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A fearful pause may seem to come,

But o'er its azure face Shall never steal, while Hope is dumb,

One tinting of disgrace. For Faith her sinewy arms shall spread,

To catch the tottering staff; And to the sunbeam newly wed,

The dew of youth 'twill quaff.

Until its stars burn bright again,

Let others sow and reap." The farmer sighed—“A lifetime long

The plough has been my trust; In truth it were an arrant wrong

To leave it now to rust."

A million voices speed it on,

From climes beyond the sea, Where, 'neath the despot's shaded throne,

Bursts new-born Liberty. From glaciers to the torrid line

Comes forth the blended strain“Bear it aloft, that type divine;

Bear it aloft again!"
Then, say not Freedom's chosen bird

Is wearied on the wing;
For waits she but the burning word

The thunderbolt to fling;
But poised in air, with quickened sight,

She waits the signal given,
And Treason shall retire from light,
Accurs'd of man and Heaven.

-Philadelphia Bulletin, Aug. 2.

With ready strength the farmer tore

The iron from the wood,
And to the village smith he bore

That ploughshare stout and good.
The blacksmith's arms were bare and brown,

And loud the bellows roared; The farmer flung his ploughshare down

“Now forge me out a sword!” And then a merry, merry chime

The sounding anvil rung;
Good sooth, it was a nobler rhyme

Than ever poet sung.
The blacksmith wrought with skill that day;

The blade was keen and bright; And now, where thickest is the fray,

The farmer leads the fight.

[blocks in formation]

I N D E X.


D. stands for Diary of Events ; Doc. for Documents ; and P. for Poetry, Rumors and Incidents.



PAGE ALLEN, W. P., escapes from Sudley
"A Battle Hymn," by James Mac Church, Va.,

D. 46

P. 11 Allegiance, National and State, Doc. 206
Abolitionists "to be scourged into to King Cotton,

Doc. 208
good behavior,"
D. 75 ALMSTEDT, Col.,

Doc. 467
Acquin Creek, Va., skirmish at, D. 46 * Alvarado," the bark, destroyed
Acrostic--on Jefferson Davis, P. 44 near Fernandina, Florida, D. 56
ADAMS, C. W. See Indians, D. 64 account of the capture and de-
ADAMS, Joux, ex-President, letters struction of the,

Doc. 489
to Gen. Benjamin Lincoln, 1789, ALVEY, R. H., rebel account of the
D. 8: Doc. 146 arrest of

P. 83
“ Adams' Troop" of Natchez, Miss., America, War expenses and war
P. 85 taxes in,

Doc. 119
" Addenda to the celebrated · Nine American Democracy, reply to the
Miles to the Junction.'" by

London Times on,

Doc. 116
Lieut. Millard, U. 8. A., P. 16 Amherst College, Address of D. S.
"A Disunionist answered," Doc. 127 Dickinson at,

D, 24
"Ad Poetas," by Geo, H. Boker, P. 89 AMES, Bishop, his “Union Con-
African Slavery, Mr. Powell's reso-


P. 60
lution in reference to, D. 83 “A Monarch dethroned," by Mrs.
Mr Sherman's remarks on Pow-

E. Vale Smith,

P. 109
ell's resolution,

D. 34 ANDERSON, Col, 4th Regt. 0.
* After the Fight at Manassas," by

S. V.,

Sarah Helen Whitman,

of Col. Hampton, rebel, at Bull

P. 6
of Gen, Beauregard at Bull Run,

of Lieut.-Col. Frank Fiske, 2d
N. H. Regiment,

of a N. Y. Zouave and a Vir-

P. 8
of Ely, M. C.,

P. 8
of a chaplain in the National

P. 9
of a young man, wounded in the

of a Zouave and his wife, P.
of an artilleryman,

P. 9
of two brothers at the battle of
Bull Run,

P. 9
of the Shriver Greys, rebel, P. 13
of Mrs. Curtis,

P. 15
of the bravery of Henry Benson,

of Wisconsin, at Bull Run, P. 15
of Rev. J. M. Willey,

P. 18
of a Fire Zouave falling back,"

2 AndersON, FRANK, Lt.-Col., rebel,
"A Gathering Song,"
P. 77

P. 31
* Agnes," Song by,

P. 64 ANDERSON, ROBERT, Gen., receives

a gold medal from tho citizens
Sanitary Commission.

of New York,

D. 24
Aiken, the U. S. revenue cutter. D. 59 tribute to, by Reverdy Johnson,
"A. L.," Poem by,
P. 84

Doc. 145
Alabama, Kegt. of, arrived at Har Anderson Zouaves, N. Y. S. V., left
per's Ferry, Va.,
D. 12 N. Y.,

D. 75
havoc in the Regts. of, at Bull ANDREW, Jon A., Gov., calls upon

P. 13 the citizens of Mass, to fill up
"Alaram," Vanity Fair, P. 87 the regiments,

D. 73
"Albany Journal," on compromise Proclamation to the citizen sol-

D. 73 diers of Mass., Aug. 20, Doc. 539
ALBERGER, F. A., Seward's letter to, Anecdotes, of Turner, the rebel

on Foreign enlistments, D. 59 postmaster of Western Va. Doe. 244
ALDEN, - Capt., cannonades Gal of Gen. J. W. Ripley,

D. 17
veston, Texas,

Doc. 484 of Garrick, the negro cook of the
Alexandria, Va., slaves at, liberated, schooner Enchantress, D. 52

D. 51 of Englishmen at the battle of
murder of the U. 8. pickets at, P. 66 Carrick's Ford, Va., Doc. 291
Alien Law, the Confederate, D. 65 of the young soldier dying, P. 91
Jeff. Davis' proclamation relativo of Joseph Lane of Oregon, P. 90

D. G6 of Gen. J. B Magruder, P. 100
Aliens, Confederate Congress act of the wife of Capt. Gilvery, P. 102

respecting alien enemies, Doc. 492 of a lady of Alexandria, VA. P. 102
Jeff. Davis' proclamation in refer of a Good Samaritan at Bull Run,
ence to the act respecting alien

P. 104

Doc. 526 of the N. Y. Zouaves at Ball Run,
ALLEN, Col. First Regt. N. Y. S. See Rebels,

P. 6
V., arrested at Fortress Monroe, of the New Hampshire soldiers
D. 11 at Bull Run,

P. 6
ALLEN, WM. H., Surgeon 28 Rogt. of the Rev. Henry Cox, of Dela.
Maino Vols.

D. 65
plaine, III.,

P. 6
VOL. II.-47

P. 16
of Willie P. Mangum, Jr., P. 16
affecting anecdote of a soldier at
Bull Run,

P. 28
of Mass. Baltimore, Md., P. 41
of Gen. Scott and a Virginian, P. 41
of Bishop Simpson,

P. 46
of Alice and Phebe Cary, P. 47
of a Methodist preacher at Camp

P. 58
of a Baltimore negro,

P. 59
of a fariner in the Kentucky

P. 59
of Daniel Sullivan, of the Ohio

P. 71
of Mass. soldier and the Balti-
more woman,

P. 72
of the courtesies of war, P. 75
of Phillippa, Van,

P. 82
of orderly-sergeant Goodfellow at
the Bethel fight,

P. 82
of Col. Boerstein,

P. 83
of a secession lawyer at St. Louis,

P. 83
of Gen. Benham and the would-
be assassin,

P. 84
desire of soldiers for water in bat-

P. 85
of Col. Davies, of the N. Y. 16th

P. 87
of & Vermont woman who "re-
gretted it,"

P. 91
An English Comment on English

Doc. 128

and peace,



"A New Yankee Doodle." By J. patriotism of the, of Boston, New his justice to an assassin, P. 84
R. Gilmore,

P. 61 York, and Philadelphia, D. 65 BENJAMIN, J. P., instructions to
Annapolis Junction, Pennsylvania securities at the South, P. 56 rebel marshals in reference to
troops at,
D. 78 reports of the Southern conven-

persons captured at sea D. 27
* An Ode for the Union," by R. D.

tion of,

Doc. 407 his opinion of President Lincoln,
P. 88 | BANKS, N. P., Gen., seized steamers

Doc. 142
* An unreported Union Conven-
at Baltimore, Md. D. 22 BENJAMIN, PARK,

P 8, 43

P. 60 proclamation of, July 10th, D. 24 Bensox, HENRY, of Wisconsin anec-
"A Poetical and Patriotic Gem," transferred to the command of

doté of his bravery at Bull
by the descendant of an F. F.
forces on the upper Potomac, D. 85 Run,

P. 15

P. 29

arrived at Harper's Ferry, Va., D. 42 BENNETT, JAN. GORDON, Jr., Lieut,
APPERSON, E. N., constructs de nullifies the police protest of Bal-

arrests Louis de Bebian, D. 73
fences at Memphis, Tenn., D. 48 timore,

D. 11 BENTON, Col. Sth Regiment
"A Psalın of Freedom." By E. H. arrests the police Board of Balti-

Indiana volunteers, D. 8

P. 78

D. 15 BERRY, H. G., Col. 4th Maine vol-
Arkansas, proclamation of the mill confirmed as major-general, D. 84 unteers,

D. 3; Doc. 146
tary board of,
D. 17 proclamation of June 27, D. 8; Bethel,

Va, battle at,

Doc. 164
correspondence between the reb-

Doc. 176 Col. Townsend's report on, Doc. 165
els of, and the Cherokees, D. 38 instructions to Col. Kenly, pro Major Wirthrop's notes of the
Army of the Potomac, General Mc-

vost-marshal of Baltimore, Doc, 178 plan of the attack on, Doc. 179
Clellan in command of, D. 73 proclamation of July 1, Doc. 196 secession report of the battle at,
Army Orders. See U. S. Army. BARNETT, Col.' Th Indiana

Doc. 165
ARNOLD, Isaac N., at Battle of Bull

Regt. at Carrick's Ford, Va.,

Lient. York's experience at the
Doc. 17
Doc. 543 battle of,

P. 84
ARNOLD, SAMUEL G., Lieut.-Gov., BANON, HENRY, arrested at Wash BINGIIAM, Paymaster, 26th
proclamation of, referring to the


D. 89 Regiment N. Y. $. V., D. 55
dead of R. I., D. 89; Doc. 895 Baptists.

D. 3; Doc. 439 BING, JULIUS, account of his arrest
*A Soldier's last Word," by Park

See Hudson River Baptists.

and adventures after the battle
P. 48 convention of South Carolina, res-

of Bull Run,

P. 18
A soldier's response, P. St. George

olutions of the,

Doc. 489 BIRNEY, DAVID B., Colonel 23d

Doc. 171 | Barboursville, Va., skirmish at, D. 28 Regiment Penn. volunteers, D. 75
"A Song for the Illinois Volun account of the fight at, Doc. 256 Blackburn's Ford, Va., battle at, D. 84

teers," by "Agnes," P. 64 BARNARD, J. G., Major U. S. A., General Tyler's report of the bat-
" A Song for the Time,"
P. 76 report of battle of Bull Run,

tle at,

Dec. 836
"A Song Sung in Norfolk"
P. 73

Doc. 86 Colonel Richardson's report of the
P. 80 notice of,
Doc, 589 battle at,

Doc. 837
Athens, Mo., battle at, D. 57 BARRY, CHARLES A.,

P. 96 * Washington Star" narrative,
details of the battle at, Doc. 483 BARRY, Wm. F., appointed Brig.-

Doc, 843

P. 10

D. 75 "N. Y. Times" narrative, Doc. 844
"A Tribute to the Brave," by Hy. major, U. S. A., report of battle "N. Y. Tribune " narrative, Doc. 846
Clay Preuss,

of Bull Run,

Doc. 89 list of casualties at, Doc. 838
ATWOOD, WILLIAM, of Ky., D. 68 notes to a Sonthern account of General Beauregard's report of
Augusta, Ga., speech of A. II. Ste-
the battle of Bull Run, Doc. 47 the battle of,

Doc. 889
phons at, July 11, Doc. 276 notice of,

Doc. $40 secession accounts of, Doc. 550
Augusta, Me., a feast of doughnuts BA ISTOW, G. FORRESTER, P. 48 “ Baltimore Exchange" narra-
P. 73 BARTOW, FRANCIS S., Gen., rebel,


Doc. 851
AVERY, W. W., delegate to Con-

killed at Bull Run,

P. 15 "Memphis Appeal” account,
federate Congress,
D. 2 the body of, at Richmond, P. 5

Doc, 352
* A Vision in the Forum," by Thos. funeral of

D. 45 ) BLAIR , Colonel, at battle of
Buchanan Rend,

P. 76
gallantry of, at Bull Run, P. 12 Wilson's Creek,

D. 61
AYRES, Capt., his battery at the BARTLETT, W.O., letter of Corne BLAIR, M., Postmaster-General, let-
battle of Blackburn's Ford, Va., lius Vanderbilt to, Doc. 152 ter to General McClellan on
Doc 337 | PATES, J. N., Brig.-Gen., honorably


D. 75

Doc. 853 BLENKER, Lours, Colonel, at Ball
" Battle Hymn," by Woodbury M.


D. 87

P. 12 report of battle of Bull Run, Doc. 33

BAYARD, Tros. F., of Delaware, appointed brigadier-general, D. 60
Bache, D. D., vice-president of the

notico of,

D. 9 | BLEVINS, Jonx, protest against the
sanitary cominission, D. 174 BEACII, ELIZABETH T. PORTER, P. 49 proceedings of the East Ten-
Back River, Va, Lt. Crosby's expe BEAUREGARD, P. G. T., at Manas-

nessee Union Convention, Doc. 153
dition to
D. 40 sas,

Doc. 1 Blockade. The London Post on
BAILLET, GEORGE, speech of, July proclamation in reforence to pass-


Doc. 125
D. 33 ports,

D. 9 BOERSTEIN, -, Col. anecdote of, P. 83
BAKER, E. D., Col. California rogt.,

See battle of Bull Ran.


P. 65, 89
N. Y. S. V. D. 10; Doc. 177 letter to Sarah Z. Evans, P. 82 Bombs, rebels, filled with rice, P. 90
speech on the Bill to suppress in oficial report on the battle of BONHAM, M. H., Brigadier-General,
surrection, D. 51; Doc. 462 Bull Run,

Doc. 868 rebel, at the battle of Black
BALLOU, Major Rhode Island and the Hampton Legion, P. 12 burn's Ford, Va., Doe. 841
Vol. killed at Bull Run, Doc. 19

D. 87 " Books for the army,"

P. 58
Baltimore, Md., John C. Breckin-

to the rebel army after Booneville, Mo., account of the bat-
ridge insulted at,
D. 58 the battle of Bull Run, Doc. 108 tle of

P. 69
seizure of arms and contraband forage order of, D. 38; Doc. 894 rebel account of the battle of. P. 70
articles at,
D. 58 the ancestors of,

P. 70 Booth and the United States, case
wanted for rebel winter quarters, epigram on his bravery, P. 41 of,

Doc. 141
P. 28 anecdote of,

Marshal Kane arrested at, 8 BEBIax, Louis D., arrested at New-

P. 105
protest of the board of police of,

port, R. I.

D. 73 | Boston, Mass., 20 and 4th Batta-
D. 9 Bedford, Westchester co., N. Y.,

lions of, offer their services to
police board of, arrested, D. 15 Havelocks made by the ladies

U. S. Government,

D. 13
steamers seized at,
D. 22 of,

D. 54 patriotism of the banks of, D. 65
8. Tenkle Wallis's report to the BEE, BARNARD E., Gen., killed at Latin School, visit to the Web-
Md. legislature on the memo-

Bull Run, notice of,
P. 15 ster Regiment,

P. 46
rial of the police commissioners BELL, Jonx, of Ky..

D. 68 BOWERS, WILLIAM L., Captain 20
D. 56 BELLOWS, HENRY W., president of Rhode Island Vols., Doc. 20
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, com-

Sanitary Commission, Doc. 174 Bowners, Van, skirmish at, D. 12
munication on, cut off,

D. 3 BELT, Dr., of Md., arrested, D. 39 BRACKETT. Captain, his caval-
BANCROFT, GEO. speech to the Do BENDIX, JOHN E., Col., at the bat-

ry at Blackburn's Ford, Va., D. 35
Kalb regt., N. Y. S. V. Doc. 400 tle of Bethel,

Doc. 164 BRADBURY, M. R.,

P. 18
Bangor, Me., office of tho - Demo BENIAM, H. W., Gen., at the battle BRADFORD, J. O., U. S. N., corre-

crat" at, destroyed, D. 64 of Carrick's Ford, Doc. 289-292 spondence of Gov. Letcher
Banks, convention of the officers of report of the battle at Carrick's with the wife of in reference to
the Southern,
D. 43 Ford,
Doc. 543 her wardrobe,

P. 44



wardrobe returned,

P. 72 letter from a member of the "Pal letter to Gov. Pierpont, Doc. 162
BRADLEY, Joux, arrested at Alex-

inetto Guard" on the battle, P. 24 report of the War Department,
andris, Va.,
D. 40 handcuffs captured at,

P. 25 July 1st,

Doc. 229
BRECKINRIDGE, JOHN C., opposed position of the Confederate forces letter to Gov. Gamble, Doc. 474
the resolution approving the

at the battle of,
Doc. 94 notice of,

D. 28
acts of the President,

why the rebels did not pursue af Camerox, JAMES, Col., Sarah Z
D. 32; Doc. 805 ter the battle,

P. 14 Evans' letter to Beauregard in
remarks on Andrew Johnson's Southern account of the, Doc. 47 relation to the body of, P. 82
resolution, D. 41; Doc. 403 an English officer's opinion of, P. 10 See Bull Run

79th Regt.
insulted at Baltimore, Md., D. 58 what the rebels say they captured

N. Y. S. V. - Beauregard.
speech on the bill to suppress in-


P. 7 Camp Brandywine, Delaware, D. 88
surrections, D. 51; Doc. 460, 465 a visit to the battle-field of, by a "Camp Record," newspaper, D. 9
BRIGGS, HENRY I., Colonel, Massa-


Doc. 107 “Camp Song," by Capt. Charles
chusetts 10th Regiment, D. 42 return of the wounded from, to Winter,

P. 77
, Mr., of Missouri,

P. 5 CANNING, E. W. B., notice of, D. 8
notice of

D. 40 anecdotes of horses at, P. 102 "Can't Settle Accounts." See C.S.A.
"Brooklyn (N. Y.) Eagle," present Confederate resolutions in refer CANTWELL, Lt.-Col. of Ohio, notice
ed by the Grand Jury, D. 67 ence to the battle of, Doc. 892


D. 28
BROOKNAN, J, W., of N. Y., D. 3 havoc in the Alabama regiments Cards, a pack of, saves the life of a
BROOKS, E. I, 1st Lieutenant, dis-

P. 13 soldier at Bull Run, P. 16
missed from the National aray, how the news of the battle of, CARLILE, Senator, Va., remarks of,

Ď. 43 was received in California, P. 80 on the bill to suppress insurrec
BROOKS, Lieutenant, wounded the wounded at,

P. 92 tion,

Doc. 486
at Mesilla, New

Mexico, D. 55 See " Manassas Races," Peters CARMICHAEL THOMAS H., Lt., cap-
Broome County, N. Y., Union

tures the “French Lady," Doc. 255
meeting at,
D. 83 of the battle of,

D. 70
resolutions of July 18th, Doc. 332 speech of Capt. Wilson of Atlanta, CARR, Capt., report of_the
Brown, CLARENCE S., Major U. S.

Ga., on the battle,

P. 12 battle of Wilson's Creek, Doc. 505
A, bravery of

loss of the rebels in the battle, P. 12 Carrick's Ford, Battle of

Brown, Colonel 20th Indiana "Tall Running" at,

P. 17 Official Reports of the battle of,
D. 49 Fire Zouaves at,

P. 18

Doc. 286,583

P. 49 release of the Federal surgeons "Cincinnati Gazette's" narrative
Brown, G. W., Mayor of Baltimore, captured at,

Doc. 523 of the battle of,

Doc. 288
approves the protest of the Bull Run, Sunday, July 21st, by "Cincinnati Commercial's" ac-
lolico Board,
D. 9 Alice B. Haven,

P. 1 count of the battle of, Doc. 291
BROWN, JOHN, "dead, yet speak Bunker Hill, Va, Gen. Patterson's "N. Y. Tribune" narrative, Doc. 298
P. 39; Doc. 245 movement on,

Doc. 303 Richmond “Dispatch's" account
his song."
P. 105 skirmish at,

D. 80 of the battle of,

Doc. 542
his "raid" into Virginia, Doc. 127 BURKE, Capt. Missouri 1st Carter's Creek, Va., Havemeyer's
BROWNLEE, J. A., approves the Mis Regt., bravery of, at battle of

account of the fight at, Doc. 169
souri treason,
Doc. 494 Wilson's Creek,

Doc. 518 Carthage, Mo., Battle at, D. 19
Brownlow, WILLIAM. G., "his BURKE, - Col., on habeas cor Col. Siegel's report of the battle
P. 75 pus,

D. 67 of,

Doc. 271
Brownson, Orestes A., D. 4 BURKE, T. B., secessionist, hung at "St. Louis Republican's" account
BRYANT, WILLIAM CULLEN, P. 1 Lane, Illinois,

D. 3 of the battle at,

Doc. 246
BUCKINGIIAM, W. A., Gov., call to BURLEIGH, Wx. H.,

P. 47 "N. Y.World's" narrative of, Doc. 247
the people of Connecticut, Aug. BURNSIDE, A, E., Col., returns fugi "N. Y. Times" narrative of, Doc. 249
Doc, 531 tive slaves.

D. 5 Cartridge Boxes, music in, P. 87
BUCKNER, 8. B., Gen., Agreement in the advance into Virginia, D. 32 CARUTHERS, Lt., rebel, his en-
with Gen. McClellan, D. 5-S at Ball Run,

D. 86 counter with George Martin, P. 44
correspondence with Gov. Ma report of battle of Bull Run, Doc. 18 CARTWRIGIIT, Peter, & crisp letter

Doc. 169
eupplementary report of, Doc. 20 from,

P. 100
letter to Lloyd Tillman, Doc. 164 BUTLER, BENJ. F., Gen., letter to CARY, ALICE, anecdote of,

P. 47
BUCKSTONE, B. F., Surgeon, Fifth Secretary Cameron on the "con Cary, PUEBE, anecdote of, P. 47
Maine Regt.,
D. 65 traband,

D. 47; Doc. 437 CASS, THOMAS, Col. 9th Regt. Mass.
Budd, WM., Commander, report of order in reference to the sale of


D. 12
the attack on the steamer Res-

intoxicating liquors, D. 52; Doc. 471 CASSIDAY, SANCEL, of Kentucky,
Doc. 581 appointed to command of volun-

D. 68
BUELL, confirmed as Brig. toer forces near Fortress Mon "Cast Down, but not Destroyed."

D. 54

D. 74
by A. E.,

P. 6
Bull Run, Va., battle of,

D. 86 Cameron's letter to, on “Contra Cataline Steamer, burnt at Fortress
official reports of,
Doc. 1-111 bands,"

Doc. 493

D. 16
general orders before the Doc. 1 notice of,

D. 70 Catholics, Sao Father Cree-
Gen. Tyler's supplementary re BUTLER, CHARLES WM.

P. 97

port on the battle of, Doc. 866 BUTLER, Jonx G., Capt., at the Bat “Catholic Cathedral," by T. Hul-
report of Col. Pratt on, Doc. 867 tle of Bethel,

Doc. 165 bert Underwood,

P. 97
Beauregard's official report, Doc. 368 BUTLER, PIERCE, arrested at Phila CATLIN, J. D., arrested at Washing-
*N. Y. Times'" narrative, Doc. 869 delphia,

D. 71 ton,

D. 89
* Atalanta Confederacy" narra BUTTERFIELD, DAN., Col. 12th Regt. Carron, Judge, expelled from
Doc. 871 N. Y. S. M.,
D. 50 Nashville, Tenn.,

D. 65
"Charleston Mercury” account,

"Cavalry Song," Charles G. Leland,
Doc. 873

P. 50
" Louisville Courier" account,

Cayenne Pepper, an implement of
Doc. 375 CADWALLADER, Gen., honorably


P. 59
socession narratives of, Doc. 93-97

D. 35 Centipedes, an implement of war, P. 71
secession reports, Doc.42 Cairo, Ill., Fremont's expedition to, Centreville, Va, the retreat from,
narrative of the "N. Y. Tribune"

Doc. 467 July 21st. See Bull Ran. Doc. 876
on the battle of,

Doc. 76 CALHOUN, JOHN C., Doc. 134 CIIAMBERLIN, Capt., at the battle of
narrative of the "N. Y. World" California, how the news of the Bat-


Doc. 164
on the battle of,

Doc. $1 tle of Bull Run was received in, CHAMBLISS, JOIN R., letter from
account of the N. Y. Tist Regt. at,

P. 80 Jeff. Davis to, D. 48; Doc. 440
Doc.89 California Regiment N. Y. S. V., Chaplain, a lively,

P. 74
account of E. P. Doherty, Doc. 80 list of officers of, Doc. 177 Chaplis, Lieut., U.S. N., at Mat-
Wm. H. Russell's letters on tho CALLAUAN, Lt.-Col., at the

thias Point,

battle of

Doc. 51 Battle of Athens, Mo., Doc. 484 CHARA, MANUEL, Lt.-Col. 28 Regt.
Northern Press on, Doc. 881 CALVERT, -, Mr., of Maryland,

New Mexico Volunteers, D. 29
Southern Press on,

Doc. 885 Resolution in reference to the Charleston Courier," opinion of
the moral of Manassas, Doc. 987 amendment of the Constitution, "Soulouque" Lincoln,

“National Intelligencer" on the

D. 87 on the situation of affairs, D. 13
battle of,
P. 28 CAMERON, Simon, Letter to Gen. quotation frorn,

D. 10
incidents of the retreat after the Butler on “ Contrabands,"

"Charleston Mercury" on the bat-
panic at,
P. 20
D. 60; Doc. 493 tle of Bull Run,

P. 15


[blocks in formation]
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remarks on the capturo of the Columbus, Ky., steamer B. P. Che * Contraband," Gen. Butler's let.
privateer Savannah,

P. 59
ney seized at,

D. 51 ter to Secretary Cameron, on,
“provoked by Virginia papers, COLYER, Judge, of Hartford, Conn.,

D. 47; Doc. 437
D. 54
notice of

D. 68 Cameron's letter to Gen. Butler
its opinion of the Confederate Commerce, Mo., captured by Gen.


Doc. 498
D. 13 Fremont,

D. 71 “Contraband goods," incidents at-
on the Loss of Washington," D. 43 Compromise, Albany Journal on, D. 78 tending the search for, P. 14
its opinion of the 16th Regiment "Compromise " addressed to the U. Cook, Mrs., Daughter of the
of S. O. M.,

D. 26 S. Congress, in extra session, Onondaga (N. Y.) Regt., D. 51
its account of the loss of the pri-

July 4th, 1861, by E. D. Proc COOKE, P., ST. GEORGE, a soldier's
vateer Jeff. Davis,
D. 69 tor,

D. 81 response,

Doc. 171
Charleston, Mo., battle of, D. 71; Compromise Petitions, D. 11 Cook,

Capt., at the battle of
Doc. 535
Doc. 176 Cole Camp, Mo.,

Gen. Fremont's despatches, Doc. 535 Concord, 'N. II., acconnt of the Coox, S. PARK, COL 2d Wisconsin
· St. Louis' Democrat" account,

destruction of the office of the


Doc. 173
Doc. 535 "Democratic Standard" in,

notice of,

D. 8
“N, Y. Tribune" account, Doc. 536

Doc. 490; D. 59 COOPER, SAMUEL, Gen., rebel, no-
Charleston, S. C., meeting of the Confederation of the U. S. Doc. 183 tice of

D. 87
Presbytery of
D. 41 "Confederate" Alien Law, N. 0. COPP, F. B.,

P. 78
queries to the "Confederate " dis.

Delta's remarks on the, D. 65 COTTOx, Capt., at the battle of
trict attorney at,
D. 55 "Confederate Army," generals of

Scarytown, Va.,

Doe. 832
“Charleston, S. c. Presbytery," re the,

Doc. 296; D. 37 Cotton-planters, A. H. Stephens
of the,
Doc. 897 position of the, July 10th, P. 10 speech to the

Doc. 976
Charleston, Va., account of the oc field officers of, killed and wound Couci, D. N., Col. Mass. Tth Regt.,
cupation of,
Doc. 402 ed in battle of Bull Run, P. 15

D. 25

P. 90 card from a colonel in the, P. 73 COULTER, Lieut.-Col, at the
CHATFIELD, JOIN L., Col., report of “ Confederate" Artillery, increase

battle of Haynesville, D. 16
the battle of Bull Run, Doc. 18 of,

D. 72 * Courtesies of War," the, P. 75
Chenango County, N. Y., Union "Confederate Congress, "North Car Cox, Mr., of Ohio, motion in
meeting at,
D. 83 olina delegates to,

D. 2 the House of Representatives
resolutions of, July 18th, Doc. 382 met at Richmond,

D. 85

for tte reconstruction of the
"Cheney, B. P.” steamer seized by appoints a day of thanksgiving,


D. 46
the rebels,
D. 51

D. 87

peuce proposition of, Doc. 455
Cherokees, correspondence between adopts the doctrine of the Paris

peace proposition considered by
the chief of, and the rebel an-
Congress, 1856, in reference to

the Mobile Register, D. 52
thorities of Arkansas, D. 88;

maritime law, except the clause Cox, HENRY, Rev., anecdote of, P. 6

Doc. 392 referring to privateering, D. 60 Cox, J. D., Brig-Gen., honorably
See John Ross.
passed the bill admitting Missouri


Doe, 858
Chesconnessy River, Va., rebel bat-

to the Southern Confederacy, Cox, Brig.-Gen., his despatch
tery on,
D. 42
D. 70 to Gov. Pierpont,

D. 47
“Cheshire Light Guard" of Keene, thanks Ben McCulloch, D. 75 Cox, Gen., occupied Charles-
N.H “George Rex," tents of, P. 72 on bounty for prisoners captured ton, Va.,

D. 41; Doc. 402
Chiengo Tribune, account of the

by privateers,

P. 69 COXETTER, Capt. of the pri-
battle at Athens, Mo., Doc. 488 calls 100,000 volunteers into the vateer " Jeff Davis,"

D. 69
comments on Russell's letters on


Doc. 160 CRAGIE, BENTON, of N. C., D. 9
Bull Run,

Doc. 62 Jeff. Davis' message to the, July CRAVEN, THOMAS S., Commander,
COIRISTIAN, JAMES P., notice of, P. 29 20,

Doc. 355 report on the attack on the
CHRISTIAN Col. 26th Regt. act of the, respecting alien ene-

steamer * Resolute," Doc. 531
N. Y. S. V.,
D. 5 mies,

Doc. 492 CREEDON, Father, of Auburn,
Church of the Messiah, N. Y., pa act of increasing the artillery

N. Y., his war speech, P. 85
triotic services of,

D. 22

Doc. 538 CREIGH, JAMES, speech at Annapo-
Cincinnati, Ohio, Andrew John "Confederate district - attorney,"

lis, Md,

D. 75
son's speech at, June 19, Doc. 148 queries to a,

D. 65 CRITTENDEN, JOHN J., of Kentucky,
the city council of, appropriate

his response,

D. 56 remarks on the Confiscation
$23,000 for the relief of the "Confederate Government," list


D. 59
families of volunteers, D. 48 of the officers of the, Doc. 854 remarks on the Loan Bill, Doc 253
Cisco, John J.,
P. 90 “Confederated Republic," the her CRITTENDEN, --

--, Col. 6th Indiana
* Citoyens, la patrie est en danger,"

esy of a


D. 42
by "A. L."

P. 34 “Confederate States of America," CROSBY, Lient. U. S. A., expe-
CLARK, EDWARD, proclamation to

tho recognition of, not attained,

dition of, to Back River, Va., D. 40
the people of Texas, June 8,

D. 26 his expedition returned to Old
D. 15; Doc. 891 commissioners to Europe, D. 13, 74 Point Comfort,

D. 55
CLARK, GEORGE, Jr., Col., 11th Regi-

Constitution of the,

Doc. 821 his expedition to the Pocomoke,
ment Mass. Vol.,
D. 11 Confiscation Bill of the United


Doc. 477
CLARK, H. F., Capt., subsistence States, Crittenden's speech on CROSSLY, Licut., rebel, captured,
department report of battle of

Doc. 475; D. 53

Doc. 478
Ball Run,
Doc. 42 passed,

D. 54 | “ C. S. A.", a significant interpreta-
notice of,
Doc. 639 approved Aug. 6th,
Doc. 475 tion of

P. 70
CLARK, JOHN B., expelled from Congress of the United States. See Cuba, Capt.-General of, releases the
U.S. Congress,
D. 29 House of Reps. & Senate.

prizes of the privateer " Sum-
report of the battle of Wilson's Congress of Paris of 1856, Confed-


D. 35

Doc. 508 erato Congress adopts the doc Culinary wants of the army. See
P. 106 trine of the, in reference to

James M. Sanderson.
Clarksburg, Va., secessionists cap-

maritime law, except the clause CULLUM, Geo. W., U. S. A. Sce
tured at,

referring to privateering, D. 60 Sanitary Commission.
COBB, AMASA, Col. 5th Regiment, Connectiont Militia, gallantry of CULVER, E. D., presents flag to 2d
Wisconsin Volunteers, D. 48 the 2d Regiment of, at "Bull

Vt. Regt.,

D. 1
COCHRANE, Zaca., at Grafton, Va., Run,

Doc. 8 Cumberland, Tenn., rebel infantry
D. 65 20 Regiment on their return


B. 10
Coincidence, a curious,
P. 41 home,

D. 55, 61 CURTIN, A. G., Gov., proclamation
COLBURN, ALEX. V., Capt., notice Connecticut Volunteers, 6th Regi-

to the people of Pennsylvania,
Doc. 589 ment of, pass through New

Aug. 26th, D. 75; Doc. 540
Major, of Connecti-


D. 47 CURTIS, confirmed as Brig.-
D. 6 Conspiracy, bill to punish, Doc. 445 General,

D. 34
Cole Camp, Mo., battle at, D. Constitution of the Confederate CURTIS, Mrs., released by the rebels,
Collins Requiem of Heroes, sung
States of America, Doc. 321

D 65
in N. Y.

D. 22 Constitution of the U. S., Mr. Cal statement in reference to her cap-
Colorado, steamship, accident to, D.

vert's (Md) resolution in ref-

ture and imprisonment at Rich-
Columbia College, N. Y., President

erence to the amendment of,

mond, Va.,

Doe. 593
King's address to the graduat-

D. 57 anecdote of

P. 15
ing class of 1861,
Doc. 175 not a league,

Doc. 134 CUTLER, L., Col. 6th Regt. Wiscon-
Madison's letters on the, Doc. 137 sin Volunteers,

D. 54


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