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Examination quality of the material of which the boiler-plates of any such boiler so of boiler plates. submitted to their inspection are made; and to satisfy themselves by any

suitable means, whether the mode of manufacturing has been such as to produce iron equal to good iron made with charcoal, such as in their

judgment may be used for generating steam-power without hazard to life; Qualities to be and no such boiler shall be approved which is made of unsuitable material, required.

or of which the manufacture is imperfect, or is not in their opinion, of suitable strength, or whose plates are less than one fourth of an inch in thickness, for a high-pressure boiler of forty-two inches in diameter, and in that proportion of strength according to the maximum of working pressure allowed for high-pressure boilers of greater or less diameter, or which is made of any but wrought iron of a quality equal to good iron

made with charcoal. Boiler plates SEC. 15. That all plates of boiler-iron shall be distinctly and permato be stamped. nently stamped in such manner as the Secretary of the Treasury shall

prescribe, and if practicable, in such place or places that the mark shall be left visible after the plates are worked into boilers; with the name of the manufacturer, the quality of the iron, and whether or not hammered, and

the place where the same is manufactured. Penalty for Sec. 16. That it shall be unlawful to use in such vessel for generating making or using steam for power, a boiler, or steam-pipe connecting the boilers made after hereafter of un


passage of this act, of any iron unless it has been stamped by the manstamped plates. ufacturer as herein provided; and if any person shall make for use in any

such vessel, a boiler of iron not so stamped, intended to generate steam for power, he shall, for any such offence, forfeit five hundred dollars, to be recovered in an action of debt by any person suing for the same; and any person using or causing to be used in any such vessel such a boiler to

generate steam for power, shall forfeit a like sum for each offence. Penalty for Sec. 17. That if any person shall counterfeit the marks and stamps fraud, &c. as to required by this act, or shall falsely stamp any boiler-iron, and be constamps.

victed thereof, he shall be fined not exceeding five hundred dollars and Penalty for imprisoned not exceeding two years. And if any person or persons shall using the stamp stamp or mark plates with the name or marks of another with intent to intent to defraud. mislead, deceive, or defraud, such person or persons shall be liable to any

one injured thereby, for all damage occasioned by such fraud or deception.

Sec. 18. That in order to carry this act fully into execution, the PresiNine supervis- dent of the United States shall, with the advice of the Senate, appoint nine ing inspectors, supervising inspectors, who shall be selected for their knowledge, skill, and

Their qualifi- experience in the uses of steam for navigation, and who are competent cations. judges not only of the character of vessels but of all parts of the machinery

employed in steaming, who shall assemble together at such places as they To meet as a may agree upon once in each year at least, for joint consultation and the board at least

establishment of rules and regulations for their own conduct and that of yearly.

May establish the several boards of inspectors within the districts, and also to assign to rules, and assign each of the said nine inspectors the limits of territory within which he limits. Pay of said

shall perform his duties. And the said supervising inspectors shall each supervising in. be paid for his services after the rate of fifteen hundred dollars a year, and spectors. in addition thereto, his actual reasonable travelling expenses, incurred in Their expenses.

the necessary performance of his duty when away from the principal port

in his district, and certified and sworn to by him under such instructions as Expense of

shall be given by the Secretary of the Treasury, who is hereby authortransportation of instruments of ized to pay such salaries, and also such travelling expenses, and the actual examination. reasonable expenses (both to them and other inspectors) of transporting Payment of

from place to place the instruments used in inspections, which expenses supervising and local inspectors. shall be proved to his satisfaction.

Duties of Sec. 19. That the supervising inspectors shall watch over all parts of supervising in

the territory assigned them, shall visit, confer with, and examine into the spectors.

doings of the several boards of inspectors, and shall, whenever they think it expedient, visit such vessels, licensed, and examine into their condition, for the purpose of ascertaining whether the provisions of this act lave been observed and complied with, both by the board of inspectors and the master and owners; and it shall be the duty of all masters, engineers, and

Their reasonpilots of such vessels, to answer all reasonable inquiries and to give all the abla inquiries, to information in their power, in regard to any such vessel so visited, and her information to machinery for steaming, and the manner of managing both.

be given them. Sec. 20. That whenever a supervising inspector ascertains to his satis- Duties as to faction that the master, engineer, pilot, or owners of any such vessel fail prosecution of to perform their duties according to the provisions of this act, he shall re- comply with this port the facts in writing to the board in the district where the vessel act. belongs, and, if need be, cause the negligent or offending parties to be prosecuted; and if he has good reason to believe there has been, through Report as to

neglect of local negligence, or from any other cause, a failure of the board who inspected board. the vessel to do its duty, he shall report the facts in writing to the Secretary of the Treasury, who shall cause immediate investigation into the truth of the complaint, and if he deems the cause sufficient, shall remove Delinquent to the delinquent.

be removed. Sec. 21, That it shall be the duty of such supervising inspectors to see

Duties as to that the said several boards within their respective collection districts exe- local boards.

supervising the cute their duties faithfully, promptly, and, as far as possible, uniformly, in all places, by following out the provisions of this act, according to the true intent and meaning thereof; and they shall, as far as practicable by their established rules, harmonize differences of opinion when they exist in different boards.

SEC. 22. That the said supervising inspectors shall also visit collection Provision, districts in which there are no boards of inspectors, if there be any where were there is steamers are owned or employed, and each one shall bave full power to where it is inconinspect any such steamer or boilers of each steamer in any such district, or venient to resort in any other district where, from distance or other cause, it is inconvenient to resort to the local board, and to grant certificates of approval according to the provisions of this act, and to do and perform in such districts all the duties imposed upon boards in the districts where they exist: Provided, That no supervising or other inspector shall be deemed competent to in- No inspector spect in any case where he is directly or indirectly personally interested, to act where he

is interested, or or is associated in business with any person who is so interested, but in

associated with all such cases the duty shall be performed by disinterested inspectors, and persons in interinspection made in violation of this rule shall be void and of no effect.

Inspection by Sec. 23. That it shall be the duty of each of the collectors or other such interested chief officer of the customs for the districts aforesaid, except San Francisco, person to be

void. to make known without delay, to the collectors of all the said districts, ex

Each collector cept San Francisco, the names of all persons licensed as engineers or to report the pilots for such vessels, and the names of all persons from whom upon ap

licenses granted

or refused. plication, licenses have been withheld, and the names of all whose licenses have been revoked or suspended, and also the names of all such vessels which neglect or refuse to make such repairs as may be ordered under the provisions of this act, and the names of all for which license has been, on application, refused.

Sec. 24. That it shall be the duty of the collectors or other chief offi- Collectors, incers of the customs and of the inspectors aforesaid, within the said several spectors, &c: 10 districts, to enforce the provisions of law against all such steamers arriving cing this law, on and departing ; and upon proof that any collector or other chief oflicer of penalty of loss

of office and a the customs, or inspector, has negligently or intentionally omitted his duty fine. in this particular, such delinquent shall be removed from office, and shall also be subject to a penalty of one hundred dollars for each offence, to be Penalty. sued for in an action of debt before any court of competent jurisdiction.

Sec. 25. That the collector or other chief officer of the customs, shall Collector to reretain on file all original certificates of the inspectors required by of inspectors and this act to be delivered to him, and shall give to the master or owner of to give out two the vessel therein named, two certified copies thereof, one of which shall certified copies.




One copy to be be placed by such master or owner in some conspicuous place in the kept posted in a conspicuous

vessel, where it will be most likely to be observed by passengers and place in the others, and there kept at all times; the other shall be retained by such See 1864, ch.

master or owner as evidence of the authority thereby conferred ; and if 249, \ 3. any person shall receive or carry any passenger on board any such steamer

not having a certified copy of the certificate of approval as required by this Penalty for act, placed and kept as aforesaid ; or who shall receive or carry any gunnot having such powder, oil of turpentine, oil of vitriol, camphene, or other explosive burnposted, and for ing-fluids, or materials which ignite by friction, as freight, on board any carrying gun

steamer carrying passengers, not having a certificate authorizing the same, powder, &c. without license,

and a certified copy thereof placed and kept as aforesaid ; or who shall or improperly stow or carry any of said articles, at a place or in a manner not authorized stowed.

by such certificate, shall forfeit and pay for each offence one hundred dollars, to be recovered by action of debt in any court of competent jurisdic

tion. Penalty on in- Sec. 26. That every inspector who shall wilfully certify falsely touchspector, for giving false certific ing any such vessel propelled in whole or in part by steam, and carrying

passengers, her hull, accommodations, boilers, engines, machinery, or their appurtenances, or any of her equipments, or any matter or thing contained in any certificate signed and sworn to by him, shall on conviction thereof, be punished by fine not exceeding five hundred dollars, or imprisonment

not exceeding six months, or both. Penalty on the Sec. 27. That if any such vessel carrying passengers, having a license master for navi- and certificate, as required by this act, shall be navigated without having not being in con- her hull, accommodations, boilers, engines, machinery, and their appurteformity with

nances, and all equipments, in all things conformable to such certificate, such certificate.

the master or commander by whom she shall be so navigated, having knowledge of such defect, shall be punished by fine not exceeding one

hundred dollars, or imprisonment not exceeding two months, or both : Exception as Provided, That such master or commander shall not be liable for loss or to deficiency by deficiency occasioned by the dangers of navigation, if such loss or defigation.

ciency shall be supplied as soon as practicable. Stopping of Sec. 28. That on any such steamers navigating rivers only, when from steamers when navigation is

darkness, fog, or other cause, the pilot on watch shall be of opinion that dangerous on the navigation is unsafe, or from accident to, or derangement of the marivers.

chinery of the boat, the engineer on watch shall be of the opinion that the further navigation of the vessel is unsafe, the vessel shall be brought to

anchor, or moored, as soon as it prudently can be done : Provided, That Liability to if the person in command shall, after being so admonished by either of damages if not so stopped.

such officers, elect to pursue such voyage, he may do the same; but in such case both he and the owners of such steamer shall be answerable for all damages which shall arise to the person of any passenger and his baggage from said causes in so pursuing the voyage, and no degree of care or diligence shall in such case be held to justify or excuse the person in command, or said owners.

Sec. 29. That it shall be the duty of the supervising inspectors to esing, to be adopt- tablish such rules and regulations to be observed by all such vessels in vising board, and passing each other, as they shall from time to time deem necessary for to be kept, post- safety; two printed copies of which rules and regulations, signed by said steamboat. inspectors, shall be furnished to each of such vessels, and shall at all times

See act of Feb. be kept up in conspicuous places on such vessels, which rules shall be ob25, 1867. Penalty for

served both night and day. Should any pilot, engineer, or master of any neglecting to ob- such vessel neglect or wilfully refuse to observe the foregoing regulations, serve such rules. any delinquent so neglecting or refusing, shall be liable to a penalty of

thirty dollars, and to all damage done to any passenger, in his person or baggage, by such neglect or refusal ; and no such vessel shall be justified

in coming into collision with another if it can be avoided. Liability of Sec. 30. That whenever damage is sustained by any passenger or his owner, &c. for

baggage, from explosion, fire, collision, or other cause, the master and the

Rules for pass

owner of such vessel, or either of them, and the vessel, shall be liable to damage to paseach and every person so injured, to the full amount of damage, if it wengers or their

baggage happens through any neglect to comply with the provisions of law herein prescribed, or through known defects or imperfections of the steaming apparatus, or of the hull; and any person sustaining loss or injury through the carelessness, negligence, or wilful misconduct of an engineer or pilot, or their neglect or refusal to obey the provisions of law herein prescribed as to navigating such steamers, may sue such engineer or pilot, and recover damages for any such injury caused as aforesaid by any such engineer or pilot. Sec. 31. That before issuing the annual license to any such steamer,

Fees for inthe collector or other chief officer of the customs for the port or district, snectors' certifishall demand and receive from the owner or owners of the steamer, as a licenses. compensation for the inspections and examinations made for the year, the following sums, in addition to the fees for issuing enrolments and licenses, now allowed by law, according to the tonnage of the vessel, to wit: **** Repealed as to And each engineer and pilot licensed as herein provided, shall pay for inspection fees the first certificate granted by any inspector or inspectors, the sum of act of 1864, ch. five dollars, and for each subsequent certificate one dollar, to such in- 118.

License fees to spector or inspectors, to be accounted for and paid over to the collector or be paid to the other chief officer of the customs; and the sums derived from all the inspectors, and sources above specified shall be quarterly accounted for and paid over to buy them to the

. the United States in the same manner as other revenue.

Sec. 32. That each inspector shall keep an accurate account of every Inspectors to such steamer boarded by him during the year, and of all his official acts all their doings,

keep a record of and doings, which in the form of a report he shall communicate to the and report the collector or other chief officer of the customs, on the first days of May same to the coland November, in each year.

lector semi-an

nually. Sec. 33. That the inspectors in the following districts shall each be Compensation allowed annually, the following compensation, to be paid under the direc- of the district

inspectors. tion of the Secretary of the Treasury, in the manner officers of the revenue are paid, to wit : For the district of Portland, in Maine, three hundred dollars.

Portland. For the district of Boston and Charlestown, in Massachusetts, eight Boston and hundred dollars. For the district of New London, in Connecticut, three hundred dollars.

New London. For the district of New York, two thousand dollars.

New York. For the district of Philadelphia, in Pennsylvania, one thousand dollars. Philadelphia. For the district of Baltimore, in Maryland, one thousand dollars.

Baltimore. For the district of Norfolk, in Virginia, three hundred dollars.

Norfolk. For the district of Charleston, in South Carolina, four hundred dollars. Charleston. For the district of Savannah, in Georgia, four hundred dollars.

Savannalı. For the district of Mobile, in Alabama, one thousand dollars.

For the district of New Orleans, or in which New Orleans is the port New Orleans. of entry, in Louisiana, two thousand dollars. For the district of Galveston in Texas, three hundred dollars.

Galveston. For the district of St. Louis, in Missouri, fifteen hundred dollars.

St. Louis. For the district of Nashville, in Tennessec, four hundred dollars.

Nashville. For the district of Louisville, in Kentucky, twelve hundred dollars.

Louisville. For the district of Cincinnati, Ohio, fifteen hundred dollars.

Cincinnati. For the district of Wheeling, Virginia, five hundred dollars.

Wheeling. For the district of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, fifteen hundred dollars. Pittsburg. For the district of Chicago, Illinois, five hundred dollars.

Chicago. For the district of Detroit, Michigan, eight hundred dollars.

Detroit. For the district of Cleveland, Ohio, five hundred dollars.

Cleveland. For the district of Buffalo, New York, twelve hundred dollars.

For the district of Oswego, or of which Oswego is the port of entry, Oswego.
New York, three hundred dollars.
For the district of Vermont, two hundred dollars.



San Francisco. For the district of San Francisco, California, fifteen hundred dollars.

Instruments of Sec. 34. That the Secretary of the Treasury shall provide the inexamination to be provided.

spectors with a suitable number of instruments, of uniform construction,

so as to give uniform results to test the strength of boilers. Record of pas

Sec. 35. That it shall be the duty of the master of any such steamer sengers to be

to cause to be kept a correct list of all the passengers received and delivkept daily, and to be open to

ered from day to day, noting the places where received and where landed, examination by which record shall be open to the inspection of the inspectors and officers the inspectors. Penalty on

of the customs at all times ; and in case of default, through negligence or master för neg- design, the said master shall forfeit one hundred dollars, which penalty, as lect.

well as that for excess of passengers, shall be a lien upon the vessel : Lien on the vessel for penal. Provided, however, A bond may, as provided for in other cases, be given ties respecting to secure the satisfaction of the judgment.* passengers. Bond may be

Sec. 36. That every master or commander of any such steamer, shall given. keep on board of such steamer, at least two copies of this act to be fur

Two copies of nished to him by the Secretary of the Treasury; and if the master or nished by Secoy commander neglects or refuses so to do, or shall unreasonably refuse to of the Treasury) exhibit a copy of the same to any passenger who shall ask it, he shall forto be kept on board each

feit twenty dollars. steamboat, and Sec. 37. That any inspector who shall, upon any pretence, receive any exiribited to any fee or reward for his services rendered under this act, except what is herein passenger calling allowed to him, shall forfeit his office; and if found guilty, on indictment, for it, under penalty of $ 20. be otherwise punished, according to the aggravation of the offence, by fine

Penalty on in- not exceeding five hundred dollars, or imprisonment not exceeding six spectors, for receiving any but months, or both. the above fees. Sec. 38. That all engineers and pilots of any such vessel shall, before

Pilots and en- entering upon their duties, make solemn oath before one of the inspectors sworn before en- herein provided for, to be recorded with the certificate, that he will faithtering on their fully and honestly, according to his best skill and judgment, perform all duties.

the duties required of him by this act, without concealment or reservation; Penalty on and if any such engineer, pilot, or any witness summoned under this act them, and wit

as a witness, shall, when under examination on oath, knowingly and innesses, for false swearing

tentionally falsify the truth, such person shall be deemed guilty of perjury,

and if convicted be punished accordingly. Supervising in- Sec. 39 That the supervising inspectors appointed under the provisions spectors to receive informa

of this act, shall, within their respective districts, under the direction of the tion respecting Secretary of the Treasury, take the examination, or receive the statements certain topics re- in writing, of persons of practical knowledge and experience in the naviboruts, and trans- gation of steam-vessels, the construction and use of boilers, engines, mamit the same to chinery, and equipments, touching the form, material, and construction of the Secretary of engines and their appurtenances; the causes of the explosion of boilers the Treasury

and collapse of flues and the means of prevention ; the kind and description of safety valves, water and steam gauges or indicators; equipments for the extinguishment of fires, and for the preservation of life in case of accident, on board of such vessels, and all other means in use or proper to be adopted, for the better security of the lives of persons on board vessels propelled in whole or in part by steam; the advantages and disadvantages of the different descriptions of boilers, engines, and their appurtenances, safety valves, water and steam gauges or indicators, equipments for the prevention or extinguishment of fires, and the preservation of life in case of accident, in use on board such vessels ; whether any, and what further legislation is necessary or proper for the better security of the lives of persons on board such steam-vessels; which examination and statements so taken and received shall be transmitted to the Secretary of the Treasury,

at such time as he shall prescribe. Secretary of

Sec. 40. That it shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Treasury to the Treasury to cause such interrogatories to be prepared and published as in his opinion

* See act of July 4, 1864, ch. 249, 6o4.

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