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SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW-YORK, s. BE IT REMEMBERED, that on the 11th day of October, A. D. 1827, in the fiftysecond year of the Independence of the United States of America, Nathaniel H. Carter, of the said district, hath deposited in this office the title of a book, the right whereof he claims as author in the words following, to wit:

“ Letters from Europe, comprising the Journal of a Tour through Ireland, England, Scotland, France, Italy, and Switzerland, in the years 1825, 26, and ’27. By N. H. Carter.”

In conformity to the Act of Congress of the United States, entitled, “ An Act for the encouragement of learning, by securing the copies of maps, charts, and books, to the authors and proprietors of such copies, during the time therein mentioned ;" and also, to an Act, entitled, “ An Act, supplementary to an Act, entitled an Act for the encouragement of learning, by securing the copies of maps, charts, and books, to the authors and proprietors of such copies, during the times therein mentioned, and extending the benefits thereof to the arts of designing, engraving, and etching historical and other prints.”

Clerk of the Southern District of New-York.


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LETTER LVI.—Route to Rome-Vale of the Nar—Passage through the

Mountains-Narni-Otricoli-Civita Castellana-Mount Soracte-Baccano

-Campagna di Roma Milvian Bridge-Porta del Popolo-Arrival at



LETTER LVII.—Sketch of Rome_View from the Capitoline Hill-Out-

lines of the City and Environs-Aspect of the Seven Hills-Ruins of the Fo-

rum-Triumphal Arches--Ancient Temples—Coliseum.

. 157

LETTER LVIII.—Rome continued-Forum of Trajan— Pantheon-

Tomb of Raphael-Campus Martius-Mausoleum of Augustus-- Banks of

the Tiber-Bridges-Castle of St. Angelo—Island of Æsculapius-Clonca

Maxima-Temple of Vesta-Port at Ripa Grande.


LETTER LIX.-Rome continued-Capitoline Hill-Tarpeian Rock-

Mamertine Prison-Temple of Jupiter Feretrius-Church of Aracæli-Sta-

tue of Aurelius–Senator's House-Museum.


LETTER LX.-Rome continued-Ride round the Walls—Tomb of the

Scipios-Baths of Caracalla—Tomb of Cecilia Metella-Circus of Caracalla

-Catacombs-Fountain of Egeria-Baths of Titus-Gardens of Sallust-

Excursion to Tivoli—Villa of Adrian.


LETTER LXI.-Departure for Naples—Alban Mount-Aricia-Genzano

--Velletri—Pontine Marshes—Terracina–Entrance of the Neapolitan Domi-

nions-Fondi-Itri-Mausoleum of Cicero-Mola di Gaeta.


LETTER LXII.—Route from Gaeta to Naples-Minturnæ-River Li-

ris--Capua-Aversa - Arrival at Naples-Aspect of the City-Principal

Streets—Sketch of the Bay, Islands, Shores, Harbour, and other outlines-

Royal Garden—Tombs of Virgil and Sannazaro.


LETTER LXIII.-Naples continued-Churches-Cathedral-Miracle of

St. Januarius-Religious Festivals—St. Sincero-Museum-King's Palace. 225

LETTER LXIV.- Vaples continued—Capo di Monte-Albergo de' Po-

veri-Chinese College-Catacombs-Campo Santo— Theatres—Excursion

to Capri.


LETTER LXV.--Excursion to Baia-Pausilypo--Lake Agnano-Grotto

del Cane-Gulf of Baiæ---Pozzuoli—Ancient Port--Baths of Nero-Lucrine

Lake-Lake of Avernus-Grotto of the Sibyl-Cumæ-Acheron-Ruins of

Baiæ– Elysian Fields--Cape Miseno-Villa of Cicero-Solfatara.


LETTER LXVI.—Escursion to the Top of Vesuvius-Description of the



LETTER LXVII.- Excursion to Pompeii-Description of the Ruins. 270

LETTER LXVIII.--Excursion to Pæstum-Vale of the Sarno-Nocera-

La Cava--Bay and Town of Salerno-Eboli-Sketch of the Ruins of Päes-



LETTER LXIX.-Departure from Naples-Visit to Caserta - Palace-

Garden-Aqueduct-Return to Mont Albano.


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LETTER LXX.-Sketch of Monte Albano-Shores of the Alban Lake-

Excursion to Lake Nemi-Pompey's Prison-Museum of Antiquities--Grot-

to-Ferrata—Frascati-Ruins of Tusculum-Modern Palaces—Return to



LETTER LXXI.—Sketch of Rome resumed-Description of St. Peter's


. 306

LETTER LXXII.—Rome continued—Vatican-Sala Regia--Sistine

Chapel-Last Judgment of Michael Angelo—Paoline Chapel-Galleries and

Chambers of Raphael-Collection of Pictures.

. 318

LETTER LXXIII.-Rome continued-Vatican Museum-Library-Gar-

den—Sketch of the present Pope.


LETTER LXXIV.-Rome continued—Pope's Cilthedral—Public Festi-

val— Baptistery-Scala Santa-Church of Santa Maria Maggiore—St. Mary

of the Angels–Monte Testaccio—Tomb of Caius Cestius–Protestant Ceme-

tery-Excursion to St. Paul's of the Three Fountains.


LETTER LXXV.—Rome continued— Tomb of Tasso—Corsini Palace-

Mount Janiculum-Fountain of Paul V.–Villa Doria Pamfili-Doria Palace

-Scene upon the Corso-Palazzo Rospigliosi—Guido's Aurora—Gallery.


LETTER LXXVI.-Rome continued—Nero's Tower-Villa Albani-

Studio of Trentanove-Borghese Palace-Excursion to Mons Sacer—Canoni-

zation of a new Saint-Sunday in Rome-Spada and Farnese Palaces-Villa

Borghese—Finale of the Pope's Saint.

. 354

LETTER LXXVII.-Rome continuedBarberini Palace-Studio of Ca-

Dova—Thorwaldsen—Colonna Palace-Michael Angelo's Statue of Moses-

Studio of Camuccini-Sciarra Palace-Anniversary of St. John-Palazzo Far-

nesina—Jews at Rome_Villa Mattei-Church of St. Stephen-Studio of Lan-


LETTER LXXVIII.--Rome concluded-- Festival of St. Peter-illumination

of his Church—Fireworks of St. Angelo Monte Cavallo—Temple of the Sun

- Massimi Palace-A Summer Day in Rome-Malaria-Ceremony of taking

the Veil—Theatres—Academy of St. Luke-Skull of Raphael-Celebration

of the Fourth of July-American Consul.

LETTER LXXIX.—Departure from Rome–Fulls of the Velino-Re-

turn to Florence-Climate-Manners of the People—Public Amusements

Character of the Government.

LETTER LXXX.-Florence continued— Productive Industry of Tuscany

- Manufacture of Silks-Straw Hats Public Institutions-Education-As-

cendency of the Priesthood—Religious Processions--A Living Saint-Thea-

tres–Opera- The Goldoni—Academy of Fine Arts-Reading-Room-Italian


LETTER LXXXI.-Escursion to the Baths of Lucca—Pistoia—Pescia

- Vale of the Serchio-Arrival at the Baths-Scorpions—Sketch of Scenery

- Hot Springs-Buonvisi-Count Demidoff—Theatre-Balls-Casino-Cor-


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