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Effect of McClellan's Defeat in the North.-Call for more Troops.-Why the North

was not easily dispirited.-The War as a Money Job.-Note: Gen. Washingtou

Opinion of New England.-The Yankee Finances.- Exasperation of Hostilities.-The

Yankee Idea of a "Vigorous Prosecution of the War."-Ascendancy of the Radicals.

-War Measures at Washington.-Anti-Slavery Aspects of the War.-Brutality of the

Yankees.—The insensibility of Europe.-Yankee Chaplains in Virginia.—Seizures of

Private Property.-Pope's Orders in Virginia.-Steinwehr's Order respecting Host-

ages.-The Character and Services of Gen. John Pope.-The "Army of Virginia.”—

Irruption of the Northern Spoilsmen.-The Yankee Trade in Counterfeit Confederate

Notes.-Pope's "Chasing the Rebel Hordes."-Movement against Pope by "Stone-

wall" Jackson.-BATTLE OF CEDAR MOUNTAIN.-McClellan recalled from the Penin-

sula.-The Third Grand Army of the North.-Jackson's Surprise of the Enemy at

Manassas.-A Rapid and Masterly Movement.-Change of the Situation.-Attack by

the Enemy upon Bristow Station and at Manassas Junction.-Marshalling of the

Hosts.-Longstreet's Passage of Thoroughfare Gap.-The Plans of Gen. Lee.-Spirit

of our Troops.-Their Painful Marches.--THE SECOND BATTLE OF MANASSas.—Â ter-

rible Bayonet Charge.-Rout of the Enemy.-A hideous Battle-field.-Gen. Lee and

the Summer Campaign of Virginia.-Jackson's Share in it.-Extent of the Great

Victory of Manassas.-Excitement in Washington.-The Yankee Army falls back

upon Alexandria and Washington.-Review of the Situation.-Rapid Change in our

Military Fortunes.-What the South had accomplished.-Comparison of Material

Strength between North and South.-Humiliating Result to the Warlike Reputation

of the North......
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