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After clearance, hours; and that after any clearance is granted, but before the vessel shall ing, master to file be allowed to depart, the master or other person in charge of such vessel, sworn passenger carrying passengers, shall file with the collector, or other officer of the list with col

customs granting the clearance, a list, verified by the oath of the master, lector.

or other agent, or owner of the vessel, of all passengers received, or to be received, on the vessel so cleared, for conveyance during the proposed

voyage, designating cabin and (and) steerage passengers distinctly; and on Departure per- the receipt by such customs officer on the full list so verified, a departure mit;

permit shall be given, without which no vessel conveying passengers shall to be shown go to sea; and such departure permit shall be shown to the pilot of each pilot.

vessel before he shall have authority to take the vessel to sea; and any

pilot who shall, without such authority being shown to him, pilot a ve-sel Penalty upon to sea, shall be subject to a fine of one hundred dollars, and a revocation pilot, if, &c.

of his license. Master of pas

Sec. 5. That the master or commander of any vessel carrying passensenger vessel, &c. at port in

gers from any port or ports in the United States to any port or place in Mexico, &c. to Mexico or Central America shall, immediately on arriving at such lastgive to consul

mentioned port or place, deliver to the United States consul, vice-consul, two-copies of lists of passen

or commercial agent at such port two copies of the list of passengers regers.

quired to be kept on such vessel by said section thirty-five of the act of August thirty, eighteen hundred and fifty-two, embracing all the passengers on board the vessel at any time during its voyage up to its said arrival, and duly verified by the oath of such master or commander, and by the inspec

tion of the consul, vice-consul, or commercial agent, previous to or at the Disposition of landing of the passengers ; one of which copies the said consul, vice-consul, the copies.

or commercial agent shall file in his office, and the other of which he shall

transmit, without delay, to the collector of the port in the United States Penalty for from wbich the vessel last cleared. And if such master or commander neglect.

shall refuse or neglect to comply with the requirements of this section, or shall knowingly make a false return of the list of passengers, he, together with the owner or owners of said vessel, shall be subject to a fine of not less than ten thousand dollars, and such fine shall be a lien upon the ves

sel until paid. Provisions of Sec. 6. That the provisions of section twelve of the act entitled “ An § 12 of act of

act to provide for the better security of the lives of passengers on board 1838, ch. 191, extended. of vessels propelled in whole or in part by steam,” approved July seventh,

eighteen hundred and thirty-eight, be, and the same are hereby, extended to the owner or owners of any steamboat or other vessel propelled in whole or in part by steam, and to all public officers, by, or in consequence of, whose fraud, connivance, misconduct, or violation of law, the life or lives of any person or persons on board such steamboat or vessel may be

destroyed. Penalty upon

Sec. 7. That if the owner or owners, master, commander, or other perowner, &c. for

son in charge of any steamboat or other vessel, shall wilfully present, or presenting false lists of passen

cause to be presented, any false or fraudulent list or lists of its passengers, gers.

or copies thereof, to any consul, vice-consul, commercial agent, collector, or other custom-house officer, or of the departure permit to any pilot, be or they shall be held guilty of misdemeanor, and on conviction thereof shall be imprisoned for a term not exceeding two years ; and the vessel

shall be liable to seizure and forfeiture. Synopsis of Sec. 8. That the Secretary of the Treasury shall cause to be prepared passenger laws to

a synopsis of such of the laws relating to the carriage of be printed, &c.;


passengers, their safety on vessels propelled in whole or in part by steam, as he shall think expedient, and have the same printed in convenient form to be framed under glass, and give to any such vessel two copies, on application

of its owners or master, who shall, without unnecessary delay, have the to be kept in same framed under glass, and place and keep them in conspicuous places conspicuous in such vessel, in the same manner as is provided by law in regard to place on board

certificates of inspectors; and no clearance shall be issued to such vessel vessel.

until the collector or other chief [officer) of the customs shall be satisfied Clearance not

to be issued until, that the provisions of this section shall have been complied with by such

&c. owners or master ; and in case such owners or master shall neglect or refuse to comply with provisions of this section, he or they shall furthermore forfeit and pay for each offence one hundred dollars, and such fine Forfeiture. shall be a lien upon the vessel until paid.

Sec. 9. That informers shall be entitled to one half of any penalty or Informers enfine collected under this act, or the said act of March third, eighteen titled to half of

, hundred and fifty-five, upon their information.

Sec. 10. That all steamers and other vessels belonging to a citizen or Steamers bound to citizens of the United States, and bound from any port in the United to or from foreign States to any other port therein, or to any foreign port, or from any foreign ceive on board port to any port in the United States, shall, before clearance, receive on certain gold, &c. board all such bullion, coin, United States notes and bonds and other securities as the government of the United States or any department thereof, or any minister, consul, vice-consul, or commercial or other agent of the United States abroad shall offer, and shall securely convey and promptly deliver the same to the proper authorities or consignees on arriving at the port of destination, and shall receive for such service such reasonable compensation as may be allowed to other carriers in the ordinary transactions of business.

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CHAP. I. - An Act in Addition to the Act respecting Quarantines and Health Laws,Stat. at Large,

approved February twenty-fifth, one thousand seren hundred and ninety-nine, and for the Vol. XIII. p. 419. better Execution of the third Section thereof.

1799, ch. 12. Be it enacted, &c. That the Secretary of the Treasury be, and he is Warehouses to

be erected in hereby, authorized to purchase or erect suitable warehouses and other

New York for conveniences for the storage of goods and merchandise imported in any storage of imvessel subject to quarantine or other restraint, pursuant to the health laws ports in vessels of the State of New York, at such convenient place or places within or antine.

subject to quarnear the port of New York as the safety of the public revenue and the observance of such health laws may require; and the sum of twenty Appropriation. thousand dollars is hereby appropriated, out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, to defray the expense thereof.

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Six steam rey

CHAP. III. – An Act to authorize the Purchase or Construction of Revenue Cutters on the Stat. at Large, Lakes.

Vol. XIII. p. 419. Be it enacted, &c. That the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized to con- enue cutters for struct, or purchase and alter, not exceeding six steam revenue cutters, for the lakes author

ized. service on the lakes; and for that purpose the sum of one million of dol

Appropriation. lars, or so much thereof as is necessary, is hereby appropriated, out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated.

No. 481. - DECEMBER 22, 1864. CHAP. IX. – An Act to extend the Time allowed for the Withdrawal of certain Goods Stat. at Large, therein numed from public Stores.

Vol. XIII. p. 420. Be it enacted, &c. That in computing the three years allowed by the Time for withtwenty-first section of the act entitled “ An act increasing temporarily the drawal of certain duties on imports, and for other purposes," approved July fourteenth, jie stores exeighteen hundred and sixty-two, for the withdrawal of goods from any


1862. ch.163, $21. public store or bonded warehouse for exportation to foreign countries, or transhipment to any port of the Pacific or western coast of the United

States, if such exportation or transhipment of any goods shall, either for
the whole or any part of the said term of three years have been prevented
by reason of any order of the President of the United States, the time
during which such exportation or transhipment of such goods shall have
been so prevented, as aforesaid, shall be excluded from the said com-

No. 482. — JANUARY 18, 1865.
Stat. at Large, [No. 6.) Joint Resolution providing for the Termination of the Reciprocity Treaty of fifth
Vol. XIII. p. 566. June, eighteen hundred and fifty-four, between the United States and Great Britain.

Notice to ter- WHEREAS it is provided in the reciprocity treaty concluded at Washminate the reci

ington, the fifth of June, eighteen hundred and fifty-four, between the procity treaty with Great Brit- United States, of the one part, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain ain.

and Ireland, of the other part, that this treaty “shall remain in force for Stat. at Large, Vol. x. p. 1089.' ten years from the date at which it may come into operation, and further

until the expiration of twelve months after either of the high contracting

parties shall give notice to the other of its wish to terminate the same ;” Stat. at Large, and whereas it appears, by a proclamation of the President of the United Vol. x. p. 1179.

States, bearing date sixteenth March, eighteen hundred and fifty-five, that
the treaty came into operation on that day; and whereas, further, it is no
longer for the interests of the United States to continue the same in force:

Resolved, &c. That notice be given of the termination of the reci-
procity treaty, according to the provision therein contained for the termina-
tion of the same; and the President of the United States is hereby
charged with the communication of such notice to the government of the
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

ant treasurers

No. 483. — FEBRUARY 13, 1865.
Stat. at Large, CHAP. XXXII. – An Act to provide for Acting Assistant Treasurers or Depositaries of
Vol. XIII. p. 427.

the United States in certain Cases. Acting assist

Be it enacted, &c. That in case of the sickness or unavoidable absence and depositaries


any assistant treasurer or depositary of the United States from his of the United office, he may, with the approval of the Secretary of the Treasury, States.

authorize the chief clerk, or some other clerk employed therein, to act in

his place, and to discharge all the duties required by law of such assistant Bond. treasurer or depositary: Provided, That the official bond given by the

principal of the office shall be held to cover and apply to the acts of the

person appointed to act in his place in such cases : And provided further, Acting officers That such acting officer shall, for the time being, be subject to all the liasubject to penal- bilities and penalties prescribed by law for the official misconduct, in like

cases, of the assistant treasurer or depositary respectively for whom he
shall act.

No. 484. - FEBRUARY 20, 1865.
Stat, at Large, CHAP. XLII. — An Act to enlarge the Port of Entry and Delivery for the District of
Vol. XIII. p. 431.

Philadelphia. 1822, ch. 24.

Be it enacted, &c. That the port of entry and delivery for the district of Philadelphia shall be bounded on the river Delaware by Frankfort Creek, on the north, and Broad Street, on the south.

Sec. 2. That all acts or parts of acts conflicting with the provisions of this act be, and the same are hereby, repealed.

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No. 485. FEBRUARY 25, 1865.
CHAP. LV; - An Act supplemental to an Act entitled "An Act to anner a Part of the

Stat. at Large,
State of New Jersey to the Collection District of New York, and to appoint an Assistant Vol. XIII.
Collector to reside at Jersey City," approved February twenty-one, eighteen hundred and

Be it enacted, &c. That the assistant collector appointed under the act Enrolment and entitled “ An act to annex a part of the State of New Jersey to the col- license of certain lection district of New York, and to appoint an assistant collector to reside Hudson and Berat Jersey City,” approved February twenty-one, eighteen hundred and gen Counties, sixty-three, be, and he hereby is, authorized to enroll and license, according to the laws of the United States, all vessels engaged in the coasting-trade and fisheries, owned in whole or in part by residents of the counties of Hudson and Bergen, in the State of New Jersey; and all such enrolments and licenses shall be as valid and effectual as if the same had been effected in any other port of the United States ; and the said assistant collector, in the enrolment and licensing of vessels, shall be subject to the laws of the United States, and liable to all the penalties and responsibilities imposed upon collectors in like cases.

No. 486. - FEBRUARY 28, 1865.
CHAP. LXVII. — An Act to revive certain Provisions of the Act entitled An Act fur-

Stat. at Large, ther to provide for the Collection of Duties on Imports and Tonnage,approved March Vol. XIII. p. 441. three, eighteen hundred and fifteen, and for other Purposes.

1815, ch. 94.

Vol. iii. p. 231. Be it enacted, &c. That the first sentence of the second section of the act entitled “ An act further to provide for the collection of duties on imports and tonnage," approved March three, eighteen hundred and fifteen, to wit: “ That it shall be lawful for any collector, naval officer, surveyor Beasts of buror inspector of the customs, as well in any adjoining district as that to den, carriages, which he belongs, to stop, search, and examine any carriage or vehicle of &c. carrying any kind whatsoever, and to stop any person travelling on foot or beast how may be of burden on which he shall suspect there are goods, wares, or merchan- seized and con

fiscated. dise which are subject to duty, or which shall have been introduced into the United States in any manner contrary to law; and if such officer shall stop any goods, wares, or merchandise on any such carriage, vehicle, person travelling on foot or beast of burden, which he shall have probable cause to believe are subject to duty or have been unlawfully introduced into the United States, he shall seize and secure the same for trial,” be, and the same is hereby, revived and re-enacted ; and every such beast of burden, carriage, or vehicle, together with the teams or other motive power, and all the appurtenances used in conveying such goods, wares, or merchandise, shall be subject to seizure and forfeiture in like manner as is by law now provided in regard to such goods, wares, and merchandise; and all fines, penalties, and forfeitures recovered under this act, or in consequence of such seizures, shall be disposed of as is provided in other cases by the ninety-first section of the act entitled “ An act to regulate the collection of duties on imports and tonnage,” approved March second, seven- 1799, ch. 22, § 91. teen hundred and ninety-nine; and the last proviso of said ninety-first Repeal. section is hereby repealed. Sec. 2. That the power and authority given to collectors, naval officers,

Certain au

thority of collecand surveyors by the sixty-eighth section of the said last-mentioned act

&c. extendbe, and the same are hereby, extended to inspectors of the customs; and ed to inspectors any officer or other person entitled to or interested in a part or share of of customs. any fine, penalty, or forfeiture incurred under this or any other law of the ested in penalty United States, may be examined as a witness in any of the proceedings may be witfor the recovery of such fine, penalty, or forfeiture by either of the parties thereto, and such examination shall not deprive such witness of his or her share or interest in such fine, penalty, or forfeiture.



Search of

Sec. 3. That in case any store, warehouse, or other building shall be buildings near boundary line

upon or near the boundary line between the United States and any foreign of the United country, and there is reason to believe that dutiable goods are deposited States.

or have been placed therein or carried through or into the same without payment of duties, and in violation of law, and the collector, deputy collector, naval officer, or surveyor of customs, shall make oath before any magistrate competent to administer the same, that he has reason to believe, and does believe, that such offence has been therein committed, such officer shall have the right to search such building and the premises belong

ing thereto; and if any such goods shall be found therein, the same, together Forfeiture. with such building, shall be seized, forfeited, and disposed of according to

law, and the said building shall be forth with taken down or removed. And any person or persons who shall have received or deposited in such building, or carried through the same, any goods, as aforesaid, or shall

have aided therein, in violation of law, shall, upon due conviction before Penalty for any court of competent jurisdiction, be punished by fine not exceeding such sinuggling. ten thousand dollars, or by imprisonment not exceeding two years, or by

both such fine and imprisonment. Penalty for, SEC. 4. That the first section of the act of April second, eighteen increased. 1844, ch. 8, 1.

hundred and forty-tour, entitled “ An act directing the disposition of certain unclaimed goods, wares, or merchandise, seized for being illegally imported into the United States," be so amended that in place of the word “one,” wherever the same may be found in said section, the word “five shall be inserted.

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No. 487. FEBRUARY 28, 1865. Stat. at Large,

CHAP. LXIX. - An Act relating to the Enrolment and License of certain Vessels. Vol. XIII. p. 444.

Enrolment and Be it enacted, &c. That whenever it shall become necessary for the license of vessels owner or owners of any vessel of the United States navigating the westin westeru rivers, &c. where may

ern rivers and the waters on the northern, northeastern, and northwestern be made. frontiers of the United States otherwise than by sea, and being in a dis

trict other than that to which such vessel shall belong, to procure her enrolment and license, or license, or renewal thereof, the same proceedings may be had in the district in which said vessel then shall be, as are now, or shall then be required by law, on application for such enrolment and

license, or license, or renewal thereof, as the case may be, in the district Bond, &c, to which such vessel may belong, excepting the giving of bond and the

enrolment and issuance of license; and the officer before whom such proProceedings. ceedings shall be had shall certify the same to the collector of the district

to which such vessel shall belong, who shall thereupon, on the said owner or owners giving bond as required in other cases, duly enroll the said vessel and issue license in the same form as if the application had originally been made in his office; and either deliver the said license to said owner or owners, or forward it by mail to the officer who certified to him the pre

liminary proceedings, and who shall, in such case, deliver the said license Proviso. to the owner or owners or master of the vessel: Provided, That this act

shall not be construed so as in any respect to change existing laws, excepting in so far as it enable such owners to procure enrolment or license, or renewal thereof, without returning their vessels to their home ports or districts.

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