blackistone, Duvall,
send, Watkins, Whitaker, Yellott—13.

A like motion, for six commissioners, was lost-yeas 8, nays 12.

money, Mr. Goldsborough of Talbot moved On the section respecting disbursements of this proviso:

of any powers for the disbursement of any moneys that may Provided, That the same shall not extend to the exercise be hereafter appropriated for the arming of the military forces of this State and for the formation of any alliance offensive or defensive, with any other State in this Confederacy.

Which was rejected-yeas 8, nays 12, as fol


June 10-The House passed resolutions viously offered by Mr. Chaplain, after having amended them to read as follows:

Resolved by the General Assembly of Maryland, That the Representatives of the State of Maryland in the Congress of the United States at the approaching extra session of that legislative body be, and they are hereby, earnestly desired and requested to urge and vote for an immediate recognition of the independence of the government of the Confederate States of America.

Resolved, That the Speaker of the House of Delegates and the President of the Senate, together, forward to Hon. James Alfred Pearce and Hon. Anthony Kennedy, the Representatives of the sovereign State of Maryland in the Senate of the United States, a copy of the report of the Committee on Federal Relations and the accompanying resolutions, together with these resolutions.

Yeas 31, nays 22, as follows:

YEAS-Messrs. Kilbourn, Speaker, Durant, Morgan, Rasin,

YEAS-Messrs. Bradley, Grahame, Goldsborough of Talbot
Kimmel, Miles, Nuttle, Smith, Stone-8.

Dashiell, Franklin, Gardiner, Heckart, Lynch, Townsend,
Watkins, Whitaker, Yellott-12.
NAYS-Messrs. Brooke, President; Blackistone, Duvall,

Mr. STONE offered an additional section:

has taken the same oath as is now administered to the
That no member of the board shall act as such, until he
members of the Legislature.

Which was rejected-yeas 7, nays 12, as fol-

bot, Kimmel, Yuttle, Smith, Stone-7.
YEAS-Messrs. Bradley, Grahame, Goldsborough of Tal-

NAYS-Messrs. Brooke, President; Blackistone, Duvall,
Dashiell, Franklin, Gardiner, Heckart, Lynch, Townsend,
Watkins, Whitaker, Yellott-12.

At this stage, and after a most obstinate con

Welch, Briscoe, Parran, Compton, Jones of Talbot, Chap-test, the bill was abandoned by its friends, and
lain, Holland, Maxwell, Bryan, Wootten, Legg, Starkey,
Landing, Kessler, Goldsborough, Warfield, Brune, Winans, Maryland was spared a bloody baptism.
Harrison, Thomas, Wallis, Sangston, Morfit, Scott, Griffith,
Gordon, Mills-31.

on Secession Ordinances* in South Carolina, Florida, and Arkansas.

NAYS-Messrs. Medders, Ford, Denison, Quinlan, Ren-Votes shaw, Dennis of Somerset, Stanford, Lawson, McIntire, Miller, Routzahn, Johnson, Salmon, Naill, Straughn, Wilson, Bayless, McCoy, Fiery, Brining, McCleary, Gorsuch-22.


June 22-The Senate passed these resolutions -yeas 9, nays 3, as follows:

YEAS-Messrs. Brooke, President, Blakistone, Dashiell, Franklin, Gardiner, McKaig, Townsend, Watkins, Whitaker-9.

NAYS-Messrs. Duvall, Heckart, Lynch-3.



In South Carolina, it passed unanimously: YEAS-Messrs. James II. Adams, Robert T. Allison, David C. Appleby, Samuel Taylor Atkinson, Lewis Malone Ayer, Thomas W. Beaty, A. W Bethea, E. St. P. Bellinger, Simp Jr., R. W. Barnwell, A. I. Barron, Donald Rowe Barton, son Bobo, Peter P. Bonneau, J. J. Brabham, Alexander II. Brown, C. P. Brown, Jno. Buchanan, A. W. Burnett, William Cain, John Alfred Calhoun, Joseph Caldwell, W. H. Campbell, Meyrick E. Caru, James II. Carlisle, James Parsons Carroll, H. I. Caughman, W. C. Cauthen, Elgar W. Charles, James Chesnut, Jr., Langdon Cheves. Ephraim M. Clark, H. W. Conner, R. L. Crawford, William Curtis, A.

May 2-It was taken up-yeas 14, nays 8, as T. Darby, Julius A. Dargan, R. J. Davant, Henry Campbell follows:

YEAS-Messrs. Brooke, President; Blackistone, Duvall, Dashiell, Franklin, Grahame, Gardiner, Heckart, Lynch, McKaig, Townsend, Watkins, Whitaker, Yellott-14.

Davis, W. F. DeSaussure, Richard De Treville, Anthony W.
Dunovant, R. G. M. Dunoyant, Daniel DuPre, W. K. Easley,
Dozier, Perry E. Duncan, Benjamin Fanneil Duukin, A. Q.
*For Vote on Virginia Ordinance, see note, page 7; and

NAYS-Messrs. Bradley, Goldsborough of Talbot, Golds-on Tennessee League, note, page 5.

William J. Ellis, Thomas Reese English, Sr., Chesley D.
Evans, Simeon Fair, W. Peronneau Finley, Daniel Flud, Alex-
ander M. Forster, B. B. Foster, John E. Frampton, James C.
Forman, Jas. M. Gadberry, H. W. Garlington, John C. Geiger,
Wm. H. Gist. Thos Worth Glover, E. W. Goodwin, Robert
N Gourdin, T. L. Gourdin, H. D. Green, Maxcy Gregg, Wil-
liam Gregg, William S. Grisham, Andrew J. Hammond,
Thomas M. Hanckel, William W. Hurlee, James Harrison,
Isaac W Hayne, E. R. Henderson, John H. Honour, Wil-
liam Hopkins, William Hunter, W. Ferguson Hutson, John
A Inglis, John J. Ingram, Stephen Jackson, James Jeff-
eries, John Jenkins, seph E. Jenkins, William D. John-
son, Lawrence M. Kent, Joseph Brevard Kershaw, Benja-
min F. Kilgore, John P. Kinnard, John H. Kinsler, John
G. Landrum, Benjamin W. Lawton, Andrew F. Lewis, R. C.
Logan, William Strother Lyles, Edward McCrady, Henry
McIver, John McKee, Alexander McLeod, A. G. Magrath,
Gabriel Manigault, John L. Manning, Benjamin Franklin
Mauldin, John Maxwell, Alexander Mazyck, John Hugh
Means, C. G. Memminger, John Izard Middleton, William
Middleton, William Porcher Miles, Thomas W. Moore, Rob-
ert Moorman, Matthew P. Moyes, Edward Noble, John N.
Nowell, John S. O'Hear, James L. Orr, John S. Palmer,
Francis S. Parker, Thomas Chiles Perrin, Joseph Daniel
Pope, Francis J. Porcher, John G. Pressley, Paul Quat-
tlebaum, Samuel Rainey, J. P. Reed, R. Barnwell Rhett,
George Rhodes, F. D. Richardson, John P. Richardson, D.
P. Robinson, W. B. Rowell, B. H. Rutledge, Elias B. Scott,
E. M. Seabrook, George W. Seabrook, Benj. E. Sessions, Jno.
M. Shingler, W. Pinkney Shingler, Thos Y. Simons, R. F.
Simpson, J. S. Sims, Jas. C. Smiley, John Julius Pringle
Smith, P. G. Snowden, Albertus Chambers Spain, L. W.
Spratt, A. Baxter Springs, Peter Stokes, Robert A. Thomp-
son, Thomas Thomson, John M. Timmons, James Tompkins,
John Townsend, Theodore D. Wagner, John J. Wannama-
ker, David Lewis Wardlaw, Francis Hugh Wardlaw, W. D.
Watts, Thomas Weir, J. N. Whitner, John D. Williams,
Isaac D. Wilson, J. H. Wilson, William Blackburn Wilson,
T. J. Withers, Richard Woods, Henry C. Young, David F.
Jamison, President-170.

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In Florida, this was the vote:

YEAS-Mr. President, Judge John C. McGehee, Messrs. Alderman, Allison, Anderson, Baker of Calhoun, Barring ton, Beard, Bethel, Chanler, Collier, Coon, Cooper, Daniel, Davis, Dawkins, Devall, Dilworth, Finegan, Folsom, Gary, Gettis, Glazier, Golden, Helvenston, Henry, Hunter, Irwin, Kirksey, Ladd, Lamar, Lamb, Lea of Madison, Leigh of Sumter, Lewis, Love, McGahagin, McLean, McIntosh, McNealy, Mays, Morton, Newmans, Nicholson, Owens, Palmer, Parkhill, Pelot, Pinckney, Sanderson, Saxon, Sever, Spencer, Simpson, Solana, Stephens, Thomas, Tift, Turman, Ward, Wright of Escambia, Wright of Columbia, Yates


NAYS-Messrs. Baker of Jackson, Gregory, Hendricks,
McCaskill, Morrison, Rutland, Woodruff-7.

larhide, Philip H. Echols, H. Flanagin, William W. Floyd,
Urban E. Fort, Robert T. Fuller, R. K. Garland, A. H. Gar
land, Josiah Gould, W. P. Grace, Thomas B. Hanly, Marcus
L. Hawkins, Benjamin F. Hawkins, L. D. Hill, Isaac Hil-
liard, Burr H. Hobbs, A. W. Hobson, J. P. Johnson, M. Shelby
Kennard, Felix R. Lanier, G. W. Lai ghinghouse, W. W.
Mansfield, William M. Mayo, J. Henry Patterson, Archibald
Ray, J. A. Rhodes, Samuel Robinson, J. N. Shelton, W. F.
Slemons, J. M. Smith, George P. Smoote, W. H. Spivey, J.
Stillwell, William Stout, William V. Tatum, James L.
Totten, Benjamin C. Totten, E. T. Walke, I. C. Wallace,
W. W. Watkins, James Yell-55.

NAYS-H. H. Bolinger, John Campbell F. W. Desha, A.
W. Dinsmore, Isaiah Dodson, W. M. Fishback, Samuel L.
Griffith, T. M. Gunter, Samuel Kelley, I. Murphy, John P.
A. Parks, S. J. Stallings, Hugh F. Thomason, Jesse Turner,
David Walker, President-15.

The Ordinance of Secession then passed-yeas 65, nays 5, as follows:

YEAS-Messrs. Alexander Adams, Charles W. Adams, Austin, Baber, Batson, Bradley, Bush, Bussey, Carrigan, Clingman, Crenshaw, Cryer, Cypert, Cochran, Desha, Dinsmoro, Dodson, Dollarhide, Echols, Fishback, Flanagin, Floyd, Fort, Fuller, R. K. Garland, A. H. Garland, Gould, Grace, Griffith, Hanly, Marcus L. Hawkins, Benjamin F. Hawkins, Hill, Hilliard, Hobbs, Hobson, Johnson, Kennard, Lanier, Laughinghouse, Mansfield, Mayo, Parks, J. Henry Patter son, Ray, Rhodes, Robinson, Shelton, Slemons, Smith, Smoote, Spivey, Stallings, Stillwell, Stout, Tatum, Thomason, James L. Totten, Benjamin C. Totten, Turner, E. T. Walker, Wallace, Watkins, Yell, and David Walker, Presi dent-65. NAYS-Messrs. Bolinger, Campbell, Gunter, Kelley, Murphy-5.

On the President urging unanimity, Messrs. Bolinger and Campbell changed their votes to aye, with the explanation "that they voted against the ordinance as pledged to the people, but to secure unanimity changed, at the same time denying the right of secession;" Messrs. Kelley and Gunter changed to aye, with the explanation that they were in favor of revolution, but ignored the right of secession." Mr. Fishback explained his vote. As declared, the yeas were 69, nay 1-Mr. Isaac Murphy, now Governor of the free State, who also refused to sign the ordinance after its passage. The names of H. Jackson, Joseph Jester, and H. W. Williams are not appended, though they are among the yeas. Craighead county was not represented. J. H. Stirman was permitted to affix his name, May 14.

In Arkansas, the Convention adjourned March 21st, until the 19th of August, 1861, (see page Elias C. Boudinot was Secretary of the Con4,) but its President, David Walker, as author-vention, with John P. Jones as assistant. Benized in an exigency in his opinion requiring it, jamin F. Arthur was clerk of the South Caroon the 20th of April issued a Proclamation con- lina Convention, and Albert R. Lamar secretary vening it on the 6th of May-the reason given of the Georgia. being that "preparations are being made for a war between the citizens of the free and the slave States."

1861, May 6-The question being on an ordinance of secession, Mr. A. W. Dinsmore offered

this amendment:

And that the above ordinance be submitted to the citizens of the State of Arkansas, for their acceptance or rejection, by a writ of election, issued by the president of this Convention, to be held on the 1st Monday of June next.

On motion of J. Henry Patterson, this amendment was tabled-yeas 55, nays 15, as follows: YEAS-Messrs. Alexander Adams, Charles W. Adams, Thomas F. Austin, Milton D. Baber, Felix I. Batson, Thomas H. Bradley, James W. Bush, II. Bussey, A. H. Carrigan. Alexander M. Clingman, James W. Crenshaw, Wiley P. Cryer, Jesse N. Cypert, Samuel W. Cochran, James S. Dol


The Legislature of Georgia and Mississippi have passed resolutions disapproving, as unconstitutional, the bill suspending the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus, and demanding its repeal.

Alabama is reported to have furnished 40,000 men to the army; Florida, 4,000; Georgia, 54,000; Louisiana, 36,000; Mississippi, 40,000; North Carolina, 25,000; South Carolina, 25,000; Texas, 29,000; Tennessee, 34,000; Virginia, 103,000; Arkansas, 28,000; Kentucky, 20,000; Maryland, 20,000; Missouri, 35,000; total, 501,000. The estimate of Maryland must be excessive.


The "Provisional.”

FEBRUARY 18, 1861, TO FEBRUARY 18, 1862. Those formerly members of the Congress of the United States are italicized.

President Jefferson Davis, of Mississippi.

Vice President-Alexander H. Stephens, of Georgia.


Secretary of State-Robert Toombs, of Georgia, from Febru-
ary 21 to July 30; resigned, and succeeded by Robert
M. T. Hunter, of Virginia,
Secretary of the Treasury-Charles G. Memminger, of South
Carolina, from February 21.

Secretary of War-Leroy Pope Walker, of Alabama, from

February 21 to September 10; resigned, and succeeded by Judah P. Benjamin, of Louisiana.

Secretary of the Navy-Stephen R. Mallory, of Florida, from March 4.

Attorney General-Judah P. Benjamin, of Louisiana, from

February 21 to September; resigned, and succeeded by
Thomas H. Watts, of Alabama.

Postmaster General John H. Reagan, of Texas, from March 6, Henry J. Ellet, of Mississippi, first appointed, having declined.


Secretary of War-It was reported that the position was offered to General Braxton Bragg, of Louisiana, but declined, after Mr. Walker's resignation.

Secretary of the Navy--Also, that John Perkins, Jr., of
Louisiana, was first appointed, but declined.
Mr. Toombs was appointed a brigadier general in July,
1861, and Mr. Walker August 20, 1861.

The President and Vice President were elected by the Congress, February 9, 1861, receiving the unanimou vote of the six States then composing the Confederacy.

[blocks in formation]

Georgia-Robert Toombs, Howell Cobb, Francis S. Bartow,
Martin J. Crawford, Eugenius A. Nisbet, Benjamin H.
Hill, Augustus R. Wright, Thomas R. R. Cobb, Augus-
tus H. Kenan, Alexander H. Stephens.
Kentucky-Henry C. Burnett, Jolin Thomas, Theo. L. Bur-

nett, S. H. Ford, Thos. B. Johnson, Geo. W. Ewing, D. V. White, J. M. Elliott, M. S. B. Munroe, G. B. Hodges. Louisiana-John Perkins, Jr., A. de Clouet, Charles M. Comrad, Duncan F. Kenner, Edward Sparrow, Henry Mar. shal. Mississippi-Wiley P. Harris, Walter Brooke, W. S. Wilson, A. M. Clayton, William S. Barry, James T. Harrison, J. A. P. Campbell.

Missouri-William H. Cook, Thomas A. Harris, Caspar W. Bell, A. H. Conrow, George G. Vest, Thomas W. Freeman, Samuel Hyer.

North Carolina*-George Davis, William W. Avery, William N. H. Smith, Thomas Ruffin, Thomas D. McDowell, Abram W. Venable, John M. Morehead, Robert C. Pur year, Burton Craige, Andrew J. Davidson.

South Carolina*—R. Barnwell Rhett, Sr., Robert W. Barnwell, Lawrence M. Keitt, James Chesnut, Jr., Charles G. Memminger, William Porcher Miles, Thomas J. Withers, William W. Boyce.

Tennessee*-W. H. DeWitt, Robert L. Caruthers, James H. Thomas, Thomas M. Jones, John F. House, John D. C. Atkins, David M. Curria.

Texas Louis T. Wigfall, John H Reagan, John Hemphill, T. N. Waul, William B. Ochiltree, W. S. Oldham, John Gregg.

Virginia James A. Seddon, William Ballard Preston, Robert M. T. Hunter, John Tyler, Sr., William H. Mac farland, Roger A. Pryor, Thomas S. Bocock, William C. Rives, Robert E. Scott, James M. Mason, J. W. Brockenbrough, Charles W. Russell, Robert Johnson, Waller R. Staples, Walter Preston.


J. Johnson Hooper, of Alabama, was Secretary of the Con

gress. Alabama-David P. Lewis and Thomas Fearn, elected De

puties, were succeeded during the year by II. C. Jones and Nicholas Davis, Jr. Mr. Shorter was elected Governor in November, 1861. Mr. McRae was after wards appointed a brigadier general, and is now the cotton loan agent in Paris. Mr. Yancey was nominated for, but declined election to, the Provisional Congress, and was sent to Europe to negotiate for " Confederate" recognition.

Arkansas-Admitted, at second session, in May, 1861. Florida--J. Patton Anderson resigned early in the term. and was succeeded by G. T. Ward.

Georgia-Mr. Toombs resigned, February 21, to become Provisional Secretary of State; in July was appointed a brigadier general. Mr. Howell Cobb subsequently became brigadier general, and now is a major general. Mr. Crawford subsequently became a cavalry colonel in the army, and was once a prisoner. Mr. Thomas R. R. Cobb became colonel of the Georgia Legion late in 1861 or early in 1862, and was killed at the first Fredericksburg battle, December 13, 1862. Mr. Stephens accepted the Vice Prest lency, February 11, 1861. Kentucky-Admitted, at fourth session, in December, 1861. Missouri-Admitted, at fourth session, in December, 1861;

See memorandum at the close of the list.

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