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Fee? May 17, 1850. Soft y Prof. Simon Greenko, 12.3.





On the 31st his advanced ships blocked up

the mouth of the York." (September 5th.)

A partial engagement occurred between him 1781.

and the English admiral Graves. On the Cornwallis fortifies Yorktown and concentrates his forces 10th Count de Barras joined de Grasse with

tbere. Washington invests Yorktown. The capitula. a naval force from Rhode Island. Lafayette tion.

now made his head-quarters at Williamsburg. [August 2nd, 1781.) Cornwallis occupied Washington attended by Count de RochamYorktown and Gloucester Point and fortified beau, commander-in-chief of the French army them. He concentrated the whole British and the Chevalier de Chastellux, reached that force in Virginia, at those posts, by the 22nd place on the 14th, and repairing on board the of August. Gloucester Point opposite York

Ville de Paris, the French admiral's ship, artown was held by the 80th regiment and the ranged the plan of the siege of York. By Hessian regiment of Prince Hereditaire and the 25th, the combined army, amounting to the Queen's rangers,—the whole under com

12,000 men, together with 5,000 militia unmand of the brave and energetic Lieutenant der General Nelson, were concentrated at Colonel Dundas of the artillery. Tarleton Williamsburg. (September 28th,) the allies with his cavalry afterwards passed over to advanced upon York and invested it, the Gloucester Point, and Dundas, during the Americans forming the right below the town, siege that ensued, being ordered over to

the French the left above it, and each extendYorktown, the command at Gloucester Point ing from the borders of the river, so as to devolved on Simcoe, who being incapable of

hem in the town by a semicircle. General holding it on account of seeble health was

De Choisy invested Gloucester Point with succeeded by Tarleton.

3,000 men. The enemy's communication, Lafayette hearing of the movements of the by water, was entirely cut off by the French e. may now broke up his camp on the banks ships, stationed at the mouth of the York of the Pamunkey and drew nearer to York

river. Cornwallis some time before this, findtown. In the meantime Washington relin- ing his situation growing so critical, had quishing his efforts to dislodge Sir Henry

anxiously solicited aid from Sir Henry Clin

ton. Clinton from New York, concerted with the

Aid was promised but it never arrived. French naval and military commanders a plan Washington was assisted by Lincoln, Steuben,

The French were of operations against Cornwallis, and with Lafayette, Knox, &c. the combined American and French armies

commanded by General the Count Rocham

beau. marched for Virginia. August 30th, Count

On the 29th the British commenced a cande Grasse with a fleet arrived from the West Indies and entered the Chesapeake Bay. * Simcoe, p. 248.

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