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Page. LETTER XLV.-Route to Toulon-Sketch of the Town and Harbour - Navy Yard-Arsenal-Botanic Garden.

9 LETTER XLVI.-Route to Nice-Le Luc-Draguignan-Frejus-Cannes—Antibes-Arrival at Nice-Sketch of the Town.

20 LETTER XLVII.-Route from Nice to Genoa---Monaco-Mentonel'entimizlia—San Remo-Albenga-Finale-Savone-Arrival at Genoa. 31

LETTER XLVIII.—Sketch of Genoa- Principal Streets-Aspect of the
Town—llarbour-Moles and Defences—Royal Navy-Arrival of the King




LETTER XLIX.-Genoa continued-University Hospitals--Churches -Cathedral—St. Mathew's-St. Stephen's-St. Maria-Annunziata --Ceremonies oi Holy Week-King's Birth-Day- Public Amusements—. Manufactures--Albaro-Birth-Place of Columbus.

. 57 LETTER L.-Route from Genoa to Pisa--Italian Coaches-Chiavari -Sestri— Mountain Scenery-Borghetto—Gulf of Spezia—Sarzana—MassaPietra Santa-Lucca-Ride to Pisa.

69 LETTER LI.-Sketch of Pisa-Banks of the Arno-Bridges-Leaning Tower— Ancient Port-Cathedral—-Baptistry-Campo Santo–Churches, Santa Maria Della Spina-Botanic Garden-- University-Theatre—Excursion to Leghorn-Sketch of the Town and Harbour.

81 LETTER LII.-Vale of the Arno-Arrival at Florence-Sketch of the City—External Appearance-Bridges-Cathedral-Baptistry—Campanile.

LETTER LIII.-Florence continued-Churches-Santa Croce-St. Lorenzo— Tombs of the Medici-Laurentian Library-Santa Maria NovellaAnnunziata – Museum-Botanic Garden—Pitti Palace-Boboli Garden

106 LETTER LIV.—Florence continued—Gallery-Sketch of Fiesole—Ex

120 LETTER LV.--Departure for Rome-Incisa-Arezzo—Birth-Place of Petrarch—Vale of Chiana–Lake Thrasymenus-Scene of the Battle between Flaminius and Hannibal–Perugia—First View of the Tiber-Vale and Fountain of the Clitumnus-Spoleto— T'erni.




cursion to Vallombrosa.


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Page. LETTER LVI.—Route to Rome-Vale of the Nar—Passage through the Mountains-Narni-Otricoli-Civita Castellana-Mount Soracte-Baccano -Campagna di Roma Milvian Bridge—Porta del Popolo–Arrival at Rome.

147 LETTER LVII.—Sketch of Rome–View from the Capitoline Hill-Outlines of the City and Environs-Aspect of the Seven Hills-Ruins of the Forum— Triumphal Arches—Ancient Temples—Coliseum.

157 LETTER LVIII.-Rome continued-Forum of Trajan- PantheonTomb of Raphael–Campus Martius–Mausoleum of Augustus—Banks of the Tiber-Bridges—Castle of St. Angelo-Island of Æsculapius—Cloaca Maxima-Temple of V'esta-Port at Ripa Grande.

169 LETTER LIX.–Rome continued-Capitoline Hill— Tarpeian RockMamertine Prison—Temple of Jupiter Feretrius-Church of Aracæli-Statue of Aurelius–Senator's House-Museum.

177 LETTER LX.-Rome continued-Ride round the Walls—Tomb of the Scipios–Baths of Caracalla— Tomb of Cecilia Metella—Circus of Caracalla -Catacombs—Fountain of Egeria-Baths of Titus-Gardens of SallustExcursion to Tivoli- Villa of Adrian.

187 LETTER LXI.-Departure for Naples—Alban Mount-Aricia-Genzano -Velletri-Pontine Marshes—Terracina–Entrance of the Neapolitan Domi., nions-Fondi-Itri-Mausoleum of Cicero_Mola di Gaeta.

199 LETTER LXII.—Route from Gaeta to Naples-Minturnæ-River Liris--Capua-Aversa—Arrival at Naples-Aspect of the City-Principal Streets—Sketch of the Bay, Islands, Shores, Harbour, and other outlinesRoyal Garden—Tombs of Virgil and Sannazaro.

213 LETTER LXIII.- Naples continued-Churches-Cathedral-Miracle of St. Januarius-Religious Festivals-St. Sincero-Museum-King's Palace. 225

LETTER LXIV.- Naples continued—Capo di Monte-Albergo de' Poveri-Chinese College-Catacombs---Campo Santo_Theatres—Excursion to Capri.

237 LETTER LXV.--Excursion to Baia-Pausilypo_Lake Agnano-Grotto del Cane--Gulf of Baia-Pozzuoli-Ancient Port--Baths of Nero—Lucrine Lake--Lake of Avernus-Grotto of the Sibyl-Cumæ-Acheron-Ruins of Baiæ- Elysian Fields--Cape Miseno_Villa of Cicero-Solfatara.

249 LETTER LXVI.—Excursion to the Top of Vesuvius-Description of the Crater-Herculaneum.

262 LETTER LXVII.—Excursion to Pompeii-Description of the Ruins. 270

LETTER LXVIII.-Excursion to Pæstum-Vale of the Sarno-NoceraLa Cava–Bay and Town of Salerno–Eboli—Sketch of the Ruins of Pæstum.

279 LETTER LXIX.-Departure from Naples-Visit to Caserta --- PalaceGarden-- Aqueduct-Return to Mont Albano.




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LETTER LXX.-Sketch of Monte Albano-Shores of the Alban LakeExcursion to Lake Nemi--Pompey's Prison-Museum of Antiquities--Grotto-Ferrata-Frascati-Ruins of Tusculum-Modern Palaceg-Return to Rome.

. 297 LETTER LXXI.—Sketch of Rome resumed-Description of St. Peter's Church,

306 LETTER LXXII.—Rome continued—Vatican—Sala Regia--Sistine Chapel-Last Judgment of Michael Angelo-Paoline Chapel-Galleries and Chambers of Raphael-Collection of Pictures.

. 318 LETTER LXXIII.—Rome continued—Vatican Museum-Library-Garden—Sketch of the present Pope.

327 LETTER LXXIV.-Rome continued— Pope's Cathedral—Public Festival-Baptistery-Scala Santa-Church of Santa Maria Maggiore-St. Mary of the Angels-Monte Testaccio-Tomb of Caius Cestius–Protestant Cemetery-Excursion to St. Paul's of the Three Fountains.

338 LETTER LXXV.-Rome continued—Tomb of Tasso-Corsini PalaceMount Janiculum-Fourtain of Paul V.–Villa Doria Pamfili-Doria Palace -Scene upon the Corso-Palazzo Rospigliosi—Guido's Aurora-Gallery. 347

LETTER LXXVI.-Rome continued-Nero's Tower-Villa AlbaniStudio of Trentanove-Borghese Palace-Excursion to Mons Sacer—Canonization of a new Saint-Sunday in Rome-Spada and Farnese Palaces-Villa Borghese—Finale of the Pope's Saint.

354 LETTER LXXVII.-Rome continued—Barberini Palace Studio of Cadova—Thorwaldsen-Colonna Palace-Michael Angelo's Statue of Moses Studio of Camuccini-Sciarra Palace—Anniversary of St. John-Palazzo Farnesina—Jews at Rome-Villa Mattei-Church of St. Stephen-Studio of Landi and Cavaliere.

364 LETTER LXXVIII.--Rome concluded--Festival of St. Peter--illumination of his Church-Fireworks of St. Angelo Monte Cavallo— Temple of the Sun - Massimi Palace A Summer Day in Rome—Malaria-Ceremony of taking the Veil—Theatres-Academy of St. Luke-Skull of Raphael-Celebration of the Fourth of July-American Consul.

373 LETTER LXXIX.-Departure from Rome–Fulls of the Velino-Return to Florence-Climate-Manners of the People-Public AmusementsCharacter of the Government.

383 LETTER LXXX.– Florence continued— Productive Industry of Tuscany -Manufacture of Silks-Straw Hats-Public Institutions- Education-Ascendency of the Priesthood— Religious Processions—A Living Saint-Theatres–Opera—The Goldoni—Academy of Fine Arts—Reading-Room—Italian

. 392 LETTER LXXXI.-Excursion to the Baths of Lucca—Pistoia-Pescia —'ale of the Serchio-Arrival at the Baths-Scorpions—Sketch of Scenery -Hot Springs—Buonvisi—Count Demidoff—Theatre-Balls-Casino-Cor

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so–Ponte Serraglio.


Page. LETTER LXXXII. -Departure from Florence-Trespiano-Passage of the Apennines—Scenery-Pietra Mala--Arrival at Bologna-Sketch of the City-Fountain of John di Bologna-Church of St. Petronius-Palazzo Pubblico-Cathedral-Gallery-Shrine of St. Dominick—Monte Nola-University--Campo Santo–Chiesa del Servi— Theatre.

LETTER LXXXIII.-Departure from Bologna-Ride to Ferrara-Environs—Sketch of the City--LibraryTomb of Ariosto--Manuscripts-Hos. pital of St. Anna—Prison of Tasso-Ducal Palace-House of Ariosto-Chapel of Benedictines--Certosa-Santa Maria in Vado—Cathedral-Departure from Ferrara- Passage of the Po—Scenery of its Banks-Austrian CustomHouses-Rovigo—The Adige-Monselice--Arrival at Padua.

402 LETTER LXXXIV.-Excursion to Arqua—Tomb and last Residence of Petrarch--Sketch of Padua-Church of St. Anthony-Santa Justizia-Hospital for Invalids-Observatory-Birth-place and Tomb of Livy–UniversityTomb of Antenor-Ride down the Brenta-Arrival at Venice-First view of the City.

431 LETTER LXXXV.-Venice continued-Rialto-Santa Teresa-Square of St. Mark's—Church—Bronze Horses—Campanile-- View of the City and Islands—Ducal Palace—Ancient Halls--Bridge of Sighs--Dungeons-MintPublic Garden-Greeks at Venice.

442 LETTER LXXXVI.–Venice concluded--Old Arsenal-Navy YardBucentaur-Excursion to the Lido-Armenian School---Churches-Toinb of Titian-Palaces and Pictures Academy of Fine Arts-Mausoleum of Canova --Amusements—Theatrc.

451 LETTER LXXXVII.--Return to Padua-Ride to Vicenza-Sketch of the Town-Arrival at Verona-Opera–Excursion to Lago di Garda-Peschiera -The Mincio–View of the Lake-Sermione-Religious Festival-Description of the Peninsula-Catullus—Banditti-Sketch of Verona- Amphitheatre -Public Palace-Philharmonic Academy-Holy Alliance-Arch of Vitruvi. us-Sarcophagus of Juliet— Tombs of the Scaligers--Churches--Great Men. 461

LETTER LXXXVIII.-Ride to Mantua—Dangers of the Road— Austrian Code_Villafranca-Banks of the Mincio—First view of Mantua–Excursion to Andes—Reminiscences of Virgil-Corso of the City-Amusements-Piazza Virgiliana- Tomb and last Residence of Julio Romano-Ducal PalaceTorre Della Gabbia-Route to Cremona-Cathedral--Campanile—Sketch of the City.

470 LETTER LXXXIX.-Route to Lodi-Banks of the Adda-Description of the Bridge – Arrival at Milan--Aspect of the City-Sketch of the Cathedral-- Architecture--View from the Cupola—Interior - Tradition of St. A1brose- Tomb of San Carlo Borromeo-Celebration of the Jubilee-Palace of the Viceroy-Reminiscences of Napoleon.

480 LETTER XC.-Milan continued—Forum of Napoleon-Castle-Campus Martius—Amphitheatre-Arch of the Simplon-Gate of Marengo-Cor80-Public Garden-Military Academy-Hospitals--Ambrosian LibraryGallery-Fresco of the Last Supper-Lita Palace— The Brera-Academy of Fine Arts.


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LETTER XCI.- Milan concluded—Churches-Chapel of the DeadFestival of St. Thomas-Jesuits-Opera-Minor Theatres-Environs-Villa of Napoleon-Excursion to Monza-Imperial Gardens-Palace-Cathedral --Iron Crown of Lombardy.

500 LETTER XCII.-Departure from Milan-Arrival at Como-First view of the Lake—Sketch of the Scenery-Excursion to the Villa d'Este- The late Queen of England-Description of Pliniana-Route to Lake Maggiore Verese-- Banks of the Ticin-Arona-Colossus of San Carlo-Sketch of Maggiore-Borroinean Isles-Excursion to Isola Bella-Ride to Domo d'Ossola. 507

LETTER XCIII.-Departure from Domo d'Ossola--Passage of the Simplon-Description of the Road—Bridge of Crevola—Alpine Scenery-Old Path-Monks-Refuges-Hamlets--Avalanches-Village of Simplon—View from the Summit of the Mountain-Glaciers of Switzerland–Torrents of the Ganter and Saltine-Arrival at Brigue.

519 LETTER XCIV.-Departure from Brigue-Vale of the Rhone-Sketch of its Scenery, Alps and Glaciers—Fertility-Population-Buildings-Villages and Hamlets Viege—Tourtemagne-Cascade--Sion-Martigny-St. Maurice-First view of the Lake of Geneva-St. Gingoux-Rocks of Meillerie-Southern Shore of the Lake-Evian-Thonon-Distant view of Mont Blanc-Arrival at Geneva.

527 LETTER XCV.--Excursion to Ferney—Egress of the Rhone-Environs of Geneva—Village of Voltaire-Description of his Chateau—Shore of the Lake-Copet-Tombs of Necker and Madame de Stael—Nyon-Excursion to Vevay-Sketch of the Town-Clarens--Chillon-Ride to Lausanne-Reminiscences of Gibbon-Description of the Town.

. 537 LET'TER XCVI.- Return to Geneva--Sketch of the City-View from the Water--Aspect of the Streets and Buildings_Hotel de Ville--Legislative Halls-- Political State of Switzerland--Cathedral--Reminiscences of Calvin -- Museum-Botanic Garden-Defences of the City--College--Library-Hospital-Athenæum--Panorama of Switzerland--Birth-place of Rousseau --Excursion to the Junction of the Rhone and Arve-Departure from Gene12-Jura Alps-Last view from their Summits.



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