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cause all ac

them, shall be of the same effect as that directed to be signed by the reg- Act 1797, ch. 20. ister.

Sec. 12. That the auditors of the public accounts shall be empowered Auditors emto administer oaths or affirmations to witnesses in any case in which they powered to ad

minister oaths, may deem it necessary for the due examination of the accounts with which

&c. they shall be charged.

Sec. 13. That it shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Treasury to Secretary of cause all accounts of the expenditure of public money to be settled within the Treasury to the year, except where the distance of the places where such expenditure

counts of the occurs may be such as to make further time necessary; and, in respect expenditure of to expenditures at such places, the Secretary of the Treasury, with the public money, to assent of the President, shall establish fixed periods at which a settlement the year, &c. shall be required. And it shall be the duty of the first comptroller to lay before Congress annually, during the first week of their session, a list of such officers as shall have failed in that year to make the settlement required by law.

Sec. 14. That in the annual statement of all accounts on which balances appear to have been due more than three years, which the comptroller is troller to distinnow required by law to make, he shall hereafter distinguish those accounts, Balances, &e. the balances appearing on which shall, in his opinion, be owing to difficulties of form, which he may think it equitable shall be removed by an act of Congress; and where the debtors, by whom such balances shall have been due more than three years, shall be insolvent, and have been reported to Congress for three successive years as insolvent, the comptroller shall not be required in such case to continue to include such balances in the statement above mentioned. Sec. 15. That the salary of the comptroller, appointed by virtue of this Salary of the

second compact, shall be three thousand dollars per annum, and that of the auditors, troller and audieach, three thousand dollars per annum.

tors $3,000.

The comp

Per centum

No. 100. March 3, 1817.
CHAP. XLIX. – An Act respecting the Compensation of the Collectors therein mentioned.

Stat. at Large,

Vol. III. p. 368. Sec. 2. That, from and after the last day of March instant, there shall be allowed to the collector of the customs for Middletown, in Connecticut, the Collectors of and to the collector of the customs in Newburyport, in the State of Mas- Middletown and sachusetts

, three per centum on all moneys by them received on account Newburyport. of the duties upon importation and on tonnage.

Act of Jan.

No. 101. — March 3, 1817. CHAP. L. - An Act to continue in Force the second Section of the Act, entitled An Act Stat. at Large,

supplementary to an Act to regulate the Duties on Imports and Tonnage.Vol. III. p. 369. Be it enacted, fc. That on all foreign ships or vessels which shall be en- 14, 1817, ch. 3.

Two dolls. per tered in the United States, * * * from any foreign port or place, to and

ton on foreign with which vessels of the United States are not [ordinarily ] permitted to vessels from cerenter and trade, there shall be paid a duty [at] the rate of two dollars per tain foreign ton, to be levied and collected in the same manner, and under the same ports. regulations, as are prescribed by law in relation to the duties upon tonnage now in force.

No. 102. March 3, 1817. Stat. at Large, CHAP. XCVI. – An Act supplementary to an Act, entitled "An Act further to amend Vol. III. p. 390. the several Acts for the establishment and regulation of the Treasury, War, and Navy

Departments.Act of March

Be it enacted, &c. That nothing contained in the act of the third of 3, 1809, ch. 28.

March, one thousand eight hundred and nine, entitled “ An act further to The President restrained from amend the several acts for the establishment and regulation of the Treasmaking transfers

War, and Navy Departments,” shall be construed to authorize the of appropriations Président of the United States to direct any sum appropriated to fortificafor specified objects to any tions, arsenals, armories, custom-houses, docks, navy yards, or buildings of other objects.

any sort, or to munitions of war, or to the pay of the army or navy, to 1818, ch. 20.

be applied to any other object of public expenditure.

No. 103. - MARCH 3, 1817. Stat. at Large, CHAP. CVIII. – An Act supplementary to the Act, entitled " An Act directing the DispaVol. III. p. 395.

sition of Money paid into the Courts of the United States.Moneys here- Sec. 2. That all moneys which shall hereafter be paid into said courts, after received to be also deposit

or received by the officers thereof, in causes pending therein, shall be imed, &c.

mediately deposited ..... in some incorporated State bank, within the

district, in the name and to the credit of the court. No money to Sec. 3. That no money, deposited as aforesaid, shall be drawn from be drawn from the banks, ex

said banks, except by order of the judge or judges of said courts respeccept by order, tively, in term or in vacation, to be signed by such judge or judges, and &c.

to be entered and certified of record by the clerk, and every such order

shall state the cause in, or on account of which it is drawn. Clerks, &c. Sec. 4. That if any clerk of such court, or other officer thereof, havrefusing to obey ing received any such moneys as aforesaid, shall refuse or neglect to obey the order of the


the order of such court, for depositing the same as aforesaid, such clerk, ceeded against, or other officer, shall be forth with proceeded against by attachment for &c.

contempt. Account of Sec. 5. That at each regular and stated session of said courts, the moneys to be given to the

clerks thereof shall present an account to said court of all moneys remaining therein, or subject to the order thereof, stating particularly on ac

count of what causes said moneys are deposited, which account, and the Proviso; as to vouchers thereof, shall be filed in court: Provided, nevertheless, That if in there being no bank, &c.

any district there shall be no branch of the bank of the United States, nor any incorporated State bank, the courts may direct such moneys to be deposited, according to their discretion as heretofore.

court to be

court, &c.

No. 104. — MARCH 3, 1817. Stat. at Large, CHAP. CIX. - An Act to continue in Force an Act, entitled "An Act further to provide Vol. III. p. 396. for the Collection of Duties on Imports and Tonnage,passed the third day of March,

one thousand eight hundred and fifteen, and for other Purposes. As to the de- Sec. 3. That it shall be lawful hereafter for the master, or person livery of mani

having charge or command of any steamboat, on Lake Champlain, when fests by steamboats to Canada going from the United States into the Province of Lower Canada, to on Lake Cham- deliver a manifest of the cargo on board, and take a clearance from the plain. collector of the district through which any such boat shall last pass,

when leaving the United States, without regard to the place from which any such boat shall have commenced her voyage, or where her cargo shall

have been taken on board, any law to the contrary notwithstanding. As Janding Sec. 4. That when any goods, wares, or merchandise, shall hereafter goods brought in be imported from the Province of Lower Canada into the United States, Canada on Lake in any steamboat on Lake Champlain, and the said goods, wares, and Champlain. merchandise, shall have been duly entered, the duties thereon paid, or secured, at the office of the collector of any district adjoining Lake Champlain, it shall be lawful to land such goods, wares, or merchandise, in the same, or any other, district adjoining said Lake Champlain, any law to the contrary notwithstanding.

Sec. 7. That every collector of the customs shall have authority, with Collectors the approbation of the Secretary of the Treasury, to employ within his may employ district such number of proper persons, as deputy collectors of the cus

deputies, &c. toms, as he shall judge necessary, who are hereby declared to be officers of the customs; and the said deputy collectors, before they enter on the duties of their offices, shall take and subscribe, before the collector appointing them, or before some magistrate within their respective districts, authorized by law to administer oaths, the following oath or affirmation, to wit: “I, , having been appointed deputy collector of the customs,

Form of the within and for the district of do solemnly, sincerely, and truly, by deputies.

oath to be taken swear (or affirm, as the case may be, that I will diligently and faithfully execute the duties of the said office of deputy collector, and will use my best endeavors to prevent, and detect, frauds and violations against the laws of the United States : I further swear (or affirm) that I will support the constitution of the United States."

&c. as if trans

No. 105. FEBRUARY 6, 1818. CHAP. IX. – An Act to allow the Benefit of Drawback on Merchandise transported by Stat. at Large, Land Conveyance from Bristol to Boston, and from Boston to Bristol, in like danner us Vol. III. p. 405. if the same were transported Coastwise.

Be it enacted, &c. That all goods, wares, and merchandise, duly imported Merchandise into either of the ports of Bristol and Boston, which shall be transported transported from by land conveyance from the port of Bristol, by the way of Dighton and ton, &c. entitled Taunton, to Boston ; or from Boston, on the same route, to Bristol ; and to drawback, which, being imported into Bristol shall be exported from Boston; or ported coastbeing imported into Boston shall be exported from Bristol ; shall be en- wise. titled to the benefit of the drawback of the duties thereof, upon exporta

2, 1799, ch. 22. tion to any foreign port or place, under the same provisions, regulations, restrictions, and limitations, as if the said goods, wares, and merchandise, were transported coast wise from one to another of the said districts; and on the proviso, that all the provisions, regulations, limitations, and restrictions, existing in the case of goods, wares, and merchandise, transported by any of the routes mentioned in the seventy-ninth section of the act, entitled " An act to regulate the collection of duties on imports and tonnage,” passed the second day of March, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-nine, shall be duly observed.

Act of March

No. 106.

FEBRUARY 6, 1818.
CHAP. XIV. — An Act concerning the District of Brunswick, in the State of Georgia.

Be it enacted, 8c. That the collector of the district of Brunswick shall reside at Darien, which shall be the sole port of entry for the said dis- reside at Darien. trict; and that, instead of a surveyor for the port of Darien there shall be one surveyor for the said district of Brunswick, who shall reside at such place in the said district as may be directed by the Secretary of the for Brunswick,

Stat. at Large, Vol. III. p. 408.

Collector to

Darien sole port of entry.

One surveyor


No. 107. - APRIL 4, 1818.
Stat. at Large,

CHAP. XXXIV.- An Act to establish the Flag of the United States.
Vol. III. p. 415.
After the 4th

Be it enacted, 8c. That from and after the fourth day of July next, the July, 1818, the flag of the United States be thirteen horizontal stripes, alternate red and flag to be 13

white: that the union be twenty stars, white in a blue field. stripes and 20

SEC. 2. That on the admission of every new State into the Union, one

star be added to the union of the flag; and that such addition shall take added for every effect on the fourth day of July then next succeeding such admission. new State.


A star to be

No. 108. APRIL 11, 1818. Stat. at Large, CHAP. LI. — An Act to change the Name of the District of Erie, in the State of Ohio. Vol. III. p. 425. The district of

Be enacted, &c. That from and after the thirtieth day of June, Erie to be called thousand eight hundred and eighteen, the district of Erie, in the State of the district of

Ohio, shall be called the district of Cuyahoga. Cuyahoga.

No. 109. APRIL 18, 1818. Stat. at Large, CHAP. LXVIII. – An Act to abolish the Port of Delivery established at the Mouth of Vol. III. p. 431.

Slade's Creek, in the State of North Carolina. The port of

Be it enacted, &c. That from and after the thirtieth day of April, one delivery at the thousand eight hundred and eighteen, the port of delivery established at mouth of Slade's

the mouth of Slade's Creek, within the district of Washington, and State

of North Carolina, shall cease, and the office, authority, and emoluments, April, 1818.

of the surveyor of said port shall also, from thenceforth, terminate and be discontinued.

Creek to cease after the 30th


No. 110. APRIL 18, 1818. Stat. at Large,

CHAP. LXX. - An Act concerning Navigation.* Vol. III. p. 432.

Be it enacted, fc. That *** the ports of the United States shall be The ports of the U. S. closed, and remain closed against every vessel owned wholly or in part by a subject after 30th Sept. or subjects of his Britannic majesty, coming or arriving from any port or 1818, against British vessels

place in a colony or territory of his Britannic majesty that is or shall be, arriving from a by the ordinary laws of navigation and trade, closed against vessels owned colony which, by by citizens of the United States ; and such vessel, that, in the course of laws, is closed the voyage, shall have touched at, or cleared out from, any port or place against U. S. in a colony or territory of Great Britain, which shall or may be, by the

Touching at a ordinary laws of navigation and trade aforesaid open to vessels owned by port, which, by citizens of the United States, shall, nevertheless, be deemed to have come the ordinary from the port or place in the colony or territory of Great Britain, closed laws is open to vessels, owned

as aforesaid, against vessels owned by citizens of the United States, from

which such vessel cleared out and sailed before touching at, and clearing the United

out from, an intermediate and open port or place as aforesaid ; and every States, does not vary the restric- such vessel, so excluded from the ports of the United States, that shall tion.

enter, or attempt to enter, the same, in violation of this act, shall, with her tackle, apparel, and furniture, together with her cargo on board such vessel, be forfeited to the United States.

Sec. 2. That *** the owner, consignee, or agent, of every vessel, Vessels and cargoes entering owned wholly or in part by a subject or subjects of his Britannic majesty, this act forfeited which shall have been duly entered in any port of the United States, and

on board of which shall have been there laden for exportation any article or articles, of the growth, produce, or manufacture, of the United

by citizens of

to the United States.

• An act supplementary to an act, entitled " An act concerning navigation.” May 15, 1820, ch. 122. Act of May 6, 1822, eh. 56.

See also act of March 1, 1823, ch. 22, ý 1.


States, other than provisions and sea stores necessary for the voyage, After the 30th shall, before such vessel shall have been cleared outward at the custom- Sept. 1818, the house, give bond, in a sum double the value of such articles, with one or signee, &c. of more sureties, to the satisfaction of the collector, that the article or articles British vessels so laden on board such vessel for exportation, shall be landed in some

taking on board

productions of port or place other than a port or place in a colony or territory of his the United Britannic majesty, which by the ordinary laws of navigation and trade, is States, in the closed against vessels owned by citizens of the United States; and any cept sea stores, such vessel that shall sail, or attempt to sail, from any port of the United &c. to give bond States, without having complied with the provision aforesaid, by giving in a British Colobond as aforesaid, shall, with her tackle, apparel, and furniture, together ny or territory with the article or articles aforesaid, laden on board the same as aforesaid, from which, by

the ordinary be forfeited to the United States : Provided always, That nothing in this

laws, vessels of act contained shall be so deemed or construed, so as to violate any provi- the United sion of the convention to regulate commerce between the territories of the States are exUnited States and of his Britannic majesty, signed the third day of July, Vessels sailing one thousand eight hundred and fifteen.

without bond, Sec. 3. That the form of the bond aforesaid shall be prescribed by the &c, and the artiSecretary of the Department of the Treasury ; and the same shall and forfeited to the may be discharged, and not otherwise, by producing, within one year after United States. the date thereof, a like certificate to that required by and under the regu- Act of March lations contained in the eighty-first section of the act “to regulate the col- 2, 1799, ch. 22, lection of duties on imports," passed the second day of March, seventeen sec: 1,

Form of the hundred and ninety-nine, that the articles of the growth, produce, and bond to be premanufacture, of the United States, laden as aforesaid, were unladen and scribed by the landed conformably to the provisions of this act, or, in cases of loss by

Secretary of the

Treasury. sea, by capture, or other unavoidable accident, by the production of such The bond may other proofs as the nature of the case will admit, according to the provi- be discharged by sions of the said eighty-first section of the act aforesaid.

producing with Sec. 4. That all penalties and forfeitures incurred by force of this tificate like that act, shall be sued for, recovered, distributed, and accounted for, and may S1st section of be mitigated or remitted, in the manner and according to the provisions of the act to reguthe revenue laws of the United States.

late the collection of duties,

&c. No. 111. - APRIL 18, 1818. CHAP. LXXVI. - An Act to establish a Port of Entry and Delivery at Cape Vincent, Stat. at Large, at the Fork of Lake Ontario, and the Head of the River St. Lawrence.

Vol. III. p. 433. Be it enacted, fc. That it shall be lawful for the President of the United The President States to establish, when it shall appear to him to be proper, in addition to may establish

of the ports of entry and delivery already established on Lake Ontario, one entry, &c. on other port of entry and delivery at the village of Cape Vincent, at the Lake 'Ontario

, at fork of Lake Ontario, and the head of the river St. Lawrence, and to ap- and appoint a point a collector of the customs to reside and keep an office thereat. collector.

in a year, a cer

No. 112. - APRIL 20, 1818. CHAP. LXXXIIL — An Act supplementary to the several Acts relative to Direct Taxes Stat. at Large, and Internal Duties.

Vol. III. p. 441. Sec. 8. That in any suit or action which shall be hereafter instituted In suits inby the United States against any corporate body, for the recovery of stituted by the money upon any bill, note, or other security, it shall be lawful to summon, debtors of a coras garnishees, the debtors of such corporation ; and it shall be the duty of poration may be

summoned as any person, so summoned, to appear in open court, and depose, in writing,

garnishees. to the amount which he or she was indebted to said corporation, at the time of the service of the summons, and at the time of making such deposition ; and it shall be lawful to enter up judgment, in favor of the United States, for the sum admitted by such garnishee to be due to the

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