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" The Democrat," office of, de TORREY, Rev. D., of Ithaca, N. Y., thank the soldiers for their loy-
D. 64 notice of,
P. 29 alty and devotion,

D. 52
“ The Designs of tho Nationals," Tortugas, Dry, mutincers of the 20 United States Senate, Volunteer
Doc. 444 Regt. Maine Vols, sent to, D. 60 Bill passed the,

D. 24
* Tho Devoted Band," of Rich “ To the United States," by Mayne bill for the collection of duties is
mond, Va., notice of, D. 40 Reid,

F. 51 seceded States, passed by the, D. 29
“The Dream and tho Awakening," TOTTEN, JAMES, Capt., report of the amendment of Mr. Powell in rer-
& prophecy, disrespectfully in-
battle of Wilson's Creek, D. 61 ;

erence to interference with Afri-
scribed to Jeff. Davis, P. 58

Doc. 501 can slavery, offered in the, D. 33
The flag divided, an epigram, P. 71 | TOUTAN, PIERLE. See Beauregard. United States Department, notice
" The Good Fight," by Charles A.

P. TO in reference to passports,

D. 71

P. 06 TOWER, Capt. 2 Regt. Rhode United States troops in the field,
“ The Invisible Armies,". P. 62 Island Vols., killed at Bull

July 1st,

Doc. 231
"The Latest War News," P.


Doc. 19 United States vs. Booth, case of,
"The Maid of Ulster," by M. MON. TOWNSEND, FRED., Col., report of

Doc. 141

P. 86 the battle of Bethel, Va., Doc. 164" Upon the Hill before Centre-
"The Meeting on the Border," P. 35 TOWNSEND, GEO. ALFRED, P. 64 ville," by George H. Buker, P. 65
“ The Men who fell in Baltimore," TRABUE, JAMES,

D. 68
by John W. Forney, P. 52 TRACY, H. R.,

The Natchez Military," by Wal Treasury Department, U.S., public

ter Stanley,
P. 83 confidence in the,

P. 90
The National lymn. See General TRIPLER, C. S., surgeon, Doc. 539 VALLANDIGTAM, his visit to
P. 85 Trist, N. P., Madison's letter to,

the Ohio encampments, D. 21
“The Order of the Day," by G.

Doc. 137 his resolution declaring vacant
Forrester Barstow, P. 49" Tropic Wind," the s hooner, D. 48 the seats of such members as
" The Patriot's Hymn," by Rev. J. * True Mon of the South to the

had accepted military com-
S. Mines,
P. 48 Rescue," a proclamation, P. 58 mands,

D. 23
"The Present Crisis," by James TRUMBULL, — Senator, remarks remarks on the loan bill, Doc. 257
Russell Lowell,

P. 94 of, on the bill to suppress insur Vax BUREN, WM. H., M. D. See
* The Reason Why."

P. 79 rection,

Doc. 436: D. 47

Sanitary Commission.
The Recaptured Flag," by W. S. TUCKERMAN, C. K.,

P. 32, 83 VANDERBILT, CORNELIUS, letter of,

P. 63 TUCKERMAN, HENRY T., P. 106 to W.O. Bartlett, Doc. 152; D.
* The Regiment Returned," by TULLE, HOWARD, account of the VAN HORN, -- Major, D. 3+
Park Benjamin,

P. 3 battle at Blackburn's Ford, Va., VAN VLEIT, STEWART, Major, Doc. 589
"The Rest, Where are They?" by

Doc. 851 | VAUGIAN, Colonel 8d Tennes-
Laura Élmer,
P. 2 TULLY, Thomas, killed,

D. 67 see Regiment,

Doc. 43
« The Shattered Locket," by John TUPPER, MARTIN FARQUHAR, P. 37 VENABLE, A. W., of N. Carolina, D.

P. 80 TURNER, Mr., rebel postmaster Vermont Volunteers, 2d Regiment
* The Sons of Old Luzerne," by M.
of Western Virginia, Doc. 244 of,

D. 7
L. T. Hartman,
P. 89 TYLER, DANIEL, General, report of list of officers of,

Doc. 172
* The Southron's War Song," by W.
the battle at Blackburn's Ford, 8d Regiment of,

D. 40
A. Wagener,

p. 38

Doc. 886; D.85 Vicksburg, Miss., women of, op-
* The Star-spangled Banner,” Lon report of the battle of Bull

Run, posed to the Home Guard, B. 57
don Punch,
P. 49
Doc. 7; D. 36 Victoria, Queen,

D. 58
* The Treason of Davis," Thomas supplementary report on the bat Vienna, Va. See William H. Ray-
P. 51 tle of Bull Run,

Doc. 866

nor, Robert S. Schenck.
“The Two Furrows," by C. H. TYLER, John, a traitor.

* Views of a Southerner," Doc. 196
P. 112

VIRGIN, S. H. Ses Boston Latin
“ The Two Unions," dedicated to

Irish Patriots, by F. D. B. P. 63

Virginia, aspect of affairs in, June
" The Union," by E. L. Manter, P. 89


D. 1
* The Union-it must and shall bo UNDERWOOD, T. HULBUET, P. 84 31 Regiment of, capture rebels at
preserved," an address, by Dan'l Union, the nature of the, Doc. 198 Clarksburg,

D. 4
$. Dickinson,

Doc. 259 * Union Captivators," female mili newspapers of "provoke” the
* The Volunteer's Wife," by Geo.

tary company of Falinouth,

Charleston Mercury, D. 54
Alfred Townsend,
P. 64 Ку..

P. 74 sufferings in the border counties
** The War Slogan," dedicated to Union Convention, an unreported,


D. 64
Capt. M Mallin's Rangers, P. 63

P. 60 delegates from, to the rebel Con-
# The Welsh Rally," a song, P. 40 Union Defence Committee, report


Doc. 173
* They call me a Traitor now," P. 62 of the Executive Committee of the advance into,

Doc. 312
Tuomas, speech of, in the case


D. 74 "Boston Transcript's " narrative of
of Henry May, of Maryland, D. 83 Unionists at the South, sufferings


Doc. 312
Thomas, Capt., the French

of the,

P. 41, 56, 57, 71 the "N. Y. Herald's" narrative
Lady," captured, D. 28 U.S. Army, temperance in the

of the advance into Virginia,
Tuomas, , Col., rebel, wounded,

Doc. 479

Doc. 814
P. 15 general order in reference to "N. Y. Times'" narrative of the,
Thompson, JEFF., proclamation of,

nurses in the
Doc, 534

Doc. 819
to the people of Missouri, Ang. how to distinguish the rank of ordinance of, prohibiting citizens
Doc. 457 ; D. 50 officers of,

P. 86 of the State from holding office
* Thoughts Suggested by the Occa United States Congress met at

under the Cnited States, Doc. 440
sion on the Night of July 4th,


D. 18 account of the signing of the se-
1861," by J. O. B.
P. 111 thanks General McClellan for his

cession ordinance of, P. 81
THUNKINS, S.C., Surgeon, 4th Regt. victories in Western Virginia, a guerilla war in,

P. 98
Maine Volunteers,
D. 65

D. 31 Virginia Volunteers, 1st Regt, of, D. 62
TilguvAN, LLOYD, Col., letter from passed the tarift and direct tax VIRGIA LUIGI, of Italy,

D. 40
Gen. Backner to,
Doc. 164

D. 52 Vox GILSA, LEOPOLD, Col. DeKalb
TILLEY, H. H., remarks on Rus United States Executive Govern-

Regt, N. Y. 8. V. D. 23; Doc. 8
sell's letters,
Doc. 60 ment, 1857-61, list of them, Doc. 493 notice of,

Doc. 399
TILLINGIIAST, O. II., Capt., killed, 1861 to 1665,

Doc. 541
Doc. and newspaper correspondents, D. 23
TILLMAN, Wx. Soe L. S. Waring. United States Government, clerks
TILLOTSON, ---, Lieut., Doc. 478 of, resign on account of the Vir WADSWORTII, JAMES S., Major U. S.
P. 63 ginia ordinance,

D. 47 A.,

Doc. 5
* To Arms, To Arms," by Dr. Pey United States House of Represent appointed Brig.-Gen., D. 60
P. 110 atives passed a bill empower. WAGNER, W.A.

P. 88
TOCMAX, Gen., rebel, notice ing the President to close south WALOOTT, B. S.,

P. 99

D. 46
* To General Butler," by

ern ports,

D. 24 WALDORF, ORLANDO, escapes from
Bay pass the bill authorizing the Pres-

Sudley Church,

D. 46

P. 109 ident to accept 500,000 volun WALLACE, LEWIS, Col. 11th Indiana
TOMPKINS, Jonx W., Ky.. D. 88 teers,

D. 31

D. 86
Toomes, ROBERT, resigned the office case of Henry May, of Maryland, his Zouaves,

of Sec'y of State of the S. O., D. 43 considered in,

D. 88





official report of the skirmish at Western Va. Vols., 1st Regt., D. 76 Wisconsin Militia, Second Regi-

Patterson Creek, Va., Doc. 174 Weston, Va., money seized at the ment of, return home, D. ?
WALLACE, G. W., bravery of, D. 47

Exchange Bank of,

D. 17 Volunteers, returned to Milwau-
D. 70 taken possession of, by Col. Tyler,


D. 70
See E. W. Hinınan.

D. 17 1st Regt. of, at Hainesville, Va., D. 16
Walsi, N. MeN.,

P. 86 WETMORE, A. R., notice of, D. 55 operations of the, near Point of
WALTON, J. B., Major, report of WETMORE, PROSPER M., address to

Rocks, Md.,

Doe. 451
battle of Bull Run, Doc. 45 the Fire Zouaves,

D. 66 Second Regiment of, arrived at
· War Bulletin," newspaper, sup.

B. 66
Wharton, CHABLES, Col. Delaware


D. S

D. 55
list of officers of,

Doc. 179
War Department, U. S., report of "What of the Night?"

P. 96 tlag presentation to the, D. 28
the Secretary of, Doc. 229 WHEAT, ROBERT, Major, his battal Third Regiment,

D. 80
WARD, EVERMONT, hand-bill of,

ion in the battle of Bull Run,

Fifth Regiment,

D. 4
found in the tent of Col. Pe-

P. 12, 15
Sixth Regiment,

D. 58

P. 103 Wheeler's Gap, Tenn., rebel infan. WISE, HENEY A., proclamation of
WARD, JAMES H., Capt. U. 8. N.,

try at,

D. 10
July 6th,

Doe. 273
killed by James Sthreskley, Wheeling. Va., Gov. Pierpont in proclamation of, July 10th, D. 25
D. 10; P. 99 augurated at,

Doc. 153 Hight from Gauley Bridge, D. 3
WARD, J. HOBART, Col. 88th Regt. WHIPPLE, W. D., Capt, Assistant WITTUAUS, (Miss.) P. A., Doc. 399

N. Y. Vols. D. 3; Doc. 146 Adj.-Gen. at Bull Run, Doc. 17 WITTHAUS, R. A., presents regi-
report of battle of Bull Run, Doc. 28 WHITE, Capt., at the skirmish

mental colors to the De Kalb
Warsaw, Mo., secessionists of, D. 2 at Potosi, Mo.,

D. 68 Regiment, N. Y. S. V., Doc. 898
* War's Changes," by B. P.S., P. 67 WHITELY, WILLIAM G., of Del., no speech of the wife of, Doc. 892
“War Song - Louisville Journal,

tice of,

D. 9
P. 33 WHITING, HENRY, Col. 20 Vt. Vols.,

" W. I. Maclay” fired into at Cape
“War Song," dedicated to the Mas-

D. 7; Doc. 172 Women, the American, Doc. 261
sachusetts Regiments, by W.W. WHITING, KENNON, Mr., at the See Mary W Dennis.

P. 47 burning of Hampton, Y., Doc. 485 See Garibaldi Guard.
“War Sonnets," by C. K. Tucker WHITING, W. H., Brig.-Gen., rebel, See - Union Captivators."

P. 82, 83 report of battle of Bull Ran, patriotism of the Portland, Me., P. 41
Washington City, flag-raising at, D. 12

Doc. 43 of Mississippi oppose the " Home
troops hurried to,

2 Guard,"

P. 57
review of the N. Y. S. V. at, July


Quartermaster-Ser anecdote of Massachusetts sol-
P. 84 geant of Vt. Regt.,

D. 88

dier and the Baltimore, P. 72
rebel accounts of the

confusion at, WHITTINGHAM, BISHOP, pastoral a Vermont woman "regretted
after the battle of Bull Run, P. 15 letter of, Aug. 14, D. 66; Doc. 628 it,"

P. 91
capture of, intended by the rebels, WICKLIFFE, of Ky., announces his

Gay.of Illinois,

Doc. 428 State still for the Union, D. 58 the rebels at Munroe Station,
“Washington Artillery," New Or-

Col., at Bull Run, D. 36 Mo.,

D. 28

Doc. 45 WILHELM, Lt.-Col. Penn. 23d Regi WOOD, ROBERT C., M. D. See San-
“Watching and Waiting," by Alf.,
P. 95 ment,

D. 75 itary Commission.
WATKINS, JOEL B., of V.., P. 55 WILLEY, J. M. Rev., anecdote of, P. 15 WOODBURY, Dwight A., Col. 4th
WEBB, C. H.,
P. 112 WILLIAMS, J. T., speech to the 8th

Regt. Michigan Vols, D. 16
Doc. 435 Maine Volunteers,

D. 9 WOODBURY, G. P., Capt., Doc. 17; D. 6
WEBSTER, DANIEL, Madison's letter WILLIAMS, Joun, bravery of, D. 10, 13 WOODRUFF, —, Col 2d Kentucky
to, on the speech on Foot's res-
WILLIAMS, John, of Virginia, D. 61 Regt,

D. 99
Doc. 188 WILLIAMS, L. A., Capt., Doc. 589 at Scarytown, Va.,

Doc. $S2

P. 61 Wool, Joux E., Gen., ordered to
12th Regt.,
D. 39 WILSON, J. W. Capt. Illinois

Fortress Monroe,

D. 65
Webster Regiment, Mass. Vols.,

Bridge Fusileers,
D. 8 assumed command,

D. To
visit of the Boston Latin school Wilson, Capt., of Atlanta, Ga., order in reference to the com-
P. 46 speech of, on Bull Run, P. 12 mand of Gen. Butler.

D. T4
"Weep o'er the Heroes as they WILSON, ROBERT, elected President WEIGHT, CLARK W., apt, report
Fall," by Charles Wm. Butler,

of State Convenion,

D. 88 of the battle of Wilson's Creek,
P. 97 Wilson's Creek, Mo., battle of, D. 61

Doe. 505

P. 107 plan of the battle at, D. 62 WRIGHT, Crian, disunion speech
WELLES, GIDEON, report of the Sec Gen. Fremont's report, Doc. 494


D. 88
retary of the Navy, July 4th,

Major Sturgis' report, Doc. 495 WYATT, HENRY L Edgecomb
Doc. 235 Gen. Siegel's report,

Doc. 499 Guards, rebel, killed at battle of
"We'll let them alone," by F. B.
Lt.-Col, Merritt's report, Doc. 500 Bethel, Va.

Doe. 163

P. 78 Capt. Totten's report, Doc. 501 WYMAN, POWELL T., Col. 16th
Welshman in the U. 8. Army, P. 4C

Lt. Dubois' report,
Doc. 502 Mass. Regt.

D. 9
West Chester, Pa., " Jeffersonian” Capt. Steele's report,

Doc. 508
newspaper office destroyed at, Capt. Carr's report,

Doc. 504
D. 72 Capt. Wright's report, Doc 505
Western Department of the U. S. National loss at,

Doc. 506

* Yankee Doodle on the Crisis,** P. 93
A., organization of,
D. 20 Secession reports, Gen. Price's

YATES, RICHARD, Gov., Proclama-
Western Virginia, Legislature of,


Doc. 506

tion of, Aug. 17th, Doc. 583; D. 69
organized at Wheeling, D. 16 Gen. Clarke's report, Doc. 508

YELVERTON, Lt. N.Y.Tth Regt,
Ben McCulloch's report,
of, votes against Owen

Doc. 609
notice of,

D. 15
Lovejoy's resolution, D. 24 Mo. “Democrat" narrative, Doc. 511

Yopon Tea, account of,

P. 103
resolution of the Legislature of, in N. Y. " Tribune" account, Doc. 514

YORK, - Lieut., anecdote of, P. 54
" Yorktown," steamer,

D. 84
reference to the clothing of Secession narratives, Lt. Barlow's

P. 88
D. 85 account,

Doc, 519 Yorktown, Va., affairs at,
convention of, passed an ordinance J. T. Hughes' account, Doc. 520 Young Men's Christian Associs.
creating a State,

tions, corresponrience between
D. 73 Fremont's order after the battle,
section of
D. 29

Doc. 520 the Richmond, Va, and New

rebel shout of exultation on the
the State Convention of, declares

P. 35
itself opposed to any compro-

battle of
Doc. 521

mise with the rebels, D. 63 Ben McCulloch's order in refer-
resolutions of the Convention of,
ence to the battle, D. 65; Doc. 525 “Z. R.," poem by.

P. 10
Ang. 10th,

Doc. 522 WINDLE, -, Miss, arrested, D. 74 ZOLLICOFFER, F. K., assumed com-
McClellan's operations in, Doc. 286 notice of,

P. 32 mand of rebel forces in East
Gen. Rosecrans' address to the WINSTON, GUSTAVUS, Surgeon, 8th


D. 59
people of, Aug. 20th, Doc. 540 Regt. N. Y. S, M,

D. 65 proclamation to the people of
Gov. Pierpont's message to the WINTER, CHARLES, Capt., P. 77 East Tennessee,

Doc. 490
Legislature of.

Doc. 158 WINTHROP, Major, notes of the order on the increasing evidence
Letcher's proclamation to the battle of Bethel,

Doc. 179 of confidence" in Tennessee,
people of, June 14, Doc. 167 notice of

P. 73

D. 70; Doc 535


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