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certify to the surveyor at such place the amount of such duties, which the said surveyor shall enter on the margin of the bond, as aforesaid given to secure the same, which goods shall be delivered by the collector to the agent of the importer or consignee, duly authorized to receive the same, for shipment to the place of importation, and the master or commander of every steamboat, or other vessel, in which such merchandise shall be transported, shall, previously to her departure from New Orleans, deliver to the collector duplicate manifests of such merchandise, specifying the marks and numbers of every case, bag, box, chest, or package, containing the same, with the name and place of residence of every importer or consignee of such merchandise, and the quantity shipped to each, to be by him subscribed, and to the truth of which he shall swear or affirm, and that the said goods have been received on board his vessel ; stating the name of the agent, who shipped the same ; and the said collector shall certify the facts, as aforesaid, on the manifests, one of which he shall return to the master, with a permit thereto annexed, authorizing him to proceed to the place of his destination.

Sec. 3. That, if any steamboat or other vessel, having merchandise on Infractions and board, imported as aforesaid, shall depart from New Orleans without hav- penalties. ing complied with the provisions of this act, the master thereof shall forfeit five hundred dollars; and the master of any such boat or vessel, ar- Proceedings at riving at either of the ports above named, on board of which merchandise, second port. as aforesaid, shall have been shipped at New Orleans, shall, within eighteen hours next after the arrival, and previously to unloading any part of said merchandise, deliver to the surveyor of such port the manifest of the same, certified, as aforesaid, by the collector of New Orleans, and shall make oath or affirmation before the said surveyor that there was not, when he departed from New Orleans, any more or other goods on board such boat or vessel, imported as aforesaid, than is therein mentioned; whereupon the surveyor shall cause the said casks, bags, boxes, chests, or packages, to be inspected, and compared with the manifests, and the same being identified, he shall grant a permit for unloading the same, or such part thereof as the master shall request, and, when a part only of such merchandise is intended to be landed, the surveyor shall make an indorsement on the back of the manifests, designating such part, specifying the articles to be landed, and shall return the manifests to the master, indorsing thereon his permission to such boat or vessel to proceed to the place of its destination; and, if the master of such steamboat or vessel shall neglect or refuse to deliver the manifests within the time herein directed, he shall forfeit one hundred dollars.

Sec. 4. That the collector of the port of New Orleans shall permit no Condition of entry to be made of goods, wares, or merchandise, where the duty on the entry at New

Orleans. same shall exceed the amount of the bond deposited with the surveyor, as aforesaid, nor shall the said surveyor receive the bond of any person not entitled to a credit at the custom-house, nor for a sum less than fifty dollars, and that, when the said bond shall have been completed, and the actual amount of duty ascertained and certified on the margin, as aforesaid, it shall be the duty of the surveyor of the port where the bond is taken, to deposit the same for collection in such bank as may be directed by the Secretary of the Treasury.

Sec. 5. That where surveyors are not already appointed in any of the Surveyors to places mentioned in the first section of this act, a suitable person shall be be appointed. appointed for such places, and on all such surveyors, whether appointed or to be appointed, shall devolve the duties prescribed by this act, in addition to the customary duties performed by that officer in other places; and the surveyor at each of said places shall, before taking the oath of office, give security to the United States for the faithful performance of all his duties, in the sum of ten thousand dollars, and shall receive in addition to his customary fees, an annual salary of three hundred and fifty dollars ;

Proviso. Provided, That no salary arising under this act, shall commence until its

provisions shall take effect, and merchandise may be imported under its

authority. Suits, &c. for SEC. 6. That all penalties and forfeitures incurred by force of this act penalties. shall be sued for, recovered, distributed and accounted for, in the manner

Act of March prescribed by the act, entitled “ An act to regulate the collection of duties 2, 1799, ch. 22.

on imports and tonnage,” passed on the second day of March, one thou

sand seven hundred and ninety-nine, and may be mitigated or remitted in 1797, ch. 13. the manner prescribed by the act, entitled “ An act to provide for miti

gating or remitting the forfeitures, penalties, and disabilities, accruing in certain cases therein mentioned,” passed on the third day of March, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-seven.

No. 180. MARCH 2, 1831. Stat. at Large, CHAP. LXXXVIII. – An Act to repeal the Act to establish the District of Blakely. Vol. IV. p. 482. Repeal of Act

Be it enacted, &c. That the act entitled “ An act to establish the district of April 17, 1822, of Blakely," approved the seventeenth day of April, eighteen hundred and ch. 27.

twenty-two, be, and the same is hereby, repealed.

No. 181. - MARCH 3, 1831.
Stat. at Large, CHAP. CXV. - An Act concerning Vessels employed in the Whale Fishery.
Vol. IV. p. 492.

Be it enacted, &c. That all the provisions of the act, entitled “ An act
Act of March
3, 1825, ch. 99. to authorize the register or enrolment, and license, to be issued in the
Vessels em-

name of the president or secretary of any incorporated company owning ployed in the whale fishery.

a steamboat or vessel,” passed the third day of March, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-five, shall extend and be applicable to every ship or vessel owned by any incorporated company, and employed wholly in the whale fishery, so long as such ship or vessel shall be wholly employed in the whale fishery.

to claimant.

No. 182. — APRIL 5, 1832. Stat. at Large, CHAP. LXVI. An Act to authorize the Judges of the Courts of the United States to Vol. IV. p. 503. take Bail of the Claimants of Property seized, and perform other Acts in Vacation. Judge author

Be it. enacted, &c. That in any cause of admiralty and maritime jurisized, &c. to de- diction, or other case of seizure, depending in any court of the United liver vessel, &c. States, any judge of the said court, in vacation, shall have the same power

and authority to order any vessel, or cargo, or other property, to be delivered to the claimants, upon bail or bond, under the statute, as the case may be, or to be sold when necessary, as the said court now has in term time, and to appoint appraisers, and exercise every other incidental power necessary to the complete execution of the authority herein granted ; and

the said recognizance of bail or bond, under such order, may be executed executed before before the clerk upon the party's producing the certificate of the collector clerk, &c.

of the district, of the sufficiency of the security offered; and the same

proceedings shall be had in case of said order of delivery, or of sale, as Proviso. are now had in like cases when ordered in term time: Provided, That

upon every such application, either for an order of delivery or of sale, the collector and the attorney of the district shall have reasonable notice in cases of the United States, and the party or counsel in all other cases.

Bond to be


No. 183. — May 19, 1832. CHAP. LXXIX. - An Act for giving Effect to a Commercial Arrangement between the Stat. at Large, United States and the Republic of Colombia.

Vol. IV. p. 515. Be it enacted, &c. That vessels of the Republic of Colombia, and their Colombian vescargoes, whether of foreign or domestic produce or manufacture, which sels coming dishall come direct from the ports of that nation to the United States, shall sume duties, &c. pay no greater duties on importation, anchorage, tonnage, or any other as American kind, than are now, or hereafter may be, levied on the vessels of the United States.

Sec. 2. That the restriction of coming direct from a port in Colombia, President to contained in the preceding section, shall be taken off, as soon as the Pres- remove restric

tion, &c. ident shall receive satisfactory evidence, that a like restriction is taken off, from vessels of the United States in the ports of the Republic of Colombia, and shall make known the same by his proclamation declaring the fact.

Sec. 3. That if the President of the United States shall at any time President aureceive satisfactory information that the privileges allowed or which may pend operation

thorized to susbe allowed to American vessels and their cargoes in the ports of Colum- of this act. bia, corresponding with those extended, or to be extended by this act, to Colombian vessels and their cargoes in the ports of the United States, have been revoked or annulled, he is hereby authorized, by proclamation, to suspend the operation of either or both of the provisions of this act, as the case may be, and to withhold any or all the privileges allowed, or to be allowed, to Colombian vessels or their cargoes.

No. 184.- May 25, 1832. CHAP. CIV. – An Act to exempt the Vessels of Portugal from the Payment of Duties on Stat. at Large, Tonnage.

Vol. IV. p. 517. Be it enacted, &c. That no duties upon tonnage shall be hereafter No tonnage levied or collected of the vessels of the kingdom of Portugal : Provided, duties to be

. always, That whenever the President of the United States shall be satis

Proviso. fied that the vessels of the United States are subjected in the ports of the kingdom of Portugal, to payment of any duties of tonnage, he shall, by proclamation, declare the fact, and the duties now payable by the vessels of that kingdom shall be levied and paid, as if this act had not been passed.


No. 185. JULY 10, 1832. CHAP. CXCI. - An Act to carry into Effect the Act to provide for a Survey of the Coast Stat. at Large, of the United States.

Vol. IV. p. 570. Be it enacted, &c. That for carrying into effect the act, entitled “ An Appropriation act to provide for surveying the coasts of the United States," approved

for surveying on the tenth day of February, one thousand eight hundred and seven, there shall be, and hereby is, appropriated, a sum not exceeding twenty thousand dollars, to be paid out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated ; and the said act is hereby revived, and shall be deemed to provide for the survey of the coasts of Florida, in the same manner as if the same had been named therein.

Sec. 2. That the President of the United States be, and he is hereby President auauthorized, in and about the execution of the said act, to use all maps, thorized to use charts, books, instruments, and apparatus, which now, or hereafter may to employ perbelong to the United States, and employ all persons in the land or naval sons. service of the United States, and such astronomers and other persons as he shall deem proper : Provided, That nothing in this act, or the act here- Proviso. by revived, shall be construed to authorize the construction or maintenance of a permanent astronomical observatory.

No. 186. – JÚLY 13, 1832. Stat. at Large, CHAP. CXCVI. An Act to ertend the Prorisions of the Act entitled " An Act regulatVol. IV. p. 573. ing Commercial Intercourse with the Islands of Martinique and Guoduloupe," approved

the ninth of May, one thousand right hundred and twenty-eight, and to refund the Tonnage

Duties on the French ship Victorine. Privileges of Be it enacted, &c. That the privileges which are extended by the act, áct of May 9, entitled “ An act regulating commercial intercourse with the islands of 1828, ch. 49, extended ta vessels Martinique and Guadaloupe,” approved the ninth of May, one thousand in ballast. eight hundred and twenty-eight, to French vessels laden and coming di

rect from those islands, shall be extended to vessels coming in the same manner, in ballast, subject, nevertheless, to the proviso contained in said act.

No. 187. 40 JULY 13, 1832.

Stat. at Large, CHAP. CCI. – An Act extending further the Right of Debenture to the Port of Key Vol. IV. p. 576.

West, and altering the Limits of the District of Key West. Certain ves- Be it enacted, &c. That all ships or vessels, and merchandise, arriving in sels admitted to the United States, from and after the first day of August next, from the make entry at Key West. Cape of Good Hope, or from any place beyond the same, shall be admit

ted to make entry at the port of entry of Key West. Collection dis- SEC 2. That, hereafter, all the ports, harbors, shores and waters, of that trict of Key West extended.

part of Florida extending from Indian river to Tampa bay, and of the islands opposite and nearest thereto, be, and the same are hereby, annexed

to, and shall form a part of, the collection district of Key West. Proviso of 3d SEC. 3. That the proviso of the third section of the act of the seventh section of act of of May, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-two, be, and the same is

, ch 62, repealed. hereby, repealed, so far as respects the port of Key West, together with

all such other parts of said act as are inconsistent with the provisions of. the present act.

No. 188. — JULY 13, 1832. Stat. at Large, CHAP. CCII. – An Act authorizing the Entry of Vessels and Merchandise arriving from Vol. IV. p. 577. the Cape of Good Hope, or beyond the Same, at the Port of Edgartown, in Massachu


Certain ves- Be it enacted, 8c. That from and after the first of August next, all sels admitted to entry at Edgar- vessels or merchandise, arriving in the United States from the Cape of town.

Good Hope, or from any place beyond the same, may be entered at the port of Edgartown, in Massachusetts.

Vol. IV.

· P. 578.

No. 189. — JULY 13, 1832.
Stat, at Large, CHAP. CCVII. — An Act concerning Tonnage Duty on Spanish Vessels.

Be it enacted, &c. That no other or greater duty of tonnage be levied No higher du. ties of tonnage in the ports of the United States on vessels owned wholly by subjects of to be levied on Spain, coming from a port in Spain, than shall, by the Secretary of the than are paid by Treasury, be ascertained to have been paid on American vessels in the American ves- ports of Spain previous to the twentieth October, one thousand eight hunsels.

dred and seventeen. Spanish colo- Sec. 2. That vessels owned wholly by Spanish subjects, coming from nial vessels to any of the colonies of Spain, either directly or after touching at any other pay same ton

port or place, shall pay, in the ports of the United States, the same rate nage duty as American ves- of duty on tonnage that shall be levied on American vessels in the Spanish sels in Spanish colonial port from whence such Spanish vessel shall have last departed; colonial ports.

the said amount to be ascertained by the Secretary of the Treasury, who is hereby authorized, from time to time, to give directions to the officers of

the customs of the United States for the collection of such duties, so as to See 1846, ch. conform the said duties to any variation that may take place in the duties 75, 9 8. Post. levied on American vessels in such Spanish ports.

Sec. 3. That whenever the President shall be satisfied that the dis- Provision in criminating or countervailing duties of tonnage levied by any foreign case any foreign nation on the ships or vessels of the United States shall have been abolish its disabolished, he may direct that the tonnage duty on the vessels of such criminating du

ties on Amerination shall cease to be levied in the ports of the United States; and

can vessels. cause any duties of tonnage that may have been levied on the vessels of such foreign nation, subsequent to the abolition of its discriminating duties of tonnage, to be refunded.

Sec. 4. That the second and third sections of this act shall be in force 2d and 3d secand take effect from and after the first day of January next.

tions to take effect Jan. 1, 1833.

米 * * *


No. 190. July 14, 1832. CHAP. CCXXVII. — An Act to alter and amend the several Acts imposing Duties on Stat. at Large, Imports.

Vol. IV. p. 583. Sec. 4. That, so much of any act of Congress as requires the Parts of acts addition of ten or twenty per centum to the cost or value of any goods, repealed. wares, or merchandise, in estimating the duty thereon, or as imposes any duty on such addition, shall be repealed.

Sec. 5. *** * That *** so much of the sixty-second section of So much of the the act entitled “ An act to regulate the collection of duties on imports the act of March and tonnage,” approved the second day of March, one thousand seven 2, 1799, ch. 22, hundred and ninety-nine, as authorizes the deposit of teas under the bond as authorizes deof the importer or importers, shall be repealed : and that so much of any bond, to be reexisting law as requires teas, when imported in vessels of the United pealed. States, from places beyond the Cape of Good Hope, to be weighed, quiring teas to marked and certified, shall be and the same is hereby repealed.

be weighed, &c. Sec. 11. That there shall be allowed a drawback of the duties by this repealed. act imposed, on goods, wares, and merchandise, which shall be imported from and after the said third day of March, upon the exportation thereof, within the time and in the manner prescribed in the existing laws at the time : Provided, no drawback shall be allowed on a less quantity of cord- Proviso. age than five tons.

Sec. 12. That the existing laws at the time shall extend to, and be in Existing laws force for, the collection of the duties imposed by this act, on goods, wares, of duties to conand merchandise which shall be imported into the United States from tinue in force and after the said third day of March ; and for the recovery, collection, after March 3, distribution, and remission of all fines, penalties, and forfeitures, and for 1833, as fully as

in the allowance of drawbacks by this act authorized, as fully and effectually this act. as if every regulation, restriction, penalty, forfeiture, provision, clause, matter, and thing in the then existing laws contained, had been inserted in, and re-enacted by this act; and that so much of any act which is contra to this act, shall be, and the same is hereby, repealed.

Sec. 13. That whenever goods composed wholly, or in part, of wool or Value of best cotton of similar kind, but different quality, are found, in the same pack- article in pack

or ages, charged at an average price, it shall be the duty of the appraisers part wool or cotto adopt the value of the best article contained in such package, and so ton, to be adoptcharged, as the average value of the whole ; and that so much of the value of the act entitled “ An act for the more effectual collection of the impost whole. duties,” approved the twenty-eighth May, one thousand eight hundred and thirty, as requires the appraisers to adopt the value of the best article contained in a package as the average value of the whole, be, and the same is hereby, repealed.

Sec. 14. That whenever, upon the opening and examination of any package or packages of imported goods, composed wholly, or in part, of not to corre

spond with enwool or cotton, in the manner provided by the fourth section of the act for

try, &c. to be forfeited.

for the collection

Goods found

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