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Secretary of War about McClellan
(App.), 487; second letter on same sub-
ject, 489.

Schofield, appointment to Western De-
partment, 399; President's instructions
to, 407; removal from cominand, 408.
Secession conspiracy at Washington, 58;
Mr. Stephens's speech against it, 60.
Secession of South Carolina, 57.
Sécession of Virginia, 132.
Seward, instructions to our minister in
England, 133; reply to French offer of
mediation, 299; diplomacy of 1863, 441;
letter to Mr. Adams on danger of war
with England, 442; letter on the Mex-
ican question, 445.

Seymour, Gov. of N. Y., correspondence
with President on the draft, 372.
Sherman, General, expedition from
Vicksburg, 459.

Slavery and Slaves-relations of slavery
to the rebellion, 151; employment of
slaves, bill in regard to, 153; President's
views regarding fugitive slaves, 158;
abolition in Territories, 183; abolition
in District of Columbia, 183; resolution
approving President's policy of aiding
emancipation in States, 186; adoption
in both Houses, 187; negroes author-
ized to be employed in army, 204; ac-
tion of military commanders concern-
ing, 291; Halleck's letter about slaves,

States, relation of rebel States to the
general government, 329.

State Prisoners, executive order relative

to, 345; order releasing, 350; appoint-
ment of a commission on, 347; case of
Vallandigham, 351.

Stephens, A. H., speech against seces-
sion, 60; statement of objects of the
Confederacy, 62.

Sumter, bombardment of Fort, 122.

Taussig, James, his account of an inter-
view with the President, 401.

Vallandigham, his arrest, trial, and sen-
tence, 351; President's letter to Alba-
ny meeting concerning, 354; Presi-
dent's letter to Ohio meeting concern-
ing, 362; nominated for Governor of
Ohio, 362; is defeated, 414.
Vicksburg-siege and surrender, 382.
Virginia, secession of, 132; Lincoln's
reply to commissioners, 131; admis-
sion of Western Virginia, 334.

War-Crittenden resolution declaring its
objects, 152.

War Department-order for protection
of Washington, 228; order for seizure
of rebel property, 294.

Yorktown-McClellan's report of rebel
strength, 230; Magruder's report, 233;
evacuation of, 234.

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