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'newspapersuB 66



Col. of the Erio Missouri, affairs in, June 19, D. 1 MYERS, A. J., Major, notice of, Doc. 539
Regiment, Penn. troops, pa- Claiborne F. Jackson's declara- * My Mary land," words altered.)by
triotic speech of,
P. 92 tion of the independence of,

'J. F. Weishampel, jr.,

P. 107
Col. 21st Regi-

Doc. 479; D. 55
ment Indiana Volunteers,

military situation in, Doc. 474
D. 48, 54 the duty of, in the crisis, Doc. 218

McVULLIN, -, Capt., his Rangers' capture of secessionists in, P. 59
march into Va.,

P. 101 Major Sturgis' proclamation to NAPOLEON, proclamation of nen-
at Hainesville,
D. 16 the people of,

Doc. 275

Dce. 170; D.
MONAB, Jonx, dismissed from the General Sweeney's proclamation Nashville Railroad blockared, D.
V. S. A.,

D. 21 to the people of, Doc. 275 Nashville, Tenn., to be the south-
MCXEELY, , Capt., wounded, D. 55 admitted to the Southern Con-

ern capital,

D. 11
Col., proclamation in foderacy.

D. 70 Judge Catron expelled from, D. 65
reference to tho suppression of Jetr. Davis approves the bill ad- National Army, advance of, D. $?
the “Stato Journal,"

D. 26 mitting to the Confederato position of the, July 15th, D. 34
- Capt. Penn.

D. 74 "National Intelligencer” on the
D. 75 Ben. McCulloch's proclamation to

battle of Bull Run,

P. 99
Meios, confirmed as Brig..

the people of, Aug. 12th, Doc. 524 on the philosophy of secession,
D. 51 General Hurlburt's proclamation

Doe sts
MEMNINGER, C. G., speech at the to the people of

Doc. 304 “National Song," br " Ike," P. 50
Southern Bank Convention, D. 43 Thos. C. Reynolds proclamation Naval Brigade, the, formed into a
Memphis, Tenn., Gen. Polk's head.

to the people of,

Doc. 455

volunteer regiment, D. 74
quarters at,

D. 80 Jeff. Thompson's proclamation to Nary Department, V. S., report of
the defences of
D. 42 the people of,
Doc. 457 the Secretary of,

Doc. 935
proclamation posted in, P. 58 proclamation of Governor Gamble Nebraska Volunteers left Omaha
Memphis Appeal," quoted, D. 1 to the people of, Aug. 3,

for St. Joseph's,

D. 49
its opinion of Bishop Polk, D. 13

D. 59; Doc. 472 Needham, Mase., flag-raising at, D. 8
tells what shall be done with the Missouri State Convention, address Negro Patriotism,

P. 93

D. 46 to the people of Missouri by Nelsox, Col., rebel, killed at
on “northern abolitionists," D. 49

Doc. 446 Bull Run,

P. 15
articles on the designs of the Na- expelled General Price, D. 39 NELSON, T, Á, P.., president East

Doc. 444 Gov. Gamble's inaugural to, D. 51 Tennessee Union Convention,
article on rebel supplies, P. 31 report of the Committee of Seven

Doc. 153
a canard of the,
P. 71 to the,

D. 40 Neutrality, Napoleon's proclams-
"Mempbis Avalancho" tells how Missouri River, General Pope's or-

tion of,

Doc. 110
the war should be carried on,

der in reference to the navi- NEWBURY, J. S., M.D. See sanitary
D. 75 gation of,

Doc. 325 : D. 66 commission.
Gov. Harris' letter to, ontho Missouri Treason, the, Doc. 494 New Crcek, Va., bridges burned at,
military power of Tenn., Doc. 475 Missouri Volunteers, oath of the, D. 75

D. 3
MERCER, R.' 8., letter to Gov. 1st Regiment of,

D. 61 secession oficial account of the
Hicks, of Maryland, on bridge. 2d Regiment of,

D. 61 battlo at,

Doc 184
Doc. 182 * Missourian

New Hampshire, patriotism of the
MERRITT. Wm. H., report of tho


Legislature of,

D. 13
battle of Wilson's Creek, Doc. 500 MITCHELL, ORMSBY M., appointed sharpshooters of, exploits of P. 43
Mesilla, N. M., engagement at, D. 65 Brigadier-General,

D. 60 New Lampshire Militia, 1st Best,
Message of President Lincoln to Mobile Bay, exciting exploit of the

D. 54
the Federal Congress, 1861," a

sailors of the U. S. steamer New Ilampshire State Volunteers,
P. 69 Niagara in,
P. 41 2d Regt. of

D. 3
Mexico, secession reports in, P. 43 "Mobile Register"-its opinion of notice of,

D. 7
Michigan Volunteers, 2d Regiment Mr. Cox's peace proposition, D. 52 list of officers of,

Doc. 154
of, at Blackburn's Ford, D. 31 Monroe Station, Mo., skirmish at, D. 24 bravery at Bull Run,

P. S
4th Regiment,

D. 16 account of the battle at, Doc. 270 New Jersey Militia, 4th Regt of,
flag song of the
P. 60 MOONEY, Father, baptizes a

left Washington,

D. 44
Middle Fork Bridge, Va., narrativo

gun of the N. Y. 69th Regt., P. 42 New Jersey S. V., 1st Regt, D. 11
of the skirmish at, Doc. 251 MOORE, -, Colonel, at the battle 2d Regt. left Trenton,

D. 11
Middletown, Md., resolutions of tho
of Athens, Mo.. Doc. 483; D. 67 8d Regt, left Trenton,

D. 11
Homo Guards of,

P. 99 MORENEAD, JOHN M., of North Caro- Zouares skirmish Fall's
MILES, D. J. Col. U. 8. A., report

D. 2 Church, Va,

D. 12
of the battle of Bull Run, Doc 81 Morgan County, Va., reign of terror New Madrid, Mo., Gen. Pillow in
defence of his conduct at Bull


D. 17 command of rebels at, D. 50

Doc. 441; D. 49 MORGAN, EDWIN D., proclamation New Mexion, national troops in, D 29
Millard, Licut. U. S. A, P. 16, 84 of, July 25th, Doc 407; 1. 42 New Orleans, La, impressment of
Millsville, Mo., fight at,
D. 31 Morris, -- General, at battle of

British subjects in,

Doc. 113

Carrick's Ford,

D. 30 aceount of a fight near, Doc. 273
digest of the report of on the Morris, T. A., Brigadier-General, meeting at, for the relief of the

Doc. 404 honorably discharged, Doc. 853 wounded at Bull Run, D. 46
denies the report in reference to Morrow, -- Colonel 8d Ohio rebel tug boat at,

D. 96
the blockade,
D. 85 State Volunteers,

D. 5 “New Orleans Delta" vants ro
Milxor, JAMES, of the schooner MOSCHELLE , Captain Onondaga

* sass” from the North, D. 12
"S. J. Waring,"

D. 87 Co. Cavalry, left Syracuse, N. remarks on the Confederate Alien
Mints, J. S., Rev.,
P. 48 Y..
D. 31 Law,

D. 65
Minnesota Volunteers, 1st Pegiment "Motto for the Federal Soldiers" its opinion of Beauregard, D. &7
D. 66 on battlo days,

P. 75 "New Orleans Tme Delta" de
list of officers

Doc. 174 Mount Pleasant, Mo., skirmish at, D. 45 nounces the rebel leaders, D. 95
Mississippi, Legislature of, assomblod " M. R. M.," poem by,

P. 68 “New Orleans Picayune," exults.
at Jacksonville,
D. 43 MUIR, ROBERT, of Charleston, S. C.,

tion of, on the battle of Wil-
Mr. Harrison's rosolutions in tho
arrested at Now York, D. 66 son's Creek,

Doe. 391
Legislature of, relative to the MULLIGAN, -, Colonel. in the Newport News, Va.,

D. 20
battle of Boll Run,

D. 44 skirmish at Mount Pleasant, narratire of the skirmish at. Doc. 951
secession ordinance of, Doc. 397 No.

D, 45 rebels demand the eracuation of,
regiment of, arrived at Harper's Munchauseniana of the rebels,

D. 33
Ferry, Va.,
D. 12

P. &, 15, 24, 73 "New Priest," anthor of the P. 4
regiments of, in the war, P. 85 MONFORD, W. P. of Virginia, P. 65 Newspapers, virulence of the South-
Governor Pettus' message in the MURPHY, Joux K., Colonel 29th

ern Prese, Doe. 148; P. 88
Legislature of, July 25, Doc. 411 Pennsylvanin Regiment, D. 54 presentation of the, by the Grand
resolutions of the Legislature on Murray, J. MCLEOD, Colonel 18th

Jury of N. Y,

Duc 31
the battle of Bull Run, Doc, 412 Regiment N. Y. S. V., D. 12 treason of the

Doe, est
See Governor Pettus.

regimental standard of, blessed, D. canards of the illustrated, P. 11
Mississippi River, fight at the captures three rebels,

D. 44 McClellan's agreement with the
mouth of,
D. 26 MURRAY, Thomas, killed, D. 19 reporters of the,

D. *5
account of an engagement at the Mutiny-account of the revolt in the *. War Bulletin " and * Mis-
mouth of, Doc. 457; D. 51 the N. Y. 79th Rogiment, Duc. 527 sourian" suppressod,

D. 66

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ies on,


" North West Democrat" sup-

list of officers of,

Doc. 146 Ohio Vols. at Rich Mountain, D. 27
of killed and wounded at Bull 80 Regt. of,

D. 5
Gen. Rosecrans' card to the edi.


Doc. 31 at the skirmish at Middle Fork
D. 72 79th Regt., mutiny in the, Doc. 327 Bridge, Va.,

D. 21
* Jeffersonian
D. 72 order read to the,
Doc. 527 4th Regt. of,

D. 8
See the "Sentinel."
Taınmany Regiment, or Jackson 10th Regt, of,

D. 7
See “ Essex County Democrat."

Guard, left Great Neck, N. 11th Regt. at skirmish at Hawk's
See " Democratic Standard."

D. 33 Nest, Va.,

Northern, on the battlo of Bull 1st Regt. Escelsior Brigado left 12th Regt. of, at Scarytown, Va.,
Doc. 108 Staten Island,

D. S9

D. 83
Southern, on the battle of Bull 5th Regt. Excelsior Brigade left 14th Regt. of,

D. 25

Doc. 110
New York,

D. 79
15th Regt,

D. 12
English Press on battlo of Bull DeKalb Reut. left New York, D. 23 16th Regt.,

D. 12
Doc. 111 California Regt. left New York, D. 10 21st Regt.

D. 33
New York City, patriotism of the

list of officers of,
Doc. 177 OnL, MARTIx, killed,

D. 21
banks of,

D 65 Anderson Zouaves Jeft New York, "Oh, say not it is borne to Earth,"
citizens of, present Gen. Ander-

D. 75 by Rev. E. G. Jones, P. 111
son with a gold medal, D. 24 Mozart Regt. left Yonkers, D. 17 OLMSTED, FRED. Law. See Sani-
hand-bill posted in, Aug. 30, D. 53 review of the, at Washington,

tary Commission.
John Brown's song sung in the

July 4,

P. 84 Onancock Creek, Va., rebel batter-
streets of,
P. 89 N. Y. Fire Zouaves at Bull Run, P. 18

D. 42
"N. Y. Daily News " presented by * New York Tribune," narrative of


See “

the Grand Jury,

D. 67 the, on the battle of Bull Run, * One hand for the Union," an ancc-
"N. Y. Evening Post," Pinkney's

Doc. 76 dote,

P. 15
letter to,

P. 72 “New York World," narrative of "Only Nine Miles to the Junction,
See Orthography:

tho, on the battle of Bull Run,

by H, Millard,

New York Graud Jury presents

Doc. 81 Onondaga County (N. Y.) Cavalry,
newspapers as abettors of trea- Niagara, U. S. steamship, "cutting

D. 51
Doc. 531; D. 67 out" a prize,

P. 41 " On the late Sacrilege in Virginia,"
“N. Y. Herald " " of use to Gen. Nims, ORMOND F., his battery left

by R. H. Stoddard,

Magruder, rebel,"
Doc. 488 Quincy,

D. GO ORE, JAMES L., Letter to Amos
"N. Y. Journal of Commerce,” its "Nineteen Hundred,"

P. 105 Kendall,

Doc. 127
plan of settlement, Doc. 476; D. 54 NOLEMAX, -, Capt., in the skir- Orthography, Floridian style of, P. 04
presented by the Grand Jury, D. 67 mish near Charleston, Mo.,

Georgian stylo of,

P. 71
New York State Militia, 5th Regt.

D. 71; Doc. 196 Southern,

P. 72
returned to New York, D. 52 Non-intercourse. See rebels, how Osgood, SAMUEL, Rev., patriotism
8th Regt. returned to N. Y., D. 43 information is conveyed to the,


D. 22
report of the surgeon of, Doc. 523

P. 72 OTEY, JAMES B., Bishop of Tenn.,
12th Regt. returned to N. Y., D. 50 See letter of Post-master Genl.

his pastoral letter, of July 27th,
13th Regt. of, returned to Brook-

D. 44; Doc. 413.

D. 47 President Lincoln's proclamation "Our Country and her Flag," by
20th Regt. returned to Rondoat,


Doc. 532 Francis Leiber, LL.D., 1. 89
D. 53 Norfolk, VA., A song sung in, P. 73 “Our Country forever,"

P. 52
69th Regt., one of tho gans of, North, public confidence in the, P. 90 "Our Flag," by William J. Rolfe,
baptized at Fort Corcoran, P. 42 North Carolina, delegates to the

P. 49
returned to New York, D. 45 Confederate Congress, D. 2 “Our Reverses in Virginia," P. 11
71st Regt. returned to N. Y., D. 43 1st Regt, of,

D. 2 “Our Southern Land,'

P. 63
at the battle of Bull Run, Doc 89 address of Charles Henry Foster

"Our Whole Union," newspaper
New York State Volunteers, 9th

to the “Freemen" of, D.

published by the Iowa trocps,
Regt. of, in a skirmish at Har- flag of,

P. 101

P. 43
per's Ferry, Va.,

D. 18 Northern Literature. See Fortress
11th Regt., 1st Fire Zouaves, D. 65 Monroe.

12th Regt. at Blackburn's Ford, D. 84 Northern Pulpit, desecration of,
14th Regt. arrest a spy,
D. 7

Doc. 143 PALMER, Capt. U. S. Topographical
15th Regt, of,
D. 12 * North West Democrat," office of,


D. 6
16th Regt. of, passed through New
taken possession of by tho Fed- PALMER,


D. 49

D. 8
cral troops,

D. 69 PALMER, Rev. Dr., speech at
16th Regt., list of oticors of, Doc. 174 | Norval, Surgeon 79th Regt.

New Orleans, July 29, D. 46
17th Regt. leaves New York, D. 5 N, Y. S. M.

D. 65 Palmotto Guard, s. C., letter from a
17th Regt., list of officers of, Doc. 154 Nort, J. O., Dr., account of the bat.

member of, on the battle of
19th Regt, in the engagement at

tle of Bull Run,

Doc. 93
Bull Run,

P. 24
Lorettesville, Va.,

D. 59 "Not Yet," by William Cullen Palmyra, Mo., Gen. Ilurlburt's or.
21st Regt. of,

D. 8

P. 1 der to the authorities of, Aug.
21st Regt., list of officers of, Doc. 147 | “Now," answer to “ Not Yet," by


Doc. 537; D. 72
220 Regt. left Albany,

D. 11

W. C. Bryant; by T. Hulbert railroad train fired into near, D. 69
230 Regt. at Washington, D. 21 Underwood,

P. 34 PALSLEY, Daniel, elected ll.-gov.
24th Regt. of, at Washington, D. 17 NTGENT, Jonx M., of Dundalk, D. 61 of Western Va.,

25th Regt. left New York, D. 16 | NUGENT, Robert, appointed cap- L’ARKER, JAMES P., 2d Lieut U. S.
26th Regt. leaves Elnira, D.

tain in the U. S. A.,

D. 01 A., dismissed froin the service,
27th Regt. of, left Elmira, D. 24 Nullification, Madison on, Doc. 134

D. 35; Doc. 353
28th Regt. of, passed through New Nurses, U. S., general order in ref. PARKS, M., agent of North Carolina,

7 erenco to,

Doc. 334 transferred a fleet of five steam-
list of officers of,
Doc. 172 | Nyack, N. Y., resolutions of the

crs to the Confederate Govern-
at the skiriaish near Point of
peace meeting at, Doc, 310; D. 81 ment,

D. 49
Rocks, Md.,
D. 56

Passports. See U. S. State Depart-
29th Regt. leaves New York, D. 3

list of officers of,
Doc. 154

30th Regt. left New York for Oak Till, Mo. See Wilson's Creck,

Regiment Penn. Militia, D. 41
Fortross Monroe,

D. 10 OCHILTREE, , Mr., Teslution in PATTERSOX, ROBERT, Gen., at tho
list of officers of,
Doc, 176 Confedorato Congress, thanking

battle at Haynesville, Va., D. 16
31st Regt. left Riker's Island, D. 7 Ben. McCulloch,

D. 73 movement on Bunker Hill, Va.,
list of officers,
Doc. 170 ODENHEIMER, Bishop of New Jer.

Doc. 203
820 Regt, left New York, D. 10 sey, issued pastoral letter,

advance upon Winchester, Va.,
list of officers of,
Doc. 177
Doc. 537; D. 72

D. 30, 33
834 Regt. of, passed through Bal- Ohio, Democratic State Consen- account of his march into Vir
timore, Md.,
D. 24 tion of, condemns the suspen-


Doc. 895; P. 101
84th Regt, left Albany. D. 16 sion of the writ of habeas cor- at Charlestown, Va.,

D. 35
36th Regt. of, left Riker's Island,


D. 68

severity displayed against; his
D. 28 Ohio Militia, 2d Regt.

D. 52 letter of defence, Doc. 396; D. 89
87th Regt. leaves New York, D. 6.

14th Regt.,

D. 42 how his troops regarded him
list of officers,
Doc. 166 "Ohio Seventh," the, published in

after the battle of Bull Run, P. 26
38th Regt. leaves New York, D.

national camp, Western Va., P. 99 honorably discharged, Doc. 853


proclamation relinquishing_his to the people of Missouri at Privateering, Confederate bounty
Doc. 407 New Madrid,

Doc. 442 on prisoners captured in, P. 2
notice of,
D. 45, 75 " Pillow Guards"

of Mempbis, P. 84 See Congress of Paris, 1956, D. 60
Patterson's Creek, Col. Williams Pixo, MIGUEL, Col. New Mexico Privateers, "Jeff Davis," notice of
roport of the skirmish at,

D. 29

D. 56,
D. 8; Doc 174 PIETLE, Judge, remarks at "J. O. Nixon," attacks the Nis-
Peace, proposition of Mr. Cox, of Louisville, Ky., July 18, Doc. 297 gara,

D. 31

Doc. 435 "Plan of Settlement," the, of the " Savannah," Charleston Mereury
Albany Journal on,
D. 73 N. Y. Journal of Commerce,

on the capture of

resolutions of Louisville, Ky.,

Doc. 476 "Sumter,” account of the escape
Doc, 532 PLUMMER, Capt., at Wilson's


Doc. 489
" Philadelphia Presbyterian," ar.

D. 62 “ York," destroyed,

D. 68
ticle on the proposition for, P. 89 Pocomoko River, Va., an account of PROCTOR, EDNA DEAN,

P. 81
Peace meetings at Saybrook, Conn.,

the expedition to, Doc. 477 Providence, R. I., Union meeting
D. 67 Pohick Church, Va., skirmish at, D. 70 at,

D. 38
at Nyack, N. Y., July 15th, Point of Rocks, Md., account of the marine artillery of,

D. 4
Doc. 311; D. 31

skirmish near, D. 56; Doc. 481 PURYEAR, R. C. of N. C., D.
at Louisville, Ky:

D. 68 Polish Brigade, rebel, 1st Regt., D. 46 PutxAM, GEO. P., remarks on Ras-
PEABCE, -, or Md., opposed the Polk, —, of Mo., notice of, D. 41 sell's letters on Bull Run, Dor. 59

bill legalizing the acts of the POLK, LEONIDAS, Bishop, assumed incidents of the panic at Ball
D. 43 the command of his division,


P. 20, 28, 29
Peck, Joix A., appointed Brig:-

Doc. 810; D. 18

D, 60 Memphis Appeal's opinion of, D. 13
PEGRAM, Gen., rebel, D. 25 general order of, July 14, D. 30

at Rich Mountain,

D. 27 how he forsook the gown for tho
documents relating to the sur-


P. 102 | RAINS,

Gen., rebel, at Wh.
render of, Doc. 286; D. 28 POPE, Jonx, Gen., confirmed as

son's Creek,

D. 63
Pennsylvania, troops of, supplied to


D. 34 Ram, the, rebel tugboat in the M's-
D. 44 order in reference to the naviga-


D. 96
Gov. Curtin's proclamation to the tion of the Missouri,

RAMSAY, DorGLAS. 1st Lieut. U.
people of, Aug. 20, Doc, 540

Doc. 525; D. 66 8. A., killed at Ball Run, Doc 26
Pennsylvania Militia, 17th Regt., D. 41 proclamation, July 19, Doc. 353 RAND, EDWD. SPRAGUE, Jr. P.
230 Regiment of,

D. 89 lotter to Isaac H. Sturgeon on the Rank of officers in the U. S. army,
26th Regiment of, list of officers

military situation in Missouri,

how to distinguish the, P. 86
Doc. 146

Doc. 474 RANSOM, - Col. 11th Regt. Illi-
Pennsylvania Volunteers, 7th Regi- special order of, July 31, D. 49 nois Volunteers,

D. 11
ment of, arrived at Washington, PORTER, ANDREW, Col., report of Rappahannock River, Fa., fight on
D. 40 the battle of Bull Run,


11th Regiment of,
D. 16

Doc. 20; D. 86 RAWLINGS, T. E., Major, surprised
23d Regiment of,

D. 75 confirmed as Brig.-Gen., D. 54 near Newmarket Bridge, va,
25th Regiment of,
D. 12 Porter Field's Farm, fight at,

D. 83
26th Reginent of,
D. 2

Doc. 244; D. 16 anecdote of a secession lawyer of
27th Regiment of,
D. 87 PORTER, SEWARD, captain of the

St Louis,

P. 83
29th Regiment of,
D. 54 rebel tugboat,

D. 26 RAYMOND, HENRY J., quoted by
flag presentation to at Annapolis Portland, Me., patriotism of the the Memphis Appeal,

D. 19
D. 75 women of,

P. 41 his account of the advance into
PERKINS, Joun, of La., L. W. Portland, Oregon, resolutions pass-


Doc. 82
Spratt's letter to,

Doc. 357 ed at a Union meeting at, P. 100 account of the battle of Black.
" Petersburgh (Va.) Gazette,” its Post-Office department, order in

burn's Ford,

Doc. 346
incidents of the battlo of Bull

reference to soldiers' letters, D. 48 account of battle of Bull Run,
P. 16 mail communication with tho

Doc. $99
PETERSON, AUGUSTUB, killed, D. 7 South,

P. 85 RAYXOR, WM. II., his defence of
" Petrel," rebel war vessel, sunk D. 58 Potomac River, battories on, D.

Gen, Schenck,

Doc. 195
PETTUS, JOHN J., proclamation of, Potosi, Mo., skirmish at, D. 63 READ, Thos. BUCHANNAN, P. 76
June 23d,

Doc. 195 POTTER, JOHN F., report on the REAGAN, Jonx II., postmaster-gen,
message to the Mississippi Legis-

loyalty of the Government em.

rebel, decision in reference to
la'are, July 25th, Doc. 411; D. 43 ployees,

Doc. 446

newspaper pustage, Doe. 444
PEUGNET, EUGENE, Surgeon 71st N. PRATT,CALVIN C., Col. 31st Regt. READING, E. M., card from, P. 14
Y. S. M.

D. 65 N. Y. S. V., Doc, 170; D. 7 Rebels, extravagant statements of
Paells, WALTER, Col. 22d Regi. Pratt, CALVIN E., Col., report on


P. 5
ment N. Y, S. V.,
D. 11 the battle of Bull Run, Doc. 867 letters on Bull Run,

Phenomenon, a remarkable, D. 69 Pratt, G. W., Col. N. Y. 20th what they say they captured at
Philadelphia, Pa., practical patriot.

Regt. N. Y. s M.,
D. 50-59 Bull Run,

P. 1
ism of the citizens of, P. 74 PRENTISS, -, Gen., captures Mis. consider Gen. Scott " gouty," P. 1
patriotism of the banks of, D. 65 souri secessioniste,

P. 59 Munchauseania of the

P. 8
Phillipa, Va., skirmish near, D.

nt Ironton, Mo.,

D. 67 nearly defeated at Bull Ran, P.
anecdote of,

P. 82 " Prentiss' Guards " of Cairo, Ill., bravery of the, at Manassas, P. 8
Puillips, Benj., of Va. See Guc-

P. 84 why the army of, don't march, P. g
rilla War in Virginia, P. 98 Preshyterians. Sea Charleston loss of, in the battle of Bull Run,
Puillips, D. B., rebel, report of the

P. 13
skirmish at Ilawk's Nest, Va.,

meeting of the Charleston Pres. mourning dispensed with by
Doc. 539 bytery,

D. 41 the,

P. 19
Phillips, WENDELL, quoted D. 49 PRESTON, S. M., notice of, Doc. 587 opinion of a prisoner,

P. 18
Pickets murdered at Alexandria, PRESCOTT, Lieut. 1st Rhode

why they did not pursuo after
P. 56 Island Volunteers, killed at

the battle of Bull Rnn,

P. 14
Piedmont, Va., notice of, Doc. 43 Bull Run,

Doc. 19 videttes of the hung,
PIERCE, Col., at Bethel, Doc. 164 * Pretender," description of tho

trophies of, at Bull Run,

P. 24
PIERCE, E. A.. Brig.-Gen., returned

army of the
Doc. 891 bandcuffs for the

P. 24
to Massachusetts,

bowie knives used by the,

P. 25
PIERPONT, FRANCIS H., elected Price, STERLING, Gen., expelled by * won't give up,"
Governor of Western Va., D.

the Union State Convention, D. 98 barbarities of the,
Inaugural address of, Doc. 153 report of the battle of Wilson's how information is conveyed to
first proclamation of,
D. 6 Creek,
Doc. 606 the,

P. 12
message to the Legislature of proclamation of, at Springfield, femalo, how to manage them, P. 87
Western Virginia, Doc. 108; D. 16 Mo.,

D 74 bombs of the

P. 90
documents accompanying the Proclamation of, Ang. 20, Doc. 841 letter of, found at Falls Church,
Doc. 162 Prisoners of war, the exchange of,

Poclamation of, June 224, Doc. 166 considered by the N. 0. Picay- New York rogues, object to asso-
to President Lincoln, Doc. 102 une,

Doc. 529; D. 66 ciate with,
Pile, WM. A., Rev., 1st Missouri released by the rebels, D. 65 their supply of quinine cut off

, P. 101
Regt., captures 24 rebels, P. 49 Rosecrans' order is reference to Recognition, similar case of, at
PILLOW, GIDEON J., proclamation the arrest and discharge of, D. 63 Keokuk, Iowa,

P. 84

P. 95
P. 25

P. 101

P. 108

P. 86

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RECTOR, Henry M., correspondence ROSECRANS, W. S., confirmed as SCOFIELD, -Major, at Wilson's
with John Ross, Cherokee chief,


D, 54

Doc. 496
Doc. 892 takes command of the troops in Scorpions an implement of war, P. 71
Recurring to First Principles, Doc. 252 Western Virginia, D. 38, 41 SCOTT, - - Major, rebel, wounded
Red Pepper an implement of war, P. 59 at Rich Mountain,

D. 27 at Bull Run,

P. 15
"Red, White and Blue," by Theo- general orders, July 25th, Doc. 401 SCOTT, WINFIELD, Gen., orders in
dore Tilton,

P. 63
card to the press,

D. 72 reference to spies and pres-

r. 51 treason of the newspapers, Doc. 637 ervation of Mount Vernon,
RENSHAW, F. B., a traitor, P. 41 despatch to the War Department,

Doc. 446; D. 49
Repudiation, of the city of Savan-

announcing the flight of Wise,

See Potomac River.
nah, Ga.,
P. 93

D. 50 order in reference to the tele-
See securities at the South, P. 56 address to the people of Western


D. 23
"Resolute," the steamer, Com

Virginia, Aug. 20,

Doc. 5-40 his reception of Jeff. Davis' flag
mander Budd's report of_tho Ross,

Col., command of, in

of truce,

D. 22
attack on,
Doc. 581 Missouri,

D. 49 what he would do with Jeff. Da-
Resurgamus," by R. H. Stoddard, Ross, Join, proclamation of, 17th


P. 59
P. 10 day of May, Doc. 146; D. 1 rebel canards about, P. 43, 45,
Retaliution, "N. O. Picayune" on,

“ The National Him,"

P. 85
Doc. 529 Rector,
Doc. 892 anecdote of,

P. 41
Revolution, the right of, Doc. 208 Rost, - Mr., Confederate Com- SEARS, E. II., Rev.,

P. 51, 78
REYNOLDS, FRANK A., 22 Lienten-


D. 13 Secession narratives of the battle of
ant U.S. A., dismissed from the Rouci, Dr., of Chicago, Doc. 18 Bull Run,

Doc. 93-97

D. 85; Doc. 853 | Rowans, S.C., commander, report Secession official reports of the
REYNOLDS, -, confirmed as Brig-

of the fight at Matthias Point,

battle of Wilson's Creek, Doc. 006
D. 54

Doc. 180; D. 6 Secession, the South does not be-
REYNOLDS, Tuomas C., of Missouri, RUFFIX, Thomas, of N. C., D. 2 lieve in a reserved and sover-
his ancestry,
P. 18 RuryON, THEODORE, Gen., at Bull

eign right of,

Doc. 206
proclamation of, July 31st,


D. 87 Daniel Webster's opinion of, Doc. 189
D. 50; Doc. 455 Brig.-Gen., honorably discharged, Chief-Justice Marshall's opinion
REYNOLDS, _, Surgeon 24th N.Y.

Doc. 853 of,

Doc. 140

P. 110 PUSSELL, W. II., first letter on the Chief-Justice Tapey's opinion of,
RIIETT, THonas G.,
Doc. 43 battle of Bull Run, Doc. 51

Doc. 140
Rhode Island, Lieut.-Gov. Arnold's second lettor on the battle, Doc. 64 the philosophy of,

Doc. 865
proclamation in reference to third letter on the battle, Doc. 71 destroys, not supports, Doc. 185
the dead of,

Doc. 395 his letters continued, P. 27, 29 no remedy for sectional griev.
artillery of, at Bunker Hill, Va., his statements denied by the


Doc. 265
D. 30
Southern papers,

P. 76 Secretary of the Navy, U. S., au-
Rhode Island Miiitia, 1st Regiment “Russell's Flight," by B.

P. 55 thorized to contract for vessels
D. 44

for the temporary increase of
20 Regiment, list of officers, Doc. 152

the Navy, &c.,

D. 31
Rhode Island Volunteers, marine


SEGAR, JOSEPu, speech of, in the
artillery of the 1st Regiment, D. 15

Virginia House of Delegates,
2d Regiment of, passed through
Sabbath in a rebel camp, P. 92 March 30th,

Doc. 214
New York,


Mr., compelled to house destroyed at lampton, Va,
RIBLET, Captain N. Y. 7th

leave Mississippi,
P. 101

Doc. 457

D. 61 Saint Nicholas, steamer, captured in SEMMES, RAPHAEL, commander of
Rice an inplement of war, P. 90 tho Potomac,

D. 11 the privateer Sumter, D. 13
RICHARDSON, J. B., Colonel, report SALOMON, , Col., at Wilson's SEMMES, Thos. J., attorney-general
of the battlo' of Blackburn's

D. 61 of Louisiana,

P. 56
Ford, Va., Doc. 887; D. 84 SANDERSON, JAMES M., report on * Sentinel," office of, destroyed at
report of the battle of Bull Run,

the culinary wants of the Na-

Easton, Pa.,

D. 71
Doc. 11; D. 36

tional army,

Doc. 443; D. 16 SEWARD, W. H., quoted by the
" Richardson Light Infantry," of SANDFORD, Maj.-Gen., honor-

" Memphis Appeal,". D. 49
Lowell, Mass.,

P. 74
ably discharged,

Doc. 853 letter in reference to foreign en-
Richmond, Va., rebel Congress at, D. 35 Sandwich Islands, 4th of July cele-


D. 59
convention of bank officers at, D. 43 brated in,

P. 86 SEYMOUR, GEO, killed,

D. 67
state of affairs in, July, 1861, Sandy Hook, Mdl., skirmish at, D. 70 SHAGER, Col. of 1st Regt. of
Doc. 333; D. 34 Sanitary Commission of U. 8, ad.

Nebraska Volunteers, D. 43
the resuits of the military occu-

dress to the citizens of the U.S.

Sharp shooting the NdI. troops 43
pation of,

P. 100 by, Doc. 172; D. 8; Doc. 233
the “Devoted Band" of, D. 40 SAULSBURY, - of Delaware, his SHERMAN, - Mr., speech on
Rich Mountain, Va., description of,

vote on the Volunteer Bill, D. 24 Powell's African slavery res-
1). 27 Savannah, GA, the defences of, D. 70 olution,

D. 34
McClellan's report of the battle of, repudiation of,

P. 93 speech on Johnson's resolution,
Doc. 283; D. 27 Savannah, Mo., "Northwest Dem-

Doc. 404
David L. Hart's statement of the

ocrat" suppressed at, D. 69 SHERMAN, W. T., (ol., report of the
battle of,
Doc. 294 "Savannah Republican" on the de-

battle of Bull Run, Doc. 18; D. 86
RICKETTS, Capt., battery of, at Bull

fences of Savannah,

D. 70 confirmed as Brig.-Gen., D. 54

D. 36; Doc. 3 compliinents the North, P. 101 extract from a letter of a soldier
Riggs, George, killed at Great denies the statements of W. H.

in the battery of,

P. 13
Falls, Va.,

D. 21
P. 76 SILLABER, B. P.,

P. 67
RIKER, JOIN LAFAYETTE, Col., D. 75 “Savannah," privateer, Charleston Surras, ALEX. E., of U. S. A. See
RIPLEY, J. W., appointed Brig.-

Mercury on the capture of, P. 59 Sanitary Commission.
Gen, of U. S. A.

D. 17 Saybrook, Conn., affray at the Shoes, scarcity of in the South, P. 40
Rives, W. C., Madison's letter to,

"Peace meeting" at,

D. 67 SHOTWELL, A. L., of Ky.. D. 63
Doc. 187 Scarytown, Va., account of the “Shriver Grays," rebel account of,
ROBINSO», — Governor of Kan.

battle at,
Doc. 330; D. 33

P. 13
sas, proclamation of, D.
** Cincinnati Gazette " account of SUURTLIFF,

Col. Webster,
Rogers, William F., Colonel 21st

the battle at,

Doc. 331 Regt. Mass. Vols. See Boston
N. Y. S. Vols., Doc. 147; D. 3 SCHAEFFER, AUGUSTUS, wounded at

Latin School.
ROGERS, HENRY I., field telegraph,

Fairfax Court House, Va., D. 74 SHURTLIFF, R. W., surprised near
D. 4 SCHENCK, ROBERT, Gen., report of

Newmarket Bridge, Va., D. 85
Rogues of New York, petition of the battle of Bull Run, Doc. 9; Shuter's Hill, Va., skirmish at, D. 18
the, in reference to the por-

D. 37 SICKLES, Dan. E, Gen. Excelsior
traits of celebrated Southern the defence of,

Doc. 195 Brigade N. Y. S. V.

D. 89
P. 103 SCHLESHI, N., Brig.-Gen, honorably

SIEGEL, Franz, Col.

, official report
ROLEE, William I.,
P. 49 discharged,

Doc. 353 of the battle of Carthage,
Rombaur, Lieut.-Colonel, Schoolmistress, the, of North Pla-

Doc 271; D. 19
Doc. 467 to, Illinois,

P. 54 report of the battle of Wilson's
Romney, Va., secession account of SCOFIELD, JAMEs, his description of


Doc. 499; D. 61
the battle at,
Doc. 249 the burning of Hampton, Va., retreats to Rolla, Mo.,

D. 64
Doc. 485 at Dug Springs, Mo., Doc. 463
P. 88, 63

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SInnoxS, JAMES, of N. Y., affecting STA?I.EY, WALTER,

P. 38 SWEEXEY, ANDREW, laconic corre-
incident of,
P. 10 STANTON, F. B., Brig:-Gen., his op-

spondence with Gov. Leteber,
Simrson, Bishop, on the Cross erations in New Mexico,

P. 71
and the Flag,

P. 46 STARKWEATHER, Jony C., Col. 1st SWEENEY, T. W. Gen., proclama.
** S. J. Waring,
recapture of tho

Wisconsin Regiment, D. 57 tion to the people of North-
D. 37 report of, on the operations of the

west Missouri,

Doc. 275
Slavery. See a “ Protest from South

Wisconsin 1st Vols. near Point at the attack on Forsyth,

of Rocks, Md.,
Doc, 481

Doc. 439; D. &
Slaves, liberated at Alexandria, Va., affecting incident of his regt., P. 41 at Dug Springs, Mo., Doc. 468

D. 51 State Journal, (Missouri,) suppres. SWETZEE, N. B., Capt., Doc. 59
runaway arrested by Northern

sion of the,

D. 26 SWIFT, FOSTER, Surgeon 8th N. Y
P. 5 “State Sovereignty," John Adams

S. M.,

D. $3
number escaped from the South-

D. 8 report of,

Doc. $92
ern States from 1810 to 1860, P. 57 defined,

Doc, 201 SWIJERT, P., notice of, Doc. 475
testimony of Luis Hersch, a runa- “Staunton (Va.) Artillery,". Doc. 43 SYKES, GEORGE, Major U. 8. A
P. 83 / “Steam Frigate Pawnee Passing

report of the battle of Bull
Slave Traile, capture of ressels en. Mt. Vernon," by Isaac McLel.


Doc. 94
Laged in,
Doc. 241 lan,

P. 85
SLIFEK, ELI, secretary of Penn, Doc. 540 STEDMAN, E. C., his narrative of the
SLOCUM, II. W., Col. 27th Regt. N.

battle of Bull Run, Doc. 81
Y. $. V.,

D. 24 STEDMAN, Wixsip, anecdote of, P. 100
appointed Brig-Gen, D. 60 STEELE, Fred. K., Capt., report of TALBOT THEODORE, Asst. Adjt.
Slocum, Joux, COL. 2d Rhode Island

the battle of Wilson's Creek,

Gen. U.S. A.

D. $
Doc. 152; D.

Doc. 508 TALIAFERGO, W. B., Col., rebel,
mortally wounded at Bull Run, STEELE, JAMES, of Richmond, amus-

notice of,

Doc. S2
Doc. 18 ing letter of,

D. 15 TANEY, R. B., Judge, Chief-Justice,
SYALL, WILLIAN F., Col. 26th STEIXWEHR, ADOLPI vox, Col. 29th

on the babeas corpus,

D. 19
l'enn. Regt., Doc. 146; D. 2
N. Y. S. V., Doc. 154; D. 5

opinion of secession, Doc. 140
SMITH, A. D., Judge,

D. TO STEVENS, A. II., speech of, at Au- TAPPAN, Masox W., Col. 1st Regt.
SMITII, ALBERT J., pay master, dis-

gusta, Ga., July 11th,

New Hamp. Militia, D. 54
missed from the U.S.A. D. 21

Doc. 276; D. 26 Tarantulas an implement of war, P. il
SMITH, Caleb B., letter to Francis “Step to the Front, Sons of the Tarlor, EDWARD T., Surgeon 1st
Doc. 163 Beather," dedicated to tho

New Jersey Regt.,

D. 5
Svitir, E. VALE, Mrs..

P. 109 Hlighland Regiment, N. Y. 8. TAYLOR, J. B., notice of, D.
SMITII, HEBER, surgeon, wounded,

P. 85 | Taylor, R. F, Col. 33d Regt. N.Y.
D. 7 STEWART, G. II., Lt.-Col., rebel, at

S. V

D. 94
Smith, KIRBY, Gen., rebel, wound-

Bull Run,

Doc. 43 Taylor, T. H., Capt., rebel bearer
(d at Bull Run,
P. 15 STEVENS, -, of Pennsylvania, no-

of flag of truce, Doc. 414; D. 29
SMITI, N. 0., killed,
D. 12 tice of,

D. 83 Ter. See Yopon Tea.
SNITII, W. N., Col. Vt. 3d Regt., D. 40 STEVENS, H. C., Col., wounded, P. 15 Telegraph, Rogers', for field opers-
SMITH, W. N. H., of N. C.,


P. 90 tions,
SMITH, Capt. 2d Rhode Island STEVENSON, CAETER L, Capt., dis- Gen. Scott's order in reference ta,
Vols., killed at Bull Run, Doc. 19 missed,

D. 21

D. 99
SMITH, Col. 16th Illinois Regi- STEWART, JACOB A., Surgeon 1st Beauregard nses the National, be-
ment, at Monroe station,

Minnesota Regiment, D. 65 fore the battle of Bull Run, P. 97
D. 25; Doc. 207 STRESHLY, JANEs, of Va. D. 99 Temperance in the U.S. A.; Gen.
Smetit, Rev. Dr., of South Carolina, St. Louis, Mo., ottico of the “State

Butler's order in reference to,
his remarks on the atheistical
Journal" at, visited by the Na-

Doc. 411; D. 33
red republican doctrine of tho

tional troops,

D. 26 resolutions of a meeting held in
Declaration of Independence, P. 59 martial law in,

D. 66 New York, Aug. 4th,
"Song of the Stars and Stripes," by Major McKinstry's proclamation

Doc. 479; D. $
Kev. E. H. Sears,

P. 51

and general orders to the people TEMPLE, Ex-Governor, notice
Songs of the Rebels,

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Doc. 526 of,
South, the, moral condition of the anecdote of a lawyer of, P. 83 Tennessee, Gov. Harris' order for a
peoplo in,

D. 13 STOCKTON, SAM. W., Lieut., Doc. 18 search for arms in,
how money is raised in the, P. 89 STODDARI, R. II.,

P. 10, 12, Postal service discontinued in
leather and shoes in the, P. 40 STONE, confirmed as Brig-

Middle and Western,
securities at the,
P. 06 Gen.,

D. 34 Gov. Harris' proclamation of
"they hang and burn folks in Stone Bridge, battle of. See Bull Run.

Aug. 7,

affairs in, June 19th,

D. 1
plan of mail communication with

Doc. 510 military power of
P. 85 STORY, W. W.,

P. 47 Eastern, Onion Convention of
South Carolina, the great names of, STRONG, GEORGE T. Seo Sanitary


D. 3
Doc. 144 Commission.

" Tensas Rifles," of Louisiana,

her declaration of causes for seces- STEUNK, H. C., violent treatment TERRY, A. II., Col. 2d Coon Regt,
sion reviewed,
Doc. 209 of, in Eastern Va..

P. 56
a protest from,

Doc. 357 STUART, — Col., rebel, Va., D. 30 Teere, O. S., Col 5th Regt. Conn.
resolutions of the Baptist Conven- STURGEOX, Isaac H., Gen. Pope's

tion of
Doc. 489 Letter to,

Doc. 474 Texas. See Edward Clark.
South Carolina Militia, ridiculous STURGIS, S. D., Major, proclama- the only state ever “Borereign,"
appearance of the,
D. 26 tion, July 4,

Doc. 275
South Carolina, U. 8. Steamer, at Dug Springs, Mo., Doc. 468 Thanksgiving in the Confederate
prizes of the
D. 57 report on the battle of Wilson's

Southerner, views of a, Doc. 196 Creek,

Doc 495; D. 61 “The American Marsellaisc," by
a picture of one who abuses tho STUEGIS, , Col, at Grafton, Va.,

M. R. Bradbury,
P. 44

D. “ The Battle of Boli Run," by Ruth,
“Southrons." Louisville Courier, P. 89 ST. TRAIN, CERAN, Col. New Mex-
" Southward, Ho!" a poem, P. 94 ico Volunteers,

D. 29 “The Battle Summer," by Henry
SPED, JAMES, notice of, D. 68 Sudley's Springs, Va. See Bull

T. Tuckerman,

. 186
"Spencer Invincibles," resolutions


"The Beginnicg of the End." code
of the,

Colonel, Polish

sidered by the Memphis 4, a
Spies, female, in Washington, P. 82 Brigade,

D, 46 peal,
adventure of, in the South, P. 90 SULLIVAN, DANIEL, Ohio Vols., P. “The Black Horse Guard," by Ed.
arrestert at Washington, D. 7 Sumter," privateer, officers of, D. 13 Sprague Rand,

P. $
in the Pennsylvania camp,
D. 26 at Cienfuegos,

D. 80 " The Cavalier's Song," Vanity
SPRAGUE, W. B., Gov.,
D. 4 prizes of released by the Captain-

Spratt, L. W., letter to John Per-

General of Cuba,

D. 85 “The Civil'ans at Bull Ran" by
kins, of Lonisiana, Doc, 357 accounts of the escape of the pri-

H. R. Tracy,

P. 4
his accouut of the battle of Bull


Doc. 452, D. 57 "The Cross and the Flag," an anee.
Doc. 102 Description of the

Doc. 482 dote,
Springfield, Mo., account of the bat- Surgeons, account of the release of " The Dark Day," by Ed. Everett,
tle of. See Wilson's Croek, Mo


Doc. 623; D. 65

D. 9

Doc. e

D. 23

Doc 489

Doc. 43


Doc. 905

D. 81, 5

P. 6

Doc. $$

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